Cassandra’s Dream

Cassandra’s Dream – DVDRip

Cassandra’s Dream part 1
Cassandra’s Dream part 2
Cassandra’s Dream part 3
Cassandra’s Dream part 4
Cassandra’s Dream part 5
Cassandra’s Dream part 6
Cassandra’s Dream part 7
Cassandra’s Dream part 8

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Serenity – DVDRip

A passenger with a deadly secret. Six rebels on the run. An assassin in pursuit. When the renegade crew of Serenity agrees to hide a fugitive on their ship, they find themselves in an action-packed battle between the relentless military might of a totalitarian regime who will destroy anything – or anyone – to get the girl back and the bloodthirsty creatures who roam the uncharted areas of space. But, the greatest danger of all may be on their ship. From the mind of Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) comes a new edge-of-your-seat adventure loaded with explosive battles, gripping special effects and fantastic new worlds.

Serenity part 1
Serenity part 2
Serenity part 3
Serenity part 4
Serenity part 5
Serenity part 6
Serenity part 7
Serenity part 8

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Aching Hearts

Aching Hearts (2009) DVDRip

A bunch of 15-year-olds in Viborg make their first experiences with love, kissing and sexuality, coming together and drifting apart. The film follows the adolescents over a three-year-period, focusing on the relationship between Jonas and Agnete, which is made difficult by misconceptions, Agnete’s interest for philosophy and Jonas’s friend Toke, her father’s mental illness and Jonas’s own indecision regarding his feelings for her. The story ends when the protagonists finish school.

Aching Hearts part 1
Aching Hearts part 2
Aching Hearts part 3
Aching Hearts part 4

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Brotherhood Of The Wolf

Brotherhood Of The Wolf – DVDRip

A genre-busting treat-part costume drama, part martial-arts horror film-concerning a ferocious, man-eating beast that roams the mountains of eighteenth-century France. The film, directed energetically by Christophe Gans, gets the jolts started with the gruesome death of a peasant girl, which is imaginatively taken from the opening scene of “Jaws.”

Gans casts his film with gorgeous performers (Samuel Le Bihan as the scientist sent to investigate, Monica Bellucci as a mysterious courtesan), and his eye-candy sets and thoroughly fruity ideas pack the film with enough outré juxtapositions to make Baz Luhrmann blush.

Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 1
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 2
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 3
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 4
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 5
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 6
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 7
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 8
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 9
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 10
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 11
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 12
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 13
Brotherhood Of The Wolf part 14

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Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In – DVDRip

Oskar, a bullied 12-year old, dreams of revenge. He falls in love with Eli, a peculiar girl. She can’t stand the sun or food and to come into a room she needs to be invited. Eli gives Oskar the strength to hit back but when he realizes that Eli needs to drink other peoples blood to live he’s faced with a choice. How much can love forgive? Let The Right One In is a story both violent and highly romantic, set in the Stockholm suburb of Blackeberg in 1982.

“Pure brilliance. I saw this movie yesterday at the official premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival in Holland. I didn’t know anything beforehand, and i was blown away. The film is a strange mix; it includes romantic elements, horror. Kisses and love, but also blood and death. And it’s told in a straightforward manner, as if this all was very normal and like every film is made like this.

Beautiful style and cinematography. Every shot was gorgeous. Shame about the music, which was too attention grabbing and melodramatic.

The child actors were very good. Also in the minor parts.

I never before saw a child covered with blood. And kissing. And yes, it’s disturbing sometimes, but no, this is no exploitation. It’s heartfelt and beautiful. I don’t know the book on which this is based. Probably, if you’re from Sweden, know the book and envisioned it for yourself, it will be different. ”

Let the Right One In part 1
Let the Right One In part 2
Let the Right One In part 3
Let the Right One In part 4
Let the Right One In part 5
Let the Right One In part 6

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The Last Castle

The Last Castle – DVDRip

The Last Castle part 1
The Last Castle part 2
The Last Castle part 3
The Last Castle part 4
The Last Castle part 5
The Last Castle part 6
The Last Castle part 7
The Last Castle part 8

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Girl With a Pearl Earring

Girl With a Pearl Earring – DVDRip

He had a vision no one saw as clearly as she. In a house where everything had its place, where every image had meaning, he gave her the power to see the light. She gave him a look that would last forever.

A young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer becomes his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works.

Girl With a Pearl Earring part 1
Girl With a Pearl Earring part 2
Girl With a Pearl Earring part3
Girl With a Pearl Earring part 4
Girl With a Pearl Earring part 5
Girl With a Pearl Earring part 6

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FUTURE X COPS 2010 (Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu) 2010


A police officer from 2085 travels back in time to 2010 to stop a group of cyborg assassins from killing scientists whose inventions threatends the profits of an oil company.

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Next Day Air

Next Day Air (2009) DVDRip

Next Day Air part 1
Next Day Air part 2
Next Day Air part 3
Next Day Air part 4

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A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway (2009) DVDRip

For their honeymoon, newlyweds Cliff and Cydney head to the tropical islands of Hawaii. While journeying through the paradisaical countryside the couple encounters Kale and Cleo, two disgruntled hitchhikers and Nick and Gina, two wild but well-meaning spirits who help guide them through the lush jungles. The picturesque waterfalls and scenic mountainsides quickly give way to terror when Cliff and Cydney learn of a grisly murder that occurred nearby and realize that they’re being followed by chance acquaintances that suspiciously fit the description of the killers.

A Perfect Getaway part 1
A Perfect Getaway part 2
A Perfect Getaway part 3
A Perfect Getaway part 4
A Perfect Getaway part 5

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The Firm

The Firm 2009 BDRip

PLOT: Loosely adapted from Alan Clarke’s 1989 classic TV film, Nick Love’s film is set earlier in the 1980s in around 1984 and retells a similar story to the original – but from a different character’s point of view. The film centres on Dom, a young wannabe football casual, who gets drawn in to the charismatic but dangerous world of the firm’s top boy, Bex Bissell.

The Firm part 1
The Firm part 2
The Firm part 3
The Firm part 4

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Dante’s Inferno: An Animated

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic – BDRip (2010)

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic will take you on a harrowing trip through Hell as Dante braves the forces of evil, slaying demons and monsters of extraordinary imagination, all to save his love Beatrice, from the clutches of Hell’s master – Lucifer. The companion piece to the hit Electronic Arts game, Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic, is inventively told through eyes of visionary animation directors from around the world, including Shuko Murase (Ergo Proxy) and Yasoumi Umetsu (Kite: Liberator) among others.

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated part 1
Dante’s Inferno: An Animated part 2
Dante’s Inferno: An Animated part 3
Dante’s Inferno: An Animated part 4

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Switzerland tourism

Les Diablerets - Switzerland tourism

Les Diablerets located in Switzerland, precisely at east area from Kanton Vaud, Francophone part area. “Besieged” by ice mountain tops boost, and land/ground fertility turn greens loh jinawi (fertility and prosperous), make kampong les Diablerets sparkles every season, either summer or winter.

Winter Moment that tremble, Les Diableret invitors roof enthusiasm turis pecinta sport Ski, Snowboard, and also roof turis that only want to slouch enjoy sengatan heat of hoard in the middle of-middle sun snow. Whereas, summertime that burn, les Diablerets is scrumptious choice to walk, climb mount, or cycle atop mount, without doubt and minder with acid its sweat aroma.

With starting points Zürich, we can use access car (250 kms), cart, and also bicycle to reach perkampungan les Diablerets. Lho bicycle shuttlecock ? Janganlah surprise and also confuse, because is not jigger not magic, if summertime [of] much people cycle mill about encircle country Swiss that zak uprit level of. Nevertheless unhappily, only others that volunteer cycle to les Diablerets, whereas myself still selects car to reach kampong are referred [as].

When arrive at perkampungan are referred [as], fresh atmosphere (tremble) mountain tacks nose with incomparable freshness. Teriknya sun, only can heat the end of nose this Di perkampungan, still many found sturdy old building is taken care of and occupied. though reside in kampong, nevertheless that old buildings haves complete and modern equipments. Even house that although built in 1682, complete comprising equipments of century technology 21th.

les Diablerets in summer, fulfilled by roof turis, either local tourist or foreign tourist, make this kampong glorious with many local attraction, and (also) not miss from amatan I, local kuliner! My Eye “invasive” beautiful picture many cake type and brown, make me unable to berkutik greet conscience challenge to try [cover/conclusion] dish, that rich in krem and butter, made of made in Swiss pure cow milk.

Country Swiss is known as brown producer. Although tree kakao indigenous to South America, nevertheless that make chocolate Swiss are recognized significantly feeling is its cow milk quality.

Ox Animal in Swiss is special animal. When we take a ride cart in airport Zürich, then digital voice of ox mooing greets with sprier together dentang bell. At stores that sell souvenir, often we discover ox picture black berpolka dot grimace, melenguhkan article welcome in Swiss.

Far from airport Zürich, in Alps that boost high, in Les Diablerets, return me discover ox picture. Nevertheless this, the ox not black berpolka dot, grimace melenguhkan felicitation comes. Ox picture that saw on-site this is the a litas last fringe triangular red by picture [of] a in the middle of-middle ox. Commemorative our promptly, “Caution! There is ox!”.

Not far from fringe is referred [as], I see a group of oxes is engrossing munch grass calmly. Behind ox horde is referred [as], a shepherd of scream-call loudly ox calls oxes that separated from its group, “Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo!!

This oxes in the reality have name and recognize whose name is each. The ox shepherd explains to us that, oxes is referred [as] must taken care of up to scratch peace, may not experience of stress, and eat with enough and arranged. When summer, the ox shepherd will dribble oxes upwards mount, to dine grasses close mountain.

Last later, winter moment, oxes is referred [as] will be dribbled down through dale to dine grasses that remained and grass rolls that had been prepared since summer. He/she enhances, by care of ritme burning pattern ox that slowly fully filled, then this oxes will be able to milch and flesh that optimal quality.

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Autria tourism

Graz - Autria tourism

In 2003 last, city Graz coronate as Culture Capital of Europe or so-called also as [the] culture city Europe. City with beautiful and classic nuance this is the second largest city in Austria and at the same time is provincial capital Steyrmark. Geographically, Austria verges direct with Germany, Swiss, Italian, Slovenia, Republic Ceko and Hungaria that make this country as [the] European culture solidarity west and east and make it draws for visited by tourists foreign countries

Graz can be gone through from other city easily and quick pass by access air transportation and land for example with time go through that only three hour from city Wina and four hour from city Venezia (Italian) use train or car vehicle. Enter city Graz from direction of west south [go] to downtown, on the right and left street can be met beautiful panorama with and hills that cultivated grape-vine that recognized with its quality till to foreign countries .

Vineyard tread with yellow leaf golden and fruit that start mature at the same time breath in fresh mountainous climate, add feel touch and nature federating cold and peace, far from frenzied city bustle and air pollution. Vineyard is referred [as] also become place wisata that many enthused by roof turis in summer.

[go] to downtown, can be met luxury building and is municipal administration symbol Graz called Town Hall that will have spacious area wide located right accross front its. This Building is built at 16-th centuries and then renovated by architect recognized Graz, Wielemans and Reuter at 19th-century in line with townee growth big enough Graz at that era in line with role and government function ever greater also.

Main Ornamen this Town Hall later, disimplifikasi at 20th-century with remain to maintain eksistensi art and culture Austria. Until now, this building is fixed functioned as [the] municipal administration office Graz and also also made as [the] office of civil note that @s where couple pengantin in city this confirm its nuptials bonding.

Medial wide area in front of Town Hall called this Hauptplatz, seen a big human monument stands up sturdy that is idol Pangeran Styrian that is life Archduke Johann at a period of 17-th centuries.

This Monument is presented particularly to it and at the same time made as [the] symbol the of economy development in city Graz. Four woman idols that located in four big dot of monument angle;corners this designate four river streams that pass city Graz, that is Mur, Enns, Drava and Sann that is boundary of power area in its feather in one's cap era. In line with time, this monument is designed repeat by a architect recognized Austria, Markus Pernthaler in 2002.

Hauptplatz by it self in the past made as [the] traditional market that sell milky farmer products, flesh, fruits, cheese, and oil from gourd seed. Until now, Hauptlatz are fixed made as [the] place of annual fair activity, carnival, art stage and entertainment amusement that have been enthused by this townee especially in summer.

Seen [in] one beautiful building consecution encircles Hauptlatz that up to now is being fixed made as [the] super market place and business center, for a moment sight is desisted at one particular pathway called Sporgasse that length lain between old buildings and architect that with quality high and wall pattern that elegan add beauty all the way small this, that also is access road between Hauptlatz and nut river basin.

The usage of Sporgasse by it self from the word ´sparen´ with the meaning deposit money. Reason of name usage Sporgasse as [the] this street name because of in the past happened profitable commerce activity all the way this and up to now has been seen existence of business activity that enough multitude like super market, restauran and cafe.

Cusorily seen building is referred [as] have not yet have the age of old, nevertheless actually this building age has been more than centenary. Goldene Pastete is one of eldest building in city Graz with architect of building angle;corner that withdraw from a period of era feather in one's cap Reinassance and located in street right side Sporgasse.

Up to now building that before now is specific restauran this Austrian cookery is being fixed made everlasting by government Graz with remain to maintain authenticity of sorrel wall colour and ornamen window of white colour combination and green that have the nuance of traditional.

The sing of music and song from public road actors in some this street angle;corners add hilarious and balmy atmosphere to all visitor to pass the time at the same time dine food and beverage in one of restauran liver choice. Seen a daughter that play harp with nimble fingers and very make surprise liver [of] visitors.

After enjoy time all the way Sporgasse, later, journey will will return direction returns will pass street in front of Hauptplaz [go] to bridge river nut, show a modern building luxury that look like alien, space creature. At a glance gone to by unique design with lamp dots that disseminated in sekelilingnya. Building called this Kunthause is result [of] a work of art from dream [of] a architect Graz called be next Josef Benedict Withalm become fact and implemented by a architecture come [from] UK.

Building that located in periphery this river Mur is arranged in layers by 1,066 significants acrylic that have the background of dark blue. In this building is existed museum, exhibition place, and also restauran that many visited by tourists foreign countries. Radiation of blink-impervious light/ray from lamp dots in this building adds beauty of city atmosphere Graz at night.

Autria tourism
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Sudan tourism

Sudan tourism

Visit Bur Sudan
will alter mind our set about Sudan. Nothing chaos in Bur Sudan, as the same manner as political chaos in Sudan. Sudan is country that now is being taken care PBB team, because chaos over there. See city of Republic main port Sudan that located 1.000 Khartoum eastside kms that: Port that peace, away from red sea. With resident 500 thousand souls, Bur Sudan have interesting power separate. Its resident friendly and its city safe, until we can free street without fear pickpocket trouble or other same thing creature.

From dressy way its sure Anda predicts its all of them have went haji. They impose white cap or white surban as much the Imam Bonjol national warrior appearance or Pangeran Diponegoro. ''La. Ongkos go ups haji here also expensive, can reach 3.000 pound Sudans,'' clear Gareeb, seaman in Bur Sudan, argue anticipation that they already berhaji. Count/calculate just if 1 US dollar equal to 2 pound Sudans. Distance Bur Sudan with Arab dissociated by Sea of red as far as 1.000 kms. Sea Transportation go toes Jeddah is avaliable at Bur Sudan.

Dressy Way that almost its uniform and colour even also same, show character Bur Sudan. By head wrap surban and body is closed clothes gamis white colour, people Bur Sudan experience life calmly. habit squats in angkringan copy by afternoon become part sociability resident Bur Sudan. In bunch up them engross enjoy a cup of cahi (tea) or copy by feel ginger.

Beverage Maker that usually mother clan beforehand heats cofee or cahi above Jebbana (kettle from termbikar ), according to request pemesan. Afterwards just reheated with usual boiler. Generally copy is mixed with ginger. For a cup of price copy its 2 poundses, whereas a cup of small tea dipatok 50 piasters (half pound Sudan)

If time Maghrib arrives, they immediately run shalat Maghrib. Although resident Bur Sudan mayaoritas Moslem, but hanay big mosque that echo Adzan. Afterwards they dinner with big nampan complete with bread, flesh, onion pickles bombai, tomato, and other vegetable. One nampan it's enough for eat 4-5 of togetherness insider.

At 22.00 Bur Sudans have became ghost town. Just a few youngster and guard that complete with its weapon go around city. But, city freshment fixed you feels without must worry stolen or become other violence object.

Besides sociability, city Bur Sudan also offers panorama under its saltwater that amaze. Its beauty that defeats hard people worriedness its bureaucracy in sudan, diver needn't far far from bur sudan ( port sudan ) in with yacht 1 hour journey has got spot for diving. And usually roof diver [go/come] home at afternoon its day, to finish night their visit cream ice dream palace hotel. , message beforehand choice from 3 pounds till 10 pounds after get ice cream can select seat in or outside in pavement at the same time concerned about downstream go upstreams vehicle

One more place that [is] obliged to you visiting is Suakin, 60 kms from Bur Sudan. Suakin is situs old city that left its dweller. This City becomes embryo of Bur Sudan, nevertheless by Inggris at 17-th centuries this city is left and carried over city Bur Sudan at this time or Port Sudan.

Bur Sudan old City now remain palace debrises, fortress, and mosque, sign this place ever becomes government quarter. This neighbouring
with fisherman kampong. Besides catch fish, life pulse Suakin is marked with making dows (boat arab) by using technique tradsional.

To equip you visit in Bur Sudan, mosque jami' ommission arsisektur UK that position medial city bur sudan and diseberangnya tradisoanal market with all vegetable and fruit and mace [in] this market. Dicker Law also goes into effect here, although that in modern and semi haberdasherry store.

Nevertheless, price problem [it is true] far compared to market price tradisonal Kebayoran Baru or Cipete in Jakarta. Medium size mango Price 1 singk in patok 12 pound Sudans. Only bread price that a few/little heel, for five breads [in] one size of adult palm you only need 1 pound.

But, [it is true] it is important to know if you visiti Sudan. Beforehand you must contacts journey agent for mengurusi journey and you visa . If you already get it, then target city you that written in visa that can be visited. If we like to visit other city, beforehand must report to local immigration office.

During in Bur Sudan, Will find its resident sociability. That sociability are shown with way of speaking. If Anda hobby of life portrait or city Bur Sudan, Will satisfy without having to opportunity steal-steal, without must fear abused by our one who portrait.

Marhaba! This is chummy greeting when people Sudan come in contact with friends. The friendswill answer Tman (good), with its uttering that almost heard damam. If people Sudan meet consanquinity, first their will each other clap last shoulder is followed with handshake accompany embrace. But, this for one who have the gender of same lho.

Sudan tourism
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USA tourism

USA tourism

Coast, Boardwalk and Trasher. May simply, the three of that place that will be looked for whoever if go to Ocean City. Fair [only], all three is place wisata by far the most popular in Maryland region, [the] United States. More specially next, if someone want to has the day off during springtime, to that Ocean City correct choice.

Ocean City, that beken called OC, is place quite old wisata and historic. No fail with Chesapeake Beach. Both of them [it is true] have historic cost, specially for resident Maryland. Its specials, when come over there, like has been mentioned above, pewisata can enjoy coast, fringe shoreside pavement (boardwalk), and taste french fries in Trasher.

OC by it self is small city of that have nature potency very beautiful, that is sandy coast white. City is referred [as] built by a boy UK. Whose name is Thomas Fenwick. This Uniqueness and city beauty also invite Isaac Coffin, [in] one roll in riches one who, to finish its vacation over there. Fascinated by panoram there, Isaac berencana develops balmy residence for he/she and to lodge family and friend its.

To enter and enjoy coast beauty Ocean City, besides to pay [for] park, unnecessary pewisata releases free alias money. Tariff parkirnya is even also spelled out members cost-effective, only 5 dollar THE UNITED STATESs one day. That if compared to place tariff parks outside coastal area. Thus, if not find place parks in area is referred [as], we must release kocek more precise. Tariff outside area variated. Most expensive 20 dollar THE UNITED STATESs for one day full [of]. Though, when vacation season like now, we were of difficulty found place parked in coastal area if we came too noon or in the evening. May simply, place parks will full [of].

When [go] to coast, sure we pass boardwalk. Pavement wood is referred [as] lengthwise from the end of to the end in tepian coast as long as 3 miles (more or less 5 kilometres). There we will find souvenir shop consecution, resto ready to saji, and apartment, and hotel. There are also idol The Firefighter Memorial that built and didedikasikan was for officers fire company was that loss of life when happened event of terrorist attack in Wallstreet in 11 Septembers 2001.

Boardwalk in this Ocean City are entered one other best in America in 1902. Unique and pleasant. People can walk easy going, go shopping, eat something of the home, even bicycle rent over there. If tired we walked when fringe that shoreside pavement, not take care worry. We can go up train-car that [it is true] reserved for elapse-grass alongside boardwalk. If wish [only], also not problem. Because, at can be every some metres, there is balmy seat to enjoy panorama [in] one cycle

Price for hotel or apartment in costlier boardwalk rather than if we lodge in the middle of city OC. Of course because we can enjoy coast view before very eyes every its second. Even any time want to swim, we remain run and byuuur.... For standard hotel, last night price ranges from 200-400 dollar THE UNITED STATESs. Price it might change if we take package 3 day or a week. A large part of hotels over there install price package one-day, one-week, and one-month. But let even also room-rate-nya above average, remain to be just hotels over there full [of] during vacation season.

n boardwalk also we can get entertainment amusement that enough komplet. Wish go shopping? From souvenir shop till place make tattoo also. Wish eat? Remain select resto fast food or a phrenetic bar. Wish nge-game? Come just to Trimpers Rides and The Pier. So, if wish see variated miracle and uniqueness that happened in the world, enter just to museum Ripley's Believe it or Not. Ticket price enters for adult 12,99 dollar THE UNITED STATESs, children 7,99 dollar THE UNITED STATESs and child below/under 5 year free.

Less perfect deh, if to boardwalk not stop by to Trasher's French Fries. Don't mental breakdown if see antreannya so length. Aspire after People taste eldest french fries that served according to menu early and accounted on differ its presentation rather than gerai french fries where even also in Maryland.

French fries there processed with peanut oil and given saus apple cider vinegar. From first till now never change since TJ Trasher develops business that resto in 1929. So terkenalnya till made summer symbol in OC. May even exist ujaran like this: "Less complete likely without eat Trasher in spring and summer in OC.

After french fries, more than anything else that [is] obliged to dined? Cream Ice! Yup, ate cream ice when springtime or heat [it is true] enjoy very. So, taste just cream ice in The Candy Kitchen. Resto cream ice that stand up since 1937 that also become symbol for cream ice most yummy in area is referred [as]. Olahan homemade from materials salt water taffy is mingled that cacao makes cream ice in The Candy Kitchen is felt differ likely.

USA tourism
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Bosnia Herzegovina Tourism

Bosnia Herzegovina Tourism

Even whose name is remind us at war and abbatoir, nevertheless a lot finally fall in love and will set mind on pay a visit next to this country. No place [of] in the world of this that can be compared to beauty experiences of Bosnia Herzegovina. This Country is bestowed high stone boosts nevertheless have not yet touched modernization.. Public road that downwards-go up in hilly bunch with plantation in kiri-kanannya, river clear, altogether offer separate challenge for the man who likes sport whitewater rafting, mountain climbing and also paragliding.

Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, execute pearl loses newly discovered. Located in a dale that encircled hilly line and Dinaric Alps, make this city will become "soft target" to all tourist have the sack;bag of thick, entrepreneur real estate, tour first class operator and owners chain-hotel distinguish fors in the world. Predicted, this city face on the turn drastic. Modernization Touch and commercialisation atmosphere will make this city loses glamor experiences of its.

Ever controlled Kekaisaran Ottoman comes [from] Turki. Sarajevo are founded at 15-th centuries. That Condition brings islam influence to city populate 400-an thousand this soul. When this area stay in power Kekaisaran Hungaria in 18th-century till 19, influence Austro-Hungarian that Katholik enriches its culture. And afterwards, top kick influence of socialist regime for 50 year, make this city growing.

Sarajevo also ever nicknamed as Jerusalem-nya Europe cause kentalnya jew nuance that have time to domination [of] some of building styles on-site this. Sarajevo also is city where various of religious symbol buildings begin at The Roman Catholic, mosque, Synagoge and clan church Orthodox stands up each other bunch up. Really a rareness view that might not can be found in other european countries.

When walk center city in area Ferhadija, Can pass church Orthodox Serbia. Dressy Kathedral majestik, also specific and dressy mosque Begova Turki, in just time at the most 5 minute. This condition actually shows tolerance between people beragamanya really extraordinary.

That more minor, when happened ethnical war for 3,5 year that eat so much soul victim, that buildings not at all experiences of damage and remain to stand up sturdy till today. It's likely, all parties that conflicted at that time seakan "compromise" each other conduct mutilation to holy buildings referred [as]. A matter that actually make proper diacungi thumb, even in the middle of situation that carut-marut although.

Downtown that located in Ferhadija, started from monument so-called Eternal Flame, a torch that intentionally flamed continuously for commemorative Yogoslavia victory which is on in 1945 succeed dissipate Germany head Hitler. From there, Can see stylist keragaman building influences communism style that simpel, unite with Austro-Hungarian dressy building that impress classic and ornamental.

If step farther, Will arrive at Slatko Cose. This is place [of] the row of Bosnia specific store of snacks seller mostly have the taste of sweet legit, and also cafe and pub that present copy and specific jajanan Turki. Public road that made of stoney formation gravel and its building style that more influenced architecture loaded classic Turki nuance Islami, unite with roman influence ancient, present different amosfir.

In area that also known as this Turkish Quarter located exalted mosque Begova that have beautiful garden and few leaves only grove mostly its age has reached hundreds of year that is one of city landmark that [is] obliged to input into visit you agenda .

Even not or have not yet tergolona city that metropolis, city that flowed by this river Miljacka have much caves and pub that disseminated in city angle. One of place squats hotstuff is Park Princeva, a cafe also restaurant that located in hilly area rather outside city southward. This Place offers city view from height that really seen breathtaking. More than anything else dusk moment toward the year! At night, this place presents music entertainment amusement and folk dance that many influenced by culture solidarity Turki and Balkan.

Something else that may not passed is taste specific food local so-called cevapi and burek. Cevapi is kebabs beef that already diasap and cut lengthes, presented [together/ along] with bread burns in form of domed that has been gathered with multifarious mace. Meanwhile burek are made of pastry like croissant that in its centre part are filled with roast and tomato sawed up. Meanwhile, in its exterior is smeared with liquid cheese that have the aroma of specific. Second this food can be obtained/got with price is not more than 50 cents US dollar. Cheap very, not?

Bosnia Herzegovina Tourism
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Mexico tourism

Mexico tourism

Las Alamandas, Costalegre

Because only have 15 rooms that layed in its shoreside, and 1500 acres (around 607 hectares more) farm that fulfilled palm tree, flowers and skin-deep lake, then reality why this place never accepts guest more than 30 people at the same time. In consequence,, this place compatible to all seleb world want to enjoys rest and also calmness like Sting, that get song inspiration on-site this outlying. Ada also Francis Ford Coppola, Cindy Crawford, Meryl Streep, Annie Lennox, Richard Gere, and Robin Williams that noted ever become this dwelling guest. Customer remain to be like actor senior Robert DeNiro even have time to help the owner in designing existing gym. Information wholy, click

Resort dan Spa Maroma, Riviera Maya

Why roof seleb like prime minister Tony Blair, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Minie Driver, Enrique Iglesias and Sean Penn likes halting-place in resort that one this? No other because this resort are spreaded out wide near bay, with reef carpet, and its sand that looked to be so beautiful. Added next, nightly, a thousand wax;candle and torchs are flamed all the way existing stoney. Some luxuriant rooms its called Sian Nah or 'House of Heaven', with the meaning heaven house so special. Besides view of wave sound of splashing into water that can be enjoyed from its window, this room is provided with room squeezes special, basin and room fitness. Michael J Fox and its relatives ever rented one of the luxuriant room this was at Christmast vacation some times last. Then, no wonder if guests that ever come, always return to this place. Information lebihnya, click

La Casa Que Canta, Zihuatanejo

This Place haves Teluk Zihuatanejo spectacular view and you can see a few/little kilasannyas in film 'When A Man Loves A Woman' that played the part of by Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia. Guests selebritis likes lodge in existing villas, like El Ensueno and El Murmullo. Second this villa provides pool facility to bathe, private steward, and private cooky. Staff resort always put downs sekuntum fresh flower above your bed nightly day, after your room finishes cleaned it is of course. Information wholy, click

Four Season resort Punta Mita

Resort for the width of 1500 acres (around 607 hectares more) this located as far as 26 miles from Puerto Vallarta. This Resort haves 150 rooms, golf course, where usual Jack Nicklaus unjuk its expertise in golf game, and swimming pool that spreaded out near Samudera Pacific. [several] selebs that ever halting-place to place this is the Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, Bill Gates, Madonna, John Travolta, and actor keren Nicolas Cage. Information wholy, click

Marquis Los Cabos, San Jose Del Cabo

Its Art and beauty are disseminated in this resort, captivate Spike Lee, Magic Johnson, David Hasselhoff and Natasha Henstridge to come. Four hundred painting and bronze monuments, most the works of peseni Mexico, intentionally put down as [the] interesting power separate for dwelling that one this. Other Facility that not fail drawing is swimming pool that slicked-up with waterfall as high as 36 foot/feets flow alight from hotel lobby, beautiful view from room balcony, and snacks like copy, fruits, and sneaking pastry is put down outside room every morning, until guest can greet morning with fully filled stomach. Information wholy, click

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Mexico tourism

Mexico tourism

Whom suspect Mexico full of places that captivate and full [of] glamor. If you has the day off to Mexico, don't pass hotels hereunder. [several] selebritises world take a fancy to it, to be certain you also.

Condesa DF, Mexico City

When pay a visit to Mexico, seleb like Bono, Paris Hilton, Robbie Williams, Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalie Portman, and Viggo Mortensen often stop bies to hotel 40 rooms that located in art district this Condesa. Its building dressy architecture Paris, built in 1982 ago, and deal with Parque Espana. Every room its haves high roof, brand carpet Oaxaca, bed board from wood walnut and iPods. Recently Chris Martin and member Coldplay lodges also here. Information wholy, click

Esperanza, San Jose del Cabo

This Place located in Baja Peninsula, near Cabo San Lucas. This Dwelling haves 56 luxuriant rooms with beautiful panorama Sea of Cortez that can be enjoyed from each room, roof kokipun always provide menu types begin at macrobiotic (durable food) till vegetarian menu. Even in this place is provided also special menu for animal peliharaan you. No wonder if seleb world like Owen Wilson and Usher ([together/ along] with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) interested to enjoy nan kasual luxuriant atmosphere on-site this. Information langkapnya, click

Paraiso de la bonita, Puerto Morelas

This place Devotee for example like Dustin Hoffman, Ricky Martin, John Galliano, Sheryl Lee and Raquel Welch. There is unique design at luxuriant room its that for the width of 1130 foot/feets. Besides existing view of sea beauty, its room furniture was consist of unique goods and antique that found the moment owner berkelana to India, Africa, Bali, Chinese, and Caribbean. also 2 rooms Uxmal Suite for the width of 3 thousand foot/feets that provided with terrace;core, 2 pools bathe, complete kitchen, and steward that alertness 24 hour full [of] and messroom and sittingroom. Even this place provides types of tea type and copy special complete with home made pastry. Information wholy, click klik

One&Only Palmilla, San Jose del Cabo

This Place opening is opened in 1956 last, only with 15 living rooms. This Resort haves access special for private plane or yacht (sailing boat). Nevertheless, fact is referred [as] not desist Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Ernest Hemingway and President Dwight D. Eisenhower to come. At 2004 last, below/under ownership Kerzner International, this place is renovated mass till finish expense US$90 million (Rp824,6 miliaran) until its room amount increases become 172 rooms. This condition causes list seleb world visited more and more increases like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Hugh Jackman, Celine Dion, Oprah Winfrey, Mandy Moore and Oliver Hudson. Information wholy, click klik

Casa de Sierra Nevada, Guanajuato

There is no one from 33 rooms in this dwelling in common precisely, although all rooms its are arranged with style of century colonial 16-18 ago. This Hotel stands up just a few block from crossroad amazing San Miguel de Allende and has succeeded captivate Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, and Melanie Griffith to stop by. Information wholy, click

Casa Natalia, San Jose del Cabo

Gael Garcia Bernal and Michael Jordan take a fancy toes this place because reason in common that is eksklusivitasnya. This Hotel in city heart, have oasis that grown palm tree ,beautiful flowers and waterfall. Besides have 16 rooms [only], there is also swimming pool with brand waterfall. Its location dwelling inipun near coast. Information wholy, click

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Portugal tourism

Portugal tourism

Take the air with family visit sure Portugal besotteds and leave marks circumstantial. New adventure Types ready to wait fors you, so you set foot on on earth rich Portugal with its art culture this. Following there is reference [of] some beautiful hotels that could probably become your consideration.

Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas

Dwelling that located in Coimbra, This Santa Clara haves 49 rooms and 5 luxuriant rooms. This Dwelling is one of place most romantic in Portugal. Its building classic really contrast with room architecture modern spa.

This Hotel also offers 3 different atmospheres. In its hotel building by it self, you will be swept away by atmosphere romantisme strong history. When you step on hotel garden, you be able to experience freshness and calmness in existing Botanical Garden. If you decide change over to room spa, modern facility and view amazes ready to accompanies you berelaksasi.

Hotel Britania

If you decide go to Lisboa, there is nothing wrong you halting-place to place that one this. Hotel Building that designed by architecture Cassiano Branco in 1940s this have 32 rooms and only 1 luxuriant room. Britain is dwelling that alli affluence with high level freshment. This Hotel had exclusive club that always make every guest that ever halting-place, come [again].

Villa Monte Resort

In Moncarapacho, dwelling for the width of 9 hectares more this have 25 rooms and 28 luxuriant rooms, and 1 apartment. Stillness and environment glamor become specific character for resort Golf & Country in southeast this Algarve. Here you can enjoy existing facility types like golf course, 3 swimming pools, restaurant gourmet, and spa that eksotik. Don't pass also 200 work of art collections that offered this hotel for you enjoy.

Hotel Lisboa Plaza

Read from whose name is [only], sure you can guess where this hotel location. Dwelling with 94 rooms and 12 luxuriant rooms this opening is opened since 1950s ago. Hotel this is the hotel most classic in Lisboa. All affluence that invite decak marvels [in] here, begin at architecture [of] every room its, till multifarious facility offered, begin at video rent, free internet connection and impressive meeting room.

Hotel Heritage Av Liberdade

Dwelling with 40 rooms and 2 luxuriant rooms this have quite strategic location, that is in the middle of city Lisboa. Dwelling that just renovated this designed by Miguel Cancio Martins, architecture that enough have name in Paris, London, and New York. This Hotel haves room fitness, bar, and swimming pool that closed, covert from sun.

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Netherlands tourism

Netherlands tourism

this is city in Windmill all the much visited tourist after Amsterdam. Den Haag is city wisata with various of interesting objects, like palace, monument, museum, coast, and shopping centre.

This City also loaded with various of culture events. In city this also, power 'orange monarchy' residence and government wheel are raised. Since have the century of last queen, king, heirs empire, and governors has stayed in city this. Also ambassadors, military attache, and culture attache from various of countries. All residences in city beautiful this.

Moment toward the year summer, visit Den Haag really enjoys. Tourist can walk easy going at the same time enjoy various of interesting objects, without having to wear clothes endues and trembles chilled. Air quite fraternizes, sun heat burns, nevertheless cool wind remain to tack.

Unnecessary worry, where even also will go, to all city angles, tram and buses luxuriant at disposal. All street information and routes complete shown in wall every halte. Join with others bus from head station Den Haag [go] toes Scheveningen, tourist can see its coast beauty and port. The thousands of visitor from foreign countries come to this place in summer. This Port still kept [the] past atmosphere with old physical plant display its that intentionally dipadu with new buildings.

One of building that drawing attention is information office wisata Scheveningen, dressy ancient nevertheless show happy with fair colours. On-site this existed also 'National Sea Life Scheveningen', place witnessed sea life pass by a giant aquarium. you will be brought on a journey dramatic from coastline into sea. Enter tunnel;cutting that encircled 180 thousand water litres, begin at small prawn, starfish, till shark and various of other sea creatures can be met here. Besides tersohor with its coast, Scheveningen also becomes place squats besotted.

Here, tourist stomach will be pampered with various of specific dishs sea, begin at fish 'herring' delicious till salad fresh prawn. Sea approach from marina and enjoy a cup of warmness cofee or cream ice delicious, one point that very darling for passed off hand.

Other place that also competent visited is 'Perdamaian Palace' (Peace Palace). Here have [its] office Lembaga Arbitrase, Institute Peradilan Internasional, and Akademi Hukum Internasional. Its library purportedly very complete, contain law books that rendered donor from around the world. This Palace is built a generous America, Andrew Carnegie.

Den Haag also rich with museum. The one that most by far the most popular called Marutsthuis. Even spelled out members small and very privat, this museum contains the Netherlands state collection of gold century artistry. On-site this existed paintings about empire cabinet, also the works of artists celebrated, like Rembrandt, Vermeet, Frans Hals, Jan Steen, and van Jan Goyen. From 15-th centuries, 16th, and 17th existed name perupa like Rubens, Van Dijk, and Jordaens.

Adjacent with Mauritshuis existed Houses of Parliament or recognized also by the name of 'Binnenhof Ridderzaal' (Knights' Hall). Ada also Omniversum, legitimate stage that present films hits human and history. Don't forget also melongok Hotel Kurhaus, that already centenary. If time enough, enjoy also show in Circusteater (circus legitimate stage).

As [the] second city biggest in country the Netherlands, Den Haag [it is true] never sleep. Its night life also draws. There are two very popular diskoteks in city this, 'De Tempel' (Art Deco Disco) and 'De Tijd' (House Music Disco). Also there is other places that not fail engross its. Could probably forgot time when go around in city beautiful this. Enjoy you life one day full [of] in Den Haag.

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10 most most expensive hotel in the world

10 most most expensive hotel in the world

Ever you feel rest in hotel? Star Dua? Three? Four or even Lima? Don't surprise! Hotel that 'sebenar-benarnya' is hotel Tujuh! Here you will really feel stay and served kingly. For the man who rich, life like this maybe has been everyday, but for you that once in a while want to feel likely live as king, there is nothing wrong you stop off on-site this. During you can fumble more than $7500 every night, don't worry to stop by..

1. The Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski- Sultan’s Suite ($7.500 )

Hotel that located in Istanbul in area Bosporus, this hotel first is empire palace Ottoman and there [are] since century 16. Then at 1991, this empire is altered its function becomes hotel. This Hotel consist of two buildings, genuiness palace and building new. If you want to feel kingly life, then hotel this is the place that snugly for you! Price? No too expensive shuttlecock, 'only' around $7500 every night!

2. The Fairmont Hotel- Penthouse Suite ($10.000 )

Hotel that located in hill Nob, This San Fransisco haves one special room that take all wide floor eight. This hotel Room in the reality haves 3 bed rooms, messroom and room that can accomodate 50 people, enough for you and all big families. There is billiard desk, fireplace, even bathroom from gold 24 rusts! Unique Matter: there is secret street rear book rack in room of floor book two! Up at maximum? you that must experience by it self!

3. Hotel Cala di Volpe- Presidential Suite ($14.000 )
Cala di Volpe

East Coast this Sardinia swept the world in 1960 when roll in riches someone buy this area and finally succeed invite rich other friends to develop villa and club yacth. Room this Presidensial even ever become location shooting Film James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me". This Room haves three bed rooms, three bathrooms and two rooms sit. That very cool is private swimming pool saltwater that exist in floor two!

4. Westin Excelsior- Villa La Cupola ($15.000 )
Westin Excelsior

This Villa resides in floor five and six Westin Excelsiors, villa in this hotel finishes room as high as 6.100 sq.ft.s and even there [is] still balcony and terrace;core for the width of 1.800 sq.ft.s. you will get private kitchen, room eats with owner of antique wax;candle, and even private grape;wine cupboard. If still less, you will get also private cinema with voice system Dolby Surround, and even special lift for area fitness and Jacuzzi.

5. The Martinez Hotel- Presidential Suite ($18.500 )

Hotel that reside in this Cannes is hotel that have most expensive and biggest suite griya tawang on shore Gading. This Room haves two bathrooms, turkish bath one place, kitchen, private sauna, and terrace;core that can accomodate till 100 people. you even will be served a private head steward for 24 hour in a day.

6. President Wilson Hotel pin-cushion The Imperial Suite (233 Jutas rupiah every night)
This Room only can be reached by pass by private lift, and have four bed rooms that opened up at Danau Jenewa. This Room haves workroom, 5 bathrooms with marble floor. billiard desk, book room and lounge cocktail that can accomodate 40 people. Room that one this even get security extra from window and door anti bullet

7. The Atlantis- The Bridge Suite ($25.000)


This Room resides in to the 'bridge' connective two towers Atlantis Royal Towers, in other word, you will get hotel view, marina and even island hotel place this The Atlantis exists, without hindered at all! Room that have 10 this bed rooms get decoration by ruddle, black and gold.. and a large part of, it is of course, gold! you even got steward and chef incoming person pass by special steward door, until will never bother you! Told this room so luxuriant, until you will be lazy travel!

8. Palms Casino Resort- Hugh Hefner Sky Villa ($40.000 )


This Villa located in floor 34 Fantasy Towers, This Villa Hugh Hefner haves has been provided with all needs to become a Playboy king class kakap! Jacuzzi fresh air, media room, messroom and bar, and it is of course mattress [in] one size two metres that can rotate. Till now room this is the most most expensive room in the world! O yes, this room [it is true] whose name is Hugh Hefner, and already complete with
all needs become Playboy, but is not mean sure you are accompanied Playboy Bunnies ...

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10 walls most amazing in the world

10 walls most amazing in the world

Any that withdraw from wall? More than anything else if we converse hit historic wall or wall as [the] place wisata, what interesting sih? In other hand, if not China Great wall or Berlin Wall, what there [are] still more historic other walls? In the reality there is 10 Temboks the most amaze in the world of this... we try see one per one yes...

10. Tembok Berlin - german


This wall stands up sturdy in city Berlin for 28 year, as [the] memory of horrible occurence during cold war. Seakan this wall is reality form from "Iron curtain". This wall stands up start in 1921 up to 1989 that end in the of this wall as [the] reality action from the termination of cold war. November 2009 this is the celebration 20 year the termination of power "firmness" this party wall.

9. Tembok Kremlin - Moskwa


Wall from red brick that one this oppositely/also has stood up for 700 year. This wall Length reaches 1,4 miles and encircle Lapangan Merah. There are four spandrels from Middle Ages era that has been stood up sturdy with 20 towers alongside this wall. In this wall are existed mausoleum place bersemayam highest leaders corpse russia like Stalin and Brezhnev.

8. Yerusalem

Tembok Barat

Wall that recognized also by the name of this Tembok Ratapan, have various of unique histories. Al-Buraq known as wall this is the that @s where Mohammed maintains its property easel. Meanwhile jew people assumes that brick ups this is the wall to bewail ruination Sinagog jew.

7. Tzompantli - Meksiko


In ruins Chichen Itza, you will find wall Tzompantli, or Tembok Tengkorak. This wall History [it is true] dreadful, in tribe era Maya power, victim skull ritual is in bricked up this. This wall are by it self dotted with relief-relief skull and also various of pictures hit existing ritual at a period of referred [as].

6. Hadrian wall - Inggris


This wall are built in second century because roman emperor at that moment, Hadrian, has tired of battle. Wall that built spreaded out from north sea to Sea of Ireland and at that moment, wall are referred [as] is boundary from roman empire.

5. Medinet Habu - Mesir

Medinet Habu

Medinet Habu known as wall this is the last wall that stand up from Kuil Persemayaman Ramsses III. This wall are built at century 12 SMs. High this wall reaches 60 foot/feets (can be 18 metres) and chockablock 75.000 decoration sq.ft.s and relief history

4. China

Tembok Besar

This wall Development is started in 221 SMs and continued expand till 17 Abads. Newly discovered wall "breaking" which during the time hided this finally have length 4.000 miles. A large part of this walls are ever used by roof atlet race bicycle during Summer Olympic Games 2008.

3. Santa Maria delle Grazie - Italia

Santa Maria

Maybe you never hear whose name is. But sure you know hit painting "Dinner Terakhir" the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Fresco (magpie) brand this Leonardo is made brick up this. Painting "Dinner Terakhir" this finished at 1498. Although a large part of this convent walls fall to pieces at 1943, but wall that one this not at all touched!

2. Monster Hijau - Boston

Monster Hijau

several lovers sport will not forget wall as high as 37 foot/feets (10 metres) called Green Monster in Fenway Park, Boston. Wall that ever fall to pieces in 1934 because [fire/burning], is built and continued innovated. This wall are now built with arranged in layers hard plastic with decorated old fashioned scoreboard, as [the] memory to the [the] past,

1. Tembok Memorial Veteran Vietnam, Washington, AS


Wall that one this [it is true] is not eldest wall, but at least bricked up this always visited many people per annum. This wall finishes built in 1982 and incised more than 58.000 soldiers America that [be] killed or lose during operation in Vietnam in 1959 till 1975

Some pleasant walls, some other amaze, even make us ask around, but at least, any that you felt when visit this wall, at least that visit will not fall into oblivion off hand

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