10 best coasts in the world

10 best coasts in the world

1. bora bora

Boracay White Beach Filipina

Anse Petit Seychelles

Miami Beach Amerika Serikat

Jumeirah Beach Uni Emirat Arab

Pantai Egremni Greece

Navagio Greece

Waikiki Beach Amerika Serikat

Rarawa Pantai Selandia Baru

Peros Banhos British Indian Ocean Territory

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top 10 best Airport in the world

top 10 best Airport in the world

Airport or more knowledgeable with [in] one airfield butane become a progress [of] symbol a country, most developed countries makes airport as a separate kebanggan, bagaiaman not, ariport is first place that visited by guests that indigenous to overseas, ok converses about best airport in the world, following I mention 10 best airports in the world of version skytrax :

1. Seoul Incheon International Airport (Korea Selatan)

2. Hong Kong International Airport (Hongkong)

3. Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

4. Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

5. Munich Airport (Germany)

6. Kansai International Airport (Japan)

7. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Malaysia)

8. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands)

9. Centrair Nagoya (Japan)


10. Auckland Airport ( New Zealand)

Much taken as references assessment in determination 10 best airports in the world of this, kalo I see some countries that have nice airport this is the country that have hard attitude to work, because of hard working is our energy, they can make their nation becomes nation that go forward because hard work, again hard working is our energy to develop nation becomes nation that go forward.

I sure later Indonesia will become nation that go forward laboriously all society its, hard working is our energy.

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found ancient city at the bottom of the sea karibia

found ancient city at the bottom of the sea karibia

WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) - EXCLUSIVE pin-cushion researchers has expressed first picture from Caribbean sea floor from what they believe ancient archaeology of civilization pickings. Care of careful location co-ordinate, project manager, that want to fixed anonim at this time, tell city can thousands of year; maybe even ancient pra-dating Piramida Egypt, in Giza.

That Situs are found use sophisticated satellite image, and not by the way in which at all related to situs that anticipated found by russia explorer near cuba in 2001, at deepness 2.300 foot/feets. "For look at satellite, situs we much more skin-deep." Tim at this time in quest of fund for me-mount an expedition to confirm and mengeksplorasi what shows as [the] city below/under wide water. "You must take a care work with satellite image in location is referred [as]," principle of researcher project says, "digital matrix that sometime misinterpret data, and show ruins as [the] solid mass. Its problem, we have found pin-cushion structure what seems becomes high, narrow pyramid; big platform structure with small building in them; we have stood up parallel even find postal and construction log in emergent debrises its become fall building. You can not have post and log without human involvement. "

When asked wether city this is the city legendaris Atlantis, researchers directly tells not. "Romantic ideal Atlantis might never, also there will be no that string at tank SCUBA, make a bolt for in water, and find a city spandrel that tell, 'Welcome in Atlantis." Nevertheless, we believe that this city could have one of the much cities that go forward, sea transport, commerce bases on civilization, that could have visited by friends Eurocentric they. "

Unknown at this time how that city resides in sea floor, and not in dry land. "We have some theories."

Tim hopes to conduct mapping and research mass expedition, for instruction as many as possible about this people whom, before alter situs to island house Caribbean government. "Any that we have found not ours," project manager word, "This people property this island, and to the world at-big. If there is cutting is brought to surface, they become part on-hand museum. "

Tim project asks that for furthermore information, or to know how to help mendanai their research, please contact Herald de Paris 'publisher, Jes Alexander, in special set-up call-number: 415-738-7811.

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mysterious building in world

mysterious building in world

A number of places in various of world clefts, there is a number of monuments that existence has been mysterious because scientists has not yet succeeded pull back complete about that historic objects background. Only 12 monuments that assumed most mysterious in the world. Altogether very recognized in the world of but nobody being the wiser precisely that building background stands up.

Following 12 monuments/monument ruins the most mysterious in history.

1.Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

In a knoll in north-east arid Georgia stands up monument most oddest and mysterious in the world. Nevertheless see from building architecture, that monument is not created at ancient time

Known as ‘Georgia Guidestones’, five tingginya16 feet this stone structures, weighing 20-ton. At bongkahan granite there is article in eight languages – among others hieroglyph language Egypt, Hindi and Swahili – with instruction in order to safe rebuild new peeradaban on earth. Do/does instruction in eight that languages relate to doom forecast? This that has been unclear. Ill defined also this command are addressed to whom. More ill defined next, who did develop this bizzare monument.

2. Lake Michigan Stonehenge

At the beginning, a group of researcher uses sonar to look for ship carcass at the bottom of Danau Michigan, result that got really surprise. They exactly find structure ancient Stonehenge 40 feets below/under water level.

Some of stone is referred [as] in a circle and one emerge to show engraving from a MASTODON. Anticipated, this ancient object is built 10,000 year(s) ago, possibility justs with pasca-Ice Age human existance and mastodons in area. . Michigan has had situs Petroglyph and stone stands up.

3. Ruins under the sea in Japan

On shore south Yonaguni, Japan, there is ruins that soaked, predicted already around 8.000 year.

Though some people believed that it was carved by geographic phenomena, it’s now confirmed to be man-made ace the intricate stairways, carvings and right angles suggest.

Though some people believe thats that is nature creation, nevertheless now emerge voices that mention that human brand. That thing seen from complicated doorstep formation, engravings that exist in there that believed as [the] human brand. This Situs are found 1995 by a most balmy diver too far from coast Okinawa. Coincidence also he/she brings camera to make a picture undersea.

4.Kejaiban under the sea Alexandria, Egypt

This Ruins is trusted is Alexander the Great city, where Cleopatra palace exists. That city Sinking is predicted happened 1.500 year(s) ago awful earthquake consequences. At the same time with down of that palace, sink also artefak-artefak that decorate palace, and buildings differ from Cleopatra palace that. City Ruins that found at the bottom of the sea this, [it is true] intentionally not to lifted to land. Local government berencana make it miraculous location undersea that as wisata water.

5.Misteri Stones Baalbek in lebanon

Biggest roman Temple that ever built and now remain its ruins, actually not in greek or Rome, but exactly in Baalbek, Lebanon. That Temple is destroyed by Kaisar Bizantium Theodosius, lucky not all annihilate part. There [is] still 6 from 54 columns, that has been stood up up to now. Six this columns take the stand history and leave footstep mistri that await to express.

Though this pickings of temple pride still stand-out, nevertheless sebenarnyalah, this temple have time to unifinished because of war. Over decades, very rare tourist pays a visit to this place because of war. Its profit also, war do not destroys this historic temple.

6. Three Lingkaran Batu Kuno Megalithices

In south Turki, precise in north border with Suriah, there is three stone circles megalitik thousands of year, older than circle stone Stonehenge. Surprisingly, this ancient stone circles is built by hunter group during the period. Previously, believed that homosapiens not possible can make that building, till they reach certain progress level.

When found, that stone circle in a state of buried. There's nothing know what reason or background why that object is buried. Nevertheless some people believe thats Göbekli Tepe and vinicity region is early from human history namely location Taman Eden as the same manner as that dikisahkan in [the] Bible.

7. Island easter

Island easter, also known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua, it's an island Polynesia in south-east Great Lakes, the most recognized with monumental idols that created by people Rapanui.

Idols, so-called Moai, it's part of ancestor repression island that conducted by local society during the period. That idols is anticipated made between 1250 and 1500 Masehis.

Heaviest Moai heavy 86 tons. This depict so big achievement those in can create rapanui, also move idols that wt. reach tens of ton. Lucky, this ancient idols some of still can be seen diRaraku, but hundreds of other idol is carried over about/around.

8.Stonehenge, Monument Prasejarah in UK

Maybe ancient monument that spelled out members still in a fine condition is Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, UK. This ancient Building is predicted built 2500 pre-christian, nevertheless then experience of revise and renovate continuously for 1400 year. Though all theory and speculation are said, but no one knows what target early from this prehistory monument and fixed one of earth biggest mystery.

9.Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is city of nation ommission Inca the most taken care of good. This empire City is hided in mountain Andes Peru, reside in high mountain by means of precipitous nevertheless at its height level off. A location, that purportedly is place of nation escapee Inca from kejaran Spain.

This City for centuries hided and terisolasi from external world until then a arkeolog, Hiram Bingham, find it in 1911. Base research, predicted city Machu Picchu is built in 1450 masehi as [the] power hideaway Inca Pachacuti.

10.Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Scanty one who knows that Zimbabwe, Africa, have ancient stone ruins eldest in the world. Its location in rural. Anticipated, that ancient stone ruins before now is building that dwelt by 18.000 souls. So level of ruins, then called Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

Base research, that building is built at eleventh century, unique its that building is founded without use cement. Nobody being the wiser surely why that situs finally left.

11. Peru’s Chavín de Huantar Ruins

Though not Machu Picchu, ruins Chavín de Huantardi Peru also is interesting Situs Warisan Dunia containing pickings artefak that built by Chavín, Inca culture-pre, around 900 SMs

This Situs as [the] gathering point for people in area is referred [as] to gather and.

Ill defined why culture Chavín disappear, though some believe that ruins Chavín de Huantar offers guideline of why some civilizations disappear.

Most theory mentions annihilate its Chavín because environment condition is entered the happening of earthquake, while other anticipation is coup.

12. Coral Castle, Monument Missing Cinta, in the strait of florida

How explain [in] one joe bertinggi 5 feets weighing 100 pounds, develop complicated garden by using reef cuttings that each wt. berton-ton? Coral Castle, in Homestead, The strait of florida, is a difficult miracle is explained common sense. Particularly again, men that develop that castle purportedly only setingkat class 4 SDs.

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cities dies found

cities dies found

1. Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in south namibia, some kilometres from port Luderitz. In 1908 Luderitzes experience of fever berlian, and people then go to Namib desert to get wealth easily. In a two year created a luxury city complete with all prasarananya like casino, school, hospital, also with exclusive residence building that stand up in farm that before now arid and is desert. But first world post war, sales berlian becomes desisted, this is begining of the termination of altogether. During the year 1950 cities start left, sand starts ask return what become its property. Sturdy metal Board crumples, beautiful garden and natty public road is buried dibawah sand, window and door bergeretak in each its hasp, window glasses is broken goggle like show ruination at sand carpet that boost. Quote: A new ghost town has been borne, till now still look a couple of bangunas that stand up, there are also building like a legitimate stage still jolly good up to scratch, and the rest, houses is referred [as] fall to pieces digerus sand and become consecution of spectre houses that fear.

2. Prypiat

Prypiat is a metropolis in detached area in North Ukraine, is housing [of] area workers nuclear area Chernobyl. This Area dies since the happening of nuclear disaster Chernobyl that swallow can be 50.000 souls. After occurence, this location practical like a museum, be a part of soviet history. Building apartement, swimming pool, hospital, and much other buildings fall to pieces. And all contents that existed in building referred [as] let [in] depth, like archives, TV, children toy, high-value goods, clothes and others all like most families property in general.

Resident will only take important document, book and clothes that are not contaminable by nuclear. Nevertheless since century 21, [shall] no longger there is high-value goods that remained, even seat dikamar kecilpun is brought by pillagers, many of building that its contents robbed from year to year. Building that [shall] no longger taken care of, with leaky roof, and building interior that suffused water in the rains, growing make city is referred [as] really become ghost town. We can see tree that grow in house roof, tree that grow within doors. [several] CoDs 4 sure playerses recognize city yg one this.

3. Sanz Hill

Beside North Taiwan, there is a futuristic kampong, initially built as a luxuriant resort for rich clan. However, after happened much fatal accidents at a period of development its finally project are referred [as] desisted. After find difficulties fund and difficulty [of] workers that will do project are referred [as] finally development resort is referred [as] really desisted in the middle of street. Hearsay then pop out, a lot spell out members kampong area is referred [as] become residence [of] spectres, from them that has died.

4. Craco

Craco located didaerah Basilicata and province Matera around 25 miles from bay Taranto. This mid City have specific area with fulfilled undulating hill and carpet of grist agriculture and agriculture plants other. Ditahun 1060 when farm ownership Craco is owned by bishop Arnaldo arcdiocese head Tricarico. Relation/link that walk old with church bring influence that many to the whole resident. In 1891 resident populations Craco more than 2000 people, at that time they many are knocked over sosial problems and poorness that frequently make them hopeless, between in 1892 and 1922 around 1300 migrants to North America. Ugly agriculture Condition is added with earthquake natural disaster, landslide and war this cause them have the migration of mass.

Between in 1959 and 1972 Cracos return shaken earthquake and landslide. In 1963 people around remainses 1300 people finally carried over a dale near Craco Peschiera, and till now Craco that genuiness has been remained in a state of fall to pieces and leave over its rot of resident ommission pickings.
Craco terletak didaerah Basilicata dan provinsi Matera sekitar 25 mil dari teluk Taranto. Kota pertengahan ini mempunyai area yang khas dengan dipenuhi bukit yang berombak-ombak dan hamparan pertanian gandum serta tanaman pertanian lainnya. Ditahun 1060 ketika kepemilikan lahan Craco dimiliki oleh uskup Arnaldo pimpinan keuskupan Tricarico. Hubungan yang berjalan lama dengan gereja membawa pengaruh yang banyak kepada seluruh penduduk. Di tahun 1891 populasi penduduk Craco lebih dari 2000 orang, waktu itu mereka banyak dilanda permasalahan social dan kemiskinan yang banyak membuat mereka putus asa, antara tahun 1892 dan 1922 sekitar 1300 orang pindah ke Amerika Utara. Kondisi pertanian yang buruk ditambah dengan bencana alam gempa bumi, tanah longsor serta peperangan inilah yang menyebabkan mereka bermigrasi massal.

Antara tahun 1959 dan 1972 Craco kembali diguncang gempa dan tanah longsor. Di tahun 1963 sisa penduduk sekitar 1300 orang akhirnya dipindahkan ke suatu lembah dekat Craco Peschiera, dan sampai sekarang Craco yang asli masih tertinggal dalam keadaan hancur dan menyisakan kebusukan sisa-sisa peninggalan penduduknya.

5. Oradour Sul Glane

Small Perkampungan Oradour Sul Glane in french shows a very horrible situation condition. During World War IIth, 642 residents are massacred by ARMY Germany as [the] retaliation form to the to french treatment at that time. Germany that at that time actually intend attack area near Oradour Sul Glane but finally they attack small perkampungan are referred [as] on 10 Junes 1944. according to safe people witness, men resident is entered into a warehouse and ARMY jerman fire at their foot/feet until finally they die in slowly. Woman and children that entered into church, finally all died shot when they try exit from within church. Kampong is referred [as] really destroyed ARMY Germany at that time. And till now kampong ruins is referred [as] has been stood up and took the stand so cruel its event that happened at that time.

6. GunkanJima

Island it is one of from 505 uninhabited islands in Nagasaki Daerah Administratsi Japan, around 15 kilometres from Nagasaki. This Island are also known as “Gunkan Jima” or island battleship. In 1890 when a company (Mitsubishi) buy island are referred [as] and start project to get coal from sea floor around island referred [as]. In 1916 they develop big concrete [the] first in island is referred [as], an apartment block is built for workers and also to protect them from hurricane.

In 1959, islander population is referred [as] bulbar, density at that time reaches 835 people per hectare for entire island (1.391 per hectare for area of settlement center), a most solid resident population that ever happened around the world. When kerosene replace coal in 1960, coal mine starts to close, not aside from in Gunkan Jima, in 1974 Mitsubishis officially announce mine closing is referred [as], and finally empty island are referred [as]. In 2003 this island dimbil as setting film “Battle Royal II” and inspire a game popular “Killer7”.

7. Kadykchan

Kadykchan is one of small city of in russia that fallen to pieces moment runtuhnya Uni soviet. Resident is forced struggle to get access for getting the water, health care and also school. They must exit from that city within 2 week, to occupy other city and occupy new house. City with people around 12.000 average one whos as [the] this tin mineworker emptied. They stay out them with all its housewares. Thus you can find toy, book, clothes and various of goodses didalam empty city.

8. Kowloon

Metropolis Kowloon that located in outside Hongkong, China. Before now occupied by Japan during World War II, be next taken over by wild resident after Japan surenders. Government UK wants to China holds responsibles to this city, because city is referred [as] become irregular city and is not observant government law. Population not in control, resident develops corridor street level lybirint that full [of] stuffed up by garbage, very high building until make sunlight will never illuminates. City wide illuminated with neon. City is referred [as] full of brothel, casino, opium den and anaesthetic and cocaine, many existed victuals from flesh dog and also existed secret factories that not bothered by this otoritas.Keadaan finally ended when in 1993, taken decision by government UK and authority China to desist all of that.

9. Varosha

Varosha is an area that non-recognition by North republic Cyprus. Before 1974 Turki menginvasi Cypruses, this area is modern tourists area in city Famagusta. At three decade last, this city is left and become ghost town. In 1970s, this city becomes target city main wisata in Cyprus. To give satisfying service to tourists, this city develops various of luxuriant buildings and hotel. When ARMY Turki controls area is referred [as], they care of and hedge area is referred [as], there may not be any secretory enter city is referred [as] without [in] one permission from ARMY Turki and PBB ARMY. Plan to return return Varosha to hand of greek control, nevertheless plan is referred [as] never realized. Can be for 34 year cities referred [as] let and there is no repair. Slow buildings is referred [as] fall to pieces, metal start rust, jedela breaks, and flora roots penetrates wall and pavement. Tortoise has a nest on shore left. In 2010 Pemerintahan Turkis have an eye to reopen Varosha for roof turis and city returns can be inhabited and will become one of city the most have an effect on in uatara island.

10. Agdam

Metropolis Agdam in Azerbaijan is one of metropolis that its resident population reach 150.000 people. Nevertheless then lose after in 1993 as long as war Nagorno Karabakh. Although this city not directly becomes war bases, nevertheless this city remain to get effect from war referred [as], by becoming victim from roof attitude damage Armenians city is referred [as]. Buildings is destroyed and finally left its dweller, only leave over mosques that still intact stand up. Resident Agdam by it self has made a move to other area, like to Iran.

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most oddest monument in the world

most oddest monument in the world

11. Underwater Gallery, Grenada
Rentetan this scilpture resides in skin-deep territorial water that transparent in offshore this Grenada have very unusual characteristic: can be reached by only to diver (though that also can be looked over glass in ship floor). sculptor called Jason de Caires Taylor lah that create this monument. Rentetan human in various of subdividing and places this make monument is conceived of first basrelief garden that located in in water. this basrelief of brand reef is also created as [the] awareness to move forward awareness of nature conservation.

10. Memento Park, Budapest

Most country in East Europe have tradition destroys era ommission Uni soviet so they independence. But, than unloaded all remains of [the] past ommissions that oppress liver, city Budapest removes 42 idols from location that lionized and place them in garden that reside in city boundary. in this garden is existed man of mark idols from era Uni soviet that is Patung Lenin, Marx, and Engels.

9. Georgia Guidestones, Elberton, GA

Designed and conducted by unknown group, Georgia Guidestones consist ofs five 16-kaki-tinggi lempings granite, that arranged with radiant pattern, this function as [the] compass, calendar, and hour.

8. Headington Shark, Headington, Oxfordshire, England

high animal monument as high as 25 this foot/feets are recognized in general as Headington Shark that seen like terjungkal in roof [of] a house in UK. this monument is made of metal, resin poliester, and gypsum. monument this shark is initialy seen as [the] unsightly view and local government tries to move it. However now has been accepted and considered as interesting object.

7. Calder Mercury Fountain, Barcelona

Keep away your hand far from that one this. Poisonous liquid Quicksilver flows pass manger series that made of iron and aluminum, plunge opponent of metal rasher that jell can go about in movement, and cataract into [in] one domed pond lethal metal. pematung comes [from] America Alexander Calder design this fountain as [the] respect of fascist people-counter for republic government Spain at agenda World’s Fair 1937 in Paris (where dipajang in front of precisely painting Picasso). now this fountain is put down in city Barcelona.

6. Mannekin Pis, Brussels

An ikon from country this Belgium that is statuette [of] a boy that this urine has been stolen several times when war time. Today, this monument captivates many turises for simply see it. Legend the by far the most popular about asalnya show a missing boy, finally its father finds its boy that is passing and so happy its he/she develops this monument.

5. Fengdu Ghost City, Fengdu, China

During Dinasti Han, two people of court functionary called Yin and Wang are carried over Gunung Mingshan to get lighting. If both that name joined, in meaningful Chinese “King of Hell” or in Indonesian its "Raja Neraka". That Semenjak, local citizen of opinion place is referred [as] is its gathering point fine creatures. That Place expands become complex Budha temple and Taoist that dotted with horrible devil idol. Names important Penanda in this area also have horrible name, like “Last Glance at home Tower,” “Nothing-to-Be-Done Bridge,” and “Ghost Torturing Pass.” Ironically, this area in Iiteral now become spectre city caused by permbuatan project Dam that eat local citizen victim because happened flood that bubble up to it's surrounding area. Now, Mount Mingshan is tourists area that often visited by tourist.

4. Kindlifresser (Child Eater) Fountain, Bern, Switzerland

Though like rich idol with modern art meaning, fountain Kindlifresser, or “Child Eater”, has daunted child in city Bern since 1546. Dress with red and gorgeous green chasuble, and postur its body that fat is munching a little one head, whereas the other baby worries await bleak chance those in reside in its duffle bag. There is that assumption that idol in commemoration of to society yahudi in city Bern are referred [as], because hat that utility look like jew people that forced to wear hat in the past caused by because certain. Ada also that of opinion that Kindlifresser is "Kronos the Titan" from greek mythology, that is eating its child to prevent its child to grab its crown. There is assumption the most sensible that idol is referred [as] made to warn children in city Bern in order to care of their behaviour and manner.

3. Duke of Wellington Statue, Glasgow

For 20 year(s) ago, idol that likely seen usual this turn into unusual. roof "pranksters" or its Indonesian [language] fad worker that often gallivanted nocturnal frequent put Cones heads-up traffic idol this Arthur Wellesley. Local Resident said that cones traffic is referred [as] is integral part from idol referred [as], opposite/also according to them part of city identity Glasgow. Government does not agree it and will act coherent that not as yet common to put "cones" next lead idol Arthur Wellesley. However towny Glasgow bothers this prohibition order and is fixed putting heads-up cones idol Arthur Wellesley till now

2. Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia

Steel Idol [in] one weight 250 tons and as high as 131 this foot/feets is biggest horseman idol in the world, and has been opened in 2008. this idol beyond capital of Mongolia that is Ulan Bator. Visitor can go up lift to deck lead the horse and can see wide and beautiful grass view.

1. Saint Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse, Prague

During can be 100 year—idols in Prague’s Wenceslas Square has became state pride of nationalism Republic this Ceko. But now has been next, even menjado materials humor for local citizen in city prague. Sculptor that called David Cerny memparodikan idols that reside in Prague’s Wenceslas Square with idol that the of in Lucerna Palace, that not far from Prague’s Wenceslas Square. Idol that recognized is idol St. Wenceslas that is riding horse with position returned death hung in roof.

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top 10 Most beautiful Fountain in the world

top 10 Most beautiful Fountain in the world

1.Fountains of Bellagio (Las Vegas): Show water Koreografi

Fountains of Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (THE UNITED STATES) it's a basin big mancur by show that entangle light and music. This Show can be seen from a number of certain dots in the Strip, from street and from its neighbour building. Water Show is referred [as] executed every 30 minute in afternoon and early night, and every 15 minute start 8 PMs till early morning. The Fountains are built above artificial lake for the width of nine ekars. Water Movement is arranged follow various of musices; the example covers “Fly Me To The Moon” (Frank Sinatra), “Time to Say Goodbye” (Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli) and “My Heart Will Go On” (Celine Dion).

According to urban myth this lake is filled with dirty water from hotel, though use fresh water, that drilled few decades previous to irrigate previous golf course occupies that land/ground. Its fact, this fountain uses slimmer water than golf course. They use network of underground pipe with more than 1.200 pipes that make it maybe to conduct fountain show [together/ along] with 4.500 lamps. Predicted that this fountain lake eats US$50 million in its making.

2.Fountain of Wealth (Singapore): Fountain biggest in the world

ountain of Wealth located in underground in Suntec City biggest expenditure mall in Singapore and recognized because is biggest fountain in the world. Wealth Symbol and life, its design is relied on Hindu field, and is symbolic representation spirit unity, association and harmony range from to four races in Singapore. Made of bronze, and consist of a circle with length 66 metres that helped by four big pillars. Occupy wide 1683 metres (5521 fts), with high 13.8m (45.2 fts). This Fountain reaches high 30 metres.

3.Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Barcelona)

Magic Fountain of Montjuic is spectacular game colour, light, movement, music and water acrobat in Barcelona. Located in Placa d’Espanya and National Palau, this miraculous fountain draws thousands of turis every night. Built by designer Carles Buigas in 1929 for Fair Universal Besar, can be 3000 workers are involved in this project during less than a one year.

4.Volcano Fountain (Abu Dhabi)

Sad its, in 2004 Volcano Mountains – ever become markah land/ground is recognized Abu Dhabi and one of most most beautiful fountain in the world – demolished to give room for housing development. Fountain as high as 80 this foot/feets are built look like circle pyramid,with ladder-step from fourth side take a rides six fountain platforms upwards. In the evening, this fountain turns into perunjukan with chromatic light while water empty intoes under.

5.Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountains (Xian)

Built in 652 during government Kaisar Gaozong from Dinasti Tang, Big Wild Goose Pagoda is an ancient building is protected and sanctum for follower of Buddha. Located in Xian City south boundary (Chinese), place this is the be home to musical fountain biggest in Asia, by longest light line in the world.

6.People’s Friendship Fountain (Moskow)

People’s Friendship Fountain (also known as Friendship of Nations) in Moskow haves 16 idols that wear their national costume, deputize all Republices Uni soviet. This Fountain is equiped by pool oktahedral red granite broadly surface 4.000 meterp ersegis. This Fountain is run by a system eight pumps that can shoot off 1.200 water litres from 800 jet propulsions till reach high 24 metres every second.

7.Trevi Fountain (Rome)

Stand up as high as 25.9 metres (85 feets) and as wide as 19.8 metres (65 feets), Trevi Fountain (Fontana in Trevi) have one of most most beautiful basrelief in italian: Neptune or Oceanus in the middle of and two tritons, one try tame horse that symbolise cruel sea, and one other cockle supercharge that symbolise peace sea. Ordered in 1732 by Clemens XII and thirty year later, its substitution Clemens XIII sanctify it.

Trevi sweep the worlds because scene in film “La Dolce Vita” brand Fellini, when Anita Ekberg take a bath lateness in this fountain. Also there is legend that tell, if Anda throws coin to Trevi Fountain, You will return to Rome.
8.Oval Fountain (Tivoli)
Fontana dell’Ovato (Oval Fountain), also called Fontana in Tivoli, located in Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Italian. This Fountain in oviform pool then step into pool that made in rusty nymphaeum. Its design is made by Pirro Ligorio. All Villas are specified as Situs Warisan Dunia UNESCO in 2001.

9.Peterhof Fountain (Saint Petersburg)

Peterhof is a residency luxuriant and beautiful Kekaisaran, founded in 1710 by Peter Agung by the side of Teluk Finlandia (Sea of Baltic). Join some palaces, a number of map gardens and set of idol and fountain, give him/her mention “Versailles-nya russia”. Grand Cascade flows from under palace [go] to Sea of Baltic and is one of biggest fountain network in the world. From Grand Cascade biggest fountain, fulfilled gold idol Samson quarrels with lion, a canal flowed pass by garden to dock, where hydrofoil and ship from St. Petersburg anchor.

10.King Fahd’s Fountain (Jeddah)

Located in city Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, King Fahd’s Fountain are recognized because is highest fountain in the world, shoot off water to height 1023-ft (312m) – higher than its Eiffel Tower if antenna negated. Use 3 giant pumps that can shoot off 625 water litres every second at a speed of extreemly 233 mphs (375 kms/h). If travel to Jeddah, don't forget visit this fountain, extraordinary

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