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Wisata Mandeh's area lies at Koto's district XI Tarusan that gets direct bounds with Moorland City. Thisa just spaced 56 Km of Moorlands broadly ± 18.000 Ha and time sails through around 56 minutes. Wisata Mandeh's area girdles 7 Kampongs at 3 nagari that dwelt by 9.931 islandic souls with farming living, breed and fisherman.

wisata's object Mandeh's Area (Mandeh is Resort) was known zoom good national and also International by marks sense intern investment (Itali), developing recognised wisata resort with Cubadak Paradiso. Even Mandeh's Area have become policy main destination sector kebaharian's tourism that is inserted into Developmental Parented Plan National Tourism (RIPPNAS) with breed and Bunaken. Wisata Mandeh's area really keeps faith to be made to the effect investment.

This location at conceive of area Wisata Mandeh because one of kampong that is at thisa named Kampong Mandeh, one that famous at Carocok Tarusan's Bay middle part. Carocok Tarusan's bay last landai and not wavy since at its vicinity there are some isle amongst those Traju's Island, Devil island Outgrows and little, Sironjong's island Outgrows and little, besides of course Cubadak's Island. While at thisa austral is its correct at Carocok's Kampong there is one meliuk's cape such as angle, so bay appears such as one lake which boggle by its wavelet that ever singing is not henti hentinya.

At Mandeh's Area north side there are some island which circle which is: Bintangor's island, Pagang's island, Serpent island, and adjoining Glow Island with sikuai Island. At coastwise of Banana River Kampong gets to Carocok's Kampong its area last landai and sandy white with severally adjures shielding as coconut palm, waru's tree, jack fruit tree and any other as it.

7 Kampongs of 3 Nagari at thisa most turns in at wisata's development area which is: Mudiak's kampong Water, Carocok's divergent kampong, Island kampong Sinks, Nyalo's River kampong, River kampong Bargains, River kampong Keeps Company With and Raya's Bay Kampong. Resident around Mandeh's Area is known last court and quick gets to assimilate by immigrant society, even likes to help.

Not mengada mengada presumably, if thisa nicknamed by The Paradise In The Shouth (heaven at south), fathom a meaning at West Sumatra Province austral. At heaven this is all getable tranquility. Resident localing to utilize calm and this bay tranquility with navigates it, and rows arrest boat fish out. Even touristed one comes here frequent utilize this oceanic lake for swimming of one island goes to another island, besides of course it also to dove, witness aesthetical seabed with various shaped and cockle type and the living one fish over there.

Areas entering gate Mandeh can be reached overwater and land ways. If goes aboard / boat can of Port Bungus, Chasm, Bayur's bay or of Port Tarusan's Moorland and Bay Estuary. Meanwhile if by the way of land, available three alternative of three internode clears a root that different. First alternative of Tarusan's Market passes through to deviate carocok, alternatife second pass insipid river and alternative third from Bungus continually goes to Areca River and An River Nyalo. Ways internode recent it passes Carocok continually fringe beach and hills lip that landai along 12,5 Km.

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Liwa, Cold city that warms INDONESIA SUMATRA

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Stand at a high sekarajaya, I witness hooking cloud at hills. blustery swish, crepitate hydro, and ilalang's the blow of wind prompt liwa's love billow flowering city goes to my ear. canyon valley and tebiu's ham lake gets mendalamkan your present meaning in each epoch beat.

This elongated versed passage Udo Z. Karzi, "How come I Forget" about its natal city, Liwa. One small town which almost is forgotten in vociferous country map. Nevertheless, rain city that lies at this plateau finds time menghebohkan because knocked over by earthquake gets force 6,6 on richter scale, 15th February 1994.

Teens last year, Liwa helter skelter. Nearly all permanent building at Liwa level with the ground. No less than 196 souls of many villages and districts at Lampung Is dead West. Total wounding well-nigh up to 2.000 person. Averagely they die and hurt because overwritten building falls. Forfeit population home welling-nigh to reach 75 thousand.

One earthquake monument most stake at Tebiu's Ham sepulchre as material as remembering. One bitter memory about Liwa.

But, after such a degree year over, term gently over. Now, Liwa makes a abode amends become one region which safe, peace, and pleasant. Evenless with lush earth can give more life wherewith.

Liwa lies at divergent road that links three provinces, which is Lampung own, Bengkulu, and south Sumatra.

Liwa who covers one marga (marga Liwa) and one district (District Turns Back Hill) consisting of 11 (eleven) pekon (sub-district): Padangcahya, Way Claims, Liwa's market, kubuperahu, sebarus, Gunungsugih, Way Empulau Ulu, Watas, Padangdalom, Sukarame, and Bahway.

At downtown, Monuments grandiose stand Timbered Hagha who becomes legend about tribal embryotic origin Lampung who is now scatter to all province corner furnished with language, letter of the alphabet, and its culture.

Lie at mountain with balmy atmosphere and beautiful panorama as extensive as vicinity 3.300 hektare, Liwa is eksotisme divides lovers nature. Liwa (also name one of marga of 84 marga at Lampung) range severally pekon (village) one that drawned round by its green hills. Of too far, deep blue Mountain Pesagi, supreme mountain at Lampung (2. 262 m), add lovely city.

At supreme hillside at Lampung this trusted has once stood up Skalabrak's monarchy that downs buay buay Ompung's offspring the Lamponga (Lampung).

Since before, Liwa well known as peemukiman what does rejoice, safe, and peace for everyone. Dutchman at preceding colonial term even utilize this city as place gets holiday, respite, and gets easy going.

Severally Dutch remaining building for that matter whole before earthquake tektonik gets to try a fall 6,5 richter scale punch this city, 15th February 1994. Now, severally remaining Dutch still gets we see as catgut those are now become police force Office sectorally (Polsek) Return Hill and guesthouse (now Hotel Sindalapai).

At this city person can study antigempa's building construction. Severally building which whole even thrashed by earthquake 1933 and 1994 can be proof about Lampung's person ability in create buildings traditional technology bate earthquake. Even now, Lampung's local government beginning West applies this.

Development about residence islandic, about office, and back school is built with antigempa's building construction. At that time, society builds around 60 mosques and there is also schools with material ferocemen, which is cement material by assembled on ground bones as supplementary as concrete irons.

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Minangkabau's plateau lies at Mountain Range middle part, mountain that endlongs well-nigh along island Sumatra Is alone, correct it at Sumatra West, maybe constitute the most region lush at Indonesia. As immoral as sees, one that seeming just valley that green, cataract, waterfall and lake.

Masyrakat Minangkabau is a society that follows sistim Matriarileneal where lines Mother more dominant and law to inheritance follow to line Mother, one that maybe the one only at Indonesian. Konon, Country society nine at peninsulas west part Malaysian that is believed comes from Minang's Domain, also have society that Matrilineal, as at their native land.

Minangkabau's society also known as a society that really religious. There is proverb which say, wherever we stand up at Minang's domain, can ensure us will hear Adzan's peal, call for prays five times. To aim whichever we behold, nearly being ensured by us will see cupola one Mosque, minimal one Mosque with typical Minang architecture.

Minang's architecture has to inspire that typical and unique, notably “ Swagger House ”. One of that konon eldest, stand since is more than 400 last years, can be met at Cages Stone south.

Minang's architecture specification this tertutama on forms its roof. There is that looks on to form it as “ saddle rides on horseback ”, but major tending say its form as “ buffalo horn ”, as it were that implied deep Minangkabau's word. One of architectures typical form so Minang lovely and kitsch, is Pagaruyung's Sultan Palace.

Tall hill, popularly with “ Swagger Hour ”, one that grandiose stand to be intermediated down town. If we notice, roman numeral 4 on that hour, don't it be set down as IV., but is set down “ alla Minang ” which is IIII ……. Konon is Minang's person is known “ refractory ” …….. because if carries the wind we not hard, that cannikin doesn't carry the wind its name …..?

This pretty city pretend perch at hill hads up “ Sianok's Canyon ” or Grand Canyonnya Minangkabau

At Bukittinggi can meet De Cock's Fortress, konon as towering as keeper which drawned round by canon canon hads up to all angle, one that found many hundred last years by colonialist Dutches on colonization term.

One of city which unique at domain Minang is: Kuto is Swagger. Even sling name “ swagger ” one means “ big ”, that city is alone is one small town, those are on Sianok's valley, but this small town have big saga. Of this small town results a lot of cendikiawan Minang's intellectual “ nan Swagger ” or big the names, as defunct as Agus Salim's Pilgrim, late Natsir's Muhammad and the names outgrows another.

It is tragic, this Swagger city as one city which “ empty ”, there are many fraught old house empty let this saga, there is that dipugar there are many too which is let not terawat with every consideration, since occupants its by and large is successful Minang person is gone abroad.

Alimentary problem, to tourist nots local become problem, since was wonted with restaurant spread Moorland at all Archipelago, even at java, Moorland booth by a long shot a lot of of “ Warteg ” ….. But divides that don't mempermasalahkan “ kolasterol ”, there is one restaurant that far-famed one just sells “ Moorland Broil ” by its typical sauce: Restaurant Mak Fortunately its name, those are on Elongated Moorland city. Konon in Abdullah Badawi's Premier visit, to its native land at Minang's domain, SBY asks out beliau that kerestaurant's stopover to get nostalgia: Kampuang nan goes away dimato … .

One that also enough pulls to be noted it Minangkabau's color or symbol that consisting of 3 kindred color with German's flag. We can witness umbul umbul with to this tricolour at all points. My beginning thought available kesebelasan German that visits to go to Minang's Domain ……..

On a German's tourist that I meets at one panorama hut that there are many available at along road among Moorland – Bukittinggi I say that apparently this Minang's society welcoming you, even see that German's flag or attribute at all points. With viscous German patois, she answers: “Yes yes, that make I feel a at home here's bit, fantastic land with charming people

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Siak, Aesthetical its Lake Ridicules INDONESIAN SUMATRA Emerald Jewel

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Siak constitutes one of regency at Riau's Province. This time destination, we ask out you add referansi wisata's place at Siak who have unique lake with its color black water. Available two adjoining lakes that both have black chromatic water, which is Island Lake Outgrows and Bottom Lake. Both of lake it exists at named region Emerald, hence both of that lake is more known as Emerald Lake. Aesthetical thisa becoming looked if you monitors it from the air. Black color water bounce in the middle well-nigh swamp forest take after emerald jewel, in consequence too tesebut's area named by Emerald. At thisa satwa's life and rareness plant and well known as arwana's fish gold (Schleropages formasus), sumatra tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), red bear (Helarctos malayanus) and a variety serpent type. Even at this region still you can meet serindit's bird (Loriculus galgulus) one that constitutes bio–indikator environment that points out that Emerald area is still experience and abiding.

Area that lies vicinity 180 kilometers from Pekanbaru, Riau, this can be sailed through in the period of more or less three land tripping hours. So enter prop area around 35 kilometers of core areas, you were necessitated to ask for Simultaneous Operation Body permit (BOUFFANT) Coastal Plain Pekanbaru (CPP) Basin's sumatra to come in to that location. Bouffant CPP Basin's Sumatra constitute PT's consortium firm Earths Siak Pusako with PT Pertamina Upstream that explore oil content at Emerald.

Since 25th November 1980, Island Lake area Outgrows and Bottom Lake as extensive as 28.237,95 hectare it is established as area of margasatwa's asylums (KSM) one that enclosed for common.

Entering thisa you will feel fresh atmosphere and comfortable with pohon–pohon's landscape typical swamped forest all the way. Emerald area constitute primary swamped forest area above bog farm. Primary swamped forest this Emerald is at 100–200's high meter of oceanic water level. Geographically, geology therein forms one giant hollow. Indigenous water region around it will be kept all at lake.

Alone Emerald area consisting of two lake and primary swamp forests. At Island Lake Outgrows to exist four islands, namely Island Outgrows one extent 10 hectares, Intermediate island (1 hectare), Bungsu's island (1 hectare) and beruk's Island (2 hectares). To keep up lake ecosystem, ordinary fisherman fishes to be prohibitted utilize explosives or poison. They just letting to fish at lake utilize to net little and angling.

Even available plan changes KSM'S state Island Lake Outgrows and Bottom Lake become national park that at refuses severally party, since is looked on forthcoming wrecks environmentally if those area is opened for common. This nature damage also other national park happening at Riau. No that can secure changing area state won't evoke environment damage.

Not necessarily gets heart little, since aesthetical Emerald Lake makes a abode you can enjoy. Evenless draws near afternoon, while is beginning the sun to be enveloped, to amount to satwa those area occupant beginning shows self. As bald eagle that visually flies low of tree go to to adjure, a company perches observable monkey at one tree while chew food that is gotten from forest. Even if you on luck, can meet sumatra tiger gets through to around clear a root tesebut's area. Emerald lake pick up night with satwa its occupant.

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Maimunah's palace INDONESIA SUMATRA

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Stop in to go to Maimun's Palace if visit goes to Field city. Its taste is tripping was fledged otherwise beholds aesthetical remaining old palace one of best Malay culture inheritance at its era this. Its position at downtown (jl. Brig. Katamso) keep handy with whatever vehicle, car, or motor caring (kind of pedicab which pulled by motor over and above it). Maimun's palace own becomes landmark far-famed Field city, nearly kindred Jakarta with Monasnya, or Moorland city with the time of day its Swagger. This Maimun's palace is instituted by order of Deli's monarchy Sultan, Makmun Al Rasyid's sultan Alamsyah Mighty. Engineering design is worked is an arkitek Italian, and finished on year 1888. This building hads up to aim East and robust stand at aboveground as extensive as 2.772 m2, and becomes Deli's monarchy center. This palace consisting of two floor are divided in three a part, namely parented building, left wing, and right wing. In the adjacent apartment doesn't restrain from it, Al Maksum's Mosque stand that more recognised by the name of Mosque Raya vicinity Field 150m goes away.

Broadly building and its page area that broad, its figure is observable so flashy intermediated by Field city frenzy that its wooded vicinity building about shop modern. Pertamakali enters its front page, atmosphere “ peace ” direct assaults head. Light breeze blows balmy at front terrace page this grandiose palace. Its roof that soars as high as 5 8 meter make hall temperature at in it feels really cozy, as sensed as cities fuggy air Field not feel here again.

Palace interior design this constitutes one of main affinity. Conjugate among Islamic tradition and Europe culture descries to dominate. Besides that looked at market building, buildings base floor also point out Europe influence. According to story, in the early development it is exhaustive significant subject palace building really is wreaked from Europe, as tile, marble, and teraso. Dutch architecture influence is seen at door and broad and tall window, and selasar or classy main corridor Spain is part of Maimun's Palace. Dutch influence also looked on inscription marbles to be in front marble ladder that wrote by Latin font gets Dutch language.

Islamic culture influence is seen on curve form or arcade on to amount to palace roof part. Curve that gets to form that upending boat is recognised with Persian curve pillar, there are many is met on building at Middle East area, Turkish, and India. Ornamen who adorn palace also seeming regarded by plant pattern that there are many is met deep art treasury culturizes Islam.

Other part that withdraw from main room is most actually 20 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, barn, kitchen, and little jail, one total rooms that admirably luxurious at antiquity! Comparing room function at home modern present era, Maimun's palace was going spatial logistic concept efficient one on one house at era 1800 an. Room as a whole spread at left sideways wing and right and palace back internode. In the presence that room is extant up to now, and is still get from outside been seen page.

Entering guest hall (market building) will dominated throne terlihati colour yellow, magnitude monochrome in Malay cultural custom. Put off the light giant crystals to be hung intermediated by halls, lighting throne, one form marks sense European culture influence. Influence it also descries on furniture palace as chair, table w.c. and cabinet until shove door wends market building. Hall as extensive as 412 m2 this was utilized for Sultan coronation event Deli or another custom event. Market building also being used as place of sultan accepts to curtsey prostration of its kin kin on Islamic a red letter days.

Interior luxury and palace physical building this was enabled since since 2 ago century territorial Deli under Deli's princedom results to usufruct plantation, oil and abundant mace ruah. Usufruct earth that admirably it gives production that severely out of one's way to Deli's King and its family at ago term. Deli's Sultan wealth appears al with this palace present, or she has bestriddened motorbike at antiquity and having severally selection car that kerap was used by berkeliling city.

One thing that as concern note, are trifling kerapihan and lovely palace care this. This building is not building gawp. Its room stayed by family kinsfolk kins reigns Deli. In consequence, if beholds to sideways wing and behind descry condition rather dirty and not tarawat. Black and damaged wall, browsing bush which meninggi because reducing terawat with every consideration. Even at intermediate room (market building) one that kerap was visitted by tourist, its roof is umpteen also scales. Our car driver finds time to say, that this Palace finds time several times announcing to accept money contribution for preserve and restoration. If really correct, and beholds palace condition that as it, its descries that money not undivided is used for restoration and building care. Severely fond.

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Muarojambi's temple INDONESIA SUMATRA

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MuarojambiJambi's temple reasonably dinobatkan as city “ a million ruko ”. Behold to there, all city angle, date back main road until turns in at trail, appear ruko standing. Its form is various seems, fits and starts and perfunctorily only. Surprisingly, if comes unto hotel, don't bargain for available wisata's flyer expense. ruko's growth no bearing it absolutely with wisata expense if we compare with Orchad Road at Singapore. Best of all fast, to is like expense, khusunya mothers mother is of service delft be hovered by market Angsoduo's old. A variety origin delft type Batam is marketted in here. Another no. Really, really no object wisata Jambi's pledge. Wisata urban that reasonable dijagokan in here really no. My forehead until corrugated make weekend plan takes the air easy going to wisata's place in here. No flyer, no information whatever. Difficult correct local Local Government

Until one time, a friend asks out to go to old temple sites, its name ‘ Muaro Jambi's Temple ”. Come on, why not? Than this weekend only crestfallen at room, therefore I make ready to backpack and stock.

Muarojambi's temple trip to there goodly far, about 40km aims city East, its route is warped cut river most broad at country, an river Batanghari. From within city glides to aim longest bridge in here, Aur's bridge Barb makes towards Marosebo's district. Comate deer car glides by ordinary speed be cleared a root that don't solid. Along road, through bush and secondary forest, and empty area melompong. Severally silvan little at through with trip long time 1 hour. I thought, aptly difficult, how expect tourist comes here if location so far not available public transport regular who is equal to? This appears while input at territorial Marosebo (place where temple stands up), just one our two berpapasan with car, and many teen motorbikes.

This temple sites stand at acreage as extensive as 155.269,58 ha lies at Danaulamo's Village, Marosebo's district. In the presence Sites Muaro Jambi starts expressed year 1820 ago. Begin from arrival a SC Crook's English military officer that get reporting of resident about marks sense antic remainder at Silvan Danaulamo. According to Nas's Archaeology Center, at least available 72 history sites that exist in here, membentang of west to east in as much as 7.5 kilometers at Days Erect Bank, broadly more or less 12 square kilometer. One grotesque spread area and extensive, my hum at heart.

Muarojambi's temple in contrast to umpteen temple which is met at Java, temple in here made from batubata tingles that heaped form temple building, severally been piled forms stupa as one reasonable being met at severally another buddhist temple. I sink in keasikan meperhatikan how batubata this was piled and compares batubata's measure antiquity and batubata at its home at Jakarta. Its descries really batubata this more broad and thick being appealed batubata modern. Clay violence burns this also better so feels sturdier. But just after, are not the whole lot temple can see its perfection, there are several temple that stills in condition weight damage. In consequence at this location just nine temples and one Talaga Rajo that its location is scattered among this village until to kemingking In.

On komplek about temple Muaro Jambi exists:

* Sites museum, constituting place collection building keep purbakala's finding or sites.

* Prajnaparamita's statue, Statue in forms this goddess is figured deep dharma canramudra, which is hand attitude hanging up dharma's wheels.

* Belanga, constituting metal container heavily 160 kg and high 0,67 meters with circular lip gets diameter 1,06 meters.

* Gumpung's temple, Tall temple, Stone twin temple, Kotomahligai's temple, Astano's temple, Massive temple 1 and Massive Temple 2, kedaton's temple.

* Telago Rajo's pool lies is in front Gumpung's temple or eastern museum sites. This pool is fairish 100 x 120 m ones always tergenang waters with depth 2 3 m of surface soils.

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Equator monument

travel tourism - kalimantan Indonesia.

Pontianak be special because it passed an imaginary line or line of the Equator Equator. Line that divides the earth into two parts, namely the northern and southern hemisphere. When standing at the point of 0 degrees latitude, clearly led Privileges .-

pride that stems from an international expedition led by the Dutch geographer in 1928. The objective is to determine the point or milestone Equator line in Pontianak. Once found, then built a milestone with the shape of the arrow at the top. That marker that passed Pontianak Equatorial line .-

In 1930 the stake was added to form a circle on top. Eight years later, in 1938, returned tonggaknya enhanced by architect named Silaban with the four pillars of wood purchase. Each pillar diameter of 0.30 meters. Two pillars of the front of the 3.05 meters tall and two pillars of the back where the circles and arrows as high as 4.40 meters .-

In 1990, Equator monument was renovated with the addition of the total dome and both copies of the equator monument with the size 5 times larger than the stake original. Two pillars of the front herdiameter height of 1.5 meters with 15.25 meters from the ground. Tongak two behind where the circle and the arrow in diameter with a height of 1.5 meters 22 meters from the ground. While the arrows length 10.75 meters .-

At the bottom there is a plaque that read 109 degrees 20'00 "showing the location OLVGR Equator monument establishment of east longitude. Inauguration duplicate Equator monument is dated 21 September 1991 by Pardjoko Suryokusumo, Governor of West Kalimantan time .-

The bottom line Equator monument is represented by a floor with different colors. During the culmination of the sun, all the things around here have no idea due to its position perpendicular to the sun. It was always celebrated royally by the community in Pontianak. The typical dances enliven the show Pontianak, waiting time in which the culmination .-

equator monument is open daily from 07.15 o'clock until 16:00 o'clock. Visitors can browse the documentation its history, in addition to studying the knowledge of the earth and astronomy. Inside the monument there are tourists visit information boards of both local and foreign tourists every year. Every visitor will get a free certificate signed by the Mayor of Pontianak .-

To prove that the Equator monument at zero degrees latitude, come to this monument every 21-23 March and 21-23 September. On that date when the sun is above the head, our shadow, cairns, and other upright objects around the monument does not appear .-

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Tarzan the Bangkirai Bridge.

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Balikpapan Near the city there are natural tourist sites Bangkirai Hill. The distance is only about a half hour journey to Samarinda. But from the T-junction Sepaku semol the area of 15 million hectares, 20 kilometers distance covered in 40 minutes. Understandably ugly way. This region is widely known as the owner of the canopy trail or road in the first tree canopies in Indonesia. But not only the suspension bridge are the main attraction at the Nature Tourism Bangkirai. There was a garden orchids. With the naked eye, we can look at stems, leaves, and flowers were orchids. We can touch a variety of orchids such as the Black Orchid (Coelegyne pandurata), Orchid Sugar Cane (Grammatophyllum speciosum), Dragon Scales Orchid (Cymbidium antropurpureum), Orchid Dance (Bromheadia fynlaysoniana), Orchid Kala, and others. In addition there are also being developed forest fruits such as matoa, mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), Lai (Durio kutejensis), butter-

At night, tourists were still being offered to look at phosphorus mushrooms, fungi that emit light at night. According Suparno, the night watchman in the region to SH, the three fungi was locally called Flores Mushroom, Mushroom roots, and mushroom umbrella. "We have to up the path to see the mushroom. If we choose at the time of the month being narrowed, "he said .-

The wealth of natural wildlife can still be reliable to watch and hear tourists. Although we can not see, sounds of different birds were heard here and there. Lizard reptile small crate was sometimes seen. Not to mention small animals like squirrels, deer, wild boar, and monkeys are still living freely in this area .-

various birds such as hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) and the Birds of Heaven (Tersiphone paradisi) boast more than a show with his body. However, the sound in the woods, the top branch of the tree height, had given the impression that they live freely in nature. Sambar (Coruus unicolor) breeding in a solid wooden fenced area of 3.5 hectares. Visitors can merapa deer antlers and the skin is rather tame over and greet tourists .-

To hold that tourists stay longer there, the manager had set up five cottages with rent iD 250,000 - iD 450,000 per day. Even if you want more efficient, able to stay at Jungle Cabin with a price of Rp 200,000 per day. Not only that, if you want to stay in tents, in the wild, there were rented tents and camping ground area occupied per day Rp 25,000 .-

Affairs eat, nothing to worry about. There was a one stop shop snack center. Began to snack foods to heavy. In short, do not need to be confused. Prices, was slightly more expensive than the food in the city because of the remoteness of the location. However, all prices are still within reasonable limits .-

Jali, an employee of the tourist area, on Sunday the number of tourists could reach 400 people. Of that amount, 35 percent of foreign tourists instead. "But on ordinary days just quiet. Tourist harvest is on school vacation time, "he said.

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Go Duck monument City Alabio

Travel tourism - kalimantan Indonesia.

I invite you to visit one of the areas in South Kalimantan, exactly Amuntai City, the capital of Hulu Sungai Utara (HsU). The position of this city is flanked by two rivers, the River and Balangan Tabalong. To reach them, you have to travel a considerable distance for about 6 hours overland journey. Syamsudin Noor Airport of Banjarmasin.

the North Hulu Sungai which is about 250 km from Banjarmasin Before the move, which must have imagined dibenak overland journey long enough.

Not to mention the big question mark is what will the trip? Understandably so far this trip to North Hulu Sungai is not so familiar names. But along the way, the view will see more colored by coal mining. Not bad, quite interesting. Especially when he saw the coal mining closer to making the process as well as those of coal. Not far from the new coal mines, the scene changed into a swamp.

No wonder indeed, considering the land in Kalimantan is dominated peat soils of the marsh is still very large and empty. Despite looking semraut, but the condition of the peat soil is very fertile with many unique plants that grow in it. I can only humming to myself, this country was so rich and varied natural resources. But unfortunately have not managed optimally so that people far from affluent. Phenomenon sunrise golden brown will make you terpesona.yang Rarely can find such natural treats.

Usually I just swallowed menyakasikan ocean sunset on the beach. Not long after sunrise, the activity Amuntai City residents began to appear. There were school children who came out of his house, walked together to school. There are vegetable vendors are busy peddling his wares in one corner of the market. It appears also that the police directing traffic even though they are not too cluttered.

Amuntai city is also known as the City Agro Alabio Duck. Therefore, in the middle of town there is a statue of a duck as a landmark of this city. His name is Duck Alabio Monument.

According to several people who have felt Alabio Duck dishes, it's incomparable. I think you are too tempted to taste it.

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Heaven Below Sea Thing in the World.

travel tourism - kalimantan Indonesia

If you dare marine tourism, visit the Marine Conservation Area (mca) Derawan Islands, Berau, East Kalimantan, newsworthy event. Although only developed into tourist attractions, the potential and beauty of the waters is not inferior to other areas .-

This region is the sea and mangrove areas are arranged for purposes of sustainable fisheries activities, marine tourism, research, and socio-economic development of society, and the utilization of marine resources more sustainably. There are currently no direct flights to get to this area. The flight from Jakarta to Balikpapan only to replace the small plane to Cape Redeb, the capital of Berau District. From Cape Redeb using the speedboat to the island .-

Derawan took an hour down the river to reach the estuary. Do not be surprised if you see so many step on the chart. This chart is owned by the local population and the number could be thousands. On the island there are several cottages Derawan. The sea in this area clean and clear with white sand which stretches .-

Derawan Islands located in the Celebes Sea, on the coast of Berau, East Kalimantan, overlooking the mouth of the estuary of the River known as Kelai and Berau Delta. This archipelago consists of six large group of islands, namely Pulau Derawan, Sangalaki Island, Kakaban, Maratua Island, Long Island, Pulau Samama, and several small islands and coral clusters. There are 21 islands in the archipelago. Derawan Islands group is only a fraction of the hundreds of islands in the east coast of East Kalimantan islands totaling 248. Of these, 138 did not have the name of the island, two islands of Sipadan and Ligitan lost, belonging to Malaysia. Waters in this island known as one of the diving spot or the best dive sites in the world .-

Regions and conservation of marine tourism, developed a submarine tour is famous for its coral reefs are very beautiful. By using a snorkel you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs under the sea because the water is very clear. Do not need all the way out to sea, about 100 meters from shore, fish and colorful coral reefs can be enjoyed by renting snorkel Rp 50,000 per day. As for scuba equipment rental (self bhreating containing underwater apparatus) around Rp 400,000 .-

Arrangement Derawan Islands stretching more than 100mil along the coast of East Kalimantan, is one of the region's most biologically rich in Indonesia. On the islands of the River Berau water mixes with water from the Celebes Sea to create a unique landscape with the characteristics of a broad river delta toward the scattered reef, the coral reefs and atolls. Derawan Islands there are more than 460 species of coral. This makes Derawan Islands as areas with the highest diversity of hard coral in the world's number two after the Raja Ampat Islands in Eastern Indonesia .-

The study also notes that there is more than 870 species of fish, ranging from Pygmy seahorses are very small to giant manta rays . Very often found in a large group of manta rays, amounting to 50 tail was visible were foraging in the waters Derawan. Variety of flora and fauna are also found in this area include: 347 species of reef fish; 222 types of mollusks (including 5 types of chemicals); 27 types of crustaceans, 183 species of coral; 7 seagrass species; and other biota such as rare green turtles (Chelonia mydas) , hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), dugongs (Dugong dugori), fish belebele / Napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus], shell clam (Tridacna sp.), and crab crab (Birgus latrd). Several types of biota significant economic value that exists between different shrimp lobsters, grouper, red fish, kurisi fish, sharks, sea cucumbers, and oysters reefs .-

Some groups, like the Moras, latitude, Malalangun, Gasongan, Baliulin and also in Masimbung Derawan Islands. waters around the reef has underwater ecosystems that was amazing. The beauty of the coral reef, the diversity of different types of coral, fish and biota of reefs and white sand beaches clean the charm of this place. A number of endangered animals in Indonesia now East of snail species found in some of these coral islands. This area is also famous the habitat of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) are rare and the largest in Indonesia .-

Derawan Islands as one of the richest and most unique in the world could be your next destination. Make sure you schedule it on the next vacation.

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Kakaban; Sparkling Light at Lake Central.

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Kakaban, one of the groups nominated Derawan Islands as a World Heritage Area. For those of you who loved maritime tourism, which has a wide area of 774.2 hectares and has a diverse population of jellyfish in the world's most lots, the four unique species of jellyfish that do not sting. It took 45 minutes from Kakaban Derawan to use the boat. This boat rents could triple over a fishing boat that only requires the cost of Rp 300,000 for the same distance .-

The island is surrounded by high cliffs, out of the cliff to the west lies the lowland 50an meters wide consisting of rocks. From the plain rock you can dock, of course with a bathing suit and snorkeling equipment to swim toward the mainland. Some parts of the mainland remained closed reefs are shallow water about 30 cm. At that puddle the size of a pack of small fish anchovy bright green around reefs. At the foot of the cliff there is a wooden ladder to climb and then decreased distance of 120 meters, leading you to the edge of the lake behind the hill. This ladder is made of meranti wood and the stairs look left and right grove of mangrove trees (Rhizophora) interspersed with other genera of tropical trees towering form of mangrove forests, such as tanjang (Bruguiera), apiapi (Avicennia), and Sonneratia (Sonneratia) .-

As the island atolls that have brackish water lagoon in it, Kakaban rare. Because, in this world there are only two known to have similar conditions, namely Kakaban and Palau Islands, in Micronesia, located 1000 kilometers from the Philippines. Kakaban the form the number "9", the circular section in the north of the atoll or ring-shaped rock. Inside the lagoon formed locals called Kakaban .-

Lake Lake Kakaban containing brackish water that occupied various marine biota evolved during confined in it, so has the nature and physical appearance is different from similar species in the sea. One of them is the jellyfish body like a plate of clear glass (Aurelia aurita) and several other types that looked far more petite size of the index finger (Tripedalia cystophora). While the fist, like incandescent light bulbs brownish blue (Martigias papua) is more dominant in number among others. Together the three types of jellyfish, there are also species of jellyfish Cassiopeia ornata is a trade mark Kakaban. What distinguishes this endemic species with a jellyfish on the high seas is the loss of the ability to sting. While Cassiopeia is a unique habit of swimming upside down. By confronting "leg" or tentacles up .-

There are eight species of fish in Lake Kakaban, four of whom are serinding (Apogon lateralis), puntang (Exyrias puntang), Teri rock (Antherinomorus endrachtensis) and fish-julung julung (Zenarchopterus dispar) . In Rhizopora roots sunk on the banks of Lake Kakaban common algae Halimeda and Caulepa, which resemble small green grapes. Kakaban can be regarded as the last bastion where marine biota in the area protected from human incursion population is increasing beyond .-

Kakaban side is the high cliffs and steep straight into the sea, with its coral reefs are very beautiful, bergua-cave and alleys, a paradise for divers. Kakaban administratively included in the Berau area, Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan .-

Anyone who explored the Lake Kakaban with diving equipment / snorkel, or watch the underwater video documentation will understand why Kakaban should be a source of national pride. Diving world has known some point near diving Kakaban, the Barracuda Point, The Drift, Cabbage Patch, The Wall, Blue Light Cave, The Plateau, Rainbow Run, Diver's Delight and The North Face. Variations of the various types of dive sites are very interesting for divers who experienced a difficult .-

Field, dangerous and not anchored in any place Kakaban location makes this a challenging dive. Note the divers also gives a picture, the animals in this lake has a more colorful light when it was getting dark. So, see you in Kakaban ....-

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Kumala Island tourism kutai kartanegara

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If the capital city of Jakarta had a Fantasy World as one of the mainstay tourism, Capital City District Kukar, Tenggarong have Kumala Island as a major recreational community and even society Kukar East Kalimantan. Dufan difference in the shoreline, while the Jade Island Recreational Park in the middle of the Mahakam river. Kukar District was not only a wealth Kabuten with mining materials, but more than that Kukar was also the potential to save quite a lot of tourism to the developed. One of them is the Jade Island attractions .-

Kumala Island Recreation Park () is located in the District Government management Kukar. But management was so professionally done, it looks to the arrangement locations or tourist vehicle terihat very neat to make visitors will be amazed .-

In the wake since 2002, Kumala Island today has grown into a recreation park the center of a tourist destination for people of East Kalimantan. No fewer than ten vehicles can enjoy the game, including a resort with a relatively affordable price .-

Kumala Island Recreation Park relaif accessible, because it was so close to the center of County Government Kukar, Tenggarong. Transportation to the island Kumalapun very easy, you can use a motor boat which only takes about two minutes from the harbor, for the fear pengnjung boat, cable car pengelolapun provide. Both types of transport are set very low tariffs and certainly affordable by all levels of society .-

Kumala Island used to be an empty island that always sank when the Mahakam River overflowed up. In 2002 Pemkab Kukar to reclamation and subsequent build Kumala Island into a recreational park and resort complete with transportation .-

To enter the area Kumala Island Recreation Park you just need to pay Rp. 2000 for once in while to enjoy the ride that are in this recreational park is the charge varies between Rp. 1500 s / d Rp. 10,000 for one game .-

There are about ten games which means you can enjoy, as well as Fantasy World in Jakarta, Kumalapun Island Recreation Park offers games that are not much different like a jet clotser, Bombom Car, comedy play, Sky Tower and even Gocart cable car .-

For a hobby around, jade Island Recreational Park offers a mini train that takes you around to enjoy the beauty of the extent of the Jade Island reached 81.7 hectares with the time taken for 45 minutes. Kumala Island recreation park also offers fishing arena for those of you who sit and wait hobby your feedback devoured many kinds of fish .-

For those of you who enjoy a historical tour, right in front of the park there is the Jade Island Tours Mulawarman museum that holds many objects pubakala royal heritage Islam Kutai, in addition itru museum complex in the area there are also stalls that sell a variety of unique souvenirs and souvenir Kutai in East Kalimantan typically .-

In addition to these two places travel, Kukar also has many places for the tourist to enjoy, including the Village Brubus located in the vicinity of Muara Kaman is a former Kutai government center. Brubus village located about 48 miles Tenggarong City, in this village can be found many relics of the oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia like a stone head of a pig, Lesong Stone and others .-

In addition Tenggarong in the area, Muara Kaman, and Kota Bangun Samboja region there are also a place famous attractions of the Mount Bengkirai Nature Tours. Bengkirai hill area is a nature and adventure tourism are located in Samboja district, about 58 km from the town board .-

Behind this area is part of the tropical rainforest protected, in this region there is a canopy bridge attraction of tourists and foreign . This area is also one place to do research of nature and forestry that have been equipped with various facilities, such as Lamin meetings, restaurants, and cotage which can be rented at a cheap price

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Broad, East Kalimantan Dayak Cultural Village

tourism travel - kalimantan Indonesia-

If the Samarinda in East Kalimantan in particular, should visit this place, the Village Pampang in Samarinda. In this village we can see the culture of one of the Dayak tribes who performed there for wisatawan.Di visitors can see performances of Dayak culture and dance approximately 2 hours, held at the house adat.Di addition, can also see directly Dayak community life. After watching the show, visitors also can take pictures with dancers or with people who berkuping Dayak long. Once an image, you should spend for 25.000. Or if you want to rent costumes for the picture itself, only pay 15,000, -.

After satisfying picture, we can get around in the custom house and looking for souvenirs that you can take home. There are key chain decorated with fangs bear, tiger and wild boar. There is also a typical weaving and so on .-

dayak Satisfied visit traditional villages, should stop at the Botanical Gardens Samarinda, before it returned to Samarinda. Over there, there are distinctive flora and fauna unique East Kalimantan. From Samarinda, do not forget to stop by first to Kutai Kertanagera museums, museum of wood containing fossils of petrified wood, large crocodile human predators have also preserved .- complete trip in Tenggarong if you have not visited the island of Kumala. This island comes from the Mahakam River delta and is located in the middle of the Mahakam river. Kumala Island to the small boat can rise with the cost Rp.3000, -/person. Do not be afraid to even a small boat, complete savior jacket. Ticket into the island Kumala Rp. 2500, -/person. Here, we can relax with family ria with an interesting variety of games, there is Go Karting, there is a cable car, a tower and so on .-

For a visit there, must go through Balikpapan, a city transit prior to Samarinda (East Kalimantan provincial capital). From Balikpapan Samarinda you're heading to the various levels, including by bus (bus fare around Rp.17.500 AC) or by renting a private car around Rp.250.000 - Rp.300.000 / day, or hire a taxi back and forth around Rp.200.000, -- .-

If you take the bus from Samarinda, the trip to the village Pampang (at Bontang) followed by angkot or motorcycle taxi costs around 20,000, -. The whole trip can be enjoyed in a single day's all. Unfortunately, cultural activities in the village Pampang lasted Sunday at around 13:00 noon. And, do not be late for cultural performances only once .-

My advice, we recommend to Tenggarong first thing in the morning and afternoon to the village Pampang. How? Want a trip to Samarinda? --

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Cultural Tourism assets Mempawah

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boat laden queen princes rode quietly over the water surface Mempawah River. Sassy yellow boat that departed from the famous Palace Amantubillah. On arrival at the estuary, a retainer of the palace echoes the call to prayer. After that, the crown prince and punggawanya throw into the sea as sesajain bala divorce. That core robok-robok activities that took place in Kuala Mempawah, mid-March. Since morning, people flocked to crowded field Mempawah River, about 200 meters from the estuary. By mid-morning visitors who come increasingly booming. Not just residents of Kuala Mempawah, but only complains that came from various villages in the district of Pontianak. Not even a citizen of Pontianak who had come with a journey of about 2 hours .-

A young couple came to a motorbike. Some families use private cars. There are also several groups who come by car and pickup trucks. As a result, about 200 meters from the mouth of the road to the location of congestion. Moreover, all the way to the field there are stalls of merchants selling various products, such as clothing, food, drinks, accessories, vcd, and so on that day .-

Although the weather was hot, sunny, but no intention of loosening to come . Their goal one, want to see both robok-robok shopping and enjoying the free entertainment. Several foreign tourists were seen among the hundreds of local visitors .-

In the field, number of guests already occupying the chairs covered a large tent overlooking river. Visitors who are not caught up in the chair of the river mouth. Soon the yellow boat carrying a group of Queen of the Palace of Prince Amantubillah, Dr. Ir. Martian Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim, MSc drove over the water Mempawah River, about 20 yards from where the guests sat. When entering the estuary Mempawah, Prince Queen picked up by the crown prince and a palace retainer with a boat up the sassy yellow .-

In Mempawah Estuary, a retainer of the palace echoes the call from the boat. After that, the crown prince doing wasting ritual offerings to the sea as divorce bala. Furthermore, the Queen and Prince Consort came the invitation, while the crown prince returned to the palace .-

Celebration robok-rohok tradition is slightly different times, more special than previous years. In this year, the celebration centered on Mempawah River King and Queen attended and representatives from a number of court in Indonesia, which was followed Festival Keraton Nusantara II. They became the included special guests see first hand the tradition of celebration robok-robok .-

After the ceremonial opening of the Cultural Arts Festival Keraton Nusantara II and Art Festival Budaya Melayu IV as West Kalimantan, entertained guests with an offering traditional dancing Kal-Bar. There Mamiri Anging dance, typical Bugis in South Sulawesi. Then welcome dance typical Malays brought some female dancers dressed in yellow. And continued with the dancing girl of 6 who could steal the invitation .-

After the closing prayers, kings, queens and hosted by the Prince invited the Queen to lunch at the Palace Amantubillah. The procession was to use lunch or dinner saprahan tradition with typical people who live on the coast. "In the past when coming in Memawah Opu no home. They then sat down and ate together on the banks of the river covered the sky. The tradition is then performed Mempawah communities were hereditary," said Prince Queen Mardan. After eating, some invitations made a pilgrimage to the tomb .-

Manambon Guest Ompu meaning-the celebration of tradition robok by Prince Queen robok Mardan as Historian Daeng Opu Manambon arrival. "When it's followers Opu Manambon Daeng, consisting of various ethnic and religious," he said. So robok believed robok-laden with messages of unity of all ethnic and religious communities in West Kalimantan. The message is the legacy left by Daeng Opu Manambon when establishing Mempawah City .-

"They gathered on the end of the month Safar Wednesday. Together they build Mempawah. There was a harmony of meaning between ethnic and religious celebrations robok reversed-robok this,"

- Proof Other than the harmony that, go Mardan, can be seen in the cemetery Manambon Opu Daeng. On the tomb is also Commander of Black tomb terdapt Dayaks, Regent Humantir and Javanese Damarwulan, Lo Pak Tai Tionghoa people, and several other ethnic tomb .-

The Governor of West Kalimantan H. Usman Jafar said robok-robok Kalbar tourism asset. "Warning robok-robok this year united with the Malays and Festival Festival Kraton Nusantara gives new color to enhance arts and culture,"

As in previous years, robok-robok celebration which has become one of the national tourism calendar this hihuran free society. Some entertainment is shown as a contest of water motors, custom clothing, Qasidah, karaoke song, tambourine, albarzanji, monkey nut, pat the pillow, pull the ropes, table tennis, volleyball, football goal kid, canoe races, dance area, and other arts attractions in Pontianak regency. These activities took place on the banks of the River Mempawah from morning till night-Robok .-

robok for some local communities into its own blessing. They wash the rupiah by selling various products in a row of stalls around the site that turned into a market shock. Usually they are sold a week before and after the implementation robok .-

robok-Celebration Tips robok-robok tradition every year take place in Kuala Mempawah, Pontianak District, West Kalimantan. Mempawah location within easy reach. From Bandana Supandio, Pontianak live chartered taxi or bus travel. It takes about 2 hours .-

Or can the public bus from the terminal to Kuala Pontianak Mempawah. Paved road with traffic smooth deserted. If tired and hungry, coming home from watching robok-robok, can stop at Pondok Pengkang that serves traditional foods and snacks Malays pengkang throwing rice or similar .-

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