Loca Obsesion 2010

Loca Obsesion

Loca Obsesion here
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The Slammin Salmon

The Slammin Salmon DVDRIP 2009

download here
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The Old Dogs (2010) DvD

The Old Dogs (2010) DvD-Rip

The Old Dogs (2010) part 1
The Old Dogs (2010) part 2
The Old Dogs (2010) part 3
The Old Dogs (2010) part 4
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Twitter suggests change password for user that attacked phishing

Twitter suggests change password for user that attacked phishing

The hoisterous of social website like Facebook and Twitter [it is true] bring big impact for us. Adult even child kecilpun seems do not willing to under developed for popular in situs is referred [as]. Various of handsets new celullar phone even also finally market to be able to categorized as [the] HP Online.

Its reality popularity that by social website which make society ‘fever’ online this invite criminal intention from some certain parties. Of course this make situs jejaring social as [the] soft target badness [of] in the world of illusory.

Twitter has locked access from much users its to be able to login to system as usual. In other hand also Twitter delivers email notifikasi in order to users is referred [as] immediately maybe changes password they because anticipated akun they have been hit phising previously.

Nevertheless quite a few finally from this users doubt of email [the] truth is referred [as]. That happened hereinafter is Twitter inundated by tweet user that question email [the] truth is referred [as].

Following is email content notifikasi that delivered Twitter :

Due to concern that your account may have been compromised in a phishing attack that took place off-Twitter, your password was reset. Please create a baru password by opening this link in your browser:


In message referred [as] Twitter mentions that the owner akun that accept email is referred [as] big possibility has been hit phising, then Twitter take action to conduct reset password. In order to user can access return akunnya, then user must makes new password and follow link that menavigasikannya to page reset password. Really fair if finally notifikasi this email is by it self anticipated counterfeit. But actually its contents [it is true] truely correct.

Following addition message at notifikasi email Twitter :

Ace a reminder, you should be extraordinarily ketiga suspicious of any party that offers to artificially inflate your follower count. We do note endorse any of these sites.

Hereinafter, Twitter returns remind user easy to trusts website-website third party that offer user in order to inundated by many followers. Because actually Twitter by it self guilty of no cooperation with parties referred [as]. So, if Anda is wishing login to akun Twitter Anda, ascertain beforehand that address URL is referred [as] really Twitter. Or at least for Anda that accept similar email or worry akun Anda hits phising, then don't worry for sesegera maybe change password Anda are referred [as].
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Facebook feature lyric Retweet like Twitter

Facebook feature lyric Retweet like Twitter

you user Facebook and also Twitter? If yes surely your has saw features difference that offered by second website jejaring social that now multitude digandrungi by internet user in all world angle.

If in Twitter by it self there is feature Retweet which more and more people use that feature for memposting repeat tweet from have others. Since some last month this feature becomes permanent feature.

System retweet is integrated with FIRE and websitenya. Unhappily, have not yet a lot can be conducted from goodly feature popular that now. In the reality exactly oppositely/also draw enthusiasm Facebook for ‘borrow’ feature is referred [as] and its function adoption.

Facebook has started test feature in common similar its with retweet, conducive user to share story from their friends, but also their credit was for stories pass by link below/under postingnya. This Feature still in testing phase, but seems ere long will be integrated to Facebook.

When user of knob click ‘Share’, then user will be able to sees line sharing dibagian dialogue. They can select to throw away it, but if they not conduct it, a line will emerge below/under note that show writer in origin. This Feature has been limited for at this time and only work for memposting link, someone can not conduct it to conduct update status or posting photo.

Facebook not mentions officially hit this feature detail. It is possible this is the the first step from feature ‘retweet’ this start its action in Facebook.
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Twitter adoption Facebook Connect for newest feature its

Twitter adoption Facebook Connect for newest feature its

Twitter and Facebook [it is true] heavy-weight [of] competitor in the world of jejaring social. Both of them now [it is true] frequently draw enthusiasm of internet user in Indonesia. From young till the old man seems do not willing to fail in the case of try this service. You one of them?

People say now middle Twitter prepared for merilis a conducive new tools website party when to be able to easily integrated with website Twitter and service is referred [as]. In short, likely this new feature will answer popularity Facebook Connect that already in advance.

Facebook Connect by it self had been peeped out Facebook since on May 2008. When in common, the party of Google and MySpace also has announced that is tilling project of a kind about the same time.

Facebook Connect by it self finally has put into use in 2008 that also. At least now there [are] 80.000 websites that have been integrated with Facebook Connect and 60 million users Facebook have used this feature. For many website third party is referred [as], this feature very very helps for user that want to register or login in website they.

Facebook Connect [it is true] very attractive for many small situs although this feature [it is true] foolproof diimplementasikan. By use it, they can create some widgets that bring feature direct Facebook can be enjoyed by website third party by foolproof integration.

Last year, Twitter has launched knob which enable user in website third party for login in website Twitter and mengidentifikasi their it-self, like at system to give comment.

This Twitter new Product will be able to mengotentikasi user, take data and then present it in Twitter. Now there [are] special FIRE for this feature which is being likely made rather look like Facebook Connect.

Seems between Facebook and Twitter although become competitor but will continue each other equip and each other to become that first one in its class.
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Blogger.com immediately desist its support at FTP

Blogger.com immediately desist its support at FTP

you have blog in Blogger.com? Blogger as one of service hosting free blog in the world of that quite popular referred [as] now come bring new news. [it is true] service is referred [as] a lot of its user because [it is true] tend to easy to operate and arranged.

Nevertheless always there is just more opting people to have more up control their blog but remain to use Blogger. One of its way is by using remote server FTP for hosting file and quite a lot people use this for their blog.

Unhappily, if usual you use this FTP, then seems must immediately other alternative searching because the party of Google now middle berencana to desist this FTP support soon.

“FTP cleanse our ability to improve Blogger, only 0.5 active blog percents that publicized pass by FTP. Beside this problem, FTP infrastructure that is experiencing of problem will make Google takes decision for immediately negate FTP support, which oblige us to rewrite code to handle our FTP processing,” papar Rick Klau, one of team from Blogger.

Abolition of FTP support at Blogger by it self people say will happen after the date of 26 Marchs 2010 the coming. Number 0.5 user percents seen to be not many nevertheless if compared to tens of million user Blogger in the world of of course this will enough affect once. Maybe they will not take a fancy to it, but Google tries make transition to new Blogger later.

With a tools special migration will automize much processes later, possibility this tools that it [is] there is 1 month the coming. Google tells that maybe this will be finished and will ready to answer need and question were any from user Blogger at this time.
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Google quickens access voicemail at Google Voice

Google quickens access voicemail at Google Voice

It is not Google whose name is if is not diligent in the case of serve something new to all its user. When pay a visit to voicemail at Google Voice, now you will feel access quicker just than access that previously. That way you needn't kick one's heels and this it is of course will economize your time.

Access quicker this as a result of improvement that has been conducted Google to application voicemailnya recently. And this it is of course will improve access usage voicemail you at Google Voice currently.

That made this application had accessed faster than at usually because of when you want to ten to and open existing voicemail, system will immediately copy voicemail is referred [as] until you needn't ten to one per one from existing voicemail. Hereinafter system will immediately delivered notification pass by email and SMS notifikasi until you will know when you get new message. And even system permits you ten to existing voice message to know how existing length of message content.

To make voice message now becomes easier, there is 2 change in your way listened to voice message pass by your telephone peripheral. First Change is user moment turn arounds number Voice Google-nya by it self, and user starts turn around repeat direct voice message without must depress number 1 in front. Second Change is Google now will play voice message the most last (new) leave word voice beforehand just than [the] first voice message (old). It is of course with existence of this improvement, Google Voice will be seen more delay and please from previously.
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Perfect Education

Kanzen naru shiiku: akai satsui

Perfect Education part 1
Perfect Education part 2
Perfect Education part 3
Perfect Education part 4

subtitle here

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Imitate Google, Goojje to warning

Imitate Google, Goojje to warning

Google warns a searcher machine China in order to stop use logo that look like notable logo of searcher machine is referred [as]. If not, situs China called 'Goojje' referred [as] will face law action from Google.

Daily Shenzhen Economic Daily, Monday 8 Februaries 2010, will release this warning at the same time with Google considers its [the] future in China after set mind on not play the game government censor China. Google China are also punched cyber attack.

Google alleges Goojje has impinged rights of Google trade. According to Google, logo Goojje can make internet user suspect if Goojje is ratified or related to company THE UNITED STATES is referred [as]. In letter that delivered at Goojje by Google lawyer, internet company this THE UNITED STATES claims Goojje to abstract that similar logo slowest front Monday.

Goojje are launched last month by one beranggotakan strong team 20 one whos are led a student bermarga Wen, after Google states step back from China. Operator Goojje mem-posting ambiguous statement in situs they. From vague explanation referred [as], a number of medias interpret that Goojje give support at Google.

Homepage Goojje imitates Google design and name China Goojje end in letter that mean "elder sister". Whereas name China for Google end in letter that is homonym from "men sister".
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Facebook prepares service Email

Facebook prepares service Email

SAN FRANSISCO pin-cushion Facebook is informed middle design repeat product messaging they and stand by to launch service with feature intact webmail.

This News is got from insider Facebook that also mention plan of service launching this webmail is internally conceived of Project Titan. Email Service is referred [as] later expected can defeat Gmail, product webmail besutan Google.

Previous Facebook already with various of feature developments messaging, one of them is by enhance ability of message seeking. Nevertheless this experiment finally fail to because assumed have no use for users.

Nevertheless this, pass by Project Titan, Facebook likely copes give truthfully innovation in service messaging. Source Facebook is referred [as] even very self confidence mentions, Project Titan will make users service other webmail changes over to service this new messaging. During explanation that borrowed ideas from Techcrunch, Sunday (7/2/2010).

According to leak from source referred [as], webmail Facebook later will support POP/IMAP. That means user can access akun email Facebook uses soft device at all. Name akun email even also will equal to name vanity url or name akun Facebook the user, that is namapengguna@facebook.com.

Facebook has not yet officially announced this service problem. Even also there is no sure date this service will immediately launched. Nevertheless clear, This Project Titan prepare replaced system messaging was that exist in Facebook at this time.
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Soft Drink improves cancer risk Pankreas

Soft Drink improves cancer risk Pankreas

LONDON pin-cushion Meminum soft drink or light beverage at least two-time a week can improve twofold risk of pancreas cancer.

Researchers finds existence of correlation between sweet beverage and cancer that diidap around 7.000 people in UK every its year.

They believe that high sugar-content to improvement of insulin amount that produced pancreas. This Matter later, trigger of pancreas cancer.

"High Sugar-content in soft drink can improve level of insulin in body. We think this condition grow cell of pancreas cancer," Dr Mark Pereira from University of Minnesota.

Even this disease relative seldom, its reality pancreas cancer becomes one of disease kills. Only five percentage of people that mengidap this disease can live on five year later after diagnosed hit pancreas cancer.

Like forwarded Telegraph, Tuesday (9/2/2010), Dr Pereira and its team analysis 60.524 man and womans in Cina Singapore Health Study and keep abreast of them for 14 year. When study is started, noted new there is 140 case of pancreas cancers.

Those in every week drink two-time soft drink or more experience of risk improvement is hit pancreas cancer as high as 87 percents, rather than those in unusual drink soft drink. Tim researcher also find outs correlation between improvement of pancreas cancer risk and beverage consumption other like fruit juice. The result, researcher team not finds that fruit juice consumption with pancreas cancer.

Dr Pereira mention, study result in this Singapore goes into effect also for all west country. According to him, Singapore is prosperous country with jolly good health treatment system, and life style that more or less equal to society in west country
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American High School

American High School (2009) Dvdrip

American High School part 1
American High School part 2
American High School part 3
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The Vampire Who Admires Me

The Vampire Who Admires Me

The Vampire Who Admires Me part 1
The Vampire Who Admires Me part 2 subtitle
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Bride Wars

Bride Wars (2009)

Bride Wars part 1
Bride Wars part 2
Bride Wars part 3
Bride Wars part 4
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Dance Flick Unrated

Dance Flick Unrated (2009)

Dance Flick Unrated part 1
Dance Flick Unrated part 2
Dance Flick Unrated part 3
Dance Flick Unrated part 4
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House of Bones (2010)

House of Bones (2010)

The house remains alive by feeding on the souls of its victims. The ghost hunters come to believe they can kill the house by starving it of fresh bodies. According to their own account, the house claimed its last victim in the 1950's. If it hasn't starved to death after going without spiritual nourishment for nearly 60 years, odds are they are not going to finish it off in 24 hours.

House of Bones (2010) part 1
House of Bones (2010) part 2
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Under The Gaydar

Under The Gaydar (2009)

Under The Gaydar part 1
Under The Gaydar part 2
Under The Gaydar part 3
Under The Gaydar part 4
Under The Gaydar part 5
Under The Gaydar part 6
Under The Gaydar part 7
Under The Gaydar part 8

pass ; UTG_2009
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Beyond Sherwood Forest

Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009) DVDRip

Beyond Sherwood Forest part 1
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 2
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 3
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 4
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 5
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 6
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 7
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 8
Beyond Sherwood Forest part 9

pass : highlander
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Eug?nie uncut

Eug?nie uncut version dvdrip

Eug?nie uncut part 1
Eug?nie uncut part 2
Eug?nie uncut part 3
Eug?nie uncut part 4

pass : vasakula
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Spread 2009 DVDRip

Spread 2009 DVDRip

Spread 2009 DVDRip part 1
Spread 2009 DVDRip part 2
Spread 2009 DVDRip part 3
Spread 2009 DVDRip part 4
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Google will 'Jigger' Celullar phone become translator

Google will 'Jigger' Celullar phone become translator

Google make smartphone as a means of translator. Constructively software [of] a celullar phone can translate direct foreign language from conversation [submitted/sent].

It is of course this new limited to development plan forwards that will be conducted one of Information Technology giant are referred [as]. The party of Google even also confesses, this plan will not be easy to realize.

Franz Och, head of Google translator service tells, they now are working for combine translator machine and voice-recognition that have high accuracy. "We sure penerjemahan speech-to-speech will maybe and will work good enough in a few year forwards," he said optimistis

Och tells, there are some constraint that will be faced Google in realizing software that work in real time. Among that constraints [is] existence of voice difference, accent and talking tone.

According to Och, constraints it would be can be overcome ably software to study variation of user language. "Language Recognition ought to will be more effective at that celullar phone because noun in character person," he said.

Still, experts tends to pessimistic with Google plan. David Crystal, language professor in Bangor University, tell main problem is problem of talking speed and accent variation. "There is no system that ready to overcame that thing at this time," he/she affirms.
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five safe Tips avoid Spam Valentine

five safe Tips avoid Spam Valentine

Valentine's Day immediately come. Spammer even also has stood by be a part of celebration is referred [as]. As [the] internet user, we even also must remain to allert, in order not to tergiur compromising advertisements, that as spam.

Based on explanation Symantec perceives there is five e-mail titles, that sekiranya relate to spam Valentine:

- Increase your length, the best valentine’s gift.
- Show off your length for valentine’s.
- Get it before Valentine’s day and watch her smile.
- You have been invited to partake in a shopping spree with [Removed] This Month for Valentines!
- Happy Early Valentine’s Day, You have been selected to go di atas a $1000 Shopping spree tos [Removed].

Symantec warns if accepts e-mail-e-mail above, internet user hope remain to allert. Related that thing, Symantec gave 5 safe tipses online moment in day Valentine.

1. What we click.

When click link from consignor that unknown to, because link are referred [as] will not be able to contain dangerous program or note Anda private identity.

2. Ever reciprocate email spam.

By reciprocate email spam, You exactly inform spammer that he have reached active email address. This will growing multiply spam that enter.

And so do, click link unsubscribe will affirm return that email address is referred [as] active and ready to draw fire spam. In consequence,, compromising email without read it beforehand.

3. Have some email addresses for a few target.

Have one special email address for the usage of person, that only known family, friend and colleague. Other email Address applicable to mailing list and newsletter, and the other for online seeking and go shopping.

4. Pay attention place memposting email address.

To avoid caught by boot that collect email address, don't memposting complete email address in each accessible webpage public.

5. Applied protection.

Ascertain you use newest security solution that secure against spam and virus, but remain to enable email that validity enter. Security service web like Norton Safe Web where user community web cooperates to report situs phishing and harmful malware.
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New Nude - Maria Ozawa

New Nude - Maria Ozawa

New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 1
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 2
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 3
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 4
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 5
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 6
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 7
New Nude - Maria Ozawa part 8
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Naked Twins

Naked Twins

Naked Twins part 1
Naked Twins part 2
Naked Twins part 3
Naked Twins part 4
Naked Twins part 5
Naked Twins part 6
Naked Twins part 7

pass: dhoomz
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Spider Babe

Spider Babe

Spider Babe part 1
Spider Babe part 2
Spider Babe part 3
Spider Babe part 4
Spider Babe part 5

pass : babalar
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Stop The Bitch Campaign

Stop The Bitch Campaign

Stop The Bitch Campaign part 1
Stop The Bitch Campaign part 2
Stop The Bitch Campaign part 3
Stop The Bitch Campaign part 4
Stop The Bitch Campaign part 5
Stop The Bitch Campaign part 6
Stop The Bitch Campaign part 7

subtitle here
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Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch

Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch

Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 1
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 2
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 3
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 4
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 5
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 6
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 7
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touch part 8
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The Exterminating Angels

The Exterminating Angels

The Exterminating Angels part 1
The Exterminating Angels part 2
The Exterminating Angels part 3
The Exterminating Angels part 4
The Exterminating Angels part 5
The Exterminating Angels part 6
The Exterminating Angels part 7
The Exterminating Angels part 8
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The Weekend

The Weekend

The Weekend part 1
The Weekend part 2
The Weekend part 3
The Weekend part 4
The Weekend part 5
The Weekend part 6
The Weekend part 7
The Weekend part 8
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The Sex Movie

The Sex Movie

The Sex Movie part 1
The Sex Movie part 2
The Sex Movie part 3
The Sex Movie part 4
The Sex Movie part 5
The Sex Movie part 6
The Sex Movie part 7
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pass : areg



Amusement part 1
Amusement part 2
Amusement part 3
Amusement part 4
Amusement part 5
Amusement part 6
Amusement part 7
Amusement part 8
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When Night Is Falling

When Night Is Falling 2009 DVDRip

When Night Is Falling part 1
When Night Is Falling part 2
When Night Is Falling part 3
When Night Is Falling part 4
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When A Stranger Calls

When A Stranger Calls DVDRip

When A Stranger Calls part 1
When A Stranger Calls part 2
When A Stranger Calls part 3
When A Stranger Calls part 4
When A Stranger Calls part 5
When A Stranger Calls part 6
When A Stranger Calls part 7
When A Stranger Calls part 8
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Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior

Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior DVDRIP

Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 1
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 2
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 3
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 4
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 5
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 6
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 7
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior part 8
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Phantomschmerz German (2009)

Phantomschmerz part 1
Phantomschmerz part 2
Phantomschmerz part 3
Phantomschmerz part 4
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Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In DVDRip

Let the Right One In part 1
Let the Right One In part 2
Let the Right One In part 3
Let the Right One In part 4
Let the Right One In part 5
Let the Right One In part 6
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The.Lodger. 2009 .DVDRip

The Lodger 2009 DVDRip

The Lodger part 1
The Lodger part 2
The Lodger part 3
The Lodger part 4
The Lodger part 5
The Lodger part 6
The Lodger part 7
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The Skeptic

The Skeptic LiMiTED DVDRip

The Skeptic part 1
The Skeptic part 2
The Skeptic part 3
The Skeptic part 4
The Skeptic part 5
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The Tribe

The Tribe (2009) DVDRip

The Tribe part 1
The Tribe part 2
The Tribe part 3
The Tribe part 4
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Tracing Shadow

Tracing Shadow (2009) DVDRip

Tracing Shadow part 1
Tracing Shadow part 2
Tracing Shadow part 3
Tracing Shadow part 4
Tracing Shadow part 5
Tracing Shadow part 6
Tracing Shadow part 7
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The Tattooist

The Tattooist

The Tattooist part 1
The Tattooist part 2
The Tattooist part 3
The Tattooist part 4
The Tattooist part 5
The Tattooist part 6
The Tattooist part 7

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Yang Yang

Yang Yang 2009 DVDRip

yang yang part 1
yang yang part 2
yang yang part 3
yang yang part 4
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The Casino Job

The Casino Job 2009 DVDrip

The Casino Job part 1
The Casino Job part 2
The Casino Job part 3
The Casino Job part 4
The Casino Job part 5
The Casino Job part 6
The Casino Job part 7
The Casino Job part 8
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Facebook 'Gmail Killer'

Facebook 'Gmail Killer'

Forget about promise Facebook to design repeat its face with new display its, that that it [is] really nick [of] some more months. Because, Facebook will conduct big breakthrough since he/she is borned as situs jejaring social, six year(s) ago.

Why? Because according to situs technology TechCrunch, sneaking Facebook in the middle of preparing new feature that will become their pledge: free email for its user.

Base information that given by source that not want to mentioned whose name is, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch, tell that middle Facebook does Project Titan, namely project that it is possible, will become 'Gmail Killer'.

Currently Facebook has provided feature message for user. Nevertheless, fixed [only], for user, that will not replace service web email, because Facebook Messages are only used user moment login in Facebook.

It is not strange if a few moments last situs jejaring social MySpace also provides service web email, that unhappily not support POP/ IMAP. So this, Facebook people say will provide service web email that will support POP/ That IMAP.

POP/ IMAP is conducive technology its user accessed akun its email without pass by Facebook. Akun email Facebook it is possible contain identity akun Facebook (url Facebook@Facebook.com).

With its user amount that more than 350 million and 60 million users are linked Facebook pass by Facebook Connect, of course, Google, Yahoo, will tremble with service plan web this Facebook new email, if later really realized
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China close a website that suspected as training website biggest hacker

China close a website that suspected as training website biggest hacker

Government China recently close a website that suspected as situs training biggest hacker in country its.

According to government China, situs called 'Black Hawk Safety Net' it's situs that give various of training modules biggest hacking and sell unduhan-unduhan criminal software, the usual are used as 'weapon' by roof peretas.

This Situs are trusted has succeeded recruit thousands of member hacker online, and train them as cracker-cracker (hacker criminal) readily send attack and trojan to all over world. With trojan referred [as], computer that has been infected governable and controlled by hacker from far distance.

According to situs BBC that cite China Daily and Wuhan Evening, situs Black Hawk Safety this Net has recruited more than 12 thousand hackers that subscribe to, and around 180 thousand hackers that enlist to community in free of charge. This Community also success collects more than 7 million Yuans from their member fee.

According to PCworld that cite People's Daily (newspaper of communism party opening China), police center province Hubei starts trace existence Black Hawk Safety Net after find some members hacker use criminal program that provided by situs referred [as].

Not only close this situs, government China even also mencokok three suspects as [the] organizer situs. This is first arrest that conducted below/under revise regulation kriminal China that prohibit existence of design and penyebarani tools hacking in internet.

Last month, China becomes attention after Google menace to close its operation in China because a couple of attack that conducted by hacker China. Nevertheless, China refuses existence of government involvement in that attack.

China by it self haves around 350 million internet users that is biggest country of internet user in the world of at this time and have advantage volume in area of seeking machine, that predicted equivalent to US$1 billion (about/around Rp 9,4 triliuns) last year.

From value as big as that, Google grabs about/around one-third compartment of seeking market in that country, while machine telusur Baidu controls more than 60 percent of market compartments.
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child 9 year reach for four times Microsoft Certified

child 9 year reach for four times Microsoft Certified
foto berita artikelWho did recognize with Marko Calasan?

Initially maybe is not whoms before Calasan that still 9 year have got Microsoft Certified 4 times, namely MCP, MCDST, MCSA and MCSE, and now are doing project for fifth certificate its, namely with Bing to reach for Microsoft Certified Trainer. He/she live ins former part of Yogoslavia Republic, Macedonia. Matter that surprising is he/she still, nevertheless he/she has been clever use computer.

According to Network World, when asked when first time he/she uses computer, he/she answered when age 3 year, and he/she only opens a few/little actions like personalisasi Windows, meng-instal Windows, make connection remote desktop with workstation and server in location that berjauhan, etc. When will will hit plan 10 year forwards, Calasan answers he/she hopes can write instruction book Windows 7 for all level, and he/she is also selecting Bing as [the] focus projectnya this time.

When asked maximum problem that he/she select, between Windows or Mac OSX, he/she answers, “For everyone have choice that different each other, until for myself, use Windows because satisfied he/she with security, stability, productivity and advantage other from system Microsoft Windows operation.”
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YouTube will Support IPv6

YouTube will Support IPv6

foto berita artikel Google has made YouTube online video service for support with protocol of generation Internet hereinafter, IPv6, after bertambahnya request from user. In blog-its, engineer network YouTube, Lorenzo Colliti explains that request user all the much is YouTube must support with IPv6. Since the of ipv6.google.com, Colliti expresses will add support IPv6.

YouTube will men-support IPv6 and can turn around video streaming was from a number of situses around the world pass by partner IPv6 that Google premier. This new protocol Apparition according to Google see also by more and more berkurangnya address number IPv4 globally. After one month last also, Number Resource Organisation that present five Regionals Internet Registries, remind that only less than 10 address percents unallocated IPv4.
IPv6 haves space larger ones address, 128 beets, and facilitate everyone to have 2x64 big IP address or more for all device they, according to Colliti.
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New Technological Lock-In in focebook

New Technological Lock-In in focebook

foto berita artikel Technologist also student UCLA, Alyssa Ravasio (21) confess remain to maintain ‘its faithfulness’ to use Facebook, compared to MySpace and Twitter. He/she tells that Facebook haves a concept called "teknologi lock-in". “I feel Facebook is Internet commodity most valuable, more than Google, because they position themselves to become identity online user via Facebook Connect. Altogether genuiness name, genuiness friend, and them can arrange privacy user and can step into universal login all users.” express Ravasio.

Teknologi lock-in is idea that adopted by more than a community and getting smaller user possibility to change over. That also that constitute why 'keyboad' QWERTY that compiled in 1870, still become standar than configuraton development that more logical. Meanwhile Facebook that claim have more than 350 million members around the world, has confessed accept teknologi lock-in, according to observer marketing web, Comscore.com.
Nevertheless, Ravasio also tells that Facebook haves possibility will lose membernya otherwise bother request user, entered distorting default setting privacy ago, that has made user picture Facebook come ups to publik without authorization pertinent user.
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