Download Dead Air

Download Dead Air 2009

Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable persona is put to the test when a terrorist bio-attack unleashes a plague of flesh-ripping maniacs on Los Angeles.
Runtime.: 89 Min
Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Size: 0.70 GB
Source: DVD5
Resolution: 700×360
Framerate: 23.976
Video: 957 Kbps
Audio: 128 Kbps
Language: English
Subtitles: None

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download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD – LAP

download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD

Many things have gone missing in this world: Amelia Earhart, D.B. Cooper, the Olmec civilization, Jeff Tremaine’s waistline, even the whole continent of Atlantis. Most important and culturally relevant, though, is a big mess of Jackass segments that had apparently slipped through a crack in Mianus and never found a home on any of the DVD releases for the classic MTV television series. The “Self Defense Test,” “Stun Collar,” “Unicycle Poo Barf,” “Fast Food Football,” “Roller Jump,” and “Satan vs. God” (in its original long ass-kicking form!) are just some of the absurd gold that what was once lost but now is found, not to mention all the original show opens, credit montages, and a bunch of other bonus footage that was never shown on television—or wasn’t allowed to be shown—featuring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Wee-Man, Danger Ehren, and Dave England in their earliest years of basic cable fame and notoriety.

Year: 2009

Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Chris Pontius, Steve-O

Genres: Comedy

Runtime: 104 min.

download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 1
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 2
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 3
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 4
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 5
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 6
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 7
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 8
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 9
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 10
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 11
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 12
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 13
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 14
download Jackass: The Lost Tapes (2009) DVDRip XviD part 15
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download Deadline DVDRip XviD-VoMiT

Deadline 2009 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT

Alice, 32, a writer recovering from a psychological breakdown retreats to a remote Victorian house to convalesce and focus on finishing her screenplay in time for a fast approaching deadline. Shortly after her arrival, mysterious noises and strange happenings cause her imagination to run wild, sending her on a twisting and terrifying pursuit to find out what is behind the endless mind games. Frightened but intrigued, Alice gathers the courage to go down into the cold, dingy attic where she finds a shoe box filled with mini-dv tapes. The terrifying secret that lies within the tapes will unravel Alice’s dark past.

Release Name: Deadline.2009.DVDRip.XviD-VoMiT
Release Date: November 8, 2009
Filename: vmt-deadline-xvid
Source: DVD
Size: 715.55 MB
Genre: Thriller | Drama | Horror
Video: 640×352 (1.81:1) | 1030kbps | 23.976fps
Audio: English | 160kbps | VBR MP3
Subtitles: N/A
Runtime: 1hr 29min
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (77 votes)
RT Critics: N/E
Directed By: Sean McConville
Starring: Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch, Tammy Blanchard

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Angel of Death DVDRip XviD – BeStDivX

Angel of Death (2009) DVDRip XviD – BeStDivX

In the spirit of Grindhouse and available for the first time the new action-packed digital series as a movie! A remorseless assassin suffers severe head trauma and begins to hallucinate, becoming haunted by her victims. Shes driven to seek revenge on those who originally ordered the hits her mob employers.

download Angel of Death (2009)

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Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD

Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD

A self-styled accident choreographer, the Brain is a professional hitman who kills his victims by trapping them in well crafted accidents that look like unfortunate mishaps but are in fact perfectly staged acts of crime. Perennially plagued with guilt, he is also suspicious and morbid by nature. The recent avalanche of memories of his lost wife does not make things any easier.

After one mission accidentally goes wrong, causing the life of one of his men, the Brain is convinced that this accident has been choreographed: someone is out there plotting to terminate him and his team. He becomes increasingly paranoid, walking on the thin line between reality and delusion.

When he is accosted by a mysterious insurance agent Fong who happened to be on the scene of the accident as well, the Brain becomes obsessed that this man must be the mastermind behind a conspiracy to take him out. To regain his sanity and to safe his life, he must strive to kill Fong before he makes his next move.

download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 1
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 2
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 3
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 4
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 5
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 6
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 7

download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 8
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 9
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 10
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 11
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 12
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 13
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 14
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 15
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download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 18
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 19
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 20
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 21
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 22
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 23
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 24
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 25
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download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 29
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 30
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download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 32
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 33
download Accident 2009 1080p BluRay x264-aBD part 34

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Into the Storm DVDRip

Into the Storm DVDRip

download Into the Storm DVDRip part 1
download Into the Storm DVDRip part 2
download Into the Storm DVDRip part 3
download Into the Storm DVDRip part 4
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Weather Girl

Weather Girl 2009

Weather Girl 2009
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Crazy Racer

Download Crazy Racer 2009

Download Crazy Racer 2009
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download Bitch Slap

download Bitch Slap 2009

When three curvaceous babes arrive at a desert hideaway to steal over $200 million from an underworld kingpin, things quickly spiral out ofcontrol. Allegiances are switched, truths are revealed, criminals are unmasked and nothing is quite what it seems as the fate of the world is precariously balanced among.

download Bitch Slap 2009
part 1
part 2

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Paranormal Activity DVDRip

download Paranormal Activity [2009] DVDRip

After a young, middle class couple moves into a suburban ’starter’ tract house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night. Especially when they sleep. Or try to.

download Paranormal Activity [2009] DVDRip
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Halloween II

download Halloween II 2009

Michael Myers is still at large and no less dangerous than ever. After a failed reunion to reach his baby sister at their old home, Laurie Strode is immediately taken to a hospital to be treated by the wounds that had been afflicted by her brother a few hours ago. However, Michael isn’t too far off and will continue his murdering ‘Halloween’ rampage until he gets his sister all to himself.

download Halloween II 2009 part 1
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download All About Steve

download All About Steve (2009)

download All About Steve (2009)
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download The Minister

download The Minister (2009)

download The Minister (2009)
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download Beautiful 2009

download Beautiful 2009

download Beautiful 2009
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Write Komentar in Facebook, Student to fine

Write comment in Facebook, Student to fine

Mohamad Tasyrif Tajudin, student National Arts, Culture and Heritage Academy Malaysia are menaced [penalty/fine] penalization RM 50.000. Its section, student 25 year referred [as] have made society disquiet with its article in Facebook either comment or in its status.

Postingan article Tasyrif also frequent impressing provokatif by mention words 'God'. During forwarded AsiaOne, Saturday (16/1/2010). One of article its states that he accept order to throw bomb molotov to a number of churchs. “... do you want me to throw petrol bombs there now? charges are negotiable" write Tasyrif

Its case by it self its plan will disidandkan in Monday 18 the coming januaris. Court delays conference because Hakim ready chief its lead obstructive conference because is running state duty in Shah Alam.

Tasyrif are anticipated memposting uses akun 'Sharul Maizam' in Facebook from a house at [street] PJS2B/1 B10-17-20, Block 10, area Desa Mentari. Tasyrif are ensnared section 233(1)(a) Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Previous his/her also has been arrested by police force and then released [again].

Postingan-postingan Tasyrief are anticipated related sliver with event of church combustion in Malaysia. Like known a number of building and churchs in Malaysia are attacked unidentified people since some times last. This Attack happens after High Court was in 31 last Decembers grant word coalescence 'God' as the replacement of word 'God' in Malay [language].
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To protest, Google Rilis SDK Android 2.1

To protest, Google Release SDK Android 2.1

After protested by a number of application developers. Google finally merilis Software development Kits for Android 2.1.

"Last Few days, we already merilis SDK for Android 2.1, until developers can take opportunity to develop application in Android 2.1," say Android SDK tech lead Xavier Ducrohet in blog Android like forwarded ZDNet, Wednesday (13/1/2010).

Developer very requires SDK to develop also mengujicoba its brand application. Operating system Android 2.1 at this time used at handset besutan newest Google, Nexus One.

Previously, developers application for Operating system Android grips the of rilis Software Development Kits (SDK) for Android newest version, Android. 2.1.

Similar Matter previously , also happened in rilis SDK for Android 2.0 that also delayed. Though without SDK for Android 2.1 that used [by] Nexus One, developers of difficulty to ascertain its performance of brand application in Ponsel is referred [as].

“How one can accept that one would haves 2.1 in [his] arms before roof developer get SDK,” write a developer that use name pcm2 in a discussion forum.

Developers feel concerned abouts, that Google [it is true] intentionally not give SDK are referred [as] because wanted develop best application by it self. (ugo)
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Apple Founder 'Lured' Nexus One

Apple Founder 'Lured' Nexus One

Even Steve Wozniak are known as Apple founder is not means man 59 year referred [as] anti with products outside iPhone. The usual Man is addressed that Woz even outspoken confess that newest celullar phone Google, Nexus One is gadget its favorite.

In a interview with NBC TV station, Wozniak confessed had bought celullar phone based on operating system Android is referred [as] when launched 5 Januaries 2010 ago. During forwarded Telegraph, Saturday (16/1/2010).

When asked about gadget its favorite, calmly father three childs are referred [as] answer, "Newest, and not product of Apple brand, this just exited yesterday," answer Wozniak aim toes Nexus One.

Nevertheless, Wozniak tells, he/she also haves a Motorola Droid that also operate with platform Android. In other hand, he/she also still have two main celullar phones, and of course iPhone.

"Very difficult to tell ugly maximum and good maximum one another," he said.

"Sometime I use Droid, and sometime use Nexus One, I use it in order to I can a few/little understand hit product is referred [as] when people ask to me," tambahnya.

Celullar phone owned by Wozniak since twenty the last years are confessed reach hundreds of and bergonta-ganti. "Motorolla Droid and Nexus One is very excitement celullar phone, but not all celullar phones nice Android," he/she said.
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Luxor kings country

africa tourism attraction Luxor kings country

Not all tourist that visit city Luxor knows that at era ancient Egypt Luxor is state's capital (1550-1069 SMs). Pharaoh Amenhothep, Ramses II, even have time to ditahklukan by ’Alexander the Great’ from Macedomia. Sepenggal vacation that we finish in Luxor make me also experience of one of place that recognized with its archaeology heritage.
Like most city that located in river basin Nile, Luxor are even also bisected namely: East Luxor and west Luxor. Base trust ancient Egypt that cycle of sun circulation (published in east and embeded in west) is diesel fuel system that symbolise cycle of nation life Egypt, then east Luxor is centers civilization activity where all creatures borns, grow, and experience life.

Whereas west Luxor is grave location/mausoleum and temple of death god repression. Luxor scorpion now expands as [the] modern city where its majority of resident living indigenous to tourism industry. Hotel, restauran, shopping centre and business activity other in east river Nile. Meanwhile west Luxor besides remain to be is complex mausoleum also is residential for farmer, breeder, and fisherman.

Object main wisata in east Luxor is Candi Karnak and Candi Luxor. After Piramida Giza that tersohor, Temple Karnak is primary place in history pharaonic. Temple Karnak chockablock 134 units gigantic columns with super room big that not, in main spandrel both sides before alley Great Hypostyle stands up granite idol Raja Ramses II. And at complex heart temple Karnak is existed Kuil Anum that didedikasikan for king [of] gods.

Still in complex Candi Karnak, there is also lake sakral where in the past used by priests to clean it-self before conduct ritual repression or ceremony spiritual. North Disisi lake sakral can we meet stone idol scarab of Khepri (beetle Khepri) in size giant. In mythology mesir Dewa beetle Khepri is trusted have strength for menggerakan sun from published till sink.

Object primary wisata second that is Candi Luxor, temple location really ideal terkonsentrasi in city heart Luxor. Temple Construction Luxor spread outs berparalel with the Nile. Architecture Candi Luxor signalizes patrician impression and elegan, built by Pharaoh Amenhotep III, then innovated by Ramses II. Even at dibawah last decade power Alexander the Great, Luxor Temple are modified furthermore.

One of unique angle;corner in Candi Luxor is Mesjid Abu al-Haggag that built by government Arab at 13th century. At main spandrel temple is existed an obeliks from pink granite as high as 25m, its beginning this obeliks terpancang couple, nevertheless one from obeliks at 19th-century make a move to french as a present from Raja Mohammed Ali for french people, that now terpancang in de la Concorde pin-cushion Paris. Don't worry if dusk bolts dissolve, because temple area is provided with spotlight that make an impression on ancient, historikal and eksotik are compared to wisata at noon.

For pecinta museum, Luxor haves two notable museums: Mummification museum & Luxor Museum. Meanwhile for tourist that more major experience kuliner or simply wash eye, city heart Luxor is facilitate with wide pavement as long as (street) Sharia Al-Corniche fringes river nil. Jejeran sovenir stores, restaurant choice is floated, or in line tent cafe as long as Sharia al-Corniche offer traditional dish and also seafood.

Or unique choice other that can dipraktekan uses service caleche (dogcart/delman) go up dogcart goes around city Luxor, perceive place that seen engross or multitude for visited, after satisfy go around our city walked visited returned multitude place that has been perceived mentioned. Service caleche for the price of 10-15 mesirs poundsterling, as usual cabman caleche will give high tariff, but stay just with 15 poundsterling in consequence, tariffes normal. Central Luxor with main band at the most 5km, become everywhere near and terkonsentrasi.

One of unique choice enjoys river nil is dinner di atas cruise. As long as river nil there are a lot of choice dinner di atas cruise or hotel is floated, become don't worry not kebagian. Hotel or restauran is floated anchor permanent though its form ship. With choice cruise we are brought sail as long as nil during more or less 3-4jam, dinner di atas cruise are accompanied entertainment belly dancing or whirling dervishes show.

Ada also choice dinner that more romatis, diner above felucca (traditional boat) at the same time enjoy sunset, for the things one this must prepared high enough budget because felucca special its for us, in consequence, its price also price privat.

Its another day with local tour agent, we are brought to West bank or recognized also with the title Thebes. After across Nile first stop in Colossi of Memnon, nevertheless pride Colossi of Memnon only remains with two idols Pharaoh Amenhotep III that sit and hand menangkup knee and view eastwards Nile. Each heavy idol 1000 tons and high 23m.

Journey is distribute to dale [of] kings and queen, valley of Kings and valley of Queens not only is complex mausoleum for king and queen but also dialokasikan for empire family or nobs. Once ticket payee in Valley of Kings main spandrel & Valley of Queens we have been collected next payment to come into mausoleum. But for certain Pharaoh that masyur and will visitor will be asked contribution addition if hankers to observe in mausoleum. In that mausoleum only have the shape of empty grave, all mummies have been carried over Museum Mumi Luxor or to Museum Cairo.

Still in area Thebes, object that very recognized and value for visited [is] Hatshepsut Temple. Hatshepsut is female pharaoh that command success for 20 year. Because of law very strong partriarki during the period, Hatshepsut often dresses like its matter man, use pharaoh headpiece, even spurious beard. Picture of appearance this Hatshepsut tereflesi at its idols in temple. Though atypical Egypt are comanded by by female pharaoh, nevertheless in government range of time Hatshepsut, Egypt are led into prosperity top and stability state.

Important Tips to plan wisata to Egypt namely during the month of November – Moon range from to temperature April are referred [as] vary 20-26c. Hottest Moon at noon and cold as a stone at night during the month of May – October. Provided always sun lotion in bag, because all day long in desert area is accompanied wet monsoon and run dry can grill skin. Don't forget bring sun glasses and use sorban or hat more good for than umbrella.

africa tourism attraction
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Take the air to Dubai

africa tourism attraction Take the air to Dubai

When r obtain cash for haji, besides someone can use spare time to visit interesting places in Makkah and Madinah. More than anything else both region referred [as] have much interesting objects for visited. There is religious service building like Masjid Tan'im, Ji'ronah, Hudaibiyah, Qiblatain, or Quba. Ada also historic area, for example Gua Hira, Jabal Rakhma, or Jabal Nur.

Not merely that, area or public building even also a lot amaze for visited like camel ranch, date garden, field magnet, Museum Alquran, or place of date processing.

Yes, blessing God highness then saujana or lansekap in the world of this very variated and very competent for us syukuri. Near city Madinah, there is area stone hill and desert and flora and fauna specific Arab Saudi at area of magnet field. Of course karaketristik area like that cannot we meet in Indonesia.

Correctness [it is true], panorama in area of magnet field is referred [as] is very attractive nature object. Sky shows blue, beautiful and clear because on the verge of without cloud. That Azure is seen harmonious and compatible unite with redish cacao colour desert and stone hill. At some places existed specific plants desert that full of sharp thorn.

That Saudi Arabia specific Natural beauty growing complete with existence of field magnet that very invite keingintahuan much visitors. Walhasil, much pilgrims haji from various of countries come there with bus. On-site certain around that magnet center, usually drivers pilgrim deliverer will modell magnet field-effect.

They kill bus machine. But what happened? That Vehicle bus remain to walk because influence of magnet field attraction. That amaze, bus can move at street that menanjak. New afterwards, bus is parked somewhere spacious and passengers its downwardses to enjoy beauty of environment panorama spatially.

To the number of visitor on-site that is business opportunity for entrepreneur local. They rent ”buggy”, that is a small car that shall only be ridden one adult [only]. With that dinky vehicle visitor can explore desert in area is referred [as]. In other hand, available tent five people for visitor that wish camp.

Garbage is of course become problem somewhere that many visited people. But don't imagine area is referred [as] full [of] serakan garbage everywhere. Its section, always there is hygiene officer that bring plastic sack;bag and nipper tool. In the uniform of serbahijau, they sprier collect garbages that left pengunjung.Umumnya workers that hygiene is referred [as] indigenous to pakistan and Bangladesh.

Interesting Place proper other visited is camel ranch, for example that exist in about/around Makkah. Its section, visit to place like that can is separate sensation.

Ranch generally resides in place is opened. There is no building at surrounding environment. As far as approach eye only desert carpet pebukitan stone. Workers at camel ranch almost everything swarthy. Might possibly that because they work below/under terik sun during old ones.

What that camels food? They eat hay. Because on the verge of nothing plants in desert that can be consumed camel, then hay is imported from neighbouring state. As for its beverage is delivered by using tank car from saltwater distillate.

Camel is maintained in group, consisted of adult camel and child its. Almost all visitors exploited camel group was as [the] background when pose for in front of camera. To the number of visitor is exploited breeder to sell camel milk that directly pressed out from livestock.

Every there is bus come, they directly draw near and offer,”Two, five reals.” That intended is two milk vials sold at the price of five reals. Clear, that fresh camel milk very nutritious and lure visitor appetite. But for the man who have digestion system rather unsolved, better liver consumes that milk. There is a friend my that experience of digestion trouble after drink it.

After visit camel ranch, draw also visit animal slaughtering place kurban. Definitive, when Idul Adha and season haji, animal slaughtering frequency very high kurban. Over there we can see how sigapnya roof ”butcher” uniformed serbamerah from clothes, belt till surban. Legalistic islam then animal butchery are conducted manually.

Uniform of animal slaughtering officer that serbamerah referred [as] meant in order to clothes or surban that hit blood sprinkling is not seen dirty.

So, one competent next location is visited as [the] knowledge adder hit khazanah local society culture is place of date processing. More than anything else, date is snacks that spelled out members ”[is] obliged to”, at least as [the] just for who present that r obtain cash for religious service haji. Thus, besides enjoy its pulp delicious and sweet, we also can know how its processing process.

Clear, system of date processing frequently growing along progress of technology device. Date besides dried, also processed with cacao mixture, honey, fruit almond, canary , etc. Walhasil, its product become have composition and taste which vary.

Visit to industrial estate korma of course is good moment to buy present for consanquinity and friend. No buy at all not problem, and visitor keep taste some date items. Conventional in Arab Saudi, free visitor tastes date and result.

Thus, if someone goes around from one desk to desk other, and taste till 20 kinds of product korma, of course he/she feel full without must release one real although. Freedom of taste in free of charge go into effect also in stores or in supermarket selfservice modern Bin Dawood that located right accross beside Masjidil Haram in Makkah and Masjid Nabawi in Madinah.

It is important to know, date the most enthused pilgrim haji Indonesia usually date type Ajwa or so-called also Kurma Nabi because is hobby Rasulullah saw. A lot that trust of type date contain various of khasiats. but, in fact, its price costlier rather than other types.

So, if when in Makkah or Madinah, has not yet have time to bought date, we admit of wholesale [of] kinds of date in Balad, shopping centre is recognized in city Jeddah before leave for to the ground water.

Holy Museum Dua Masjid

During around 40 day r obtain cash for religious service [is] obliged to and sunah that become religious service network haji, a can also visit various of important objects like Holy Museum Dua Masjid and printing office place Alquran.

In Makkah, there is a luxury building with specific architecture mid-east. Whose name is Museum of the Two Holly Mosques Architectures. That intended is Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi. Environment around museum is rocky desert as the same manner as generally lansekap in Arab Saudi. Even like that, page around museum very green. Because, besides consecution of date tree, there is much plants from damp tropical area, for example tree kamboja, flower peacock, tread flower doro, etc.

In museum on display growth photos Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi completelly from time to time. Not only raksaksa fairish photo, we can know growth both building referred [as] pass africa tourism attraction
maket or mosque miniatur.

Despitefully, displayed also object object that ever used as supply both holy mosque referred [as] that has been used because has been changed with new. For example­its, frame Hajar Aswad, key, door, and kaba slip cover, tribune of sermon place, [cover/conclusion] Makam Ibrahim, well supply Zam Zam, etc.

In order to really can perceive and study with circumspect all on display matters, of course we take time that length. Because at least for all that, we butuh go around all day long full [of]. Clear, by visit museum are referred [as], we will be able to more comprehend history and information important both that holy building.

In Madinah, likely loss also if we takmengunjungi printing office place and sale Alquran. Over there, we can witness that process of holy book printing in a range of size that equiped translation can be in all language around the world. Mention for example russia language, China, Korea, Japan, Spain, and of course in Indonesian. More than anything else, garden in printing office page is referred [as] sunggah amazes. Green, beautiful, and amaze and can make us likely forget middle reside in region and stone hill.

Of course in that printing office location, there is also its sale means. Visitor can select Alquran according to desire. But when season haji, we must ekstrasabar if wish buy. Not only patience, storm and stress even also must be done.

Imagine [only], if every pilgrim wish buy, how much/many ba­nyak one who berjubelan there. More than anything else, purchases system with that limited time do not know term ”antre”. Existing oppositely/also, ”quick and strong whom, he/she can”.

Correctness, buku price there cheaper rather than in stores. But if shy at berjibaku like that, we can buy it with higher price in store, or if bright bargain, we can get buku Alquran that not from store in cloister merchant in Makkah, Madinah, or Jeddah.

If will be that lux edition, we can get it in Bandara Internasional King Abdul Aziz Jeddah repatriation moment. Of course cost dear its price. But for buku that sanctified that, once in a while unnecessary we questioning price, not?

africa tourism attraction
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Sinai mountain

africa tourism attraction Sinai mountain

Tire. Really journey that need fit stamina. Try Anda imagines, sit kept quiet in air-conditioned bus but not felt chilled and along the way panorama that shown only barren desert field. There is no beautiful view. There's only sand carpet and mount sturdy stone, run dry, without green plants. Once in a while in street boundary is seen dry date grove and dusty palm boom from oasis that has ran dry. More than anything else bus walks like snail that terseok-seok in rocky mountain gaps and desert.

Yes, journey splits desert field Egypt from Alexandria [go] to peninsula area Sinai (Sinai Peninsula) felt very old consequence of nature situation that not support referred [as]. But I have set mind on to Sinai, an area wisata eksotik that have the shape of red granite carpet biggest in the world. That's the only one way go toes there, precise like exodus route Banu that scorpion Israel.

The difference, they first really reside in in atmosphere [of] full [of] dread is being pursued team Fir'aun. They also must look for street by it self. Now, pewisata remain trace very nice asphalt pavement its construction. Street that intentionally designed with heatresistant bony cement construction and can be passed by heavy-weight truck. That sebabnya its public road never surging.

Street [go] toes Sinai is one of way Trans-Mesir. No wonder all the way, we will rub up against peng big trucks­transport food-stuff and factory significant. Day already toward the year afternoon when bus enter area Sinai. Really like brochure that alloted at the beginning of journey.

Sinai is a bentangan area very big mountain and length. Significant [of] that form area this is the limestone mixture and granite red that rich in contain­an mineral crystalizes. When we break bongkahan that granite, then beba­sir is referred [as] will bounce very beautiful light like jewel stone.

There is no life in Sinai. That make it are recognized is side this religiusitas mount. Thousands of last year, moment bani exodus Israel from Egypt [go] to Kanaan, they halting-place in this mount. Precise below/under their hillside camp. Later upwards Mozes this top of the mountain climb and come in contact with God, be next go down bring two lohs stone contains 10 Hukums God that recognized that.

Loh stone this Sinai later, brought-bring kemana even also by Israel nation during their adventure in desert and become one of primary artefak in the history be next Israel monotheist is placed in tabut object agreement keramat Israel property. That sebabnya, in action Arab-Israel, this region is have time to controlled Israel and considered as one of sanctum their. In covenant of peace, then delivered return to Egypt, that until now take care of and me­manage that place as one of target wisata religi are recognized.

My Target virtual is Eilat. A city of Israel property that 'closest' from Egypt. In the middle of street [go] to Taba Border in Eilat, we can turn around for a moment to enter area Sinai. Virtual this journey that challenge. Bus that leave since morning from Egypt just arrive at hillside Sinai at afternoon its day about/around at 5.

Because at [street] there is no restaurant, all hotels in Egypt have specified rule: tourists that conduct journey gulf cross will be supplied box food, and snek. But they do not want to give drinking water that many. If we butuh mineral water addition, we can buy it to driver that quite a lot bring stok in its baggage. Hmm, smart business it's seems.

One point draw on a journey to Sinai is existance [of] a fully armed guard but wear opening coat that continued followed bus journey was from Egypt to Sinai till to last border return next [go] to Egypt. They are comanded by to care of route and tourist security till to its target.

That guard Existence also a kind of pass to pass very tight military custody alongside Trans-Mesir. Why? Precise in the middle of route, we will pass by quickly an area has the character of high security area. ARMY commissioned on-site that, according to penuturan perannun­guard that exist in in bus, must wake up 24 hour in a state of show fight. , canal Suez is one of economy strength Egypt and very vital the existance. Mid-east Region that continued turbulent can be just make Suez as [the] soft target terrorists for the purpose of economy sabotage. Bus may not stops and must immediately pass by quickly.

Area Terusan Suez that recognized that, also bisect Egypt region, namely Africa region and Asia. That Canal starts in­operate in 1870 as a result of design [of] a french engineer called Ferdinand de Lesseps, connective mediterranean sea with red sea as long as 163 kilometres.

That canal Existence very useful for economy current and goods from and to area Africa. If first goods is unloaded in mediterranean sea port for then brought by the way of land to red sea area, now goods ships can sail directly [went] to red sea to area Africa pass by canal is referred [as].

When pass canal Suez, we will never witness ships that pass that area because direct bus down through in land/ground pass a tunnel;cutting below/under canal. Over there at one's fingertips band of bus path as long as 1 kilometre with wide around 4 bus bodies, conducive our 'across' Suez [go] toes area Egypt in Asia region.

When reside in in tunnel;cutting, air directly changes drastic. Cold Atmosphere is directly felt. Tunnel;cutting that exist in under Suez [it is true] designed in such a manner so it's strong convulsion, high pressure, and explosion. With jolly good lamp settlement, whoever not feels that virtual bus accelerate under the sea, above its is being navigated ships of giant goods and heavy tanker big.

Vexed see Suez near from, after get out of range of security monitoring, bus driver invites stop over in a location that full of clan tent Beduin. By reason of buy suvenir to local security guard, everybody in bus downwardses and can be exists around 500 metres from 'shoreside' canal Suez. [it is true] a remarkable canal. Medial desert that heat, there is 'sea' that navigated big ships. Unusual View, but reality.

Day already toward the year afternoon when final bus­its arrive ats hillside Sinai. In the distance gu­that nung so beautiful attacked sunlight so­florid re. Big Granite that also rose colored referred [as] likely life and me­nan­forceps for climbed. This the back of beyond. I have time to think will find patch up lodging, facility minim and serbaterbatas.

In the reality my estimate slips. As se­area fruit far distant wisata position­its in the middle of desert field, hotels of tourist relocation place exactly very specific and beautiful. There is hotel area that like hotel in city big but I select ho­tel that built in form of extension building.

Besides to­nice sannya, its constructure are designed se­per­ti house the Flinstone in children animated cartoon. Its wall and its roof is closed over with Sinai specific nature stone, until from a distance we me­ra­sa resides in ancient nature. Because that area nocturnal cold as a stone, every room in­leng­kapi with room heater. I set mind on go up mount in the middle of night so it's can to culminate at morning to witness sunrise.

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A top with camel

Climb Sinai is not usual climb. Mount this is the mount granite that have some tops. Street [go] toes top is not street that as a rule we meet in mountaineering in Indonesia, direct straight upwards. High Saking and level of, street [go] toes top will never straight but crankle. This make climb is felt old.

At that time about/around at 01.00. Entrance of climb area Sinai care of by tourism police fully armed Egypt. They and we are pleased pass metal detector that attached near custody post at the same time await bag inspection. To economize energy, I select go up camel. Moreover this first experience go ups mount uses camel.

Guide from Suku Beduin that follow guard journey informs that if will by foot, passed by traditional route that ever passed by Nabi Mozes (named Sikket Saydna Mozes or The path of Moses) to come to upwards top Sinai that by islam society Beduin are recognized by the name of Jabal Mozes (Mount Mozes) needed climb equivalent to 3.700 ladder-steps.

Whew, can let-off this knee. I select go up camel [only]. We must take a care with roof Beduin that offer camel. They generally friendly but money eye­an. With specific sociability our mid-east will not be able to accept their bargain to go up free camel to culminates, but when alight from camel, yes must mbayar. Their that Moment ready to 'shoot' purse Anda. Get with it conduct agreement from early. The average of expense once go ups for a adult camel is 25 dollar THE UNITED STATESs.

First Experience go ups camel really laughable. Reach likely. I have prepared boy scout string as [the] stirrup place during sit in camel back. Some friends that not bring stirrup from this string finally experience of cramps and muscle stress because blood terkonsentrasi to foot/feet that must hung for two hour without free poison move. More surprise next, each camel halter will to camel saddle that exist in front its, that more adult, that become tour leader camel entourage.

This make me surprise. Because, street merely as wide as two metres,with creavasse at the left side of right, and without lamp penerang. The Beduin suddenly screams, ''Harri...harrriiii'' at the same time pounded its stick was to camel bottom and at once the camel walks. This surprise that. Camel is referred [as] not led by whoever, entered by the Beduin that by foot far in hindmost line. This Camel soybean cake the way by it self [go] toes top. Latter Mahmoud the beduin explains that camels will [it is true] will will climb top Sinai are without having to led next. They had passed by route is referred [as] hundreds of multiply since that camel has been small.

Lucky camel that I tunggangi not finicky. Around 1,5 hour later, I arrive at last stop place camel. Journey [go] toes top still fair to middling far and difficult. A hour next, I reach top that mention with Mount Horeb, place Mozes first ever exists. To mark sanctum is referred [as], over there there is two synagogues: one small mosque and one chapel that built by group Franciscan in 1933.

Yes, really amaze witness sunrise over mountains Sinai at the top Horeb. Sunlight produces siluet from big granite stones that chiseled by nature [of] thousands of year, with reflection combination from every that big rock, and fog that slow lifted upwards, shown a nature highness as the works of creature unchallenged Ilahi by any actor.

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DolorosaVia Dolorosa

africa tourism attraction DolorosaVia Dolorosa

DolorosaVia Dolorosa is a street name in Yerusalem old city. He/she begins from ex Istana Pontius Pilatus and end in Church Sacred Makam so-called Golgota. As the same manner as we know, this city located right accross middle between Israel and West Tepi that claimed unilaterally as capital of state politics Israel in 1949.

That City is bisected: West Yerusalem that become Israel region with its resident jew majority, and East Yerusalem that continued fought over up to now and is being dwelt by people Arab palestinian.

Old City that full [of] spiritual mosaic that reside in Yerusalem region East. Israel continuously tries either through politics or social conduct that expansion to region with strategy in sosio-historis is divided four base ethnical and majority community that has dwelt that place hundreds of year, namely jew region, Arab (Moslem), Christian, and Armenian.

dolorosaVia Dolorosa [it is true] solid street and supersibuk because reside in in region of people market Arab similar palestinian atmosphere Pasar Johar Semarang. All the way existed haberdasherry stores, fruits and goods of life need everyday. But the most extruding is store of antique goods and suvenir. Can be told that that street actually is narrow;tight gangway that split market and region super market Arab palestinian.

Pilgrim that by the way of that must take a care because public road that width only three that metres are growing made narrow by multifarious merchandise that sometimes menjorok to street body, both for performed below/under or that hung above. But that carefulness especially in taking care of our valuable goods because as the same manner as generally city wisata, over there full [of] pickpocket.

The first time reside in street is referred [as], I feel oddity witnesses some pilgrims race crucifix rent and try conduct tread tilas traces crucifix street begin at first station till Golgota. Over there there is big crucifix rental for entourage and small for dipanggul by it self.

Matters dazes in my mind. What/wheter must follow entourage of foreign countries pilgrim or not? What/wheter will follow shoulder crucifix or select by foot just alone?. And I get there, precise on-site first Jesus stands up accept decision Pilatus. I open [the] Bible and try its [the] truth searching.

My Memory is brought to event [of] thousands of year ago. My Place stands up that ex Praetorium, roman ARMY headquarter, right accross side Pontius palace Pilatus, leader [of] ARMies that. Hundreds of people gather around. There is incoming from South America and also from Asia. As if there is that move them to gather together in a small chapel that believed become place Pilatus judges Jesus and finally clean [his] arms secede from that controversy court.

I try imagine that thing. Sure many people have the chasuble of which during the time seen teach in Sinagoge (synagogue of jew people). Also seen some God stewards in Bait God. They [in] vanguard. Roman ARMY stands up with Iurid its try arrange mass that more and more many and scream-call loudly. Mill around forwards, precise at the site all of us place, pilgrims is standing.

Yes, yes over there, I was like whirl-belly button from [the] past with atmosphere now.

Together with pilgrims other, we will start one faith journey, a/an trod tilas at [street] that ever passed by Jesus [go] toes Golgota. Pilgrims that indigenous to that different nations so expressive, follow memanggul crucifix, and not mind others. A very attractive tontonan, and I [in] depth, also follow memanggul crucifix in. And at [street] called with Latin term Via Dolorosa Street alias that Penderitaan, I try feel grief that ever Jesus.

dolorosaPerjalanan pilgrimage by trace Via Dolorosa had been started since christianity era early and reach in importance by midcentury fourth when Kaisar Constantine makes Christian as [the] state religion. Millions of people every year spill ruah to palestinian to conduct pilgrimage journey. Various of traditional routes are ever designed. But route that finally applied in social activities till now is route [that] made by pilgrims in era Byzantine, be next specify officially by ordo Franciscan, with 14 unit of stop stations (14 stations of the crosses) alongside the way.

Pass by that route, journey is started in Moslem area (Moslem Quarter) near Gerbang Singa, precise in ex Istama Pontius Pilatus (complex garrison romawi), and end in Church Holy Sepulchre (the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) or recognized with Church Sacred Makam that located in in Christian region (Christian Quarter).

Journey from conference place Pilatus [go] toes Golgota, according to Bible note, load a number of important events, that become important dots on the way crucifix. The example is fall event Jesus, the coming of [in] one women that mop face Jesus, crucifix switchover to Simon from Kirene, discovery Jesus with mother-its, that kesemuanya noted 14 events. This then recognized with 14 station of crucifix streets.

At any given that event place where ever happens, there is guideline [of] have the shape of iron plate that given number and there are some that have the shape of small chapel. We stay follow map that can be bought at the price of one dollar THE UNITED STATES and stop according to guideline to pray at any given station.

Draw it, although that is area Arab palestinian, there is very big tolerance over there. There are some station that located in narrow;tight place where on the happening of pressure-urgent between pilgrim and resident Arab that shop, they volunteer await us finish pray even give street. May even exist a station that precisely ahead time office [of] a Organisasi palestinian Moslem. They are not at all bothered with atmosphere ruhaniah pilgrims when stop in station is referred [as].

dolorosaSayang once, not all band it might passed by. Along with unload tide in solid band that dwelling, there are some station that will never passed by next because in atasnya has stood up settlement. And so it is with pilgrimage timing, very suggested to conduct journey in the morning, when market has not yet opened and stores has not yet performed its merchandise. At that moment, situation much more peace and our [of] much private times for.

In virtual edge of street not over-long that, journey ends in a place called Holy Sepulchre Church or Church Sacred Makam. Over there in believed Jesus terminates its journey: Golgotha.

Church Blessedness Sacred Makam

The end of Via Dolorosa is place so-called with Golgotha, a hill that become crucifixion place Jesus. That Place at this time not at all again in form of its hill although position reside in height. Over there there is church that is being built for centuries ago and has been stood up till now. Traditional kristiani, that church is built by Kaisar Konstantine around 325-335 Masehis for commemorative Kebangkitan Jesus.

Konstantine is roman emperor that become pemeluk Christian. On-site that pulalah, Queen Helena, dear mother the emperor, ever come, and is in pushed Konstantine takes decision to save holy places in Yerusalem by building church in atasnya. Purportedly, on-site that pulalah the queen finds cutting from cross wood that used [by] for menyalibkaan Jesus that the existance up to now is being [shall] no longger known.

But there is one part of this church that its position higher than main floor, that is top [of] a reef. Traditional kristiani, that reef still keeps hole of crucifix place is stuck. For menggapai that hole, the party of church develops an altar in atasnya and we must cringe raise a hand into to touch that reef. Rather old my hold stone in the hole that. And because this is belief in god journey, then that spiritual strength only I feel personally.

That Church resides in Christian region and become one of building the most sanctified over there. At least there is three important places in that church namely, Golgota, altar of corpse place stone Jesus is lain down after alighted from crucifix, and holy mausoleum place Jesus is entombed.

That Church fair to middling big. Each of them haves part is by it self hung event that happened in it. Altar of crucifix hole place resides in highest place on the right entrance. We must step on straircase that rather steep to come to above. Altar of place stone put downs exists corpse right accross entrance front. Much roman pilgrims khusyuk pray on-site that.

When enter church door, mace aroma that emerge above stone altar is referred [as], has been kissed. Though in that altar, can be every pilgrim place clothes or kerchief for menyerap ancient mace aroma that first used to bast corpse Jesus.

dolorosaEntah why, that stone aroma never decreases. On the left entrance, at church backside, there is one complex altar in form of cungkup owner stone narrow;tight and small door. We must bow to enter narrow;tight cave room that shall only accomodate maximal six people.

No can prolonging over there because a roman monk ready to admonishes hardly if pass deadline to give innings at other. That is grave that believed become place put downs corpse Jesus ribuah year ago, also My place experiences of evocation. That Place is very taken care its blessedness. Pilgrim or tourist that come into church building must wears clothes that close all organs its. Woman with miniskirt or dress with body member that opened will be chucked out of.

Basilica Konstantine is ever burned when holy land/ground is controlled by persian in 614 Masehis but in 630, return woken up by Kaisar Heraklius. When that place into the hands of Moslem clan, this church is fixed defended its form and confessed as [the] religious service medium Kristiani. Many times, along with berubahnya power Yerusalem, domination to that church migrate. Also many times destroyed and rebuilt.

In its form that now, that church is result renovates with permanent building that very luxury and give room for tourist that conduct religious service. Over there existed prominent roman that lead religious service everyday and we can follow it. Fortunately when me there, religious service has finished so it's can enter that places spatially. Really an incomparable spiritual journey.

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africa tourism attraction
Piramid Giza

Komplek piramid Giza consist of three big piramids, that is Kufru, Khafre and Menkaure. Each this piramid are compiled more than two million stones with each stone [in] one weight 2 tons. From all three, pyramid Khafre is that still wear hat. Piramid Kufru is biggest. In this pyramid are existed rooms that as [the] roof grave firaun.

africa tourism attraction

One of object that amaze in area Piramid Giza is Sphinx. The Singa that human head gracefullness mendekam in front of piramid Khafre. Purportedly Sphinx is visible image of the Raja Khafre. If we see accurately, Idol Sphinx loses beard and the end of nose its. Second part that that gripis caused European ferocity that dismember it. Its beard is this time kept in Inggris Musium, in London, Ingrris. Whereas the end of nose its purportedly destroy because of shot by its ARMY Napoleon. When yes its beard is returned, until Sang Sphinx will looked to be more gracefullness?

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Museum Cairo: Mummy and Kumbang Skarabid

In the reality unnecessary old time to explore Piramid Giza. Our High noon has returned to Hotel. There [is] still leeway for exploited. Coincidence there is friend from New Zailand that hanker for to Musium Cairo.

Even foot/feet has been tired, nevertheless this important opportunity is must taken. We by foot just from hotel, because only about 10 minute [only]. After ticket payee enters as big as $25 (expensive also), we come into museum. Museum Cairo really big. Consist of two wings that each four floors. Originally I go to left wing s that load history ancient mesir. Various of idol and picture walls heliograf are arranged natty with explanation in Bahasa UK and Arab. In general is idol [of] Pharaohs from granite materials. Nevertheless immediately before the end of alley, there is also idols from roman era. Our In essence disuguhi history journey Egypt as long as 3000 year.

Hereinafter I to upper storey, where mummies at sleep. Most mummy has been kept natty in wooden box with mask of genuiness face from he/she mummified. Some mummies have been opened and we can witness its skin that already range from to keriput cloth roll kafannya.Saya just knows that not merely kings or its relatives just mummified. Nevertheless animals peliharaan they are also mummified. There is crocodile, cat, dog, horse and various of other animals that wrapped natty with cloth. Animals Mummy is referred [as] also there is that made case from wood, in accordance with form in origin.

According to explanation, egyptian Kuno mummifies its leaders because they will live in next world. They require raganya for living in the world of next. And so it is with goods that the of. Nevertheless, they not require brain and heart. Until two this parts are released from its body before mummified and thrown away. Whereas innards;bowels, that purportedly has been required, released from body and kept in jar that put down close to its mummy.

Morning to Giza and noon explore 3000 year journeys Bangsa Egypt make my foot/feet kesemutan. I decide return to hotel because already kecapaian. Time to pay a visit also has been used up/finished. Museum immediately cover. Whew darling, because right wing, that will load mausoleum Raja Tutankhamen not to mention touched. Fortunately I chance upon to pay a visit to Musium Cairo again.

Immediately just my to right wing and directly go to mausoleum Raja Tutankhamen. Mausoleum Raja Tut occupy two floors from right wing. Purportedly this mausoleum is transported from within piramid and moved entirely. Originally I disuguhi fairish wooden box 10 X 20 m. This Case is decorated with dominant colour blue. In some parts is endued with gold lempengan. In my this case sees bebagai property goods Raja Tut. Almost everything from gold or from jewel stone. Ada also mummy dog.

Next my witness case that its size smaller. According to story, this case resides in in [the] first case. This Case is also made of wood by blue colour domination and gold coating. In dalamnyapun we can get property goods Raja the other Tut. Hereinafter is third case that its size smaller than second case. Form, colour and ornamennya look likes [the] first and second case. In it also put down goods that is property Raja Tut. Till finally I find mummy Raja Tut that has been lied down peace in chromatic wooden box blue with face that menyunging smile.

I just realize that there is one animal that according to insignificant I, but range from to domination mummies, entered mummy Raja Tut. That is beetle Skarabid. The beetle of dirt impeller. Small idols beetle Skarabid is disseminated dimanamana. There is that made of gold, there is also that made of chromatic jewel stone blue or green. Even ship that bring me sail in the Nile to get dinner also called ’Scarabee’.

My Friend that more understanding about Egypt explain of vital importance Kumbang Skarabid because assumed animal that can move sun. Lho... This Animal pushes dirt that the of become circle like sun. He is the only one animal that push circle (sun). I come to light. Miraculous its beetle Skarabid. He is that move Sang Dewa Ra.

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Because that I attending am workshop about horticulture, about vegetable plants, fruits and dill, then there is also agenda to witness agriculture in desert field. We go up bus go toes Alexandria. 120 kms from Cairo, aim to Alexandria, we start witness green gardens range from to desert. We luff and step into one of garden.

In our first garden witnesses grapevine that start bear fruit. Its owner is egyptian, whereas its expert indigenous to Chilie. When I ask how much/many ton/ha its garden can produce, the garden owner smiles and explains: ”We not count/calculate ton per ha. Because we not have problem with lausnya farm. This desert field. Whoever may plant here. We count/calculate how much/many product singk per water litre that we use. Because constraint the core important is water. Very difficult to get fresh water in this desert. Often that we can is water with very high pH. Thus we count/calculate production bases water that we wear” he/she said. Correctness also yes.

Besides water problem, problem determines a period of crop is problem that must very paid attention. Because they only have time markets grape;wine to Europe 35 day [only]. That is moment before grape;wine from Europe and Latin America inundate Europe. If late, then they will never compete price. Imagine, they must make grapevine bears fruit during determined. May not slip seharipun.

Besides grape;wine production, garden that we visit this also vegetable production. Onion bombai and green bean is two main vegetable types that they produce. Vegetable Cultivation this is the for so that they can continue production during the year. To produce grape;wine is only given time 35 day just by European.

After satisfy talk about, we move to other garden. In this garden is planted orange and mango Sukarno. Mango Sukarno? Yes mango Sukarno. Will mango Sukarno because its seed will from mango manalagi that presented by Sukarno to President Gamal Abdul Naser. Also sold to Europe? Yes. During that only 40 day just in one year. Mango that tinginya but a single that metre half is fulfilled by readily fruit candidate sold to Europe on January. Whew this the last straw.

Cook with their nature limitation and market can produce, temporary our that indulged nature have never? Its supposing mango seed that thrown to just wayside can grow and bear fruit. Koes Plus tells ’wood stick and stone become plants’. In case of Indonesia can...
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We are brought from Hotel to traditional market. This Market not differs from traditional market in Indonesia –bussy and active. Our Driver downwardses and back by bring three chromatic juice glasses green young. ‘Drink this. This there's only in Egypt.’ We immediately imbibe used up/finished juice from glass. Fresh. Likely like sugar cane juice. ‘Delicious?’ We at a time nod. ‘This papyrus juice’ he/she said.

After walk 10 minute, we halting-place in Musium Papirus. In fact this place is not museum in meaning actually. This is the souvenir store that so that draw, called Papyrus Musium. Within reason a museum, we get tour guide that explain papyrus history.

Originally the of so the importance of papyrus plants for egyptian Kuno. Its bar trilateral depict sun relation/link, human and the Nile. Egyptian Kuno believe thats third that have never be dissociated. Its flower circular with leaves that menjulai show sun (Ra is name of egyptian god Kuno). If sun is exalted god, The Nile is Anak God that give life.

Maybe this is the ideas on Anak God first time emerges, before weared by Christian(s) for memaknai Jesus Christ. Sweet papyrus Bar also became carbohydrate source for resident were around river at that moment.

After has explained plants that grow riparian Nile, guide we immediately practice way makes papyrus. The of one papyrus, thrown away its epidermis green and chromatic, the of we to break. Kres... broken easily. Later the of other bar, pared, lapped with mallet. The of we to decide it.

We fail to. He smiles and says ’miraculous kan?’ Papyrus Bar that already pipih is arranged became a piece of paper and put down range from to two dipres last cloth units and stone. At the same time joke, he/she explains that first, one of duty from wife is occupy stone is referred [as].

To get good papyrus quality, needed old ones and up to scratch pengepresan correct dampness. With the meaning the wife must sit for hours every its day in weeks above stone referred [as].

’Former, papyrus paper is only weared to write (in hieroglyphs) things that sakral [only]. For example creation story. Or story about what happened after human dies. He then bring some papyrus sheet of papers that already exist its picture and explain it one per one to us.

And, ’you can have this by payee $200’. Wow... That's end of tour we in Musium Papirus. On the way hereinafter, we stop by to place of carpet weaver from camel fur. Its carpet fine, nevertheless outside budget we to bring it as [the] present. Even smallest size although. Immediately just our push along referred [as] to go to Piramid.

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Mango Soekarno and Piramid

africa tourism attraction
Mango Soekarno and Piramid

Mango Sukarno is planted in Padang Gurun? By Egyptian? Sold to Europe in window market that only 40 day? Off season? Fact is referred [as] membuatku surpriseds, leaped up, depressive, sick over but also amazed and cladding. How not. Mango manalagi that first brought by Sukarno as [the] present for President Gamal Abdul Naser, now oppositely/also become exporting commodity for country that ever governed by prime minister Yoseph bin Jehuda. Unhappily, when visit mango garden is referred [as] I are separated from friend that bring camera. Thus I not have its photo.

When we till, dawn just away. Mentari has have not yet emerged, even bold has addressed beside east. Airport lamps has been shone. Cab that bring us even also still turn on the light. Journey from airport to hotel as far as Cengkareng to Pancoran. Thirty five minute [only]. Silent. That's my first impression about Cairo. Nevertheless that impression in the reality then wrong. Because Cairo not difference with Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila and metropolitan cities other. Bussy, stuck and full of pollution.

We immediately just check in in hotel. Helnan Shepheard Hotel located in bent of road, precise face the Nile. My Room faces downtown Cairo. From my window can witness the Nile with some bridges that across it and Menara Cairo that boost chromatic grey. Tower Cairo is seen gallant boost. Immediately just my remember Monas in Jakarta there.

Because workshop will be started the day after, we wear today to pay a visit to Piramid. We cab rent bertiga, I, Mr. Udin (Head Balai Penelitian Sayur-sayuran) and Suzuki San (Head Cabang AVRDC Thailand). We must dicker with cab driver, till finally we agree with its price. We each must dive into pocket as big as $23 to be able to see Piramid and circumference Cairo.

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Facebook and Twitter So Hacker Target

social site, like Facebook and Twitter are predicted will face attack improvement hacker in 2010, according to perception of security company web, McAfee. “

Gambol of application amount in Facebook and other service will become ideal vector for cybercriminal, that will take advantage of friend that trusted to click link that exactly will menace user otherwise careful.” express McAfee.

In report entitle 2010 Threat Predictionses, McAfee also expresses will be existence of threat improvement for the security [of] banking and usage crisis botnet to infect computer by disseminate dangerous software or malware.

McAfee expresses that product Adobe, specially Acrobat Reader and Flash, also Microsoft Office will become threat in three year forwards and system operation Chrome that dirilis Google will give kesepatan hacker to deceive user.

Hacker later also will try take advantage of URL short service, like and
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After infiltrated Hacker, Google pairs Enkripsi Gmail

After infiltrated Hacker,
Google pairs Enkripsi Gmail

Several hours after Google unfold case hacker account Gmail that conducted by China, then concern is referred [as] will improve security in its email service with automatically mengkripsi session web entirely.

Change that conducted Google are referred [as] meant in order to session Gmail automatically terproteksi from laymen till finish with SSL protocol or Secure Socket Layer, even when user does not ask it.

For at this time, user must checking setting in opdon Gmail to get ‘always encryption’.

Change that conducted Google also in significant to protect attack is hided, that make infiltrator can read and modify trafik by sit among victim and situs that is being seen user.

Nevertheless, automatic system are referred [as] still use https.

Https are assumed Google can make mail becomes tardy accessed because data that dienkripsi there is no in web and can not be accessed quickly like data that not dienkripsi.

User that not wish feature this https can go to setting Gmail, and vanish centang from "Don't always use https".

Nevertheless, nevertheless, Google will fixed make login page Gmail terenkripsi.
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save content Harddisk in Google Docs 7GB

Google now has offered virtual hardisk small in cloud until user can access all files where from [only]. Google Docs also can accept upload from many file, not only text and spreadsheet.

This Google Movement also memperketat competition with Microsoft and can defeat Apple with existence of back up and repository in remote server.

Repository Business cloud or on the Internet that dipadu with this broadband connection made all files can be accessed like when access file in harddisk or netbook.

Cloud computing also gave small possibility will loss of data when user lose laptop, for example.

When email with big file become difficult, then user can meng-upload to Google Docs till 250MB.

Google Docs also facilitates user to back up more file online, from big picture till photo network to smartphone.

For that, Gmail gives repository as big as 7GB for email and attachment, temporary for Google Picasa can keep photo till 10GB.

For payment 1GB as big as $0.25 per GB every year. Maybe this will become Google Drive, big capacities harddisk on the Internet.
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Wife catches husband affair via Google

A wife in disgruntled UK bravo when is opening online map service Google Street View. Its section, he/she oppositely/also will encounter its husband car is parked in front of a woman house that already the of.

The woman that not mentioned whose name is this even also direct just contact lawyer to ask divorce from its husband that.

Woman is referred [as] clear surprise see brand car Range Rover its husband squats in someone residency. Because previously, the permit husband travel for the sake of business.

Case selingkuh that in Google this Street View in the reality not the ones that happens in UK. Lawyer local top, Mark Stephens states that besides he/she, there [are] other lawyer that contacted for similar case.

Service Street View that has not yet been old dirilis in this UK [it is true] generate din. Even [it is true] preoccupy can see detail [of] view various of regions in gratisan, value many parties Street View bother public privacy.
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Google launches Google Earth in new Audi

Google returns follow industry otomotif. This Search engine just announces that they have presented one of service its into manufacturer car Germany, Audi.

If sebelumya this giant of searcher machine brings service like Local Search, then now their virtual innings of map service, Google Earth that carried to car factory come [from] Germany, Audi. With this cooperation, then Audi becomes first car factory that integrate map is referred [as].

“This time, likely all objects dikoneksikan with internet from start celullar phone till console game. Google by it self now cooperates with Audi to bring seutuhnya brand new technology into a car: Google Earth,” during Google pleadings in its blog, Google Lat Long Blog.

With existence of Google Earth, then user of type car Audi 8 will be able to enjoy some benefits, among others can see satellite photos 3D and know information hits an area, during sepertiyang diwartakan TechRadar.
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