Recently, Universal Pictures prime display photos from the movie 'Robin Hood'. The photo shows Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe who plays the hero characters are British. In the picture, Russell Crowe's hair styled like a Roman Caesar Robin Hood costume complete with arrows. The producer Brian Grazer revealed that Robin Hood this one be different.

"This time he was not dressed like Robin Hood tight before. He will wear steel armor similar to the 'Gladiator', "Brian said as quoted by Aceshowbiz, Monday (20/4/2009). The film was filmed Ridley Scott, Robin Hood trying to create equality of human rights in the world is so unfair .

He is a fighter for the oppressed. Besides Russell Crowe, 'Robin Hood' also starring Cate Blanchett, Sir Godfrey, Vanessa Redgrave and Kevin Durand. Universal plans to release the film on May 14, 2010.

green lantern

green lantern

Green Lantern always feel like a franchise under the secondary trio of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in DC. There's always one of the Green Lantern role in important events in the DC or affiliated group Justice League of America, but he never got the spotlight position as the main character. Ever since DC decided to kill Hal Jordan in 1994 and replace it with Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern franchise increasingly degraded.

Not only Kyle could not be as tough as The Green Lantern, he also does not have the authority to make it more feels like a superhero with a junior who joined the Teen Titans. Fortunately, it all changed after the DC realized their mistake and bring back Hal Jordan. Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns in 2005 to return the hero as one of the DC superhero class, and its sequel Sinestro Corps War in 2007 achieved remarkable success so suddenly threw the status of a commodity Green Lantern superhero upscale DC.

With the death of Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Final Crisis Superman stories and mengendornya and Wonder Woman, it's not exaggeration when I say Green Lantern is DC's hottest commodity today. Because it is not surprising also that for the first time in many years, DC makes a story a massive crossover that does not rely on the Superman or Batman, but the entire Green Lantern Corps story through the Blackest Night.

For readers of American comics, Green Lantern's name is no longer complex, but what about people who are just starting to read? How was the early story of Hal Jordan became Green Lantern? Through flashbacks, Geoff Johns (supported by the illustrator Ivan Reis) once again tells how Hal Jordan get a green ring and a guard in the Milky Way galaxy seven Volume 29 - 35. Geoff Johns challenge in writing the story of early Hal Jordan is actually very challenging.

He had to write something simple so that people who read the first time Green Lantern could understand, but he also had to give a new twist in storytelling that they are already followers of the old comic do not feel like they read the old stories again.

Hal Jordan was always a dream to fly and the dream never failed, though he saw his father Piloted aircraft destroyed fell right in front of him. For many years, Hal became estranged from his mother and his brothers because he felt that they could not understand his desire to fly. Not only that, It also became a pilot bengal. He liked to disobey orders from supervisors ground when the aircraft tested, and for long - although he advanced - no one else wanted to use his services. In the midst of frustration thing, something big was happening out there galaxies. A Green Lantern named Abin Sur Atrocitus caught, a criminal alien.

Because of lax Abin, Atrocitus out of custody and severely wounded him. Abin's death in the middle, ring selection process of searching for a replacement immediately and find Hal Jordan. From there, Hal Jordan was taken to identify and enter into the unity of the Green Lantern corps, police galaxies that work under the control of the Guardian - the creator of the universe. Not easy for Hal Jordan to adapt in the unity of Green Lantern, and the situation is exacerbated when Abin Sur, Sinestro request - a former pupil at the same time tertangguh Green Lantern - Hal Jordan to educate. How the story of Hal Jordan's next? Once again I want to say: this lucky Geoff Johns.

If anyone can write a superhero story in a convincing start, others do not is not no it was him. Keep in mind that when Geoff Johns to write this story, he had just finished writing Sinestro Corps War and was promoted Blackest Night. It is therefore no wonder that many references to the event. Does that mean that this comic can only be enjoyed by a loyal reader just Green Lantern? Absolutely not. Like Secret Origin headline pinned him, Geoff wrote this story entirely on Hal. Even nearly two earlier editions of this story is dedicated to you know who the character thing and the people who interact with it.

Once we know who Hal, Geoff then brings us to the next stage to know what was the Green Lantern, Guardian, Sinestro, and the history of the emergence of this corps, and closed with a final climax (SPOILER) The duel between the duo that Sinestro face Atrocitus still a fugitive. In short, if the story was adapted as a Green Lantern movie scenario that will come - I will be very very happy. Geoff Sejenius-genius in writing this story, he was not the only one that makes this story so fun to read. The second half I give credit to Ivan Reis is responsible for the illustrations. Each panel in this comic was alive and full of content that can turn any Reis scenarios requested by Geoff, and it's not an easy thing.

This life on earth to the planet Oa headquarters of the Green Lantern have a variety of alien species, and yet never overwhelmed Reis draw. Power of the Green Lantern is manifested through the imagination they have many forms, and again drawing Reis everything perfectly. Geoff and Ivan duet that makes Green Lantern: Secret Origin works so fun and perfect to read.

If you are the one who still lay on Green Lantern and want to know more about it, comics have you read this. If you already know about the Green Lantern and the Blackest Night story in it, well, this comic still have you read!
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Beaches and islands in Sorong world tourism indonesia

Beaches and islands in Sorong world tourism indonesia

Casuari Beach is a good beach to swim or to snorkel, not far from the city of Sorong, and can be reached by public transport from the terminal Sorong. In addition, in the Sorong region also has several islands. Jefman Island can be reached from Sorong by motor boat or ferry. -

The island has great beaches and an interesting track lines. Other islands can be visited from Sorong is Doom Island, Batanta Island, Island and Island Matan Kafiau. Beaches in these islands is also a beautiful addition to swimming and diving sites are fun .-

make sure you visit this resort if you are traveling to Indonesia, because the place is very beautiful tourism is not inferior to bali -

travel tourism
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Paradise Bay Marine Reserve world tourism papua indonesia

Paradise Bay Marine Reserve world tourism papua indonesia

Paradise Bay Marine Reserve covers an area of 14,300 km2 and is the largest marine sanctuary in Indonesia. This nature reserve area covers 18 islands and coastal areas along more than 500 Km of the habitat for many species of birds and of course a variety of marine animals such as giant clams, turtles and dugongs.

In the waters of this region many dive sites with underwater natural beauty that is very impressive, but tourists must get permission first before going into this natural reserve areas. Permits, among others can be obtained from the WWF on Jl Martadinata, Nabire .-

for you who like driving fits perfectly with this resort

world tourism
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Enchantment of the Sea Raja Ampat world tourism papua indonesia

Enchantment of the Sea Raja Ampat world tourism papua indonesia

great number of tourists seem to dine and chat casually, looking out to sea dominated blue, green, and white. The colors that appear because of the influence of the spread of coral reefs in the shallow sea and deep. They were enjoying lunch in the Papua Diving Resort, waters of Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya Barat .-

Some tourists seem to walk the fine white sandy beach. There is also busy in getting up the speedboat pier equipped submarines. Some are already in the region for more than two weeks. They do not get bored as diving and sunbathing every day that make white skin was burned almost black, tropical sun .-

sting and the bright sun makes the air exasperated guests to dive and dive again. Sunlight is often through the cracks of waves up to now. Beauty scenery and sea biota did make a lasting impression for tourists. For lovers of coastal tourism and underwater fanatic, Raja Ampat is known to even the best rated in the world for the quality of coral reefs .-

Many international underwater photographers capture the charm of the sea Raja Ampat. Even someone coming over and over again and make a special book about the beauty of coral reefs and marine biota of this region. Mid-2006, a special team from the magazine world's leading scientific adventure, National Geographic, making coverage of the Raja Ampat which will become the main report in 2007 .-

As many as 610-Raja Ampat Island is the fraction of Sorong District, since 2003. District has a population of 31,000 souls has 610 islands (only 35 islands are inhabited) with a total area of about 46,000 km2, but only 6000 km2 of land, 40,000 km2, the sea again. Islands unspoiled and beautiful sea that still make direct tourists hooked. They seemed to want to explore the waters in the "Bird's Head" Island of Papua .-

This area could be a target of hunters reef fish and bombed by toxic cyanide. However, there are still many people who attempt to protect the area so that the wealth of the sea can be saved. Sea coral reefs in Raja Ampat judged most comprehensive in the world. From the world's 537 species of coral, 75 percent were in these waters. 1104 also found fish species, 669 species of mollusks (soft animals), and 537 types of coral animals. Extraordinary .-

The World Bank in collaboration with the global environmental agency specify the Raja Ampat as one region in East Indonesia, which received assistance Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (Coremap) II, since 2005. In the Raja Ampat, this program covers 17 villages and involve the local population. Fishermen are also trained to cultivate fish, grouper and sea grass-.-

Exotic Papua Diving, the only resort that offers exotic underwater tourism in the region, visited by tourists diving enthusiasts at home for days and even up to a month to navigate the curves seabed. They seemed to not want to return to their country because they have "island paradise unparalleled on this earth" .-

managers not easy to prepare a place for tourists. Maximillian J Ammer, the owner of a Dutch citizen of Papua Diving Resort is also a pioneer marine tourism drive this area, desperately need to set up various facilities to attract tourists from abroad. Since he started his business eight years ago, many funds must be spent. However, the results are also satisfactory. Each year the resort is visited at least 600 special tourist who spent an average of two weeks .-

Lodging is very simple, only woven walls and thatch roofs that cost a minimum of 75 euro or Rp 900,000 a night. If you want to dive must pay 30 euros or approximately USD 360,000 was diving at a particular location. Most tourists come from Europe. Only a few tourists from Indonesia to stay and dive in there .-

"Tourists dive almost every day because the dive sites are wide and varied. The beauty of coral reefs are varied so much choice and invite curiosity. There is a tourist who was still strong 80 years diving, "said Max Ammer woman who was married to Manado .-

Three years ago, Papua Diving build a modern inn not far from the first location. Apparently, the inn was built by relying on local building materials are almost always full booked. Though the charge to reach 225 euros, or about Rp 2.7 million per night. At the new location, equipped with modern equipment, including international telephone facilities and internet .-

Tourists to the Raja Ampat just wanted to Papua Diving on the Island and Mansuar because facilities are of international standard maid, also food. They landed at the airport Domne Eduard Osok, Sorong, directly to the location with quick ship capacity of about 10 people who charge Rp 3.2 million each way. It took about 3-4 hours to reach Mansuar .-

Like the other islands, Mansuar looked beautiful because the forest is still maintained and clean seawater, so any marine biota that is not far from the surface can be seen clearly. Tourists enough to swim or snorkelling to see the beauty of the sea, whereas if you want to observe directly beauty of marine biota in profundity, they have to dive .-

Feel Safe, local citizens involved in the development and management of the resort, even 90 of the 100 employees are citizens of Papua. Residents also supplies fish, vegetables, fruits, and others. One of the tour package to visit the village to see the plants and animals typical of the local, including the Paradise birds. Many tourists who become donors of the church building and education of children around the Man-flare .-

Max Ammer is committed to improving the economy and the skills of local residents. They were trained in foreign languages and use scuba gear. Tourists feel safe at any time day or night when the heat and enjoy the sunset as well as swimming and diving in the deep sea .-

in addition to marine and fisheries, Raja Ampat has a wealth of natural resources, such as petroleum and nickel. At the bottom of the sea there are also many sinking ships former World War II the estimated load "treasure trove" high value. However, if mismanaged, exploitation activities it is feared to threaten the sustainability and the natural beauty of the sea .-

world tourism
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Papua; Pearl of the East
world tourism papua indonesia

Not less than fourteen districts in Papua has a unique and special attraction for tourists who visit. Many choices that we can visit, there is a dedicated maritime tourism fascinating marine park, cultural tourism, historical tourism, and especially the fauna and flora that we might not see elsewhere. All the amazing sights are still very natural. With rural civilization which is still primitive, made of Papua as a place of great interest to foreign tourists and local tourists Jaya Pura .-
The city once known as Hollandia, there is a museum that provides a variety of cultural information in Papua such as carving from various districts, instrument of war, weaving and traditional dances, and various rites and ancient heritage .-

The monument also Sentani General Douglas Mc Arthur's World War II. In the north monument Mc Arthur at an altitude of 325 meters are the central plains to the mountains Cyclops Dofonsoro peaks. This area is very beautiful and ancient this place is the base defense Mc Arthur

From the top of the Cyclops can be monitored Lake Sentani with the clear blue water. Lake area is 9670 hectares where the population's livelihood and the surrounding Sentani. Sentani Lake is also a place of recreation that is very beautiful and very suitable for relax .-

If we want to continue the trip from Jayapura, it felt incomplete if we did not visit the Biak. In East Biak Kecamtan village RIM tetaptnya there bird park displays a variety of rare bird species typical of New Guinea found only in Papua. Size of this bird park is around two acres .-

In this regional park also has a very beautiful sea. Located dikepulauan Padaido consisting of 30 small and big islands. Padaido marine park is a world-class marine park consists of various marine plants, coral reefs and various kinds of large and small fish .-

Laurentz National Park is located in Paniai, Puncak Jaya, Mining, and Merauke. On top of Puncak Jaya, or there Carstensz peak of eternal snow. Ice capped peak. Puncak Jaya was formerly called Carstensz summit, a mountain peak found by the Dutch in 1678. Carstensz Peak is the only peaks of eternal snow in Southeast Asia .-

In addition to the National Park Laurentz Papua also has Cendrawasih Bay National Park. This park is a representative ecosystem of coral reefs, beaches, mangrove and tropical forest land in Papua island .- Paradise Bay National Park is a national park marine waters of the largest in Indonesia, consisting of land and coastal area (0.9%), mainland islands (3.8%), coral reefs (5.5%), and ocean waters (89.8%) .-

ird of Paradise Bay National Park is rich famous fish species. Approximately 209 recorded species of fish among the inhabitants of this region butterflyfish, angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, rabbitfish, and anemonefish .-

There are four types of turtles that often landed in the national park is the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivaceae), and star fruit turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). Dugong (Dugong dugon), blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), coconut crab (Birgus latro), dolphins, and sharks are often seen in the waters of Paradise Bay National Park .-

There is a natural cave relics of antiquity, the source of hot water containing sulfur without salinity Misowaar Island, cave in the water with a depth of 100 feet in Tanjung Mangguar. A number of relics from the 18th century can still be found in several places like in Wendesi, Wasior, and Yomber. Many Christians who visited the church in the village Yende (Roon Island), just to see the holy book published in 1898.Jika you want to visit or just traveling, Between May until October is the time to visit Papua .-

Some locations / objects are interesting to visit: - I

sland Rumberpon. Observing animals (birds), deer breeding, marine tourism, diving and snorkeling, the framework of a Japanese fighter plane crashed in the sea .-

Nusrowi Island. Diving and snorkeling, marine tourism, wildlife observation .-

Mioswaar Island. Hot springs, waterfalls, diving and snorkelling, wildlife observation and cultural tourism and Yoop Island .- Windesi waters. The observations of whales and dolphins .-

Roon Island. Observations birds, diving and snorkeling, waterfalls, cultural tourism, and the old church.

world tourism

Ethnic War in Papua. world tourism papua indonesia

Ethnic War in Papua.
world tourism papua indonesia

Morning wore so. In a broad plain between the green mountains, dozens of people had gathered. Each person holding a sharp weapon or arrow, complete with all the attributes of war. Painted a clear impression of fierce dl their faces. A tribal war broke out in the Valley would Baliem, Papua. Sure enough, after adjust their strategy, war is inevitable. Both groups were chasing each other and shooting arrows. Waving a gun in his hand, they kept yelling to burn the spirit. While women and children running to save himself .-

You must agree, it was certainly something very sad. But oddly, while watching the events above, the feeling just the opposite. Lho kok bisa gitu? Because, apparently vicious war that is not a real war, but rather a dance or war simulations that are part of attraction exhibited by the Dani people in the Valley Cultural Festival Baliem in Wamena, Papua .-

Stretching between indentations Middle Mountain Mining, Baliem Valley has long been a venue for the largest annual cultural festival in the land of Papua. In this valley, Dani people live in harmony and unity in the embrace of the mountains that surrounded and beautiful natural Papua charming. Apart from being 'home', often Baliem Valley becomes the arena of war by the tribes into the arena of conflict and slaughter those who fought for the glory of the proud tribe .-

The existence of a new Baliem Valley itself to the surface in the 1930s with a report stating that there is a group of primitive tribes who lived in the valley. About 10 years later, the valley is isolated from foreign influence is increasingly recognized by the outside world, after the National Geographic magazine put this valley on the world map in the magazine publications .-

This is also indicated for the first time in the valley along the 80 km and 20 km wide this entry the world map. Since it was also a lot of people are curious to visit Baliem Valley to explore different things related to this valley. They generally as a social worker by profession, like teachers, nurses, doctors, and missionaries who spread Christianity .-

Not War-a-holic, always been, the war became something inherent in the Dani people's lives and other tribes in Papua. For them, war has some deep meaning. Besides in tradition from generation to generation, war is considered not merely occasions for each tribal power struggle, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. That is, if there was no war then do not expect the harvest and pigs will be successful and healthy. If you have this, they must prepare themselves for a bad season .-

On the other hand, war also become a means to find popularity of a tribe. With the win the war, the tribe's name will be more famous and feared by other tribes. As for the youth, ethnic war is considered as a forum for identity to be a true man, tough and dignified for the progress of its territory, both present and future. The outbreak of war in the region itself is caused by several things that most due to border disputes, women, or because wim (domestic animals) .-

When the war will happen then Baliem Valley arena is often used. This does not mean that tribal war-a-holic, or always looking for trouble. Because really, they want to live in peace and peaceful like other communities in order to establish its territory .-

Variety Attractions Interesting-since held the first time in 1991, a war dance attractions or dim in the Dani language, became the main attraction at every execution of the Valley Cultural Festival Baliem. Uniquely, which carried the theme of this dance is not about revenge or hostility, but something positive is popularly known as Yogotak Hubuluk Motog Hanorogo (hope for tomorrow that should be better than today) .-

Baliem Valley Festival takes about 3 days and held every month in August. This dance is usually followed by about 26 tribes who inhabited the surrounding Baliem Valley. Each participant consisted of 30 to 50 groups and each group numbered 50 to 100 people. The participants were each armed with spears, arrows and machetes, complete with traditional dress and face painting and knick knacks war dance war .-

In addition, the Valley Cultural Festival 6 Baliem offers another important event that is almost always performed. One of them is the performance of traditional music Pikon or held to entertain the visitors. Hite or made of wood, the songs are played with Pikon tells the story of human life. Uniquely, though it look easy, it was not all the people of Papua able to play this instrument. This instrument is able to bring the voices that sound almost the same with animals .-

A variety of traditional games helped enliven Baliem Valley Festival. This event not only can be seen, but if visitors or tourists interested, can participate in the game. Archery, throwing the stick into the glass aka predetermined targets, puradan, wheels rolling game of woven rattan and sikoko, a pawn to throw the race specified targets, is a game that is often displayed in this festival .-

Not infrequently, increasing Baliem Valley Festival to bloom thanks to the support of no less exciting and more unique. Call it kerapan pigs or pig racing contest, contest of weaving and a variety of other events .- -

Real Challenge-

To see the uniqueness offered Baliem Valley Cultural Festival and Papua's natural beauty is a challenge and requires special preparation. Long journey to go from Jakarta -

Wamena, a clear cost, time and risk is high. Not to mention, the condition for there to be said, far from any facilities that could spoil the body. Surely it will add to the long list of challenge that must be faced. However, all doubts and difficulties that will be paid off after watching the entire series a unique festival in Baliem Valley. Because only here you can watch live the life of a true Dani. Here you can also merge and mingle with people who still adhere to traditions that may be far different from what we have. All that were found in the Valley Baliem will surely make your trip will always be remembered of all time .-

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jaya wijaya mountain. world tourism papua indonesia

jaya wijaya mountain.
world tourism papua indonesia

For mountain climbers, climbing and mountain ranges Jayawijaya Sudirman (Carstensz Pyramide), Irian Jaya, is a dream. Imagine, on one mountain peak (Sudirman) is the highest point in Indonesia. Carstensz Pyramide (4884 mdpl) save a lot of uniqueness and challenges. Not only because of the snow-covered peak of tropical but including in a row of 7 (seven) top of the continent. -

Do not be surprised if the climbers, mountaineers of the top world-class racing to climb the highest peak in Australasia this. No less than the climber Heinrich Harrer whose life played by Brad Pitt in Seven Years In Tibet became the first person to climb the Carstensz Pyramid. Then the first climber Reinhold Messner who reached the top 14 in the 8000 meters .-

Pat Morrow Carstensz Pyramid is proclaimed as one of the seven peaks in seven continents of this earth. Irian was part of the continent of Australasia he said. This resulted climbers world-class climbers flock to follow him among the first women Everest climber Junko Tabei was never touched the top .-

Unfortunately, liatnya procedure permits to possess, make a lot of climbers have thought better to berekspedisi. Moreover, central mountainous region of Irian Jaya had closed for climbing since Mapenduma kidnapping case in 1995 - 1996 .-

Complex Permit-Ascend the mountaineers Among the Indonesia there is satire about climbing a mountain in Irian Jaya. "It's harder than taking care of his permission to climb the mountain," they complained. Climbing permits - primarily to Carstensz Pyramide - in Irian Jaya is complicated and unclear. There is no a valid license, such as climbing in Nepal, where climbers are given a kind of passport with photo and license information how to climb the peak heights in areas where .-

In Nepal as successful and able to submit any evidence of Tourism Ministry which handles these permits issued certificate of successful climbers. This lack of clarity - the usual thing happened during the New Order - for years stayed with the classic excuse, security .-

Galih Donikara, a senior Wanadri mention to climb this mountain must have a recommendation from the Office Affairs, Police, BIA - Indonesian intelligence, Menhutbun / PKA, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) .-

If you want to pass Tembagapura added from Indonesia Climbing Federation (FPTI). It all must be handled in Jakarta. Then in Jayapura, the recommendation of Police Chief Bakorstranasda and should be bagged. In Timika, recommendations PTFI EPO and permission for the track facility .-

"Last in Tembagapura, coordination with the Emergency Response Group (ERG) for handling Emergency Satgaspam Procedur and apparatus to track security issues," explained mountain climber who had joined the expedition Indonesia - Everest This '97. Galih reach Carstensz Pyramid summit with the Chinese team in the early years of this Millennium. Along with several civil and military climbers, they use the route through Tembagapura Timika to reach the base camp through the Public .-

If, Bakorstranasda letter from Irian Jaya and the Police should be reported to the police station and Kodim Public Paniai, both of which are in the town of Nabire. Then last in Ilaga, all letters of recommendation given to the local Tripika (Ilaga), namely the police, and Head Koramil .-

But wait, the three leaders will be able to decide whether to continue the expedition climbers. It all depends on the security situation at that time. If there is no danger that could threaten the safety of climbers such as tribal wars, the climber can begin. Now that's a long list of letters of recommendation to climb the roof of Indonesia. Complicated and busy .-

Hertadi Mas Bambang, adventurers and seasoned long-distance cyclists, had thought better to berekspedisi to the top of Carstensz Pyramide, because of the difficulty of taking care of the climb permission. Paimo, Bambang close calls, preferring to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the continent of Africa for the expedition in 1987. "Mending all outside (the country), yet the cost and trouble with the licensing process is relatively not much different," comments Paimo time .-

Most of the mountain guides, professional climbers to amateur class, had to swallow disappointment. And according to them, many foreign tourists who want to reach the white snow in the tropics. Uncertainty Paradise earth policy issues is also disrupt efforts to make the Carstensz Pyramid and Sudirman mountain as a tourist destination could be a mainstay of Papua. For some people, Carstensz is the source of its own sustenance and have a high selling value .-

The scarcity of information about the two mountains that also makes the interest in climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya - mainly Carstensz Pyramide - have subsided in the middle of the road. Except, for the climbers that sufficient funding and experience. There was a lot of books "output" their own country who really delicious adventure told Indonesia that reached the roof. At most, only some form of writing the results of the expedition there. --

Finally, local climbers, climbers have to run helter-skelter looking for information to several well-known association of nature lovers and experienced in this country. But it might not just how complicated if compared with the care of permissions. Until when? --

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