Twins marauke monument. Papua Indonesia-tourism

Twins marauke monument.
Papua Indonesia-tourism

Sightseeing Merauke mainly historical monuments or monument related to certain events, such as Pepera monument was built on September 17, 1969 to commemorate the union territory of West Irian (now Papua) to Indonesia country .-

There is also a monument warnings related to religion, namely the entry of 100 years of Catholicism in Merauke (August 14, 1905 at the Catholic missionaries entered Merauke). Most people Merauke Catholic and Protestant Christians. The population is estimated at 180,000 inhabitants (census results in 2005 amounted to almost 174,000 people) .-

When West Papua is still under the control of the Government of the Netherlands East Indies, Indonesia threw some forces to seize, including in Merauke, led by (then) Maj. LB Moerdani ( later include the Commander of the Armed Forces). Precisely on June 4, 1962. To commemorate the landing of the monument was made by LB Moerdani Local Government Merauke. This tourism object is located in the District Soil Slopes, approximately 25 kilometers from Merauke town .-

There was also Tugu Sabang-Merauke, a twin obelisk found only in Sabang and Merauke. The same shape represent an area of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Monument into the district this Sota is about 80 kilometers from the city of Merauke. Monument stands near the post which was guarded by military personnel. The place was deserted now turned into a noisy because the lining around the food stalls run by migrants, primarily from the island of Java .-

Not far from the monument Sabang-Merauke, approximately 500 meters, stands a monument which is the boundary Indonesia and PNG. High monument of about 1.6 meters was established in November 1983. Boundary marks the position coordinates defined by latitude 8 degrees 25 '45 "and east longitude 141 degrees 01' 10". Region after the monument is actually a no man's land (no-man's land) but is often used as a passer-limits to the path of economic activity .-

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