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Minangkabau's plateau lies at Mountain Range middle part, mountain that endlongs well-nigh along island Sumatra Is alone, correct it at Sumatra West, maybe constitute the most region lush at Indonesia. As immoral as sees, one that seeming just valley that green, cataract, waterfall and lake.

Masyrakat Minangkabau is a society that follows sistim Matriarileneal where lines Mother more dominant and law to inheritance follow to line Mother, one that maybe the one only at Indonesian. Konon, Country society nine at peninsulas west part Malaysian that is believed comes from Minang's Domain, also have society that Matrilineal, as at their native land.

Minangkabau's society also known as a society that really religious. There is proverb which say, wherever we stand up at Minang's domain, can ensure us will hear Adzan's peal, call for prays five times. To aim whichever we behold, nearly being ensured by us will see cupola one Mosque, minimal one Mosque with typical Minang architecture.

Minang's architecture has to inspire that typical and unique, notably “ Swagger House ”. One of that konon eldest, stand since is more than 400 last years, can be met at Cages Stone south.

Minang's architecture specification this tertutama on forms its roof. There is that looks on to form it as “ saddle rides on horseback ”, but major tending say its form as “ buffalo horn ”, as it were that implied deep Minangkabau's word. One of architectures typical form so Minang lovely and kitsch, is Pagaruyung's Sultan Palace.

Tall hill, popularly with “ Swagger Hour ”, one that grandiose stand to be intermediated down town. If we notice, roman numeral 4 on that hour, don't it be set down as IV., but is set down “ alla Minang ” which is IIII ……. Konon is Minang's person is known “ refractory ” …….. because if carries the wind we not hard, that cannikin doesn't carry the wind its name …..?

This pretty city pretend perch at hill hads up “ Sianok's Canyon ” or Grand Canyonnya Minangkabau

At Bukittinggi can meet De Cock's Fortress, konon as towering as keeper which drawned round by canon canon hads up to all angle, one that found many hundred last years by colonialist Dutches on colonization term.

One of city which unique at domain Minang is: Kuto is Swagger. Even sling name “ swagger ” one means “ big ”, that city is alone is one small town, those are on Sianok's valley, but this small town have big saga. Of this small town results a lot of cendikiawan Minang's intellectual “ nan Swagger ” or big the names, as defunct as Agus Salim's Pilgrim, late Natsir's Muhammad and the names outgrows another.

It is tragic, this Swagger city as one city which “ empty ”, there are many fraught old house empty let this saga, there is that dipugar there are many too which is let not terawat with every consideration, since occupants its by and large is successful Minang person is gone abroad.

Alimentary problem, to tourist nots local become problem, since was wonted with restaurant spread Moorland at all Archipelago, even at java, Moorland booth by a long shot a lot of of “ Warteg ” ….. But divides that don't mempermasalahkan “ kolasterol ”, there is one restaurant that far-famed one just sells “ Moorland Broil ” by its typical sauce: Restaurant Mak Fortunately its name, those are on Elongated Moorland city. Konon in Abdullah Badawi's Premier visit, to its native land at Minang's domain, SBY asks out beliau that kerestaurant's stopover to get nostalgia: Kampuang nan goes away dimato … .

One that also enough pulls to be noted it Minangkabau's color or symbol that consisting of 3 kindred color with German's flag. We can witness umbul umbul with to this tricolour at all points. My beginning thought available kesebelasan German that visits to go to Minang's Domain ……..

On a German's tourist that I meets at one panorama hut that there are many available at along road among Moorland – Bukittinggi I say that apparently this Minang's society welcoming you, even see that German's flag or attribute at all points. With viscous German patois, she answers: “Yes yes, that make I feel a at home here's bit, fantastic land with charming people

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