Ancient relics of Goa Gajah - Bali Tourism Object

Sightseeing Goa Gajah is located in the west village Bedulu, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar District approximately 27 km from Denpasar. Goa is built on the edge of a meeting of a small river.

Goa Gajah said allegedly come from the word "LWA Elephant", a monastery or hermitage for the monks in the Buddhist religion. These names are on the palm Negarakertagama compiled by Mu Prapanca in 1365 AD LWA or Lwah / Loh means river.

Therefore, what is meant here is the monastery located on the river or in the Water Elephant Elephant. In the year 1103 Saka inscriptions issued by King Jayapangus mentioned that "water elephant" is the hermitage for the priest of Shiva.

The structure and relief of Goa Gajah T-shaped consisting of: The exterior consists of a vertical tunnel shaped, divided into 2 parts and in each section has 2 pieces niche (hermitage).

The main room has 11 pieces niche (hermitage) horizontal form. At the western end there is a statue the god Ganesha, while in the east end of the phallus, there are 3 pieces and each is surrounded by commemorative small phallus.

The hermitage of Goa Gajah is believed to form a clone of Kunjarakunja hermitage in southern India, the carved reliefs on the hermitage of Goa Elephants are natural carvings mountains.

At the cave mouth as pintuk inside, decorated with carved head When his eyes glanced to the right which is believed to have the same function Bhoma (giant face relief) is available at the gate of a shrine that serves to maintain the building.

A few meters from the cave mouth there is a swimming found in 1954 from the Department of Antiquities olehKrijgsman which was originally buried in the ground. Based on archaeological and heritage on the basis of the results of excavations conducted in 1955, can be inferred from the Goa Gajah function as a sanctuary and temple for the priest to priest and a Buddhist priest Shiva which construction began in the 10th century or 11th according to the inscription carved on the walls east of the mouth of a cave used letter writing Kediri square.

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History and uniqueness of Pura Besakih

This was the origin of Besakih, before there was nothing there only timber and wilderness in the place, so before there Rupek Sea (Strait of Bali).

The island of Bali and Java still be one first and not separated by the sea. Long island called Pulau Dawa. In East Java that is in Mount Rawang (now known as Raung) there is a Yogi or a hermit sage named Markandeya.

He came and Hindustan (India), by his followers called Rawang for Giri Batara spiritual purity, skills and wisdom (magic Sidhi ngucap). At first, the Yogi Markandeya Demulung recluse in the mountains, then moved to the mountain Hyang (supposedly mountain DIYENG Hyang is in Central Java who came and said AT Hyang).

He meditated so long in there, got a decree from Hyang Widhi Wasa, so he and his followers in the island forests merabas Dawa after completion, so that the land was distributed to his followers. The Yogi Markandeya executed the order and immediately went to the east with the accompanist, a number of escorts approximately 8000 people.

After arriving at the destination of the Markandeya Yogi ordered all the escorts working merabas wilderness, to be implemented as it should. When merabas forests, many of the attendant of the Yogi Markandeya sick and dying and the dead there are also eaten by wild animals, because it is not preceded by a ceremony yadnya (bebanten / offerings) perabasan then stopped and the forest Yogi Markandeya back to the original hermitage ( It was said to roar in the mountains of East Java.

For some time the Yogi Markandeya lived in the mountain roar. On a day which is considered good (Adult Ayu), he returned to continue the forest perabasan to opening new areas, accompanied by the sage and ascetics who will be invited together kehadapan nugraha pleaded wara Hyang Widhi Wasa to the success of this work.

This time his followers amounted to 4000 people who came and Age village (population at the foot of the mountain roar) carrying agricultural equipment, including more seeds to be planted in the forest which will dirabas it.

After arriving at the destination, the Yogi Markandeya immediately how yoga meditation together other yogis and offer yadnya ceremony (offering), the god Yadnya Yadnya and Blind. After the ceremony was over, his followers were put to work perabasan continuing forest, felling trees and others started and south to north.

Because it is perceived there are enough dirabas forest, so thanks nugraha wara asung Hyang Widhi Wasa, The Yogi perabasan Markandeya ordered forest, it stopped and he began a division-division of land for his followers made their respective fields, and housing tegal .

In places where the forest begins perabasan Yogi Markandeya The pitcher plant (payuk) containing water, as well as metal Pancadatu namely gold, silver, copper, iron and bronze with a diamond Mirah Adi (main diamond) and upakara (bebanten / offerings) more sprinkled tirta Pangentas (holy water).

Place where the tools were planted BASUKI named. Since then the followers of the Yogi Markandeya who came in next time as well as forest merabas for opening new territory, no longer overridden where a disaster as never experienced before. Such a quote from Markandeya Purana ejection of the origins of the village and the temple of Besakih as mentioned earlier named Basuki and in its growth, to this day called Besakih.

Perhaps based on these experiences, and also based on what is contained in the teachings of Hinduism on Panca Yadnya, so far every time Hindus will build something good building houses, shops, offices up to the Temple building, so start working on fields or at companies, they held first as upakara yadnya Nasarin or Mendem Basic Building. Only then the work begins, with the hope to find success in the Hindu religious spiritual side efforts done by the physical energies and skills, or skills they possess.

Further attention to the contents of Markandeya Purana's ejection was also connected with the realities that we see everyday so far about the order of community life, especially in rural settings and subak cuAstomary in the paddies. Therefore we may conclude that the Besakih is the first place of our ancestors who migrated from the mountains of East Java roar in the early to build a village and employment particularly in agriculture and animal husbandry. Similarly, develop religious teachings of Hinduism.

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Batubulan is a village within the scope of the Regional District District Sukawati Gianyar Provincial Level II Level Region Bali. Batubulan village was originally known as an agricultural village that is rich in the arts, including dance and sculpture.

The structure of agrarian society and culture imbued with Hindu religion is the basis of village community life Batubulan. Batubulan image as an art village are progressively strengthened by the presence Arts High School in the village, which includes the Middle School Karawitan Indonesia (SMKI), Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa (SMSR) and Handicraft Industry High School (SMKI). Batubulan village openness in the development of tourism which is supported by the arts and the strategic location of the village, the village has Batubulan develop as a tourist village.

Batubulan image as a tourist village has historical roots from the time before independence. The image is now more stable both at the level of regional, national and even international, which has been very popular Batubulan as objects Barong Tours is typical. Batubulan Village Location Location is very strategic, because it is the gate of the West end of the Level II Regional District of Gianyar and well as connecting terminals with the Denpasar City East Bali area.

Batubulan village located on the Denpasar-Gianyar point approximately 10 km from Denpasar and 21 km from Gianyar. This very strategic location, easily reached by car or motorbike. Visits Every day the tourists witnessed Nusantara Worldwide and barong dance performances in five places. Besides, the tourists also can see the rocks sculptors made statues for decorating homes, hotels, traffic lights, bridges and temples.

The statue is made by the sculptors in general describes Gods, giants, heroes and animals taken from the Ramayana story and Maha Bharata. Description Based on one of the Chronicle, there was a rebellion of I Gusti Agung Maruti 17th century in the kingdom of Klungkung Gelgel. In the midst of the revolt was a rider can pick up a child who later grew up in bawahasuhan I Gusti Ngurah Bija of Penatih and I Gusti Ngurah Jambe Pule of the Kingdom of Badung.

King of Badung at that time wanted the foster child is included in Kalesan (basket), which later was named Kalesan Supreme Deity. In fact the child was the son of Dalem Sagening Family Descendants. Then mentioned that after the Supreme Deity of Kalesan adult kindness king of Badung, he was told to build a palace in the forest that lies east of the kingdom of Badung, he was told to build a palace in the forest that lies east of the Kingdom of Badung with a number of followers.

At the time of the Great Gods perabasan forest Kalesan see a stone shining like the moon and the places he is named Batubulan. This is where the Great Gods Kalesan settled with his followers to hold the government and extend his power, to the Batu Aji Batuyang and located in the east Batubulan. "Batubulan is now in Mrajan disimpang Batubulan Castle Court.

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Sangeh, Island of Bali, The Beauty Of The Mystery Until Nutmeg Forest.

Nature Park Sangeh, maybe it has not been known by the people of Indonesia, while Sangeh located on an island that is famous in Bali Indonesia. Nature Tourism Park is located in the Village Sangeh Sangeh, Badung, Bali, about 20km from Denpasar.

Sangeh Nature Park has a charm that many forest tourism inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Sangeh monkeys previously been known for a very wild and often interfere with the visitors. Apes Sangeh also known to be very ignorant, because often pick up Brang pengunung that will be returned when the monkeys were given a piece of food. But now no longer apes Sangeh wild and sejahil first, because now these monkeys have been well cared for.

Apes Sangeh also has several groups, each group has one leader. But these groups have the leadership or teringgi practically king of the monkey king in Sangeh. This supreme leader dwelt on the most extensive. This monkey king place to live, there is a very famous temple The temple is kesakralannya Sari Bulit. Somehow, the monkey leader chosen because it has the power and charisma that is extraordinary.

Even they have rights more than other apes, such as marriage or the female monkeys received food rations. Monkey king will usually receive rations until he was satisfied first, before providing the rations to the other apes. Most of this forest tour, a place of living apes, only a small portion of the entrepreneurs used to make a few stalls selling a wide range of souvenirs.

This tour forest overgrown with plants is a lot of nutmeg (dipterocarpustrinervis). According to information nutmeg forest has hundreds of years old, even among the nutmeg trees which are said to have lived there for more than three hundred years. According to the manager of this Park, Forest Tourism Sangeng created as a royal park Mengwi. In order to look beautiful garden planted with a special nutmeg trees imported from Mount Agung.

Actually making the park plan is finally making dirahasikan but this park is known by some people, consequently making the park was stopped, until the area was named Sangeh, which artingya anyone to see. If we had a chance to visit this park, we would be interested in the beauty of the nutmeg trees that grow in the forest, because in addition to the growth of straight, nutmeg tree also has a very good wood.

Yet strangely, according to several sources said Sangeh nutmeg trees can not be planted elsewhere. Until the people who want to have a tree Nutmeg wood never happen. There are interesting things told by the visitors and organizers Sangeh Park about an old tree and would have collapsed. From the estimates many people, the tree will fall towards Pura Bukit Sari, but in reality all were off the mark. Initially the tree will be felled but no one dared for fear of a curse.

"Around the beginning of January, finally collapsed tree itself, leading to the southwest. Just between buildings and Pewaregan Kulkul Bale, so very little damage, only the outer walls alone Pewaregan. This should be surprising because the tree fell right in the temple's main building , "said Sumohon. In addition to the nutmeg tree, there is still a popular plant in the woods Sangeh.

Ordinary local people call it the Tree: A Question Wadon, because the bottom of the hole so the tree resembles the female genitalia, while in the middle of the growing rod hole that leads down to look like a male genitalia. The tree was growing right in the front yard and tourist attractions are actually Sangeh pule tree. In Bali, pule tree has many features because the wood is often used for special purposes, for example, create a mask that is used as sungsungan.

Society sometimes requesting that pule wood, Subawa said. But, of course should not just people taking the wood or branches that must be adjusted before her good days and give an offering as a sign asking for permission.

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traditional buffalo race race

When we hear the phrase: "Bull-Racing", perhaps our thoughts drifted to the island of Madura, famous for its "Karapan Cow". Turns out there "Buffalo Racing" or "Buffalo Racing" is no less popular among the people of Bali, especially Western dibagian, known as the "Makepung".

Can be understood why the people of Bali choose melombakan buffalo than cattle, because the cow is an animal mounts used by the god Shiva and is considered as a sacred animal by Hindus. In Bali, especially Western dibagian, around the town of State, Makepung is a traditional event conducted several times each year, this Makepung strangely not so popular for people dibagian other Balinese. I visited kedesa Kaliakah, about 5 Kilometers from the State, to record the incident / event.

This event is a pre-qualified for a major event, namely the Governor Cup win. Implementation, in general, is to divide groups from various villages, into 2 groups: Group North with the Red costumes and Southern Group Green costume. The day before the event, the arena was packed with Makepung the pelomba from various villages, with their buffaloes best. I have never seen so many buffalo somewhere as I have seen this area of Mekepung. These buffaloes maintained and treated like the best athlete. It is said that before the race, buffaloes are given special food menu, full of herbs that produce extra energy.

Apparently "doping" is not a forbidden thing diarena this:) They are capable of, bringing their buffaloes using trucks, while the less able, to walk a good distance from their villages and chariot drawn by using a motorcycle taxi motorcycle. At night, the atmosphere like a "Night Market", characterized by a variety of both food and attractions stage with music that sting and certainly do not miss alcoholic beverages. Before dawn, the owners of the buffalo that will diperlombakan, making arrangements with certain rituals and decorating their buffaloes with Asesories-Asesories the colors.

Apparently this Buffalo team also has the names of exotic, such as: Wiro Sableng, Juwita Night and others. For the Balinese, there is nothing out of the "ritual" and "offering", so does this Makepung diarena, can be seen the people placing offerings, offering various locations, such as the corners of death and especially in the "Start and Finish ". I always respect all the cultural events of various regions, ethnicities and nationalities, but at this Makepung event, as an animal lover, I was somewhat disturbed.

Although buffaloes were treated like an athlete in the daily maintenance, but the event is how the jockey race buffaloes were somewhat exaggerated to say even sadistic. Buffaloes were beaten with a stick wrapped with nails them hard, which caused the wounds in these buffaloes. Some of the Dutch tourist who saw Makepung, closed their eyes and left the arena, probably because not bear to see how the buffaloes were treated.

I urge the Makepung and event organizer or whatever race of animals, to enforce a strict rule about the treatment of the animals that are diperlombakan. As in every race, there are winners and some losers, but at this Makepung event, just "The Bad Loser" seems to get the most lively applause from the audience. Perhaps this buffaloes successfully overturned the sadistic-jockey who was ...!

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BEACH Menjangan, Bali; Beauty Dazzle Under the Sea

If you love diving and adventure under the sea, came to sempatkan Menjangan. This is an island located in the area of West Bali National Park (TNBB). Waters is around this island is a destination travelers, due to the underwater scenery is very beautiful.

You know, the beauty of the underwater panorama Menjangan Island is one of the most beautiful in the world. Coral reefs are composed like terracing and against the wall to a depth of 50 meters. There are blue coral, table coral reefs and various other types of protected government. That said, the beauty of the underwater scenery in this area is not less than the underwater scenery in the Caribbean.

No wonder, had long since become an arena area diving activities of foreign tourists. Usually, the tourists had crossed over to Menjangan Island in the morning and returned to the island of Bali in the afternoon. Using a motor boat, crossed over to Menjangan Bali Island or vice versa, takes about 30 minutes. To get to dive at Menjangan Island, tourists can directly to Labuhan Lalang which became the crossings.

Location approximately 10 kilometers north of Port Gilimanuk. Log in to the location of this crossing, tourist levy charged Rp 2,500 per person and can rent a boat for Rp 250 thousand for five hours. This boat can carry 12 passengers maximum. Typical of this boat is, the deck is made of glass so that tourists can enjoy the underwater panorama of the boat. This design is prepared for the tourists who are reluctant to dive, but want to enjoy the underwater scenery.

There are at least 5000 tourists visiting the island of Menjangan each month. Most of them are foreign tourists from Europe such as Holland and France. The other half are tourists from Asia such as Korea and Japan. Domestic tourists? Only occasionally there is a group of local tourists who visit there. They usually do not dive, but just enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of the boat. Those who want to dive in the waters but worried Menjangan lost beneath the sea because they do not know the terrain, can hire a guide who had experienced dive. If you are reluctant to dive, snorkel tourists can do to enjoy the beauty of the underwater penarama.

Satisfied witnessing natural beauty under the sea, tourists can spend time while sitting, swimming, or bathing on the beach island is uninhabited. As the name implies, this island is inhabited by many deer. While relaxing in this island, do not be surprised if, suddenly appeared from behind the horned animals bush. That he deer. In the past, the island deer population is quite a lot. But hunting is done by a number of people who are not responsible, deer population on this island, shrinking .. The government seems aware of it.

The government's conservation of Menjangan Island to enter the zone TNBB, is a step to protect the habitat for deer from extinction. Not just coral reefs and deer. West Bali National Park is also known as a habitat for starlings starlings bali or white. Once, hundreds of white-feathered bird and blue eyes that inhabit the forest area in TNBB. However, again caused by mischievous hands, a bird whose price could reach USD 50 million per cow was hunted down and destroyed now.

Lucky, still have a place of Bali starlings in captivity on the island of Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency. Visited the westernmost island of Bali, not to spend too hot tourist attraction in the village of Kima Source. Local tourists from different regions in Bali often travel there, especially for hot water bath from a natural spring. It is said that this hot water can cure some diseases. ''I am a regular basis, especially every school holidays, come to bathe here with the children and family members,''said Wayan Tirta, citizens from Buleleng regency.

Satisfied bathing in hot water, you can move on to the east about 10 km to reach the Temple Pulaki. Here, ratusa monkey ready to welcome you. The monkeys were tame and very friendly with tourists who come. Only, do not be lulled by their gentle attitude. Because, behind the friendly style and docile, they were rather curious as to open the lock or grab bag of jewelry. Given the vast territory, it took at least one day to enjoy the interesting places in Bali the western part of this.

No need to worry, if you must stay. Many hotels and hotels to choose from jasmine as a place to sleep. Rates are relatively inexpensive, can be negotiable too. If you intend to continue the journey to the East such as Denpasar Bali or Bali, you should stay in the State, the capital of Jembrana regency. In this city, available options are more varied accommodation. You also can easily find chitterlings, whether for dinner or breakfast.

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Pura Tanah Lot, Bali; Capture The Beauty of Enchantment Sunset

One temple in Bali frequented by travelers is Luhur Pura Tanah Lot. This temple is located in an "island" the rock on the western part of Tabanan, precisely in the Village Beraban. According to legend, the temple which has a different name Pakendungan Temple was built in the 16th century by a Hindu religious missionaries named Danghyang Nirartha.

Pastor who came from this Blambangan in Lombok is also known as "Mr. Semeru", referring to a name of a mountain in East Java, which is Mount Semeru. Pura Tanah Lot is located in Beraban village, district of Kediri, Tabanan, Bali Province, Indonesia. Pura Tanah Lot is located about 13 km west of Tabanan town, or 25 km west of Denpasar. From the city of Denpasar or Tabanan, travelers can use a taxi service, rent a car, motorcycle, or using services to travel to the location of the temple.

` Pura Tanah Lot, or commonly abbreviated to Pura Tanah Lot Temple is one of the heaven Sad, the temple is believed by Hindus as the guard joints island of the gods. Other temples include Pura heaven Sad include Pura Besakih, Pura Ulu Watu, Pura Jagat Pusering, and others. Pura Tanah Lot is a place of worship the gods of the sea guards. This temple has characterized as a temple located in the "middle of the ocean (located about 50 meters from the beach when the tide).

When the tide water, then the tourists will see the temple is surrounded by water, so that seemed genuinely in the middle of the sea. If want to explore the beauty of the temple, it's good to come in the evening, because usually the water was receding sea. While in the morning, often sea water so that the tourist tide could not reach the court of the temple.

However, when it is full moon, on the afternoon of sea water were usually fixed pairs. The travelers who visit Tanah Lot is only allowed to enter the temple courtyard. In fact, for women who are menstruating / coming months is forbidden to enter temples. This is because the place was considered sacred, so not everyone can touch the worship space in it. Only Hindus are going to pray or conduct religious rituals are allowed to enter the shrine.

However, the visitors do not have to be disappointed, because at some temples there are two other attractions, namely fresh water sources and sacred serpents. Source of fresh water called Tirta Pabersihan is a sacred holy water. The presence of freshwater resources is of course invited clicking sound amazed, because in the midst of the pounding of the salty sea water, there were fresh water source that can be used by visitors as well as Hindus to purify themselves.

In this place, where visitors can wash your face or other body members as prayer. It is said, in a way that will terkabulkan request. Another attraction is the sacred serpent which is the story of creation as a snake Danghyang Nirartha temple guards. Tourists can see or hold this snake, putting coins or coin money. Although including poisonous snakes, but tourists do not worry because this snake was never endanger the visitors.

At the time seeing or holding this snake tourists can also make requests. When the evening, around the temple there are hundreds to thousands of tourists who waited charm sunset (sunset). This moment many eagerly awaited by the tourists and professional photographers to enshrined into the camera. While waiting for the afternoon, tourists can walk along the beach, to a hollow rock in the middle.

This place is also a favorite location for photos. If lucky, visitors can witness the ritual or anniversary Odalan Tanah Lot Temple which is commemorated every 210 days. Odalan celebration usually held close to the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan. At this festival, Hindus will flock to come to pray and ask blessings in this temple. Travelers also can enjoy a tour event titled Tanah Lot Spectacular.

Various competitions and performing arts held in this event, of which 10 kilometers race, kite competitions, dance performances kecak colossal, and colossal okokan and tektekan. Finally, this tour event held on 12-14 September 2008. Ticket prices into the tourist attraction of Tanah Lot USD 7500 for domestic tourists, and Rp 10,000 for foreign tourists. From the parking lot to Pura Tanah Lot Temple are often found art shop, souvenir stalls, temporary tattoo services, as well as food stalls or taverns. Various types of accommodations are also widely available around the temple, ranging from jasmine-class lodging to five-star hotels.

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Candidasa, Bali

As a tourist area, Kuta, Sanur, and Nusa Dua is fairly competent. The travelers can get everything there. Ranging from entertainment, food, lodging, until various souvenirs. But what about the price paid for various harusdi tour the facility? Clearly, not cheap, even practically choking. To stay overnight at the hotel or star jasmine in the region three 'gold', the cost could reach USD 300 thousand.

So even with the price of food and souvenirs, can be four or even five times the normal price. If you want to berwista in the island resort at an affordable price, Candidasa area you may be able to choose. Indeed, the area that are in Karangasem regency, eastern Bali, have not been developed as tourist resort Kuta, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. Even so, Candidasa have enough priced hotels and inns can also be compromised. Tariff night at three star hotel or lodging facility that has class three star hotel, fairly expensive thousand of USD 75 - USD 100 thousand per night.

Although not semaju Kuta or any other area in the district Badung, Denpasar, Tabanan, and Gianyar, but never a favorite Candidasa European tourists. This is not because Candidasa a calm atmosphere and natural. Few people did not even say, if you want to see the face of Kuta thirty years ago, then look at Candidasa face today. Could be, once people are reluctant to spend the night in Candidasa because access to this area is relatively difficult, because it must pass through the streets of downtown Gianyar and narrow Semarapura. However, following the opening of the bypass road Prof Dr Ida Bagus Spells, Candidasa more accessible. Thanks to the bypass road that connects to the Karangasem Denpasar, the transport becomes more smoothly.

If previously, it takes about 90 minutes to reach Candidasa of Denpasar, is now enough with just 40 minutes. This is almost equal to the travel time Denpasar-Nusa Dua. "With the opening of new roads, access to Candidasa is now very easy, even one with almost Candidasa Denpasar," said Ida Bagus Astika, the usual tour guide tourist guide to diving in Tulamben Village, Karangasem. You must know that the objects of tourism in Bali was spread across a number of places like Bali and the middle east (Ubud and appears Siring), Goa Gajah Sukawati Art Market is the place to shop craft goods Bali. Now, tourism objects will be more easily achieved if pursued from Candidasa.

When first developed, around the mid-1980s, Candidasa tourist area known as the spiritual. In the past, here is the ashram (hermitage kind) which was developed by the late Mrs. Gedong Bagus Oka and his friend, former President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid. After the death of Mrs.. Gedong Bagus Oka, Candidasa still interesting to visit. Besides diving arena in the village of Tulamben, we can see from the traditional village near Tenganan which has a tradition with a variety of unique attractions society. There are also inherent Putung village with panoramic mountain views and beautiful garden he barked. No less interesting is the Goa Lawah.

This is a consecrated temple Hindus and the surrounding inhabited by thousands of bats. 'Road' slightly to the west, there is Goa Gajah, the State Palace and Sukawati Ubud area is famous with the work of painting. Around 15 kilometers south of Ubud, Sukawati Art Market there. In this market, you can buy various handicrafts satisfied and Balinese souvenirs. Smart home cheap bargain. "The price of goods here are cheaper, quality is good," said Suparsana, craftsmen used a statue put up the craft to Market Sukawati.

So, if you design a vacation to the Island of the Gods, there's no harm in choosing Candidasa as a place to sleep. This is where you will see the real face of Bali. Tariff staying at Candidasa is tilted. But what about food? Restaurants were easily found in Candidasa, a tourist area located about 12 miles west of Amlapura, the capital city of Karangasem regency, or about 65 kilometers east of Denpasar. It's just that, often, the taste of the food menus are served not quite fit with the tongue tastes Java or Indonesia. That is, provided food restaurants in Candidasa more suitable for tourists who 'blonde'. Perhaps, you can find restaurants, restaurant or shop that provides rice soup, rice Rames, mixed rice, even rice pecel.

"But, for domestic travelers, you should not try to buy it. Because it did not quite fit with our tongue," said Bara, citizens who have repeatedly Denpasar streets to Candidasa. So, what to do? Any suggestions, buy food in Amlapura. In this city, we can easily get mixed rice, curry and satai goats, chickens Taliwang typical Lombok, chicken soup, too. Merchant are migrants from Java and Lombok who now lives in Amlapura.

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TN West Bali, Buleleng; Enjoy resort In the Wake Forest

Japanese tourists most like to follow Fun Adventure Biking in Menjangan Jungle & Beach Resort. Monsoon Forest Resort, with swimming pool and jacuzzi, "oasis" in the middle of the woods. There was no television, no music sounded like easy listening in a cozy dimly lit cafe. Once the sun retreat to the contest, start a voice nocturnal animals like owls deer or moose. Quiet rest. The moon was full at the beginning of December last piece.

Rays through stands of trees that are bare in the area of Menjangan Jungle & Beach Resort. Do not dream of finding a crowd in that place. The resort is located in the woods, in the utilization zone of West Bali National Park. Precisely in Singaraja Gilimanuk Road Km 17, Pejarakan Village, Buleleng, Bali. But, also do not imagine going to spend the days on tourist huts of bamboo-walled, thatched, lit electricity from generators who died at a certain hour. Also no need to open the tent, stay in the camping ground, bathing in time.

Available at the resort's five star hotel facilities. "We offer natural atmosphere with city facilities," said Julian Sunarto, Director of Operations PT Trimbawan Swastama True, the resort's manager. Inconceivable, indeed. But, come to the Monsoon Forest Resort, "oasis" first appear shortly as guests enter the resort area of barren land in the dry season. Skin heat coolness when the foot switch stepped into a spacious living room, one with the front desk. Rows of wooden buildings from the room was built facing the deluxe type, continued with a suite room, forming the letter U. Coolness created because the rooms built in the shade of evergreen trees, complete with swimming pool and jacuzzi in the middle of the building.

Forest atmosphere really feels, because on the afternoon of the deer and long-tailed monkeys often come to the area. Chirping of a variety of bird species bersahut-replication in the morning became a natural alarm. The rooms are equipped with refrigerated room minibar, safety box, and equipment maker coffee drinks. Modern bathroom, just choose the pouring of cold water or hot water.

If looking for a difference in five-star hotels in big cities, visitors will not find a television in the room. If not want to miss the news, stay hanging in the living room following the news, up to foreign channels like CNN. "Oasis" The following is a Menjangan Cliff Villa in the Gulf pickpocket, with views out to sea. It is available in the villas, one bedroom, two bedroom, two and three bedroom, each with living room, kitchen with all equipment, satellite phone service, swimming pool, bathroom with hot water, a wooden terrace overlooking the sea and loose to the mountain.

Another option is to stay diMenjangan Mangrove Gazebo, as does Martin Hecking, tourists from Germany, with his friend, Te, from Egypt. After camping in the middle just like a mangrove forest. Eight gazebo built on the sea water between the mangrove forest, with a certain distance to make room for privacy. Each path is connected from the timber. Gazebo is a small thatched building, with two body-sized bed and a small table. Entered, as the infinite nature around, because the building was unscreened. Unlike the two previously described inn, the guest bathroom is located outside the gazebo. Staying in the area also allows guests to enjoy nautical sports. Just choose the natural beauty of the sea can be enjoyed in Floating Jetty, in the region.

Clown fish, running back and forth, through the ornamental fish colorful. A very romantic place. Occasionally, said Jarot Wahyudi, which handles conservation and community development in the resort, they serve a newlywed couple who was candle-light dinner at the Floating Jetty. Menjangan Mangrove Gazebo right choice for couples who loved outdoor adventure for honeymooners! The resort that was "heaven" for enthusiasts of outdoor activities. Living arrangements, ranging from the following marine tourism, Horseback riding, bird watching, jungle trekking, biking forest.

The three latter activities, based in Bali Tower. Bali Tower virtually "crowded center" at the resort. Soaring-roofed buildings that seem typical of Singaraja Gilimanuk Road is a building of five floors. The main building concrete tower, with the stake bengkirai tree 28 meters tall with a diameter of 80 centimeters. The first floor serves as an open lobby, where guests can enjoy the resort activities impressions through the television screen on one wall. The second floor is the restaurant Bengkirai Castle, with views out to the surroundings. A spiral staircase brings guests up to the top floor. On the floor of three to five, also found a place to sit and a table arranged like in the restaurant.

In addition to restaurant space on the second floor, Tower of Bali's favorite dinner guest to the Jetty, "dock" that built a giant wooden jutted into the valley. It's romantic to imagine a candle-light dinner topped with a light sky full moon and the stars. Jetty is also one option for guests who want to enjoy the sunset while sipping tea. The building is also supported pole sturdy stalks bengkirai consisted of two floors.

Office of the resort, the lobby, to the clinic, occupies the first floor. Spacious conference rooms overlooking the horse stables, occupied the second floor. Again unimaginable meeting room in the middle of the woods just as the facility is equipped with meeting rooms at hotels in major cities, including photocopy machines to the internet! It is not wrong, a luxury in the middle of the woods.

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The following information about the resorts in Bali:: Amed attractions, Bali.

Sightseeing Amed has a beautiful beach with its sunrise, marine life also offers a great place to practice diving or diving.

There is a lake on the edge of a flat beach is good for practice, as well as rocks that can be achieved by swimming for 5 minutes. Here, good for snorkeling, this area developed because of the beauty the sea.
Amed is located on the coast of the eastern tip of the island of Bali, in the village of Amed, Abang, Karangasem regency, Bali. Community life in general here are fishing. The countryside is thick, pristine traditions have not affected the foreign culture, hospitality is still strong, beautiful sunrise / sunrise in the morning, will add an exotic atmosphere, while enjoying breakfast.

With black sand beaches, the water situation is very clear, diverse marine biota, living coral reef preservation awake, warm water is not constantly changing, so snorkeling and diving are popular here. When the uterus Amed walked along the beach you will meet with the village and found Jemeluk small pieces and garden the most beautiful coral you've seen.

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travel tourism - Batur caldera, the Tourism Object Still Virgin

Batur Caldera is a valley formed by the eruption of Mount Batur thousands of years old and that Caldera is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Exact location in Kintamani, Bangli.Sesungguhnya District, just by visiting the Penelokan alone can enjoy the beauty of this Caldera. If you've been to Bali, of course you do not miss a moment to visit one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Bali this.

However, the fact the main attraction for me was when I was done hiking / trekking through the village of Writing Sukawana, dishes, Belandingan, Songan, Trunyan and Abang. The view from here magnificent. Moreover, you can enjoy while waiting for the sunrise. When I got out of the car to start this hike with some friends and my guests from France, I've got a treat 3 mountain (mountain Batur, G. Abang, and G. Agung) which stands proudly in my sebeleh southeast.
The third glimpse of this mountain looks like a unit that made him look more powerful. Mount Agung and Mount Batur volcano is still active. Mount Batur last eruption occurred in 1994 berlajut until 1997. However, this eruption was not so great. Batur mountain activities are spelled out very active, because so far in every crater of Mount Batur found small holes that emit a very hot weather and contains sulfur. (Many tourists who visit the Mount Batur take advantage of this natural heat to cook eggs or bananas) Journey to the Village dilajutkan dish.

From here we get the scene in December Songan and Mount Batur in the south. In the north we could see the ocean (the Lombok Strait). From here the view is not much changed until Belandingan through the village. The most beautiful scenery we will find when we are in the village of Lake Batur Songan and precisely in the rafters Gede. It was a combination of scenery that I never found anywhere. In the west we are treated to pemadangan Lake Batur and Mount Batur, south of Mount Abang visible and Mount Agung, while to the east we could see the Straits of Lombok and Lombok Island.

If you are lucky (good weather), you'll be treated to views of Mount Rinjani in Lombok. I really can not tell by the words of this scene. Once satisfied I enjoy the view from here, I melewatu peak travel melajutkan Batur Caldera east toward Mount Abang. From the waist Mount Abang melajutkan you can climb Mount Abang or down to Trunyan. The view from the summit of Mount Abang certainly more beautiful because of the higher place. However, if you've had enough until here, you can simply come down to Trunyan.

In Trunyan you will be greeted by the people there who offer to perhau motor Toyabungkah or meneyeberang to visit the graves plus Kedisan Trunyan Village. Trunyan Village is one of the old village in Bali (Bali Aga). Here there is a very unique tradition, where the bodies are usually buried or burned in other areas in Bali, here just put to bed and covered with shelf-food (bamboo fence that was formed in such a way). But miraculously, though the bodies were not buried, but mengeliarkan nothing like the smell of the stench of corpses. It is said that, according to public belief, the smell of corpses was neutralized by taru tree that grows large incense beside the grave Trunyan Village.

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travel tourism - Tourism Places of Interest in Bali - Uluwatu Temple

which is located at the southern tip of Bali island and led to the Indian Ocean, is a charming tourist attractions.
What was interesting to see here is a temple that stands firmly on the rocks that jutted into the sea with a height of about 50 meters. In the late afternoon while enjoying the beautiful sunset, you can watch dance

performances of the famous Bali up to foreign countries, Kecak dance.
Not only that, for those of you who love to learn the history, pretending that one is filled to the value of its history. History will be described as follows: In some sources mentioned, around the year 1489 AD came to the island of Bali a purohita, writers and clergy named Danghyang Dwijendra. Danghyang Dwijendra was a Hindu priest, the birth of Kediri, East Java. Dwijendra at Danghyang named Danghyang Nirartha walaka. He married a princess of Daha, east Java.

At the same place he studied and in-diksa by-law. Nirartha Danghyang endowed with bhiseka kawikon Dwijendra Danghyang name. Once diksa, Danghyang Dwijendra dharmayatra given the task of carrying out as one of the requirements kawikon. Dharmayatra this should be implemented in the island of Bali, with the addition of a very heavy task of arranging in-law of customary and religious life, especially in the island of Bali. If necessary dharmayatra it can be forwarded to the Sasak and Sumbawa Island.
Danghyang Dwijendra come to the island of Bali, first set foot on the southwestern coastal region of Jembrana for a moment to rest before continuing the journey dharmayatra.
This is where Danghyang Dwijendra left pemutik (there is also mention pengutik) with shaft (starch) wood rack. Starch wood shelf life and it turned out to be a tree thrives shelf. Until now the leaves are used as a wood shelf banten completeness in Bali.
As a reminder and tribute to him, built a temple named Purancak. After a dharmayatra the Sasak and Sumbawa Island, Danghyang Dwijendra towards the southern tip of the southwestern island of Bali, which is in arid regions, full of stones called the hills. After some time living there, he was getting calls from Hyang Creator to get back amoring acintia Parama moksha. This is where Pedanda Ida Rauh recalled Wawu Sakti (icang eling) with Samaya (promise) himself to return to his home.
That's why this place is called Cangeling and gradually became Cengiling until now. Hence, Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu ngulati Sakti (find) a place deemed safe and appropriate to do Parama moksha.
Therefore deemed ineligible, he moved again to another location. In this place, then built a temple called Pura toadstool. The name was derived from the word ngulati. The temple is located in the village of Pecatu. As he walked to get a new location deemed eligible for Parama moksha, Ida Rauh Wawu Pedanda Sakti very sad and crying inside her. Why? Because he was not willing to leave this world because the scale has not felt completely swadharmanya, namely the Hindu life together in the Sasak and Sumbawa. In place of this mengangis he then founded a temple called Pura cry (tears of origin of the word).
This temple is located in tears Middle Village Banjar Adat Pecatu. Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu Sakti have not found a place that is appropriate for Parama moksha. He then arrived at a place full of big stones. He was just alone. In this place, and erected a temple called Pura Batu Diyi. Also in this place Dwijendra Danghyang feel less safe for Parama moksha. With a fairly exhausting journey of hunger and thirst, he finally arrived in the hills area who always got the hot sun.
For the umbrella away, he took a piece of leaf beetles and try to get drinking water sources. After the tour did not find the source of drinking water, Dwijendra Danghyang finally stuck his stick. Amertha water came out. In this place and built a temple called Pura Umbrella with springs used Tirtha means until now. Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu Sakti then moved again to another location, to amuse themselves before carrying out the seconds back to the origin. In this place and built a temple called Pura Selonding located in Banjar Kangin Desa Adat Pecatu. After amusing himself satisfied, Danghyang Dwijendra feel tired.
So he was looking for a place to rest. I was so tired to the point that he was quiet (overslept). In this place and built a temple called Pura Parerepan (parerepan means pasirepan, the inn) is located in the village of Pecatu. Approaching the final seconds to Parama moksha, Dwijendra Danghyang cleanse themselves and mulat sarira first. In this place until now stands a Hindu temple called Pura Pangleburan located in the village of Banjar Adat Pecatu Kauh. After purifying himself, he went on his way to the location of the southwestern tip of Bali. This place consists of the cliff rocks. If the note from below sea level, looking at each other joins, shaped head perched on the cliff rocks, with a height of between 50-100 meters from the sea surface.
Thus called Uluwatu. Ulu watu mean head and means stone. Before Danghyang Dwijendra Parama moksha, he called the boat owners who had brought it from Sumbawa to Bali. Boat skipper named Ki Pacek Nambangan Boat. The Pandita for help to skipper a boat carrying clothes and his staff to his fourth wife in pasraman Griya Sakti Mas in Banjar Pule, Mas village, Ubud, Gianyar. Clothing was a green silk robe and a wooden stick young.

After Ki Pacek Nambangan pasraman boat headed in Danghyang Dwijendra Mas, Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu Sakti immediately to a large rock pile east of stone relics of the former Royal temple of Sri Wira Dalem Kesari. On top of that rock, Ida Rauh Pedanda Wawu yoga Sakti mengranasika, like the keris off so urangka, disappeared without a trace, amoring acintia Parama moksha. Also at Uluwatu beach area with large waves is very challenging to surf sports lovers. Each year the international event berlevel always held on the beach this seputaran Uluwatu.

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travel tourism - Tourism Places of Interest in Bali - Kintamani

Kintamani, which is located in Bangli regency, is one of the favorite tourist attractions tourist options both domestic and abroad. Generally, in almost any travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani included in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting the Batu Bulan (Tari Barong ), tourist areas or Sukawati Ubud as a shopping center.

Kintamani offers a fresh atmosphere in the hills surrounding air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, much like air in Bedugul. The main attraction of the area is the view of Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is a mountain that is still an active status and the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih.

The atmosphere is best when the lunch meal while enjoying the beauty of this mountain lake and the belching smoke friendly. Interested to know more about Kintamani? Sempatkan also yourself to visit Trunyan village near the lake. But you have to cross by boat to get there by traveling approximately 20 minutes.

Interesting and unique is the way the funeral of local residents who would differ from the prevalence in Bali. The corpse was propped on a tree without buried. But the issue is not unique body odor because ternetralkan by wood fragrance incense called. Unique is not it? If interested, why not include alternative Kintamani tourism in your vacation? Congratulations on vacation in Bali.

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