Tarzan the Bangkirai Bridge.

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Balikpapan Near the city there are natural tourist sites Bangkirai Hill. The distance is only about a half hour journey to Samarinda. But from the T-junction Sepaku semol the area of 15 million hectares, 20 kilometers distance covered in 40 minutes. Understandably ugly way. This region is widely known as the owner of the canopy trail or road in the first tree canopies in Indonesia. But not only the suspension bridge are the main attraction at the Nature Tourism Bangkirai. There was a garden orchids. With the naked eye, we can look at stems, leaves, and flowers were orchids. We can touch a variety of orchids such as the Black Orchid (Coelegyne pandurata), Orchid Sugar Cane (Grammatophyllum speciosum), Dragon Scales Orchid (Cymbidium antropurpureum), Orchid Dance (Bromheadia fynlaysoniana), Orchid Kala, and others. In addition there are also being developed forest fruits such as matoa, mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), Lai (Durio kutejensis), butter-

At night, tourists were still being offered to look at phosphorus mushrooms, fungi that emit light at night. According Suparno, the night watchman in the region to SH, the three fungi was locally called Flores Mushroom, Mushroom roots, and mushroom umbrella. "We have to up the path to see the mushroom. If we choose at the time of the month being narrowed, "he said .-

The wealth of natural wildlife can still be reliable to watch and hear tourists. Although we can not see, sounds of different birds were heard here and there. Lizard reptile small crate was sometimes seen. Not to mention small animals like squirrels, deer, wild boar, and monkeys are still living freely in this area .-

various birds such as hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) and the Birds of Heaven (Tersiphone paradisi) boast more than a show with his body. However, the sound in the woods, the top branch of the tree height, had given the impression that they live freely in nature. Sambar (Coruus unicolor) breeding in a solid wooden fenced area of 3.5 hectares. Visitors can merapa deer antlers and the skin is rather tame over and greet tourists .-

To hold that tourists stay longer there, the manager had set up five cottages with rent iD 250,000 - iD 450,000 per day. Even if you want more efficient, able to stay at Jungle Cabin with a price of Rp 200,000 per day. Not only that, if you want to stay in tents, in the wild, there were rented tents and camping ground area occupied per day Rp 25,000 .-

Affairs eat, nothing to worry about. There was a one stop shop snack center. Began to snack foods to heavy. In short, do not need to be confused. Prices, was slightly more expensive than the food in the city because of the remoteness of the location. However, all prices are still within reasonable limits .-

Jali, an employee of the tourist area, on Sunday the number of tourists could reach 400 people. Of that amount, 35 percent of foreign tourists instead. "But on ordinary days just quiet. Tourist harvest is on school vacation time, "he said.

travel tourism

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