The Crypt

The Crypt

The Crypt part 1
The Crypt part 2
The Crypt part 3
The Crypt part 4

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Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
(2009) DVDRip

Plot: Based on the book by David Foster Wallace, BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN is a darkly funny and disturbing exploration of men and their complex relationships with women. Sara Quinn is interviewing men as part of her graduate studies. Her intellectual endeavor has emotional consequences as the men’s twisted and revealing stories are juxtaposed against the backdrop of her own experience. As she begins to listen closely to the men around her, Sara must ultimately reconcile herself to the darkness that lies below the surface of human interactions.
  • Genre: Comedy
  • IMDB rating: 6.9/10 (240 votes)
  • Directed by: John Krasinski
  • Starring: Julianne Nicholson, Ben Shenkman, Timothy Hutton, Michael Cerveris
  • Release Name: Brief.Interviews.With.Hideous.Men.2009.DVDRip.XviD-LAP
  • Size: 701.22 MB
  • Quality: 640×272, 1118kbps, mp3 audio
  • Runtime: 80 minutes

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 1
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 2
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 3
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 4
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 5
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 6
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 7
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men part 8
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Amateur Porn Star Killer 3

Amateur Porn Star Killer 3
2009 DVDRip

Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 part 1
Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 part 2
Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 part 3
Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 part 4

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Sexual Predator

Sexual Predator

Sexual Predator part 1
Sexual Predator part 2
Sexual Predator part 3
Sexual Predator part 4
Sexual Predator part 5
Sexual Predator part 6
Sexual Predator part 7
Sexual Predator part 8
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The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
(2009) R5

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a fantastical morality tale, set in the present day. It tells the story of Dr Parnassus and his extraordinary ‘Imaginarium’, a travelling show where members of the audience get an irresistible opportunity to choose between light and joy or darkness and gloom. Blessed with the extraordinary gift of guiding the imaginations of others, Dr Parnassus is cursed with a dark secret.

Long ago he made a bet with the devil, Mr Nick, in which he won immortality. Many centuries later, on meeting his one true love, Dr Parnassus made another deal with the devil, trading his immortality for youth, on condition that when his first-born reached its 16th birthday he or she would become the property of Mr Nick

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
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2009 720p BRRip XviD AC3-ViSiON

Thirst part 1
Thirst part 2
Thirst part 3
Thirst part 4
Thirst part 5
Thirst part 6
Thirst part 7
Thirst part 8
Thirst part9
Thirst part 10
Thirst part 11
Thirst part 12
Thirst part 13
Thirst part 14
Thirst part 15
Thirst part 16
Thirst part 17
Thirst part 18

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Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rating: 6.6/10 (1,409 votes)
Directed by: Christopher Smith
Starring: Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Rachael Carpani, Henry Nixon

Video: XVID, 640×272, 832kbps
Audio: MP3, 144kbps
Runtime: 98min

When Jess sets sail on a yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake the feeling that there is something wrong. Her suspicions are realized when the yacht hits a storm and the group is forced to board a passing ocean liner to get to safety, a ship Jess is convinced she’s been on before. The ship appears deserted, the clock on board has stopped, but they are not alone… Someone is intent on hunting them down, one by one. And Jess unknowingly holds the key to end the terror.

Triangle part 1
Triangle part 2
Triangle part 3
Triangle part 4

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Veronika Decides to Die

Veronika Decides to Die
(2009) DVDRip

The story centers on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks, good job and a great life ahead of her. Yet she decides to end her own life. She is unsuccessful and awakens in a mental hospital where she learns that she a short time to live.

However in the hospital she meets people who are only ‘insane’ because they don’t always follow society’s rules. With little left to lose, Veronika embarks on a journey on which she frees herself to experience relationships and emotions and ultimately discovers what it means to live

Veronika Decides to Die
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Know Thy Enemy

Know Thy Enemy
(2009) DVDRip

Nemesis is the hottest rapper in rap’s hottest city; Miami, the 305. But he has a little secret…he’s not really a rapper. As a boy the artistic Nate Harris drew cartoons and dreamed of changing the world. A record label discovers Nate’s talent, and offers to make him a star, as a rapper. They create Nemesis, a Hip Hop gangster designed to sell records and spit hate. Fame quickly follows, but at a price.

The fans demand true street cred, and to get it, Nate’s label turns a fellow rapper and former childhood friend against Nate, spawning a rap feud. The feud quickly escalates into a war, and Nate is trapped in the reality of the fiction he has created.

Nate is faced with a choice: Either become a superstar by giving Hip-Hop what it wants; a war between two rap rivals, or, give it what it needs; destroy his real rival, the fictional character and become a true hero; he has the ability to save hip hop…but can he save himself?

Know Thy Enemy download here

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Obama Bothered with Case Google in China

Obama Bothered with Case Google in China

CLEVELAND: President THE UNITED STATES Barack Obama give attention to cyber security collision that tack Google in China, make situs that searcher machine intends hengkang from Negeri that Bamboo curtain.

Concern that Obama is expressed White House mouthpiece Bill Burton, Friday (22/1). Bill Burton expresses, Obama ins agreement with Minister for Foreign Affairs statement Hillary Clinton, that tell at Thursday (21/1), "Country or individual involved in attack to internet network, must face international law consequence."

"All that we searching from China is some answers," Burton when follow journey Obama to Ohio
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Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D Trailer Online

Dibawah avatar fever that not this month, and the of Golden Globes by avatar, maybe a lot enquire what film 3D hereinafter? Its answer for those in in US is Piranha 3D, in on April later.

For us that in Indonesia, schedule Piranha 3D might not sure, and might possibly can be preceded by film that defrayed together by Indonesia and Singapore: "Amphibious 3D". Diliat from trailer film this Piranha 3D, frequently remind at film Jaws – its Spielberg, from setting, till camera style and story plot.

A group of unconscious human danger that peep them, later, one per one massacred by piranha, and audience disuguhi hundreds of multiplies scene of piranha tooth from near distance. Nevertheless come on will hope just this film haves something new and can be justified in front of [screen/sail] 3D later. Hard pressed avatar successfulness.

Trailer shows the usage of 3D ancient deceits that maybe has been acceptable since invasive avatar [screen/sail] 3D last December.

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Paranormal Activity 2 , Saw 7 in 3D and Reds 22 Oct 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 , Saw 7 in 3D and Reds 22 Oct 2010

Kevin Greutert will become stage manager Paranormal Activity 2. Greutert that recognized passed film Saw 6 this itses last year fail with Paranormal Activity in box office. And that more unique, Paranormal Activity 2 this of opponent Saw 7 3Ds that together release 22 Octobers 2010.

Paranormal Activity was at its opening oktober 2009 last dash down Saw 6 with comparison $21 million opponents $14.1 million. And while Paranormal Activity continues accelerate till 100 million, Saw 6 must sink and satisfy with only $27 million. Nevertheless Lionsgate has been intended continue it to Saw 7 3Ds

This Paranormal Activity will be written its scenario by Michael R. Perry (writer [of] some episodes House MD, Law & Order). Paramount remain to hope with low bujet, Paranormal Activity 2 this can repeat success in common. Jason Blum and Oren Pelli first film stage manager now acts as produser.

Saw 7 by it self this return tide David Hackl as the stage manager (previous David handles Saw 7). Its making in the form of crystal clear 3D is Lionsgate last effort tries reanimate franchise that has been more and more ill defined this. Remain to be handled writer in common, this film returns tell lethal trap Jigsaw to people that not esteem life properly.

One film that become rival both film this horror, it's Red. Film that direct diadaptasi from comic DC composition this Warren release is financed by Summit Entertainment. Prinsipal Fotografi just are started in Toronto,

This Film is stared Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Karl Urban, Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfuss and Julian McMahon. Tell a Agen Operasi Gelap CIA called Frank Moses, that already pension and experience peace life, till one day hit man emerges in its residency and try kill it. Frank that menaced its identity and soul, and try protect better half (Parker), form returns team the duration (Mirren, Freeman, Malkovich) to pass and save all of them.

Stage manager Successfullness Robert Schwentke (Time Traveler's Wife) and writer Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber (Whiteout) to collect this very unique cast not triffles, that mean them keep a nice story at the opposite of dirilis new synopsis.

Paranormal Activity 2 , Saw 7 in 3D and Reds
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Astronaut plays internet outside Space

Astronaut plays internet outside Space

CAPE CANAVERAL pin-cushion For the first time, on-site very high, astronauts finally can get access internet.

Timothy Creamer, one of dweller astronaut Internasional Space Station (ISS), has striven present access internet outside space. Last Creamer tries memposting message Twitter or tweet directly from outside space in Friday 22 Januaries 2010 local times.

"Halo Twitterverse! We now can send tweet from ISS. This is the first tweet that sent direct from outside space," write Creamer in tweetnya.

This [it is true] not first kalinya astronauts is being undertaken outside space sends tweet to Earth. Nevertheless previously, update Twitter beforehand must sent pass by email to part of mission controller in Houston, then later, part of mission controller memposting tweet is referred [as]. During explanation that borrowed ideas from Associated Press, Saturday (23/1/2010).

Now after available access internet in ISS, kru astronaut there can use laptop on-board to reach computer that exist in mission controller, last conduct browsing internet. Access this far distance internet can be available whenever during there is solid high-speed communication link.

"Astronauts has commited pass the time that very old far from family and consanquinity. During undertake, they reside in a place that terisolasi from society," mouthpiece word NASA Kelly Humphries.

"We hope, availability accessed this far distance internet can help them are always linked with their one who love until made them more spirit [of] and productive when work in ISS," he/she said.
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3 Setting Facebooks that Must you saved

3 Setting Facebooks that Must you saved

December 2009 last Facebook have time to make privacy [of] reformation users its that invite controversy. Situs jejaring that at first more closed that now want to vie with barer other situs, like Twitter. If December 2009 were last your really concerned about and maintained your private arrangement when Facebook emerge its arrangement recommendation, then maybe you are entered safe. But if you merely select arrangement that suggested Facebook, then it is better you see next any information that can be seen people with that arrangement.

Its way first instruct 'mouse' to menu Setting/Arrangement at the right side of to the, then will emerge list, last click Privacy Setting/Arrangement Privasi from list referred [as]. Last try check [the] following three things in arrangement that emerge.

1. Who can see things that you say (status, photo, video, and other)

At that menu, its first item is Profile Information/Information Profil, that part click. In page hereinafter, please find-out Posts by Me/Consignment from me. This part that control all status update, pranala, note/stain, photo, and video.

If your last December only follows suggestion of standard arrangement Facebook, then all informations it might accessed by each other application and user other Facebook.

It is better you alter its arrangement becomes Hanya Teman/Only Friends than Everybody/Everyone, until really only people that already you agree become friend that can see your profile growth.

Remember that arrangement 'Everybody' mean really every person who wear internet will not be able to find information is referred [as]. Meanwhile setting Friends of Friends/Friend from Teman rather more assure, but if your friend amount quite a lot then will not be able to your information available to thousands of one who not you recognize.

2. Private Data

Still at part Informasi Profil, third item, fourth, and fifth, that is: birthday/date borns, politis religious and views/trust and view political, and family and relationship/family and relation/link. The three of this data sensitive, especially date borns, because this data often become data for identity verification (example: for a few telephonic banking service).

If you used standard Facebook was from last December, then the three of this data can be seen everybody. It is better you also alter this become Hanya Teman/Only Friends for reason in common like previously.

3. Will Google see data in Facebook?

Return to page Pengaturan Privasi/Privacy Setting, click Pencarian/Search, that is fourth item. [it is true] Facebook ever releases statement that Facebook not continues information to Google, and that one who of user name searching Facebook in Google the right not to be pointed at that page of user profile, and only showed information mendasar [only]. This [it is true] correctness but must you see also information mendasar that emerge that any.

Second Item in this page, Publik Search Result/Result Pencarian Umum, have box centang at the right side of that write down "Permit/Allow". It is better you vanish centang at that box. If you will compare to the result then try just click in pranala "See pratayang/See preview" around end of that second item explanation. Pranala it might show like what display profile that emerge for one who at all not your friend in Facebook but find your profile page passes feature of Google seeking. Can you compared to the difference this display if box mentioned Izinkan dicentang or not.

The three of arrangement above can you control in five minute. Don't await till there is ugly occurence new your protect information about you.
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Durable Seks with 3S

Durable Seks with 3S

HAVE problem with life you sex? Comprehensibility if you feel less self confidence of problem consequence that one this. But now unnecessary worry, because you can start practice way start-stop-start (3S) here and now!

This Way maybe conventional, and excessively heard. But according to experts, this way very nice to have a command over until cancel ejaculation.

Of course, this way requires couple solidarity and feel understanding. If man has felt of ejaculation, then better woman tears away from excitement. Or, man can abstract Mr P exit.

Make calm it-self about/around minute 5-10, till blood stream in area kelamin relative downhill. Afterwards, conduct excitement [again]. During further till several times start-stop-start.

This Technique can be combined by closed (depress) urine hole (penis head) by hand, when of ejaculation. Conduct this condition slowly for 15-20 minute, till man feels pressure of semen fluid returns weaken.
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