Tips tourism in marauke. travel tourism

Tips tourism in marauke.
travel tourism

Merauke name comes from the phrase "ehe ka Maro possessed" which means the river is called Maro. Incidentally Merauke town itself is situated on the banks of the River Maro. Through the course of time as Maroke or Meroke eventually turned into Merauke .-

Up to now only one national airline of the pigeons flying to the Merauke from Jakarta and the cities where transit. Others just got Jayapura or Mimika (Timika district). However, the two cities there are also flights to Merauke .-

Outside transit times may vary, long flight from Jakarta, Merauke approximately 7-8 hours. Conversely, from Merauke-Jakarta could be more quickly reached because no transit in Biak. In addition to the aircraft, you can also use the transport ships. Reportedly, there is only one time in a month, it set off from Surabaya. At least it took 9 days arrived in Merauke, weather friendly inn .-

For many adequate range of hotels with prices varying. There are at least 9 hotels mostly located in Jalan Raya Mandala. A local government-owned hotel located in Jalan Trikora .- frequent choice for business Likewise stomach. Not hard to find a place to eat a good variety of food menu Java, China, Indonesia Padang, or other foods. You can also menyicipi Papua foods such as sago and papeda sep at a particular restaurant .-

You can hire a motorcycle or four-city tour to Merauke. Public transport is usually only operate in the city of Merauke. Alternatively, contact the agent and the local travel agency .-

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Deer meat marauke . tourism marauke indonesia

Deer meat marauke .
tourism marauke indonesia

Crowds in Merauke City may only be equated with the condition of the city districts in Java. Almost all business activities or be centered community along Jalan Raya Mandala long, except in traditional markets. Banks, supermarkets, electronics stores, hotels, homes or place of snacks can be found here. Even sales outlets and mobile phone easy to find .-

pulses Especially for your restaurant will be a little difficult to enjoy beef or buffalo. Dishes or foods that use meat as a main ingredient used in the form of deer meat was served. The price of beef or buffalo higher is one of the causes. However, this would not add to your culinary tour experience? -

Several houses in a small way (around it) is also utilized as a center of handicrafts and souvenirs. Bags, shoes, belts, and wallets made from animal skin, or deer jerky, for example. Since the authenticity of materials and good manufacturing quality, a friend intended to be bought in large quantities and sell them back in Jakarta with higher prices .-

There is an unusual in business here, something difficult happened in other areas. Shops and places of business almost entirely closed at 12-13 and reopened at WIT 17-18. And this applies every day. Not known with certainty since when and why this is done. So is the public transportation in the city. Charge USD 2500 per person. But trayeknya could change following the desire of passengers to a location outside the main line. Imagine if there are 1-2 other people in it are in a hurry but had to accompany .-

Roads in the capital city and surrounding districts enjoy decent and smooth. Perhaps that is installed be proud of a long steel frame bridge 565 feet above the River Maro. Approximately 7 miles from downtown. From the bridge we could watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset) .-

The bridge was very important role for the mobilization of citizens, as well as connecting several districts like Kumbe, Semangga, Jagebob, and Soil Slopes. Just to remind, in this last district President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his entourage could make the rice harvest in the 2005/2006 growing season area of 4700 hectares of land .-

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Twins marauke monument. Papua Indonesia-tourism

Twins marauke monument.
Papua Indonesia-tourism

Sightseeing Merauke mainly historical monuments or monument related to certain events, such as Pepera monument was built on September 17, 1969 to commemorate the union territory of West Irian (now Papua) to Indonesia country .-

There is also a monument warnings related to religion, namely the entry of 100 years of Catholicism in Merauke (August 14, 1905 at the Catholic missionaries entered Merauke). Most people Merauke Catholic and Protestant Christians. The population is estimated at 180,000 inhabitants (census results in 2005 amounted to almost 174,000 people) .-

When West Papua is still under the control of the Government of the Netherlands East Indies, Indonesia threw some forces to seize, including in Merauke, led by (then) Maj. LB Moerdani ( later include the Commander of the Armed Forces). Precisely on June 4, 1962. To commemorate the landing of the monument was made by LB Moerdani Local Government Merauke. This tourism object is located in the District Soil Slopes, approximately 25 kilometers from Merauke town .-

There was also Tugu Sabang-Merauke, a twin obelisk found only in Sabang and Merauke. The same shape represent an area of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Monument into the district this Sota is about 80 kilometers from the city of Merauke. Monument stands near the post which was guarded by military personnel. The place was deserted now turned into a noisy because the lining around the food stalls run by migrants, primarily from the island of Java .-

Not far from the monument Sabang-Merauke, approximately 500 meters, stands a monument which is the boundary Indonesia and PNG. High monument of about 1.6 meters was established in November 1983. Boundary marks the position coordinates defined by latitude 8 degrees 25 '45 "and east longitude 141 degrees 01' 10". Region after the monument is actually a no man's land (no-man's land) but is often used as a passer-limits to the path of economic activity .-

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Houses Ants marauke. Tourim papua travel Indonesia.

Houses Ants marauke.
Tourim papua travel Indonesia.

Merauke generally flat topography and swampy along the coast. The south coast forest formed by sediment, classified as sediment alluvium. In some places like marshland soil like mud gray. Because low berdataran, do not expect you to see the mountain over there .-
The beach is well known beach in the Village Light One Imbuti, about 4 kilometers from downtown Merauke. Lamp named because there was a lighthouse that stands tall overlooking the sea. On the beach with a very long stretch of sand, you can watch the sunset (sunset) .-

In this beach you can see the wooden boats moored fishing. Sea to where the fishermen catch fish. Several small children playing sand and some played football .-

similar condition also appears in Côte Natsai or sometimes called beach is located in Wendu because Wendu Kelurahan. Located approximately 25 kilometers from downtown, this beach beach practically dead. There's hardly any people and activities at this location. Several makeshift huts are still standing seems to have long abandoned their owners. On this beach there are rows of palm trees waving in the wind .-

In addition to beaches, natural attractions are well known and popular is the National Park (TN) and a small Wasur to Kumbe Nature Reserve. The visitors are tourists and researchers from outside the Merauke. Quite far from the city of Merauke and no public transportation pass. Despite its distance from Merauke town just 15 kilometers, it takes approximately 1 hour to reach the area .-
TN TN Wasur Wasur 413,810 hectares. Determination Wasur as a National Park was confirmed by the Minister of Forestry Decree No. 448/Menhut-VI/90 dated March 6, 1990. TN in the region have various types of fauna and flora which include rare and found only in Papua. Some of these animals is Bird Cassowary (Casuarius galeatus), Paradise (Paradisidae), and kangaroos which are smaller than kangaroos Australia (Marcropus). From several types of kangaroos, which are common ground kangaroos (Thyloyale brunii) .-

All the way through TN Wasur, you can see the dirt mounds as high as 3-5 meters on the sidewalk. That is the ant houses built over the years. Residents there say Musamus. House ant has become a symbol for the community spirit of Merauke.

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Tourism Potentials Variety Merauke. Tourism papua Indonesia

tourism Potentials Variety Merauke.
Tourism papua Indonesia

Merauke regency is one of 29 districts in Papua province, not including the 6 new district-approved expansion area of the House of Representatives (DPR) early in December last .- If in the East Merauke bordered by PNG, the north face Boven D
igul and Mappi District. Whereas in the West with the Asmat regency and in the south lies the Arafura Sea .-
With a total area of 45,071 square kilometers, Merauke regency has the potential of natural resources major. While tourism and culture is one of the potential that helped support. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and maritime affairs are dominant sectors and prospective .- Generally in Merauke tourism potential can be sorted based on natural attractions, history, and culture. Tours include natural beaches in the south, national parks, wildlife reserves or nature reserves, and captive breeding alligators .-
Tours include historical monument Pepera see who tells the return of West Irian into Indonesia's lap. There is also the entry monuments Catholic religion in Merauke. Sightseeing options Twins monument found only in Sabang and Merauke .- For cultural attractions you can expect at certain times or during special ceremonies or welcoming country and important guests who came to Merauke. In the District every month Kimaam reportedly also held in August Dambu festival featuring traditional dance and wrestling .- Kimaam District is the farthest location that can be achieved from Merauke town. At least it takes 45 minutes by plane or 12 hours a pioneer in motor boats. There are currently no overland route .-
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Earth Snow Papua Terayu world tourism - papua Indonesia.

Earth Snow Papua Terayu
world tourism - papua Indonesia.

Country full of adventure. That phrase Papua blind. Not only offers a natural charm and challenge, a huge island in the east end of this archipelago also has a snowy area, like in Europe. Travel to Papua done by the author, Beautiful Permaihati and colleagues, this is a journey and the work previously unimaginable. Imagine, among team members, five people have never even mountain climbing. And, once had to climb, to the mountain known as fierce in this country. Logistics is a separate problem in travel. To travel for 2 weeks, the weight of our supplies from Jakarta, plus purchased from Timika and Tembagapura, has reached 1.2 tons. Fortunately, there are those who assist and prepare the helicopter that will take some of these logistics to the base camp .-

Although most participants of this trip is not a professional climber, we can feel relieved. Because the team accompanied the climbers who have had experience, especially climbing the snow mountains in Papua. One of them is Mulyono Ripto has climbed more than 20 times .- The climb begins from the region called the Zebra Wall. So called because here there is a giant wall of zebra pattern. This location is often used by hikers to stay overnight before continuing the ascent .-

The following day, the journey continued to a place called the Valley Lakes. Personal equipment and the estimated logistic enough to travel to the Lakes was our hips. This trip brings climbers to the area every so-called "Door Wind", a long hallway into the gap that often wind berhembusnya .-

However, the hardest part of this day trip was a climb called "Oh Mama". His name is fitting to explain this rise. In addition to very steep and narrow, crossing slopes very draining. Anyway, anyone who pass by will and moaning, calling his mama .- Lakes Valley is Gorgeous-Aside from the exhausting climb after about 2 hours of walking, a beautiful valley spread out wide in front of the eye. Flanked by two mountains, the Peak Sumantri and Puncak Jaya, the towering. The valley is located at an altitude of 4200 meters from sea-level is decorated with two small lakes with different colors namely, green and blue. This is where climbers usually take a rest while enjoying the charming atmosphere before reaching the base camp location has been determined .-
Lakes Valley is strategic. From here, climbers can easily to the tops of mountains in Papua, which will climb. Not only that, the beautiful natural scenery and unique will make anyone reluctant to leave this place. Besides being used as a base camp, this is where the climbers undergo acclimatization or climate adjustments last for a few days .-

On the appointed day, the climb to the Puncak Jaya began. Climbing leader set a time for two days to take up this climb. By late afternoon, we arrived at the destination, an inlet of the mountain. This is what later became temporary shelter prior to Puncak Jaya. The snow is falling so hard to make the temperature go drop, reaching about 2 to minus 5 degrees .-

The next morning, we went to Puncak Jaya. After struggling through the snow field and the very cold air, it was a dream peak was reached late morning. Feelings of joy and sadness enveloped the atmosphere instantly in the form of plateau icefield is. However, this excitement must be passed as climbing leader decided to go down again .-

The journey down was not as easy as you think. Gloves and socks are wet, three times sank into "hell" itself. To avoid a rock slide, we chose the way bergrak declined. Although exhausting, the trip for 9 hours this becomes a separate record that is, we are able to "defeat" .-

Land yourself in the highest-addition Nusantara Puncak Jaya. Papua also has Carstensz Pyramid Peak. 4884-meter-high peak is much coveted local and foreign climbers as reliable as the highest land in Indonesia and even the continent of Asia, Australia .-

Reaching the top of Carstensz course it is not easy. Terrain is far more extreme than the field in the Puncak Jaya and the necessary climbing skills and techniques to climb high. Not to mention snow storms, fog and strong winds are always lurked the climbers. Therefore, not all of us participate as climbing to the top of this .-
There was, climbing in the mountains of Papua, this must end. Puncak Jaya and the legendary Cartenz it has successfully achieved. For me, this may be a very tough climb, but not the last .-
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Bird Park and Orchid Biak. world tourism papua Indonesia.

Bird Park and Orchid Biak.
world tourism papua Indonesia.

Located between the City Bosnik and Biak, precisely at Rim Village, East Biak District, there is a Tifa-shaped gate and a magnificent shingle shiny white. On board were the words "Bird Park & Orchid Biak" (TBAB). On the left-right lies the entrance to the parking space concrete along approximately 50 m. Was the right gate, there is a security post occupied by a uniformed officer.

- The first oddity appears. Visitors enter without paying admission. This is possible because the Government has not set the price of admission into the park that was built by the Provincial Government of Papua since 1990. Then from where the funds management area of 5 hectares that? -

With no official rates, it happens gratuity by visitors to the guard. About its value, varies. Some Rp2.500-giving between 10,000 and some are just giving a smile. Meanwhile, entrance to the Japanese Cave of Rp2.000 and 5 Door Rp5.000 cave. TBAB income derived from providing "voluntary" is used for daily needs manager / honorarium. Enough? Ah, of course not ... ..-

After digging deeper, turns out the budget to enter into the TBAB Program Natural Resources and Environment, which includes the development of provincial forestry business in the district of Jayapura, Biak-Numfor, Sorong, Fak-Fak and Manokwari. Estimated cost of the overall budget for the program, including the TBAB was USD 1,551,343,000, -.

After 12 years of existence, what happens if the project was terminated TBAB? How the fate of 32 employees honorary, 233 fish of 45 species of birds, and 1473 families of the 60 species of orchids from various regions of Papua? How TBAB can also develop as a means of education, ex-situ conservation and tourism? -

The hot sun and the chatter of parrots us realize the wonder, to re-observe the only garden birds in Papua .- Basically, TBAB divided into three complexes . On the left-wing cages lining two long-separated by a wide concrete aisle about three feet. On the right wing there are some single cage. While in the middle of the orchid garden and a large pond. In some corner of the park, available from the concrete seats for visitors to rest. There are also several wooden chairs and means the game though, um .., less long-neglected .-

Kennels on the left wing, given a screen to separate one type of bird with other species. Some types of parrots, cockatoos, kumkum, pigeons, parrots Irian, until Hornbill / taon-taon. One cage can contain a tail, more than one tail, and even a few of the different types .-

The scientific name and the name "Indonesia" was a bird attached to each cage to facilitate visitors to know his name. The second oddity comes in the minds of our heads. What if the birds want to drink it? You see, most of the water pools dry. Whereas direct sunlight shining on the cages are far from calm. What if they want to release the biological desires? Because no artificial nests that allows them to pure .-

On the right wing of TBAB, seen a number of single or duplex cages containing one or more tail parrot, parrots, and parrots Irian. The far right alongside two large cages the size of the rectangle, about 20x10x10m. In it live "free" along the yellow bird of paradise, paradise 12 antenna, Kumkum land, parrot Irian, Crowned, and Urip. In the two cages is the best attractions on view, because birds can fly more freely, shady cage, is a large water pool, and there are big trees playground. But the fulfillment of a biological desire was not facilitated .-

In the center, there are several roofed houses for the nets orchid collection. Do not expect no indication type name for fear of a visitors' sense of having "high, so that the orchids will adjourn .-

The condition is very concerned about orchids, but orchids of Papua has been known at national and international level. Complex shifted slightly from the less-ordered orchids, there are a number of bird cage containing a pair of taon-taon, sea eagle, and the child cassowary. A large pool without a fence, contains a small fish. This pool looks like a reservoir before it is applied to the cages. This is related to fresh water sources in the TBAB is not fresh anymore .-

As stared greenish-brown pond, we were struck by the strangeness of the third. Kukuruyuuukkk .... The sound the rooster crows. Partridge or chicken? Apparently some village chickens wander around the TBAB. May not occur if the chickens tetelo disease that can infect the birds in the TBAB. If transmission occurs sporadically and quickly with no early detection, it's over history .-

When going independent? - In the last 6 months (May-October 2002), TBAB visited by 973 people from within and abroad. Nearly 60% of visitors came from Biak and 16% from abroad. If each visitor entry fee Rp3.000 the manager will earn an average of about Rp486.000 per month. The amount is not even enough to pay the employee one TBAB. But it is still better than none at all. Later, the cost can be improved with the increase in facilities and services .-

Increasing TBAB facilities, services, and tourism options is a must if you want to seriously work on TBAB, as a vehicle for recreation, tourism and conservation education. There are three main components that must be a priority .-

First, human resources and management improvement TBAB in many ways and levels. Project approach is not the time anymore. Starting from the determination of admission which lacks the reciprocity of information services to visitors .- Second, repair and maintenance facilities existing TBAB, the new additions. Cage and food hygiene may be the main priority in this component. These facilities not only for birds and orchids, but also for the comfort of visitors fasum. For example cottage breaks, toilets and playground children .-

Third, integrated tourism promotion with other tourist attractions in Biak, such as cave tours Japan and the sea. This promo would require cooperation with private parties such as hotels and travel agencies .-

The opportunity to clean up there because there was a budget (read: the project) from local governments. It seemed wise, if managers do not have to wait for the project was stopped because of the opportunity must be sought, rather than anticipated. Currently, TBAB managed by one Project Leader (Pimpro) province, one district and one Pimpro Part Project Leader. Other employees are paid by honorarium / .-

Based on the project staff from the Forestry Department sources Biak, the project will be transferred to TBAB topic. Meanwhile, Biak be reopened as an international airport which allows the entry of direct foreign tourist flow to Biak. This policy shift is an opportunity which, if properly addressed later, TBAB will undoubtedly wind up like a luxury hotel that has become the pride of Biak .-

Ah, we were awakened from a dream because of bird cries of nasal taon. We got out of the park, fill the guest book and giving money "sympathy" to the guard. When we looked back, came fourth anomaly. Why no information opening hours and closing hours huh? Well ... do not try to come more than 2 hours a day deh ... the address will see the gates locked ... .-
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