Hissss (Nagin: The Snake Woman)

Hissss (Nagin: The Snake Woman)
a film by Jennifer Chambers Lynch 2010

Hissss (also known as Nagin: The Snake Woman) is an independent co-production between the USA and India, directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch. The film, based on the legend of Nāga, is about a snake woman whose mate is captured by an American hunter. The snake woman decides to take revenge on the hunter.

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Zombies and Cigarettes Spanish Short-Zombie-Movie

Zombies and Cigarettes
Spanish Short-Zombie-Movie

A virus has been set loose in a Spanish shopping mall and it´s turning everyone in to flesh eating zombies. Our hero is trying to get out alive and at the same time impressing the girl he likes and finding a cure.

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Black Death apocalyptic middle ages plague 25 February 2010

Black Death apocalyptic middle ages plague
25 February 2010

Set in an apocalyptic medieval world, this is the story of a band of brothers whose quest is to hunt down a necromancer against the backdrop of the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England. A young monk is sent to investigate rumors of people being brought back to life, meanwhile a mercenary arrives in the same village. Against the backdrop of the peaceful village lies a pact with the forces of darkness, orchestrated by the village ruler.

Black Death stars a veritable who's who of British talent including Sean Bean, Carice Van Houten, Eddie Redmayne, David Warner, Kimberley Nixon and John Lynch.

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Amer |death has a taste in this french thriller 3 March 2010

death has a taste in this french thriller 3 March 2010

Desire has always been linked to one's look. And cinema too. Luis Buñuel knew that very well when he filmed the short of a razor over an eye with a detail shot. Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani recover this image in an experimental film with immaculate style. Someone watches a girl through a keyhole. The wind lightly lifts a woman's skirt as a group of men look on. The fantasy of a dress tearing. Composed of fragments -of eyes, lights, shadows, gestures-- and without dialogues, Amer delves into the life of Ana, always halfway between the real and the imaginary. A film of sensations, always shot skin-deep.

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The Violent Kind from producer of Halloween & Texas Chainshaw Massacre 2010

The Violent Kind
from producer of Halloween & Texas Chainshaw Massacre 2010

One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely possessed and a gang of "Rockabillies" seemingly from the 1950's descend upon them to collect what is growing inside her.

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Repo Men | Jude Law and Forest Whitaker | 2 April 2010

Repo Men
Jude Law and Forest Whitaker
2 April 2010

"In the futuristic action-thriller Repo Men, humans have extended and improved our lives through highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs created by a company called The Union. The dark side of these medical breakthroughs is that if you don’t pay your bill, The Union sends its highly skilled repo men to take back its property ... with no concern for your comfort or survival.

Jude Law plays Remy, one of the best organ repo men in the business. But when he suffers a cardiac failure on the job, he awakens to find himself fitted with the company’s top-of-the-line heart replacement ... as well as a hefty debt. But a side effect of the procedure is that his heart’s no longer in the job. When he can’t make the payments, The Union sends its toughest enforcer, Remy’s former partner Jake (Academy Award® winner Forest Whitaker), to track him down.

Now that the hunter has become the hunted, Remy joins Beth (Alice Braga), another debtor who teaches him how to vanish from the system. And as he and Jake embark on a chase across a landscape populated by maniacal friends and foes, one man will become a reluctant champion for thousands on the run."

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FROZEN no one knows you're up there 5 February 2010

no one knows you're up there
5 February 2010

On a chilly winter night, three skiers huddle together on a chairlift, confused as to why their ride to the summit suddenly stops. The sting of the icy wind worsens when the floodlights power down, leaving them stranded in the dark. As they wait for help, the reality of the nightmare hits them.

The ski resort has just closed, abandoning the group stranded high above the mountain slopes in an oncoming snow storm. With ominous howls echoing through the surrounding woods, they will need to make some tough decisions in order to survive. Writer/director Adam Green skillfully guides this real-world thriller, pushing three college students to confront their natural fears of the dark, cold, heights, and beyond, to see how far a human is willing to go to survive.

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Psych 9 Fear is all in the mind 5 February 2010 (UK)

Psych 9
Fear is all in the mind 5 February 2010 (UK)

A young woman with a troubled past takes a job at a recently closed hospital to collate the hard copy patient records. Working alone in the building after dark, she experiences a series of unsettling events that lead her to believe the hospital may be connected to a number of recent murders in the area. To uncover the truth, she has to solve the mystery of her own disturbing past.

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Opstandelsen Zombies in Denmark 2010

Opstandelsen Zombies in Denmark 2010

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Blood Creek - Joel Schumacher's Nazi thriller

Blood Creek (coming soon to DVD) - Joel Schumacher's Nazi thriller

Produced by Paul Brooks, Tom Lassally
Written by David Kajganich
Directed by Joel Schumacher

Dominic Purcell
Henry Cavill
Michael Fassbender
Rainer Winkelvoss
Emma Booth

Nazi likely becomes new eeriness source. After in sub-genre Nazi Zombie, innings genre occultism in union with roof pengusung this swastika symbol, become theme thriller in film garapan Joel Schumacher ('Lost Boys', '8 MMs', 'Batman & Robin').

In 1936, family Wollners who live in city Town Creek, Maryland involves a mistical activity that sponsored Third Reich, that concerning pengungkapan everlasting screen of life mystery. 70 year later, sister Victor Marshall (Dominic Purcell) & Evan Marshall (Henry Cavill), terperosok in city mysterious referred [as] and must struggle safed from secret strength that blazed the way by Adolf Hitler tens of last year.

Behind The Scenes

- Film is made with title 'Town Creek'
- LionsGate (studio at the opposite of 'SAW') cancel rillis teatrikal for this film (for no reason clear) and release in DVD on January 2010

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Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, directed by Foster in The Beaver (2010)

Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, directed by Foster
The Beaver (2010)

Produced by : Steve Golin, Keith Redmon
Written by : Kyle Killen
Directed by : Jodie Foster


Mel Gibson
Jodie Foster
Anton Yelchin
Jennifer Walters
Riley Thomas Stewart

Fourteen year after last menyutradarai last film its, 'Home For The Holidays' (1995), winner double Oscar, Jodie Foster returns sit in stage manager chair, lift story completely unique. Told Mel Gibson play the part ofs konglomerat Walter Black, owner of toy company that knocked over private crisis and professional. One day Walter finds a his/her be next beaver doll pin toes in [his] arms without ever free he/she and all dialogues that he/she say, phrased pass mouth the doll...An unique concept that remind at story 'Kecil/sedikit Voice' (1998) and 'Magic' (1978).

Behind The Scenes

- This a second time Gibson and Foster works bareng, after its second come up in 'Maverick' in 1994.

- Even has call the roll 14 year as [the] stage manager, is not mean unconvinced Foster it-self to return occupy stage manager [position/occupation]. He/she can be menyutradarai 'Flora Plum' in 2001 with actor Russel Crowe and 'Sugarland' in 2006 with Robert De Niro. Second project are referred [as] fail direalisasi because of problem financing.

- Scenario Kyle Killen is considered as one of best scenario that have not yet produced in 2008.

- Secretory Dialogue from "mouth" the beaver uses dialogue formal UK.

- Before Gibson, Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey have time to set eye ons role Walter Black, while stage manager position is have time to set eye on by Jay Roach ('Meet The Parents', 'Austin Powers').
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Ewan McGregor robs banks for Carey Mulligan in The Electric Slide (2011)

Ewan McGregor robs banks for Carey Mulligan in The Electric Slide (2011)

Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Eric Eisner, Christine Vachon
Written by Tristan Patterson, based on Timothy Ford article
Directed by Tristan Patterson


Ewan McGregor
Carey Mulligan

Premisnya between 'Bonnie & Clyde' and 'Catch Me If You Can'.. Story that heard so bizzare this diinspirasi by reality occurence in 1980'an... Eddie Dodson (Ewan McGregor) is boutique owner for super community elite in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. To draw attention its girlfriend (Carey Mulligan), Dodson robs a bank, and succeed get away from FBI capture. Serunya, after once succeed rob, Addictive Dodson and continue new hobby its... till 72 times.
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Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Zoe Saldana, Hayden Christensen in Takers (May 2010)

Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Zoe Saldana, Hayden Christensen in Takers (May 2010)

Produced by William Packer, Tip "T.I." Harris, Jason Geter
Written by Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, John Luessenhop, Avery Duff
Directed by John Luessenhop


Idris Elba
Matt Dillon
Tip "T.I." Harris
Michael Ealy
Jay Hernandez
Hayden Christensen
Chris Brown
Zoe Saldana

Try sit side by side with films robbery [of] a kind of 'Heist', 'Heat', 'The Score' and 'The Italian Job', previous film 'Bone Deep' this mengisahkan a group of bank robber that specialist conduct perampokan2 kakap class and now conduct their last duty before pension. Their Plan robs money as high as U$ 20 million this started mussy when champion detective (played the part of Matt Dillon) tail them...

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Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson in The Rum Diary (2010)

The Rum Diary (2010) - Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson

Produced by Graham King, Johnny Depp,Robert Kravis
Written by Bruce Robinson, based on Hunter S. Thompson novel
Directed by Bruce Robinson


Johnny Depp
Aaron Eckhart
Amber Heard
Giovani Ribisi
Richard Jenkins

Gonzo journalism is style reportase where fact and fiction melt grow into one and brought penuturan the author. Novelist and author Hunter S Thompson (1937-2005) popularize this stylistic in articles that he/she write for 'Rolling Stones' and various of magazines lailnnya, and later, when he/she write its first novel 'The Rum Diary'.

Diinspirasi was by life Thompson when live in Puerto Rico in 1959 till early 1960'an, 'The Rum Diary' mengisahkan moment young Thompson quarter-back life, but completely free in Puerto Rico, live by write articles freelance and interspersed with watch cock fight, dive searching lobster and involved various of problems with local berwajib.

Semi Story this autobiography is need to set eye on by Hollywood, but new when Thompson see Johnny Depp shares become 'alter ego'its in 'Fear & Lothing In Las Vegas' he/she volunteer releases its novel this. Plan shooting this film there [are] since 2003, where mestinya Benicio Del Toro menyutradarai, but because various of resistances --for example involved Depp franchise giant POTC and Thompson that live in in 2005-- new can be realized now.
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The Joneses (2010) - Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard

The Joneses (2010) - Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard

Produced by Doug Mankoff, Andrew Spaulding, Derrick Borte
Written by Derrick Borte
Directed by Derrick Borte


Demi Moore
David Duchovny
Amber Heard
Ben Hollingsworth
Gary Cole
Glenne Headly

Satire Drama with comedy touch in the style [of] "Confessions Of A Shopaholic", tell a story
family Jones, that led husband Steve (David Duchovny) and Kate (To Moore) and both child those in come up as 'perfect children' move to an elite housing. With appearance as dream family and house housewares all lux, family Jones starts sway other husband/wife spouse (played the part of Gary Cole & Glenne Headly) to follow their life style, that full [of] hedonism and konsumerisme... Unconsciously that family Jones actually is not genuiness family but marketing agents hazy.
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The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (2010) - Gemma Arterton gets kidnapped

The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (2010) Gemma Arterton gets kidnapped

Produced by Adrian Sturges, Marc Samuelson, Steve Christian
Written by J Blakeson
Directed by J Blakeson


Gemma Arterton
Eddie Marsan
Martin Compston

Stage manager and writer J previous Blakeson write 'The Descent Part 2' and this continue theme in that film with simple premise : in a small city of, two recidivists kidnap a milionaire child, try extort its old fellow gives high ransom. But various of problemses emerge and longer story flows, more and more emerge twists that nonplus audience.

Limited Dirilis in Toronto International Film Festival, some kritisis film menjagokan existance Blakeson like Danny Boyle in its debut film, 'Shallow Grave'. This because Blakeson haves correctness of plot till, generate prima acting players like Arterton ('Quantum of Solace'), Marsan ('Sherlock Holmes) and Compston ('The Damned United').

We await wether their praise correctness...
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The Last Word (2010) - Eva Green, Ewan McGregor fall in love but lose everything else

The Last Word (2010)
Eva Green, Ewan McGregor fall in love but lose everything else

Produced by Gillian Berrie
Written by Kim Fupz Aakeson
Directed by David Mckenzie


Eva Green
Ewan McGregor
Connie Nielsen
Ewan Bremner
Stephen Dillane

Love Story that wraped with dusky science fiction background like 'Children Of Men' and 'Blindness', 'The Last Word' tell a couple of humans that fall in love, where when in common a mysterious disease emerges and makes people lose ability indera they one by one.

Stage manager previous David Mackenzie has cooperated with McGregor in 'Young Adam' always present scene seks that eksplisit... Thus wait for heat duet Green & McGregor
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A woman sits in a fair room. Quietly he/she flames one cigarette and converse at camera. He started told a story hit last experience its its disease moment, Bipolar Disorder, chafe and its struggle for life faces disease that already haunt it that as long as burning its. When he/she converse, we can see into its marrow. Its grief tercermin moment all its emotion overflowing diinterpretasi in visual—a journey surealis that bring audience step into nature of someone mind that bothered and trauma distress.


Battle : Los Angeles (2011) - Aaron Eckhart vs Aliens

Battle : Los Angeles (2011) Aaron Eckhart vs Aliens

Produced by Neal H Moritz
Written by Chris Bertolini & Scott Silver
Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Aaron Eckhart
Michelle Rodriguez
Michael Pena
Bridget Moynahan
Lucas Till

Imagine mass war a'la 'Black Hawk Down', but that faced is aliens like 'District 9' and picture intake similar rough 'Cloverfield'. That's about that will be presented in 'Battle : Los Angeles', film garapan stage manager Jonathan Liebesman that before film till horor 'Darkness Falls' and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning'.

A contingent Mengisahkan external creature space that land in Los Angeles and menyapujagat resident settlement, until the party of the marine that led figure Aaron Eckhart downwardses hand eradicate it, open war trigger Aliens vs the marines in the middle of city.

Previous Produser Neal Moritz series production 'The Fast & The Furious' and 'xXX' carry this film for Columbia Pictures and will dirilis in 2011 --to give time quite a lot to all filmmaker finishes spesal fx this film.
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The Way Back (2010)

The Way Back (2010)

Director: Peter Weir
Cast: Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess, Saoirse Ronan, Mark Strong, Gustaf Skarsgård
Studio: ABC Pictures

Release date: 2010

Colin Farrell as Valka, a tough, tattooed Russian inmate.
Ed Harris as Mr. Smith, an American inmate.
Jim Sturgess as Janusz, a young Polish inmate.
Saoirse Ronan as Irena, a young Russian on the run who meets up with the fugitives.
Mark Strong as Khabarov
Gustaf Skarsgård as Voss.

From stage manager The Truman Show, The Way Back will become Peter Weir first film after seven year last films its, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, dirilis. This Film script by it self is adaptation from life story Slavomir Rawicz, a soldier the seizeer Poland by soviet team nevertheless succeed run away.

The Way Back by it self tells hit 7 soldier people the seizeer Poland by team Jerman-Soviet after they rush in to Poland region. In strong in worker champ in Siberia, they finally succeed run away by get through various of countries till finally they reach India.

Besides disutradarai by Peter Weir, this film will present performa from actors unggulan like Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess, Saoirse Ronan and Mark Strong.
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The Losers (2010)

The Losers (2010)

Director: Sylvain White
Cast: Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Columbus Short, Idris Elba, Óscar Jaenada
Studio: Warner bros. Pictures

Zoe Saldana ... Aisha
Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Clay
Chris Evans ... Jensen
Idris Elba ... Roqu
Jason Patric ... Max
Columbus Short ... Pooch
Holt McCallany ... Wad
Peter Macdissi ... Vikram
Óscar Jaenada ... Cougar
Tanee McCall ... Jolene
Gunner Wright ... Jet Pilot
Peter Francis James ... Fadhil

Release date: April 09, 2010

he Losers is a film that diadaptasi from comic entitle same that dirilis by DC Comics. For its film version, its story artifact will diadaptasi by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt, and disutradarai by Sylvain White.

The Losers by it self tells a story hit a group of CIA member that after several times betrayed by its team, and try for killed, finally coalesce and set mind on conduct vengeance action to those in first intend finish their soul.

This Film will present appearance from Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Columbus Short, Idris Elba and Óscar Jaenada.
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22 Bullets/ L'Immortel (27 Jan 2010) - Jean Reno's bloody vengeance

22 Bullets/ L'Immortel (27 Jan 2010) Jean Reno's bloody vengeance

Produced by Luc Besson, Didier Hoarau
Written by Richard Berry based on Franz-Olivier Gisbert's novel
Directed by Richard Berry


Jean Reno
Kad Merad
Jean-Pierre Darrousin
Richard Berry
Gabriella Wright


After successfully print Liam Neeson as action-hero in 'Taken', produser the most-bussy Luc Besson looks away to friend the duration, Jean Reno and give him/her a specific role that very compatible played Reno : former hit man that wreak its grudge at its opponent.

Diadaptasi from novel 'L'Immortel' the works of Franz-Olivier Gisbert that dirilis in 2007, film that version Inggrisnya is called '22 Bulletses' this tell story Charly Mattei (Reno), that pension from dark after previous world work for mafia in city Marseille. After three year experience life 'straight' with two child and better halfes, its [the] past dusky return visit it, and he/she is rained 22 bullets that have a nest in its body. Safe He/she, but its relatives fall victim toes.

So get over its hurt, Mattei awakens set eye on Tony Zacchia (Kad Merad), without dither plan 'take eye to reciprocate eye'.

this is Reno playing 'The Punisher'. Hell just gets hotter

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Furry Vengeance (2 April 2010) - Brendan Fraser & Brooke Shields vs rodents

Furry Vengeance (2 April 2010) - Brendan Fraser & Brooke Shields vs rodents

Produced by Keith Goldberg, Robert Simonds, Brendan Fraser
Written by Michael Carnes & Josh Gilbert
Directed by Roger Kumble

Brendan Fraser
Brooke Shields
Ken Jeong
Skyler Samuels
Dick Van Dyke

Likely make balance to weight role in 'Extraordinary Measures' at the beginning of in 2010, Brendan Fraser shares in comedy film for all age, 'Furry Vengeance' where he/she deals with tokoh2 CGI and extraordinary skript light and full [of] banyolan. Fraser shares become young developer real estate, And Sanders, that when develop new housing in forest area that asri make it draw fires enragement [of] animals surrounding.

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Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan (2010)

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Cast: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder, Barbara Hershey
Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures


Natalie Portman as Nina
Mila Kunis as Lilly
Kristina Anapau as Galina
Winona Ryder as Beth
Vincent Cassel as Yevna
Barbara Hershey as Nina's mother
Janet Montgomery as Madeline

Success with The Wrestler, that return lift name Mickey Rourke, stage manager Darren Aronofsky now stands by to return next. Now, Aronofsky returns with Black Swan, a film that bergenre psychological terrorizing.

Stared by beautiful actress, Natalie Portman, that will personate Nina, a ballerina in city New York. He/she and Lilly (Kunis) it's two taft competitors that at this time are competing to get main role in Swan Lake. Nina, finally, get role is referred [as]. Nevertheless, from bad to worse situation after growing nearness of staging day, mental condition Nina growing unstable, even deteriorate.

Project Black Swan by it self actually already there is before The Wrestler mucul. Nevertheless, because Universal Studios, [the] first multiply hold this project, then release Black Swan, finally process of this film becomes delayed. After finally Fox Searchlight Pictures in favor of mendanai this film, finally Black Swan even also regains walk.

Besides Portman, this film also will present acting from Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Barbara Hershey.

Black Swan will release at 2010.
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The Company Men (2010)

The Company Men (2010)

Director: John Wells
Cast: Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Maria Bello, Chris Cooper, Craig T Nelson, Rosemarie Dewitt
Studio: Company Men Productions

Release date: 2010

In 2010 this likely will become year comeback for actor Ben Affleck. Not only will return menyutradarai a film, Affleck also will return active in front of [screen/sail]. Like its film following, The Company Men.

Film that disutradarai by this John Wells tell hit 3 big people of company employees (Affleck, Jones, Cooper) is being riffed from their place company work, and try in order to their life and their family remain to maintain.

Besides Affleck, this film also will be stared by much nameses with quality, like Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Maria Bello, Chris Cooper, Craig T Nelson and Rosemarie Dewitt.

The Company Men will dirilis at Sundance Film Festival before later will wide dirilis year

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Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (July 30, 2010)

Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (July 30, 2010)

Release Date: July 30, 2010
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: Brad Peyton
Screenwriter: Ron J. Friedman, Steve Bencich
Starring: Christina Applegate, Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes, James Marsden, Bette Midler, Nick Nolte, Joe Pantoliano, Katt Williams, Chris O'Donnell, Jack McBrayer, Fred Armisen, Paul Rodriguez

Studio : Warner Bros

Rilis : July 30, 2010

still continuation from [the] first cats and dogs, nevertheless in first film where dog and cat each other inimical, this their must join. Its reason is apparition cat criminal called Kitty Galore that also former a cat spy that want to menaklukan not merely roof dog, nevertheless also want to defeat roof leader cat.

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Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives (2011) a.k.a. Death Race 2

Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives (2011) a.k.a. Death Race 2

Director: Roel Reiné
Paul W.S. Anderson (characters and story)
Tony Giglio (screenplay)
Genre: Action

A new Death Race movie is in development. But Death Race 2 isn’t a sequel to the film starring Jason Statham, it’s actually a movie prequel to Death Race! The film, titled Death Race Frankenstein Lives, is based on a script written by Tony Giglio. It seems director Paul W.S. Anderson won’t be returning to helm the film, but he is still on board as producer.

Thanks to a casting call sheet we have more details about Death Race 2, aka Death Race Frankenstein Lives:

In his 20s-30, handsome and confident, with a hint of danger, Lucas has been in trouble since the age of 12. Right-hand man to a notorious mobster for twelve years, he is sent away for life
after killing a cop in the course of robbing a bank. Offered a deal by the DA if he turns state’s evidence, Lucas opts to take his chances behind bars, where he soon captures the attention of a violence-peddling television producer. Possessed of some serious driving skills, assertive, strong, and charismatic, Lucas is a natural fit for the ultimate test, aka, the “Death Race.”..

In her 20s – early 30s, a model turned journalist, September is is “insatiably ambitious and eye-poppingly gorgeous,” a woman who knows how to use what she’s got to get what she wants. She’s callous and self-serving, dressed provocatively, with the soul of an ice-pick, but the brains to know how to market violence to the masses. When ratings for her gladiator-style television show begin plummeting, September is quick to come up with the “Death Race” concept, thrilled by its stunning success.

In her 20s – early 30s, and sexy, she is a card girl for the fight matches, later a navigator when the prisoners are forced to test their driving skills. Intelligent (valedictorian of her high school class), decent, with a good heart, Case landed in prison after killing her abusive cop husband. Quick to come to the aide of girl in peril or help Lucas outwit an adversary, she’s a courageous, admirable young woman. Teamed with Lucas for a death race, the chemistry soon heats up between the two…

In his 30s – 60, bold, opulent and self-indulgent, the CEO and Founder of the Weyland Corporation, he is a opportunist at best, a man who makes millions on the backs of others. Clearly not immune to September’s come-hither charm, he agrees to produce a televised gladiator-style series of fighting matches, later disappointed by the ratings. However, he’s quite impressed when September’s idea for a race to the death has the viewers tuning in again…

Filming of the movie Death Race 2, aka Death Race Frankenstein Lives, is scheduled to start end of February 2010.

Because it’s a prequel, Jason Statham is unlikely to be involved in this new Death Race movie… So I’m not that much impatient to watch Death Race Frankenstein Lives…
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X-Men Origins: Deadpool (2011)

X-Men Origins: Deadpool (2011)
Writers are from "Zombieland" (Rheese And Wernick)

Deadpool Spinoff Confirmed UPDATE: Variety is reporting the story as well, which means it's all but confirmed. Congratulations Ryan Reynolds!

After X-Men Origins: Wolverine made an inexplicable amount of money over the weekend, it was really only a matter of time before the ball got rolling on a sequel or a spin-off. While Hugh Jackman is presumably off somewhere sharpening his claws to prepare for the next go-round, it's Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool who is the first confirmed character to make a return. Probably.

MTV Splash Page heard from an anonymous source "close to Fox" that the Deadpool spin-off film will be "a complete exploration of this unique character — his origins, his emergence as the Merc with the Mouth.” We've known for a while that Deadpool and Gambit were both up for spinoff consideration, and given the terrible treatment Deadpool got in Wolverine, he's definitely the one who deserves more screentime.

Does this mean the project is in the works and Ryan Reynolds has already received a fat check? Probably not. But who knows, we might wind up seeing a Deadpool movie before we get another Wolverine one, which was fine by me-- after Wolverine I think I'd rather see Hugh Jackman singing and dancing next time.
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 (2011)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 (2011)

Christopher McQuarrie (screenplay)
Genre: Action
Casts: Hugh Jackman as Logan / Wolverine

Plot: "Wolverine travels to Japan to trail with a samurai warrior."

Empire Magazine had the chance to sit down with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler-Donner about the upcoming origin stories, prequels, and spin-offs coming from Marvel’s mutant world.

Shuler-Donner confirms Hugh Jackman will be headed to Japan to shoot on location for X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, or whatever the title will eventually be. The comic book storyline centers on the clawed mutant falling for Mariko Yashida, the heiress to the Yakuza crime family.

“Wolverine will be fighting in a different style to what we’ve seen before,” she said, indicating a battle between him and Mariko’s father, Shingen Yashida. It will involve “samurai, ninja, katana blades, different forms of martial arts — mano-a-mano, extreme fighting.” This plot also suggests a possible showdown with mutant supervillain Silver Samurai, but maybe I’m just stretching it. After all, who doesn’t want to see mutant ninjas?
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MacGruber - Parodi MacGyver

MacGruber Parodi MacGyver 16 April 2010

- Remember television serial film “MacGyver”? “MacGruber” that many times emerge in short act joke “Saturday Night Live” that is parody from serial 1980s that stay a step is lifted to wide-screen.

Ryan Phillippe yesterday informed middle bernegoisasi, also fight actor Val Kilmer in course of negoisasi joins to produce Relativity Media is referred [as] that will be circularized by Universal. As for Will Forte and Christian Wiig also come ups to act role in serial that.

Jorma Taccone, that character creature and stage manager [of] much humorous short stories, informed will shade film “MacGruber”. As for produser and kreator “SNL”, Lorne Michaels acts as produser.

“MacGyver” stared by Richard Dean Anderson as [the] all round secret agent and mengudara in THE ABC from in 1985 till 1992. Its plan at film “MacGruber” Forte didapuk as [the] child MacGyver, and Wiig as [the] its assistant.

Wide-screen film Version will present Phillippe plays Piper, a military officer that forced in pairs with MacGruber that like sungkan liver. As for Kilmer personates Cunth.

How film prospect “MacGruber” this? Definitive “MacGruber” will emerge ahead before wide-screen film “MacGyver”, that at this time middle developed studio New Line.

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Cowboys and Aliens (2011) (3D)

Cowboys and Aliens (2011) (3D)
from Graphic Novel - by DreamWorks

Jon Favreau
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, War, Western
Robert Downey Jr. as Zeke Jackson
Jon Favreau

Plot: "In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western settlers must lay their differences aside when an alien spaceship crash lands in their city."
DreamWorks and Universal Pictures will join to turn the graphic novel "Cowboys & Aliens" into a live action feature.

Imagine partners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard will produce along with Platinum Studios chairman-CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Ervin Rustemagic and Rich Marincic co-produce.

Script will be written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

The graphic novel mixes Western and science fiction genres. Set in 1800s Arizona, a skirmish between cowboys and Apaches is interrupted by the crash landing of a space ship. The alien commander plans to tame the Old West and enslave everyone, but the cowboys and Native Americans turn their six-guns against the alien invaders.

Rosenberg, who ran Malibu Comics when "Men in Black" transferred from graphic novel to hit film, created the concept for "Cowboys & Aliens" and published the graphic novel in 2006.

Several studios have been intrigued by the concept, but the deal was finally pulled together by DreamWorks production president Adam Goodman and U production prexy Donna Langley. The studios have teamed successfully in the past on such pics as "Gladiator" and the Imagine-produced "A Beautiful Mind."

Kurtzman and Orci scripted the upcoming DreamWorks/Paramount summer film "Transformers."

Fergus and Hawk Ostby's recent credits include "Children of Men" and "Iron Man."
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coming July 1, 2011 through 3D

Cast (possibility) :
Shia Lebouf
Megan Fox

Release Date : July 1, 2011

Studio : Paramount

Preview Buzz:

After its sequel successfulness, Revenge of The Fallen in commercial, produce more than $800 million around the world with budget $200 million, not butuh awaits old time to make sequel both.

Paramount in the reality has prepared slot for film [of] the three of series this Transformer, that entitled very bombast, Transformer: Mega Metal Robopocalypse. Date 1 July 2011 become choice Paramount, come near Independence Day THE UNITED STATES (look like release its first film).

Although there is no confirm opening from Michael Bay as stage manager, because have time to at issue mendekat with project Spiderman reboot replaces Sam Raimi, can be ascertained Bay returns become commandant in this film. Even Steven Spielberg as executive producer intends memblow up its into eyeglasses 3D, because marvel with technology that presented by James Cameron in avatar. Although has not yet been existence of artifact, Shia Lebouf very motivated with this project that digadang-gadang will start production on this year May. Loud Rumor are heard with this project of course the actress, Megan Fox, that always policy criticism Michael Bay.

Because of ulahnya are referred [as], informed character Mikaela Banes will be killed. Nevertheless that only limited to rumor that directly parried by Bay by it self. Even according to Bay, character Mikaela will play important role in film all three referred [as]. Make proper awaited series [of] existance the three of this film, although in quality, its sequel are criticized there here, begin at story that amburadul, penyutradaraan Bay that only rely on effect and others. In website Rotten Tomatoes, this sequel film gets rating at the most 20%, whereas in Joblo.com, only get rating 2/10. Nevertheless feel vexed continued take place, because a lot existance prediction Unicron as main villain from Autobots. We await just its film would be if what...
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haiti: Victim dies 45.000-50.000

Operation of victim seeking that snared building ruins was after earthquake in last Tuesday haitian has been taken place. Nevertheless, in the middle of bermunculannya emergent aid manca country, Red cross Internasional worries that victim amount defeats between 45.000 till 50.000 souls.

That Estimate is thrown red cross functionary Internasional bases data from haitian red cross and functionaries government. Worriedness bertambahnya victim defeats along with become thin it pasokan food and clean water for the man who safe.

"Many people now starts hard difficult get clean water," Fevil Dubien, a human relawan moment memasok clean water from a truck at the edge of city Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile earthquake with power of 7 at Skala Richter that shake haitian has invited comments from manca country. Various of emergent aids from America, Europe, till China coming to impecunious country in that Caribbean Kepulauan.

President THE UNITED STATES, Barack Obama, also command military team for also conduct human mission in haitian.
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Google goes from China, Baidu smiles

Middle Google behaves ready to desist all operations its in China if security problem (cyber security) will never finished with local government. If during, competitors Goggle in China will smile, one of them is Baidu.

Laman PC World expresses that compartment of internet advertisement market in China currently controlled four players. They is Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, and Google.

So far Baidu are considered as market power (59 percents), followed by Google (30 percents), (Yahoo 6 percents), Bing (4,5 percents) and 1 next percent are fought over by playerses small scale.

Didirukan at 2000, Baidu is laman information searcher terfavorit in China. According to observer community, if Google hengkang, Baidu seems will be becoming sturdy as laman searcher of pledge data mandarin.

In stock market, share price Baidu go ups 20 percent since Googles announce plan hengkang from China. On the contrary, share price Goggle continues go down during a couple of days last.
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Haitian People Blokir Street with dead body

Port-au-Prince pin-cushion Situasi in haiti after earthquake really grievous. Up to now much haitian citizens that have not yet getting the aid at all. Slowgoing its aid makes angry haitian people.

Angry Saking its, they black out street as [the] protest to the delay referred [as]. Nevertheless horrible, mass uses dead bodys of earthquake victim to black out street!

During penuturan eyewitness, Shaul Schwarz, photographer for magazine TIME. He sees at least two street blockades center city Port-au-Prince that formed from heap of victim dead bodys and stones.

"They start black out take the air with corpses," Schwarz like forwarded daily News.com.au, Friday (15/1/2010).

"Situation becoming deteriorates here, sulky people because not get aid," imbuhnya.

Foray actions in stores also take its rises in Port-au-Prince, capital of haitian. A group of man bersenjatakan big knife gallivantes in Port-au-Prince to take force any goods that can they bring. Chaos is seen in some locations in capital of.

Next to nothing marking of authority existence in capital of. "Nothing a even also uniformed, nothing that give command," say reporter Fox News, Steve Harrigan.

The of, so far saving operation is only "haitian citizen helps haitian citizen". International Aid have not yet to citizen.

Hundreds of thousand people are felt concerned about defeat earthquake consequence with power of 7 Skala Richters that shake haitian. This is earthquake most awful in that impecunious country in range of time 200 year.
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Foray in haiti

Port-au-Prince haiti pin-cushion totally ruined after earthquake with power of 7 Skala Richters that shake that impecunious country. In the middle of that ruination, chaos even also arises. Frequent gunfire voices is heard in Port-au-Prince, capital of haitian. Pillagers even also shows off.

Up to now much citizens that have not yet got the backing of at all. It is not strange, action of stores foray even also marak happens.

Situation diperparah with collapse its main prison in capital of haitian of earthquake consequence. As a consequence, prisoners even also run aways.

At Thursday, 14 local time Januaries, thiefes pillage [of] a damage supermarket some of in area Delmas, Port-au-Prince. Electronic Goods and berkarung-karung rice is gone away with. Nothing marking of police existence in public places.

"All polices save and grave of themselves family," word [of] a fabric owner Manuel Deheusch. "They not have time for to take the air," imbuhnya like forwarded AFP, Friday (15/1/2010).

Even not a personel PBB peacekeeper that seen conduct patrol. "Unhappily we not see personel peacekeeper to take the air," say Valmir Fachini, Brazilian charity mouthpiece, Viva Rio.

"We hear some gunshots without soybean cake where from asalnya that voices. Foray was started in supermarkets, collapse some of," imbuhnya.

"That happening is if food not immediately arrive, finally people will start houses pillage. That gunfire voices constant and we think that indigenous to families that try protect their it-self from attackers," explicitly Fachini.

The hoisterous of foray is confirmed by red cross Internasional. Local Functionary red cross Internasional reminds, that human body will be able to not channel aid effectively if action kriminal is referred [as] continued happened.

More than 3.500 soldiers THE UNITED STATES are planned arrive at this weekend haitian. They will strengthen around 3.000 polices and personel PBB peacekeeper that have been conscripted to protect airport, port and physical plant main in Port-au-Prince.
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