Kakaban; Sparkling Light at Lake Central.

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Kakaban, one of the groups nominated Derawan Islands as a World Heritage Area. For those of you who loved maritime tourism, which has a wide area of 774.2 hectares and has a diverse population of jellyfish in the world's most lots, the four unique species of jellyfish that do not sting. It took 45 minutes from Kakaban Derawan to use the boat. This boat rents could triple over a fishing boat that only requires the cost of Rp 300,000 for the same distance .-

The island is surrounded by high cliffs, out of the cliff to the west lies the lowland 50an meters wide consisting of rocks. From the plain rock you can dock, of course with a bathing suit and snorkeling equipment to swim toward the mainland. Some parts of the mainland remained closed reefs are shallow water about 30 cm. At that puddle the size of a pack of small fish anchovy bright green around reefs. At the foot of the cliff there is a wooden ladder to climb and then decreased distance of 120 meters, leading you to the edge of the lake behind the hill. This ladder is made of meranti wood and the stairs look left and right grove of mangrove trees (Rhizophora) interspersed with other genera of tropical trees towering form of mangrove forests, such as tanjang (Bruguiera), apiapi (Avicennia), and Sonneratia (Sonneratia) .-

As the island atolls that have brackish water lagoon in it, Kakaban rare. Because, in this world there are only two known to have similar conditions, namely Kakaban and Palau Islands, in Micronesia, located 1000 kilometers from the Philippines. Kakaban the form the number "9", the circular section in the north of the atoll or ring-shaped rock. Inside the lagoon formed locals called Kakaban .-

Lake Lake Kakaban containing brackish water that occupied various marine biota evolved during confined in it, so has the nature and physical appearance is different from similar species in the sea. One of them is the jellyfish body like a plate of clear glass (Aurelia aurita) and several other types that looked far more petite size of the index finger (Tripedalia cystophora). While the fist, like incandescent light bulbs brownish blue (Martigias papua) is more dominant in number among others. Together the three types of jellyfish, there are also species of jellyfish Cassiopeia ornata is a trade mark Kakaban. What distinguishes this endemic species with a jellyfish on the high seas is the loss of the ability to sting. While Cassiopeia is a unique habit of swimming upside down. By confronting "leg" or tentacles up .-

There are eight species of fish in Lake Kakaban, four of whom are serinding (Apogon lateralis), puntang (Exyrias puntang), Teri rock (Antherinomorus endrachtensis) and fish-julung julung (Zenarchopterus dispar) . In Rhizopora roots sunk on the banks of Lake Kakaban common algae Halimeda and Caulepa, which resemble small green grapes. Kakaban can be regarded as the last bastion where marine biota in the area protected from human incursion population is increasing beyond .-

Kakaban side is the high cliffs and steep straight into the sea, with its coral reefs are very beautiful, bergua-cave and alleys, a paradise for divers. Kakaban administratively included in the Berau area, Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan .-

Anyone who explored the Lake Kakaban with diving equipment / snorkel, or watch the underwater video documentation will understand why Kakaban should be a source of national pride. Diving world has known some point near diving Kakaban, the Barracuda Point, The Drift, Cabbage Patch, The Wall, Blue Light Cave, The Plateau, Rainbow Run, Diver's Delight and The North Face. Variations of the various types of dive sites are very interesting for divers who experienced a difficult .-

Field, dangerous and not anchored in any place Kakaban location makes this a challenging dive. Note the divers also gives a picture, the animals in this lake has a more colorful light when it was getting dark. So, see you in Kakaban ....-

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