Tourism Potentials Variety Merauke. Tourism papua Indonesia

tourism Potentials Variety Merauke.
Tourism papua Indonesia

Merauke regency is one of 29 districts in Papua province, not including the 6 new district-approved expansion area of the House of Representatives (DPR) early in December last .- If in the East Merauke bordered by PNG, the north face Boven D
igul and Mappi District. Whereas in the West with the Asmat regency and in the south lies the Arafura Sea .-
With a total area of 45,071 square kilometers, Merauke regency has the potential of natural resources major. While tourism and culture is one of the potential that helped support. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and maritime affairs are dominant sectors and prospective .- Generally in Merauke tourism potential can be sorted based on natural attractions, history, and culture. Tours include natural beaches in the south, national parks, wildlife reserves or nature reserves, and captive breeding alligators .-
Tours include historical monument Pepera see who tells the return of West Irian into Indonesia's lap. There is also the entry monuments Catholic religion in Merauke. Sightseeing options Twins monument found only in Sabang and Merauke .- For cultural attractions you can expect at certain times or during special ceremonies or welcoming country and important guests who came to Merauke. In the District every month Kimaam reportedly also held in August Dambu festival featuring traditional dance and wrestling .- Kimaam District is the farthest location that can be achieved from Merauke town. At least it takes 45 minutes by plane or 12 hours a pioneer in motor boats. There are currently no overland route .-

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