Tips tourism in marauke. travel tourism

Tips tourism in marauke.
travel tourism

Merauke name comes from the phrase "ehe ka Maro possessed" which means the river is called Maro. Incidentally Merauke town itself is situated on the banks of the River Maro. Through the course of time as Maroke or Meroke eventually turned into Merauke .-

Up to now only one national airline of the pigeons flying to the Merauke from Jakarta and the cities where transit. Others just got Jayapura or Mimika (Timika district). However, the two cities there are also flights to Merauke .-

Outside transit times may vary, long flight from Jakarta, Merauke approximately 7-8 hours. Conversely, from Merauke-Jakarta could be more quickly reached because no transit in Biak. In addition to the aircraft, you can also use the transport ships. Reportedly, there is only one time in a month, it set off from Surabaya. At least it took 9 days arrived in Merauke, weather friendly inn .-

For many adequate range of hotels with prices varying. There are at least 9 hotels mostly located in Jalan Raya Mandala. A local government-owned hotel located in Jalan Trikora .- frequent choice for business Likewise stomach. Not hard to find a place to eat a good variety of food menu Java, China, Indonesia Padang, or other foods. You can also menyicipi Papua foods such as sago and papeda sep at a particular restaurant .-

You can hire a motorcycle or four-city tour to Merauke. Public transport is usually only operate in the city of Merauke. Alternatively, contact the agent and the local travel agency .-

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