Green Lantern Greenlit

Green Lantern Greenlit

Project Green Lantern finally officially start his production after the studio said the project is officially approved. People who come from the DC Comics superhero is the DC after some time and hoped to break the dominance of Batman and Superman as well as an alternative development for Warner Bros. franchise .-

It stars Ryan Reynolds as the main character, had been a confusion because Reynolds had a chance to play Deadpool in Marvel movie Wolverine . Deadpool own and will also be a spinoff version of it by Marvel. Indeed the two figures can not be met unless Marvel and DC decided to create a war between the world of comics .-

In the seat of the director, Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) to be guaranteed to bring a class action movie, supported by a team that does not lose silaunya: cinematographer Dian Beebe (Memoirs of a Geisha, Chicago), production designer Grant Major (King Kong, Lord of the Rings), costume designer Ngila Dickson (Lord of the Rings). And art director Francois Audouy (Avatar, I Am Legend, Watchmen, Transformers) .-

Under such a team, Martin Campbell expects to live a good story comes from the writers, who made his debut first movie they, Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim are tv writers (Brothers and Sisters, Smallville) .-

Although Ryan Reynolds has become a major actor, the female lead has not been cast, and gossip about Blake Lively (Gossip Gir) or Jennifer Garner (Elektra), which will fill the position . Green Lantern story follows a character named Hal Jordan, an ordinary man chosen to replace the alien Abin Sur, who was dying, receiving green power in the ring to protect the planet.

green lantern trailer

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Amphibious 3D

Amphibious 3D

3D movie Brian Yuzna production is a multinational production of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. So should also say this is the first 3D film Indonesia. Production is carried out in Jakarta and also starred Solaeman Verdi was likely to appear mid-2010 .

Here is the official synopsis released: Skylar Shane is a marine biologist. In his research on the waters of Sumatra, he had to deal with a group of smugglers who live in Jermal, he met there the Tamal who reminded his own son and a key from another historic discovery, a sea monster that had been extinct! Potion of blending eastern and western cultures, plus a little emotional elements of occultism, as well as action and monsters are realized in 3D form, are things that can describe the Amphibious, a film genre with 3D output creature in Indonesia's first feature film was taken .- setting off the sea, and the first photographs already released, plus exclusive photos Verdi Solaeman as pirates in this movie. The film is scheduled to appear May 2010, but it was not known where the release schedule, whether in Indonesia or outside. While the Dutch themselves have scheduled November 2010.




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Kungfu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom

Kungfu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom

Release Date: 3 June 2011

Genre: Animation/Comedy

Studio: DreamWorks Animation

Director: Jennifer Yuh

Writers: Jonathan Aibel
Glenn Berger


Jack Black

Dustin Hoffman

Angelina Jolie

Jackie Chan

Seth Rogan

David Cross

Lucy Liu

Synopsis Kungfu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom A new villain has emerged with a mysterious weapon so powerful it threatens the very existence of kung fu. It is up to Po and the Furious Five to protect all that they know. But first, Po must confront his long lost past.
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Hannibal The Conqueror

Hannibal The Conqueror [2011]
Vin Diesel in History Epic

In Hannibal the conqueror, Vin Diesel has seized upon a noteworthy historical figure who was as crafty a battlefield tactician as "Braveheart" protagonist William Wallace. After swearing to his warrior father an oath of hatred for the Romans, Hannibal became by his mid-20s a Carthage general commanding an army 100,000 strong. He unleashed those forces on Rome and its allies, conquering such venues as Spain before engineering a surprise attack against Rome by trekking his armies over the Alps.

Hannibal the Conqueror is the title of this film written by David Franzoni, who wrote Gladiator and King Arthur. Vin Diesel will be the director and main actor of this film which will probably be on our screens in the year 2009. I suppose that our tourism professionals and our ministry of culture and tourism have already created a committee which has already implemented a plan to promote Tunisia and Carthage around the world and benefit the future of public enthusiasm for this time of our glorious past.
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Release Date
: TBA 2011
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: Rob Marshall
Screenwriter: Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott
Starring: Johnny Depp
Genre: Action, Adventure
MPAA Rating: Not Available
Official Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD: Not Available
Movie Poster: Not Available
Production Stills: Not Available
Plot Summary: Johnny Depp is returning as Captain Jack Sparrow in a untitled third sequel in the popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" teased audiences with Sparrow and Barbossa both in hot pursuit of the Fountain of Youth!

Walt Disney Pictures has again succeeded in both genre movies and the pirates managed to make a franchise from the Pirates of the Caribbean. So it was no wonder if they will not kill the goose that has resulted in their golden eggs and try to reap more profits from the movie .-

That is why he has decided to produce Pirates of the Caribbean 4 .-

The movie is planned to be released in 2012 .

Rather sad that we have to wait so long, but I'm sure the film will succeed in the market .- Directed by Gore Verbinski is the lead three films Pirates of the Caribbean. He was still interested in the idea of using modern technology which has long been returned unused after the golden age of Hollywood. But he did not want to film Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to be a retarded movie, he was quoted saying:

"... the big danger is diminishing the brand ... it would have to be a tale worthy of telling"
"I would start fresh and focus on the further adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow. "

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Naked Beauty A Love Story that Feeds the Earth

Naked Beauty: A Love Story that Feeds the Earth

Sinopsis Naked Beauty: A Love Story that Feeds the Earth
In this film, nature is ready for its close-up … a very close-up, as exacting macro photography takes us to the realm of flowers and their pollinators. Acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg introduces us to a bat, a hummingbird, a butterfly and a bumblebee, demonstrating their intricate interdependence and how life on earth depends on the success of these determined, diminutive creatures. Naked Beauty is produced by Blacklight Films and Alix Tidmarsh. Worldwide release 2011

There is still no trailer, movie posters as well not exist. Perhaps because this film is also still a very long time out and probably not yet completed the process of creation of the shooting and editing film info .-

I get this new course, no other info about this movie. (from all different sources, has the same info.) - I hope this info makes the movie you are interested to watch this movie Do not forget to click Thanks -

Even if this is repost, I apologize .. hehehe
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petersteven in tintin

An adaptation of the comic story by Belgian Hergé (aka George Remy). Tintin film-making status is still in pre-production stage. Tintin himself is still not determined who the players. When the news before the names of Kirsten Myburgh or Conor MacNeill going to fill the sound of Tintin, Thomas Sangster gossip now (Love Actually, Nanny McPhee) dicasting for that role. While the role of Captain Haddock would have long set was played by Andy Serkis, who previously worked with Jackson in the LOTR trilogy and King Kong .-

If you had had rumored that this film will be made into a movie sequel, with Jackson as its first director, and Spielberg as The second film-developing news now that this movie is planned to be a trilogy! The third film will be re-held by Jackson. The first film scheduled for release in 2009, the second film in 2010, and the third film in 2011 ( .-

The film will use the 3D animation motion capture technology, such as Gollum in LOTR. Because of Hergé's comic style is so strong, so Spielberg and Jackson have agreed to maintain the styles. 'We want Tintin's adventures to have reality as a live-action movie, but Peter and I felt this movie with live action form will not meghormati unique characters and world that have been created by Hergé,' Spielberg says. "Hergé's characters will be reborn as living beings, have emotions and spirit far beyond the animated characters that there are now computers. '-

So imagine Tintin by Hergé his style, but it looks realistic. Her skin was like real human skin, clothes to have the details down to the fibers of ... something like Gollum deh!
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The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender

synopsis The Last Airbender
Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Four nations tied by destiny when the Fire Nation launches a brutal war against the others. A century has passed with no hope in sight to change the path of this destruction. Caught between combat and courage, Aang (Noah Ringer) discovers he is the lone Avatar with the power to manipulate all four elements. Aang teams with Katara (Nicola Peltz), a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone), to restore balance to their war-torn world

trailer The Last Airbender

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oceans movie

oceans movie
synopsis oceans
Nearly three-quarters of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. French co-directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud have set out to capture the full expanse of these waters that have played such a crucial and constant role in the history and sustenance of man. The deep and abundant oceans are places of great mysteries and dangers that this film will dare to explore.

trailer oceans

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The Assassination of Ma

The Assassination of Ma

synopsis The Assassination of Ma
Based on the story of "The Assassination of Ma." Three blood brothers struggle in the midst of war and political upheaval..

trailer The Assassination of Ma

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clash of the titans

clash of the titans

synopsis clash of the titans

In "Clash of the Titans," the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny

trailer clash of the titans

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alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

When Alice tumbles down, down, down a rabbit-hole one hotsummer's afternoon in pursuit of a White Rabbit she finds herself in Wonderland. And there begin the fantastical adventures that will see herexperiencing extraordinary changes in size, swimming in a pool of her own tears and attending the very maddest of tea parties. For Wonderland is no ordinary place and the characters that populate it are quite unlike anybody young Alice has ever met before. In this imaginary land she encounters the savagely violent Queen, the Lachrymose Mock Turtle, the laconic Cheshire Cat and the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, each as surprising and outlandish as the next.

alice in wonderland trailer

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Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

In "Iron Man 2," the world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the armored Super Hero Iron Man. Under pressure from the government, the press and the public to share his technology with the military, Tony is unwilling to divulge the secrets behind the Iron Man armor because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands. With Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side, Tony forges new alliances and confronts powerful new forces.

trailer Iron Man 2

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The Runaways movie

The Runaways movie (2010)

Director: Floria Sigismondi
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Stella Maeve, Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Shannon
Distributor: River Road Entertainment

Release date: 2010

synopsis The Runaways movie
Runaways is the boigrafi a film that will tell the story of traveling band, The Runaways, consisting of Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Lita Ford and their manager Kim Fowley. The screenplay was adapted by the director, Floria Sigismondi, based on the autobiography written by Cherie Currie, Neon Angel: The Cherie Currie Story, in 1989.

The film will narrate the process of forming The Runaways, a rock band whose members are all women. Unfortunately, like many great bands on the other, the members of The Runaways begin to experience vision split after their band's name began to climb. The Runaways own starring many talented young stars such as Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, and provides starring Oscar-nominated actor winner , Michael Shannon.

The film will be the second movie Kristen Stewart, but Welcome to the Rileys, to be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Runaways movie trailer

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Adjustment Bureau

Adjustment Bureau 2010
Matt Damon & Emily Blunt's thriller

Produced by George Nolfi, Chris Moore,
Written by George Nolfi based on Philip K Dick's story 'Adjustment Team'
Directed by George Nolfi


Matt Damon
Emily Blunt
Anthony Mackie
Daniel Dae Kim
Michael Kelly
Terence Stamp

Adjustment Bureau Synopsis
Taken from a short story written by science fiction writer Philip K Dick who previously wrote a story that became the basis of 'Blade Runner' & 'Paycheck', 'Adjustment Bureau' tells the story of a politician, David Norris (Matt Damon) who run the daily routine of life with , until one day he met Sellas ballerina named Elise (Emily Blunt). Feeling met his soul mate, David kept trying to meet Elise, but then realized the intervention of mysterious agents, which prevent met Elise. David grew curious, the more he realized that these agents not only take care of Elise, but also cover a great fact, Which reality of David's life could change drastically. Bacilmas is offline Add to bacilmas's Reputation Report Post Report Post Multi-Quote This Message
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Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody 2010
Jared Leto, Sarah Polley in Jaco Van Dormael sci-fi drama

Produced by Phillipe Godeau
Written by Jaco Van Dormael
Directed by Jaco Van Dormael


Jared Leto
Sarah Polley
Rhys Ifans
Diane Kruger

Synopsis Mr. Nobody

Combining the film with big ideas like the big bang theory & superstring theory with non-linear autobiographical story that includes love men women and children and the elderly, the first film director Jaco Van Dormael Belgium after 'The Eighth Day' (1996) reminds us in ' The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ',' Citizen Kane 'and experimental works by Steven Soderbergh. In 2092, Mars has become a place where people vacation and all have the ability to live forever. Mr. Nemo Nobody, a 117-year-old man last man who now lay in bed, waiting to die, imagine three possible life path he could take, and three different weddings that he led.

trailer 1 Mr. Nobody

trailer 2 Mr. Nobody

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Eagle Of The Ninth

Eagle Of The Ninth

Produced by Duncan Kenworthy, Caroline Hewitt
Written by Jeremy Brock, based on Rosemary Sutcliff novel
Directed by Kevin McDonald


Channing Tatum
Jamie Bell
Donald Sutherland
Mark Strong
Tahar Rahim

Eagle Of The Ninth

After 'Centurion'nya Neil Marshall, came back a movie about The Legion of the mysterious 9. Based on the novel Rosemarie Sutcliff first published in 1954, the story occurs in the 2nd century AD After, in which a Centurion Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) was seriously injured after defend his castle from invasion of Celtic people. Once discharged from the army, Marcus and his slave, Esca (Jamie Bell) to go north, to Scotland where his father, who include the Legion Go - 9 lost fifteen years ago, through a place full of mystery and confront the dangerous Celtic. Eagle Of The Ninth
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London Boulevard 2010

London Boulevard (2010)

Director: William Monahan
Cast: Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley, David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Ray Winstone
Distributor: GK Films

Release date: 2010

Remember how the character played by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill to meet with the character played by Hugh Grant? Just imagine if the film were crime drama genre and the actress even met with a former criminal? Maybe that can describe the film's debut which will be penyutradraan for William Monahan, London Boulevard. Monahan's name alone could have known of the manuscript that he wrote for the film The Kingdom, Body of Lies, or the script adaptation of The Departed, which won an Oscar. London Boulevard own manuscript was adapted by Monahan berdasarakan a similar novel by Irish writer, Ken Bruen .-

London Boulevard will tell you about Charlotte (Knightley), the temperamental actress who tries to escape from her life as a star into a mansion in Holland Park in London. Not unexpectedly, there he met with Mitchell (Farrell), a former convict who was released from prison, and even good friends with him .-

The process of shooting this film itself is done directly in central London since last June. Currently, the London Boulevard is entering post-production stage. Besides played by actress Keira Knightley and actor Colin Farrell, this film will also be rang by David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Ray Winstone, Eddie Marsan and Ben Chaplin .-

London Boulevard planned for release in 2010.
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A very rare Oliver Stone made a disappointing film2. Stone is an expert real war movie, especially the Vietnam War. Two awards Oscar for Platoon and BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY has become evidence of how great Stone. Besides the element of controversy that always surrounds his films, Stone is also very good at directing actors and actresses to appreciate the role that finally emerged many memorable characters from the films Stone. Chris Taylor, for example, as well as Sergeant Barnes and Sergeant Elias from Platoon, Jim Garrison of JFK, and the most remarkable is GORDON Gekko from Wall Street's first .-

Maybe Mr. Stone wanted to create a new breath, the term refreshment for young audiences in order to consider the works of the past were very good. The audience of today's youth wants to watch new movies continues and rarely want to see old movies when the film was produced in the 60's though. Now Stone would want to be like that, so he took Shia LaBeouf to offset Michael Douglas. Starring Bud Fox once, Charlie Sheen is now more popular weight through television comedy series Two and A Half Men and was invited to complete the nostalgia factor lawas spectators who had watched the film version of 1987 -

the veteran actress Susan Sarandon will appear in the film director Oliver Stone filmed " Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. "-

Sarandon will play the mother of a young broker (Shia LaBeouf) is influenced by Gordon Gekko. Michael Douglas and Frank Langella is also involved in this film. The event will begin shooting in New York City next month .-

movie script was written by Allan Loeb. Stone and Douglas will occupy the chair with producer Edward R. Pressman and Eric Kopeloff-Directed usually use a standard casting by inviting the prospective actors or actresses to follow a series of tests but in the case of Oliver Stone was another problem. This veteran director turned out to have a special method unique enough to find helpers in the film actor. Way, he traveled to places .-

We have entertainment director who won an Oscar by the movie Platoon was indeed working on the continuation of the movie WALL STREET circulating in the past 1987 years and require several additional roles. To find this actor Oliver candidates do not want to use the standard way and took Josh Brolin, one actor in this movie to come looking for an actress in a nightclub in New York. The goal is the waitress who worked there .-

"He asked them to play in this movie. Clearly these women are very happy and Oliver make sure that they will soon be contacted again," said a source who saw Oliver and Josh at the club called last Friday RdV .-

According to FemaleFirst, the movie titled WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER Sleeps put a lot of these big stars like Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf. For a while 20th Century Fox plans to release this film in April 2010

DragonBall Evolution

DragonBall Evolution 2009
Live Action Movie

Dragonball Evolution, and reviews have appeared, the best review is to say that, "This movie just might be inspired by his character

names-Justin Chatwin, actress SonGoku, apparently not yet realized, and in his latest interview, he said that might be made into Dragonball Trilogy, and that he had contracted for five movies. Furthermore, he added that with such a complex story in comics, Dragonball might be made up to 7 series ... .?*&!@?

Chatwin, adding that its sequel was written and in concept, are still very many things that have not been raised. This franchise can be exciting with many fighters are raised, new tokoh2, the world and the new location, maybe even up to Dragonball Z story ... ..

enough already 20th century fox! Wait and clay Dragonball box office results!

trailer here and here
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Whip It download

Whip It download

quality BDRip.XviD-iMBT

download here

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Twilight New Moon download

Twilight New Moon download

for download twilight New Moon
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the widows might download

the widows might download


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Universal Soldier Regeneration download

Universal Soldier Regeneration download [2009]

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" is a movie with the theme of adventure and fantasy film directed by Chris Columbus. The movie itself was adapted from the first series of novels by Rick Riordan series, titled "The Percy Jackson & the Olympians" .

The film featuring Uma Thurman as the Medusa, the background of the present, century 21, but the Gods of Mount Olympus and some Beast appeared to in real life. What happened? stick was stolen Zeus and the gods did not look happy. Percy Jackson's unfortunate fate that only a school student, she now becomes the prime suspect. Exacerbated by the sudden disappearing mother also later known where it .

Percy is a demigod, it is because his father was the sea god, Poseidon. With his new status and power he has, Percy was trapped in petarungan at Olympus. Its mission is to find the missing stick, forcing Percy who also helped his friends to berpetualangan to various places. When Percy was trying to find the stick and save the lost mother, he will eventually realize a mystery that is more powerful than even the gods .

"The Lightning Thief" starring Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. In addition, this film also rang in the presence of Uma Thurman as the Medusa, Rosario Dawson as Persephone, Kevin McKidd as Poseidon, as Chiron Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean as Zeus and Steve Coogan as Hades. The film is planned for release on February 12, 2010 .

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sun wukong New Journey to the West 3D

sun wukong New Journey to the West 3D

Classic story Journey to the West is the story of the most widely adapted by China and Hong Kong into a movie. Various versions have appeared, and welcomed the popularity of 3D movies, Filmko with $ 30 million budget will also release a 3D version of her, titled Monkey King: Wreaking Havoc in-Heavenly Palace. The scenario of this film was ready, and enter the pre-production stage of the earliest. Location filming was in search, and interesting for fans of Hollywood movies, this film 3D effects will be handled Weta Digital! Effects studio behind the film The Lord of the Rings, District 9 and one who handles Avatar .

Judging from its title, this film could have taken the story as the Monkey King, who was born from Huaguo shan (Mountain of Flowers and Fruit) and screwed on sky. Havoc in Heaven Palace, where Sun Wukong beat almost all the soldiers heaven (including cha) and balanced with the general Erlang Shen. Sun Wukong and then were caught short stories and successfully locked down the mountain by the Buddha under the special seal .

an interesting story to be made 3D films, with the mountain setting at the beginning of the movie Huaguo and castles in the sky as the end of the movie, certainly very attractive, especially when the Buddha appear in end of the movie and make bets with Sun Wukong, this could be a 3D movie of Asia's most exciting .

Until recently, setting rumored to be built is the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, Water Curtain Cave, Heavenly Palace, Eastern Dragon Palace, and Inferno Mountain. Water Curtain Cave is a cave dwelling Wukong and his men, Eastern Dragon Palace is the place to find Wukong magic wand. I can not remember a reference to Inferno Mountain, though not certain, possibility is the setting of Hell, where there Wukong invaded and remove his name from the book of reincarnation, and allows him to live forever .

The writer Edmond Wong (Ip Man, Dragon Tiger Gate) said the scenario ready has several innovations to the original story and changed some of the original character Sun Wukong. This is a question, during this decade, China's film industry changed a lot of stories into a modern classic and led to disappointing results enough to adapt, for example, Sam Kok, and Mulan. Changing the character Sun Wukong could be a boomerang for this film.
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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

The story is lifted from the comics written by Brian Lee was O'Mailey Scott Pilgrim tells of when a transfer student at a high school, and fell in love with a girl named Ramone. Long story short, Ramone has ex-ex-girlfriend who formed the League of Ramona's Evil Ex-boyfriends to prevent Scott getting Ramone.

Original series tells of 24-year-old man named Scott Pilgrim, a hero, Slacker,, basist for a band called "Sex BOB-OMB ", Canadian nationality and lives in Toronto, fell in love with a girl named Ramone V, and must defeat the seven ex-boyfriends to win the love Ramone Ramone .

This film adaptation starring Michael Cera (as Scott Pilgrim), and this first series to take the volume The second comic, which tells Scott Pilgrim flashbacks in high school. Scott Pilgrim comic is known through drawings and great characterizations. Brian Lee gets the credit for being able to convey so many emotions and images through the simple lines of the image that he used .

The main advantage of this comic is that Brian Lee by drawing a picture like this Japanese manga, brought a story that contains humor, unique characters and dialogue that sometimes flicked and not making it up. This film director, Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), clearly know that the fans of this comic very much, and he cleverly released one by one image, a teaser that makes the fans very excited browse an image that has small details that detaik also appears the comic. The film is planned for release mid-2010

(L to R): Michael Cera as the titular Scott Pilgrim, Chris Evans as the second evil ex-Lucas Lee (a pro-Skateboarder turned self-absorbed movie star), Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers , Anna Kendrick as Scott's sister Stacey Pilgrim, Ellen Wong as Knives Chau, a mystery guest (though almost certainly Jason Schwartzmann) as the final of Ramona's seven ex-boyfriends, and Satya Bhabh and the first ex-bf Matthew Patel.








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Confusius movie

Confusius movie

"Confucius", starring veteran actor Chow Yun-Fat is told about the great thinker and philosopher most influential in China named Confucius. This film focuses on the period of his life between the years 551 to 479 BC, at the time of the Zhou Dynasty in power in China. His teachings have become a major influence in most of Asia .-

The film is directed by Hu Mei (Army Nurse, Far from War, For All Eternity)-filmmakers from the country this panda has a budget of 2.8 million dollars, if the conversion becomes 22 million in hongkong dollars. The film itself will go live this month, along with the anniversary of the People's Republic of China 60th anniversary of Confucius and the 2560. Unfortunately, there is no certainty when this film will be distributed to other countries including the United States.

trailer here

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Trailer "A-Team" Leaks!

Trailer of the latest movie by Joe Carnahan, A-Team accidentally leaked and posted online by the Canadian newspaper, Edmoton Journal. The trailer can be seen only in Canada. The Film Stage, one of the leading movie site in the United States, put the trailer on Vimeo. Now everyone is talking about the trailer leak, and the trending topics on Twitter-Party own 20th Century Fox will release a new trailer next week coincided with the release of the film Daybreakers .-

Following the leaked trailer, we assume that this trailer will not last long because the uploaded illegally. Watch before it cleared by the 20th Century Fox .- A-Team Trailer -

Update: What we expected, the trailer on Vimeo been removed by the 20th Century Fox, but the trailer still diliat on: Trailer A-Team on Youtube-A-Team television series adapted from the 80s to summon a group of former football exploits of Special Forces America's Army is now working as mercenaries. The A-Team will display the new Bradley Cooper as Lt.. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck, Liam Neeson as Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith, as Capt. Sharlto Copley. 'Howling Mad' Murdock, and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson as Sgt Bosco 'BA' Baracus .-

The film is directed by Joe Carnahan is still in production stage, and planned for release on June 11, 2010.

trailer here

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