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Pontianak be special because it passed an imaginary line or line of the Equator Equator. Line that divides the earth into two parts, namely the northern and southern hemisphere. When standing at the point of 0 degrees latitude, clearly led Privileges .-

pride that stems from an international expedition led by the Dutch geographer in 1928. The objective is to determine the point or milestone Equator line in Pontianak. Once found, then built a milestone with the shape of the arrow at the top. That marker that passed Pontianak Equatorial line .-

In 1930 the stake was added to form a circle on top. Eight years later, in 1938, returned tonggaknya enhanced by architect named Silaban with the four pillars of wood purchase. Each pillar diameter of 0.30 meters. Two pillars of the front of the 3.05 meters tall and two pillars of the back where the circles and arrows as high as 4.40 meters .-

In 1990, Equator monument was renovated with the addition of the total dome and both copies of the equator monument with the size 5 times larger than the stake original. Two pillars of the front herdiameter height of 1.5 meters with 15.25 meters from the ground. Tongak two behind where the circle and the arrow in diameter with a height of 1.5 meters 22 meters from the ground. While the arrows length 10.75 meters .-

At the bottom there is a plaque that read 109 degrees 20'00 "showing the location OLVGR Equator monument establishment of east longitude. Inauguration duplicate Equator monument is dated 21 September 1991 by Pardjoko Suryokusumo, Governor of West Kalimantan time .-

The bottom line Equator monument is represented by a floor with different colors. During the culmination of the sun, all the things around here have no idea due to its position perpendicular to the sun. It was always celebrated royally by the community in Pontianak. The typical dances enliven the show Pontianak, waiting time in which the culmination .-

equator monument is open daily from 07.15 o'clock until 16:00 o'clock. Visitors can browse the documentation its history, in addition to studying the knowledge of the earth and astronomy. Inside the monument there are tourists visit information boards of both local and foreign tourists every year. Every visitor will get a free certificate signed by the Mayor of Pontianak .-

To prove that the Equator monument at zero degrees latitude, come to this monument every 21-23 March and 21-23 September. On that date when the sun is above the head, our shadow, cairns, and other upright objects around the monument does not appear .-

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