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Stop in to go to Maimun's Palace if visit goes to Field city. Its taste is tripping was fledged otherwise beholds aesthetical remaining old palace one of best Malay culture inheritance at its era this. Its position at downtown (jl. Brig. Katamso) keep handy with whatever vehicle, car, or motor caring (kind of pedicab which pulled by motor over and above it). Maimun's palace own becomes landmark far-famed Field city, nearly kindred Jakarta with Monasnya, or Moorland city with the time of day its Swagger. This Maimun's palace is instituted by order of Deli's monarchy Sultan, Makmun Al Rasyid's sultan Alamsyah Mighty. Engineering design is worked is an arkitek Italian, and finished on year 1888. This building hads up to aim East and robust stand at aboveground as extensive as 2.772 m2, and becomes Deli's monarchy center. This palace consisting of two floor are divided in three a part, namely parented building, left wing, and right wing. In the adjacent apartment doesn't restrain from it, Al Maksum's Mosque stand that more recognised by the name of Mosque Raya vicinity Field 150m goes away.

Broadly building and its page area that broad, its figure is observable so flashy intermediated by Field city frenzy that its wooded vicinity building about shop modern. Pertamakali enters its front page, atmosphere “ peace ” direct assaults head. Light breeze blows balmy at front terrace page this grandiose palace. Its roof that soars as high as 5 8 meter make hall temperature at in it feels really cozy, as sensed as cities fuggy air Field not feel here again.

Palace interior design this constitutes one of main affinity. Conjugate among Islamic tradition and Europe culture descries to dominate. Besides that looked at market building, buildings base floor also point out Europe influence. According to story, in the early development it is exhaustive significant subject palace building really is wreaked from Europe, as tile, marble, and teraso. Dutch architecture influence is seen at door and broad and tall window, and selasar or classy main corridor Spain is part of Maimun's Palace. Dutch influence also looked on inscription marbles to be in front marble ladder that wrote by Latin font gets Dutch language.

Islamic culture influence is seen on curve form or arcade on to amount to palace roof part. Curve that gets to form that upending boat is recognised with Persian curve pillar, there are many is met on building at Middle East area, Turkish, and India. Ornamen who adorn palace also seeming regarded by plant pattern that there are many is met deep art treasury culturizes Islam.

Other part that withdraw from main room is most actually 20 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, barn, kitchen, and little jail, one total rooms that admirably luxurious at antiquity! Comparing room function at home modern present era, Maimun's palace was going spatial logistic concept efficient one on one house at era 1800 an. Room as a whole spread at left sideways wing and right and palace back internode. In the presence that room is extant up to now, and is still get from outside been seen page.

Entering guest hall (market building) will dominated throne terlihati colour yellow, magnitude monochrome in Malay cultural custom. Put off the light giant crystals to be hung intermediated by halls, lighting throne, one form marks sense European culture influence. Influence it also descries on furniture palace as chair, table w.c. and cabinet until shove door wends market building. Hall as extensive as 412 m2 this was utilized for Sultan coronation event Deli or another custom event. Market building also being used as place of sultan accepts to curtsey prostration of its kin kin on Islamic a red letter days.

Interior luxury and palace physical building this was enabled since since 2 ago century territorial Deli under Deli's princedom results to usufruct plantation, oil and abundant mace ruah. Usufruct earth that admirably it gives production that severely out of one's way to Deli's King and its family at ago term. Deli's Sultan wealth appears al with this palace present, or she has bestriddened motorbike at antiquity and having severally selection car that kerap was used by berkeliling city.

One thing that as concern note, are trifling kerapihan and lovely palace care this. This building is not building gawp. Its room stayed by family kinsfolk kins reigns Deli. In consequence, if beholds to sideways wing and behind descry condition rather dirty and not tarawat. Black and damaged wall, browsing bush which meninggi because reducing terawat with every consideration. Even at intermediate room (market building) one that kerap was visitted by tourist, its roof is umpteen also scales. Our car driver finds time to say, that this Palace finds time several times announcing to accept money contribution for preserve and restoration. If really correct, and beholds palace condition that as it, its descries that money not undivided is used for restoration and building care. Severely fond.

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