Houses Ants marauke. Tourim papua travel Indonesia.

Houses Ants marauke.
Tourim papua travel Indonesia.

Merauke generally flat topography and swampy along the coast. The south coast forest formed by sediment, classified as sediment alluvium. In some places like marshland soil like mud gray. Because low berdataran, do not expect you to see the mountain over there .-
The beach is well known beach in the Village Light One Imbuti, about 4 kilometers from downtown Merauke. Lamp named because there was a lighthouse that stands tall overlooking the sea. On the beach with a very long stretch of sand, you can watch the sunset (sunset) .-

In this beach you can see the wooden boats moored fishing. Sea to where the fishermen catch fish. Several small children playing sand and some played football .-

similar condition also appears in Côte Natsai or sometimes called beach is located in Wendu because Wendu Kelurahan. Located approximately 25 kilometers from downtown, this beach beach practically dead. There's hardly any people and activities at this location. Several makeshift huts are still standing seems to have long abandoned their owners. On this beach there are rows of palm trees waving in the wind .-

In addition to beaches, natural attractions are well known and popular is the National Park (TN) and a small Wasur to Kumbe Nature Reserve. The visitors are tourists and researchers from outside the Merauke. Quite far from the city of Merauke and no public transportation pass. Despite its distance from Merauke town just 15 kilometers, it takes approximately 1 hour to reach the area .-
TN TN Wasur Wasur 413,810 hectares. Determination Wasur as a National Park was confirmed by the Minister of Forestry Decree No. 448/Menhut-VI/90 dated March 6, 1990. TN in the region have various types of fauna and flora which include rare and found only in Papua. Some of these animals is Bird Cassowary (Casuarius galeatus), Paradise (Paradisidae), and kangaroos which are smaller than kangaroos Australia (Marcropus). From several types of kangaroos, which are common ground kangaroos (Thyloyale brunii) .-

All the way through TN Wasur, you can see the dirt mounds as high as 3-5 meters on the sidewalk. That is the ant houses built over the years. Residents there say Musamus. House ant has become a symbol for the community spirit of Merauke.

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