Landscape Lemboken tourism sulawesi indonesia

Landscape Lemboken tourism sulawesi indonesia

Jakarta-Bogor If a regional summit for enjoying the cool mountain air reply, then go to the Lemboken Flammable. Tourism here is not separated from pemadangan beautiful mountains and canyons in the heart menyejukan wrote eloquently and protruding eyes see it. Along the cut-through drive through smooth asphalt, is to look like a landscape painter naturalist dilukisan china.

If you want to here from Manado distance of about 1.5 hours to the district Tomohon direction, turn into the village Paslaten, then continue to rise up through the field of population and area of pine quiet calm reply. In contrast to the atmosphere Puncakpass Jakarta-Bogor reply with Lalin krodit with solid, yg angkot annoying, or solid with various shapes villa "love love". The village here is that there is a natural village has existed since wrote decades ago, in a small group of the population, and not as dense areas bogor peak. Really quiet and comfortable Lemboken .-

Near the top, we still have to spend one last village named Temboan Rurukan. The little village is very quiet, full expanse of drying cloves just harvested from the fields of population and placed lane country road that is very quiet. Expanse of clove that makes a long line of early entrance to the village until the end of the village Valentine again. Tip of the mouth of the village stopped the car for just stretch my legs and took a picture, near a monument is lined with the former name of this village headman following plus a small statue of a village chief with the Ministry of Home Affairs official clothing of his white. I smiled at the row name, spontaneously out remarks: "Why call it a monument Pak Lurah" .-

For me, the best time to visit this place is the late afternoon. The direction of sunlight will fall from the back of our heads and illuminates the surface of the earth's wide stretch of aakan Flammable appear in front of our heads. From Lemboken, we will be able to see the famous landmarks 3 here, the City of Manado, Bitung City (the second largest city in North Sulawesi), and Lake Tondano. Unfortunately, business accommodation here rada susah. For those who want to stay is not available villas for rent. Even to eat and drink stalls were not there. Therefore, when leaving from Manado, do not forget to enter in a thermos of hot water, bring sugar and coffee and tea and biscuits lightly Lemboken .-

Peak is an open area, not covered trees, because it speeds the wind would blow hard enough and make your body temperature will quickly down aka cold. 4-hour afternoon, the sky was clear without a cloud dikisaran recorded temperature 25-26 * C on my thermometer measuring dialat .-

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Movie Valentine's Day 2010

Movie Valentine's Day 2010

Thanks to his appearance in 'New Moon', actor Taylor Lautner is now flooding the offer other movies. Recently, actor Jacob Black's signed a contract to perform at the superhero movie 'Max Steel'.

As quoted from Aceshowbiz detikhot, Tuesday (8/12/2009), in the film, he will portray the character of Josh McGrath. In the story 'Max Steel', Josh is a 19-year-old teenager who by accident becomes superhuman. Currently, Chad Damiani and JP Lavin working on the script 'Max Steel'.

But the plans of Paramount Picture's film released in 2012 have not decided who will be directed. "Max Steel 'is a character creation Mattel. These characters were already appearing in several comic and cartoon series on television. So while waiting for the release of 'Max Steel', you can watch silly ASKI Taylor in 'Valentine's Day'. Romantic comedy is scheduled to be available in U.S. theaters starting February 12, 2010.
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Waterfalls Bantimurung already known since earlier times. When I was in kindergarten in Makassar, come to this place was a dense forest, cleaner, and a thick fog. Now, more severe condition. At least if it is serious view of cleanliness, and the booming number of visitors each month and the beginning of the weekend (as low pay, hehehe). While there, I and colleagues over the mountain looking down from the tarsier, and just wanted to stop by for menyejukan body while her former kindergarten nostalgia as a picnic here with my parents late org. Its location just 45 minutes straight north from Makassar to Maros (travel time Kijang car at moderate speed and with records not subject to congestion-rickshaws and pete pete middle of a city) .-

But when it comes to location, shattered all my desire for "kecipang - kecipung "waterfall river dialiran Bantimurung. Blimey, the number of visitors make the head head head. Wonderful lot! The number of visitors such location is not too wide reply will obviously cause problems of its own. Ditepian mud along the muddy river and a plastic garbage scattered here and there a lot .-

This waterfall is an ideal use for bathing, because the condition of the stream in front airterjun runway was made of karst rock-hard and slippery, hard rock-me-covered layers of minerals due to the flow water for hundreds of years, and wrote into the water no more between her ankles until kepinggang. Therefore, many young parents into nyemplung follow-up there for good, not harm barefoot (no sharp stones) and there is no sediment in the middle of the river water flow .-

But what, one hundred percent safe yes? Not really. This area has multiple end of each year to eat the victim. A shop keeper around this area offers a partial guide tells kesaya services, there are still visitors tau tau disappear swallowed by water, and found a few hundred meters from the location of the loss. If you do not die sometimes in cave woe surrounding Bantimurung location. Currently there are two holes yg cave opened to the public, another one was closed because it was considered too dangerous and sinister. There is a story, it really dialiran river is a cave under the river, if you want to go to swim under the water first and then go into the cave which had diujungnya small room that could be used for sitting sitting .-

For those who feel creepy with such stories and would not memtuskan follow-up bath, can just sit sitting eating a picnic. Uniquely, picnics, dining here is not under a big tree, like the generality if we do a picnic in West Java or Java. In Bantimurung leisurely picnic and eat holes done under the cavernous recesses of the cave under the rock giants. As I saw them a picnic, I thinkers, if the rock collapsed suddenly, waa ... could be "jerky" .-

It's good they enter this place if not the weekend if you want to hear the sound of birds and the rumble of a waterfall. I was wrong in timing the end of the week, so can not enjoy a lot of things over here. At least, my childhood memories rather settled after coming here. We came back unity where one of them because "the past", is not it? --




What is known from Manado, North Sulawesi? A colleague says with a laugh: "Of course 3-B". The translation is "Porridge Menado, Bunaken, Manado .... and lips". The first two, I admit, Manado porridge is unique and no other in Indonesia, just as Bunakennya waters. But for "lip Menado", well I just knew she was beautiful Menado white. More "than that", I'm just a plain man, the oath does not know what's okay :-)

But apart from becandaan about "3-B", if there really care if it does not want to go way out of the city of Manado. Hire a car, and one-time items go out of town to the city Airmadidi, one of the small town of Minahasa typical pakanan producer. From Airmadidi, Sawangan Turn toward the village, there is where the old graves hundreds of years old, known as typical: WARUGA. The village is very famous, no one who does not know Menado this area. Even tour mapped local output or external (Periplus, and lonely-planet), the location of the Sawangan Waruga very clearly stated. The journey there will be a hilly ride through the area with cool air with a beautiful mountain view .-

According to historical data, old Minahasa people bury their dead rather than into the soil. Nor like the Toraja in South Sulawesi, which is input in the rocky slope. They bury their dead in a stone box made of hard Rock and placed behind the house where they lived. Black mountain rock hard yg handpicked by the "candidate of the dead" when he was still alive the way down the mountain and forest areas.

Once they find a giant stone in the perceived size fit for him when he'll be dead, and the stone carved in the form of elongated rectangular box and hollow inside. When finished, the stone is then pulled down the mountain to be placed near his home page. The weight of each stone that can reach a range between 100kg to 400kg. Really really a heavy coffin :-)

Initially dispersed locations Waruga scatter. Almost in every village in a small group are at home Waruga grandfather inherited from his ancestors. The government then collect some old Waruga sprawling disebaran Airmadidi region, then gathered in this village. My last there five months ago, reportedly found another small collection of new Waruga Tomohon dilereng mountainous area after 2-day walk from the village last. That is, there are many others who have not Waruga found and scattered in remote forests .-

One unique thing that every Waruga have a "passport photo" the-dead. Dipeti lid on the Waruga carved-death profession when making Waruga stone. If he was a hunter, the animal reliefs diukirlah closed it. Five years ago, there was a Japanese tourist who was so impressed with the natural conditions Waruga and quiet villages reply here. One time, he said to the caretaker Waruga there, he said if he wanted to die later made Waruga and buried in this place with other Waruga.

Unfortunately, when he returned to Japan, he died, and his last will not happen to be buried in waruga (somehow, he would be carved in the form of what he remembered lid-a Japanese). Use of graves around Waruga terminated early in this century because it was circulating wrote terrible outbreak of cholera. The Dutch government was due to suspected outbreaks within Waruga bodies spread disease and spread keudara civic death .-


The beauty of Wakatobi Reef- TOURISM SULAWESI INDONESIA

The beauty of Wakatobi Reef- TOURISM SULAWESI INDONESIA

destinations this time it will disturb your adventurous spirit. An area that is still fairly pristine offers an unforgettable journey. Is the Tukang Besi Islands, an archipelago that consists of four major islands with an area of about 821 km2. Four major islands are Powder-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko which by ordinary local people as WAKATOBI diakronimkan .-

As the name suggests, Tukang Besi, these islands are famous for making beautiful traditional keris and remained in production until now. These islands have pristine nature, calm sea with fresh water, caves under the sea adjacent to each other specifically presented to the true nature lovers. It could be said that this area is a tourist area's first marine park in Indonesia .-

Although diving can be done anytime, but in April and December are the best months for diving because the weather was very good. In addition to diving and snorkeling are also available at a special coast submarine motor, snorkeling tours and exploration on the islands. A small area located on the side of the island Tomia 8 km2 area, called Island Tolandona (Onernobaa Island) is unique because the island is surrounded by the beautiful sea garden. -

After the 5-6 hour journey by speedboat from Kendari, Bau-Bau become the next transit to Wakatobi. The journey can not be directly due to ferry schedule Bau-Bau-Wanci, Wakatobi gate limited. Besides crossing the wooden ship approximately one day will be very tiring. Worn path of Bau-Bau is a overland trip to Lasalimu, districts in southeastern Bau-Bau, about 3 hours. Next crossing to Wakatobi. That, too, once-daily ferry schedule, 06.00. -

There are two kinds of tribes in the Tukang Besi Islands, Tukang Besi the north and south. The total population of the two tribes are now reaching the range of 250,000 people, spread over four major islands of Wakatobi. Tailor the tribe's livelihood is farming Iron. Their staple food is potatoes, which used to be burned and eaten with fish. Tukang Besi southern tribes also include tribal families of Buton. Dependence lies in their live seafood into daily meals. -

If you want to visit to Wakatobi, in the month of July to September could be as high as the mountain waves. However, for those of you adventurous, big waves are not an obstacle to visit islands in the Banda Sea and Flores Sea this. But if you want more, secure ', October to early December is the best option to enjoy the beauty of Wakatobi. So some messages Wakatobi residents who met in Bau-Bau Wakatobi .-

Actually not just rely on sea transportation of Bau-Bau or Lasalimu. Since 2001, air transport can reach the islands in the eastern island of Buton this. However, the cost of travel is very expensive, but it only serves the air transport route Denpasar-Wakatobi with every 11 day schedule .-

Tukang Besi Islands has 25 clusters of coral reefs are pristine with a wide range of species. Coral reefs are the habitat for many species of fish and other sea life creatures such as mollusks, marine worms, sea plants. Sharks, dolphins and whales also became residents of this area. All of which create a beautiful garden and the sea is still natural. Assessed marine park is the best in the world arena is often used as diving and snorkeling for divers and tourists. Since 1996, Wakatobi area designated as a national park. -

Area tours are also available at Wangi-Wangi Island, Hoga, the island next to Kaledupa and Binongko. In addition to snorkeling and diving, other tourism activities that can be enjoyed by the coastal scenery along the cave, photography, sunbathing, and camping .-

The four major islands in the Wakatobi has special characteristics, ie, each island is a district, except the island of Wangi-Wangi consisting from the two districts. Wangi-Wangi, the first island encountered when entering Wakatobi, into the gate and closest to the island of Buton. Here there is a large port that serves the goods and passenger ships in the Village Wanci. If Wangi-Wangi Island into the sea transportation gateway, then the island Tomia into the air transportation gateway. -

Make sure the visit Wakatobi be your next destination. Give it a slightly different holiday to your family. So, it's different vacation girls ... ee -


Stone Forest Karst Sulawesi, only in Indonesia WORLD TOURISM SULAWESI INDONESIA

Stone Forest Karst Sulawesi, only in Indonesia WORLD TOURISM SULAWESI INDONESIA

Karst-Pangkep Maros in South Sulawesi is one area that has karst landscape is unique and special so-called tower karst. South Sulawesi has karst (rock hill) is very wide, namely-Pangkep Maros Karst. 4500 hectare area stretching, the third largest in the world. This karst browse and see the wealth in it .-

This area is located in two districts, namely Maros regency and Pangkep. Precisely in the north of Makassar, between 50 and 100 kilometers from the city of Makassar. Line of karst can be seen clearly from the trans-Sulawesi road connecting Makassar, Pare .-

The cave is formed as a result of carbonate rocks that laundering not only produce cave ornaments are very pretty. But it also serves as the human species take refuge in the past. The caves are inhabited by human beings and their culture in the past. This is called pre-historic cave-Speleology .-

Potential caves that form the corridor and developing underground river in the karst Maros-Pangkep become one of its own potential. Cave with an underground river that has evolved an amazing cave formation .-

longest and deepest cave in Indonesia, until now, the longest and deepest caves in Indonesia was found in the Maros karst. Deepest cave shaped single wells with a depth of 260 meters was found in Leaputte Leang. The longest cave is estimated to be found in the Kallang Salukkan cave system, which reaches 2700 meters in length .-

This cave system is a set of systems that perguaan continuous and has a mouth of the cave. One of the cave entrance is a vertical cave contained in the National Park conservation area Bantimurung-Bulusaraung, Karaenta area. In 2001, back in the second longest cave in Maros, with a length of 12 kilometers in the area Balocci, Pangkep. The findings of this expedition, the French team added to the long list of caves in Maros wealth .-

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Creatures in the Wild million Tangkoko world tourism sulawesi indonesia

Creatures in the Wild million Tangkoko world tourism sulawesi indonesia

typical bunch of Celebes black apes move from one branch to another branch. There was also a walk and scrounge some food on the wet ground. At least about an 20-Macaca nigra monkeys are like community. The term for this group of monkeys was Rambo 1, so according to the narrative one of the researchers who have almost a year following their behavior. -

Residents around it with a monkey called "yaki" is living freely in Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) and Nature Reserve Batuputih Tangkoko. This animal is only one of millions of animal species in conservation areas Tangkoko Mountain, City of Bitung, North Sulawesi .-

Conservation area is an area of 8718 hectares covering the four places, namely Batuputih TWA 615 hectares area, nature reserve Batuangus Tangkoko-acre area including the area 3196 Tangkoko-Batuangus Mountain and surrounding areas, CA Duasudara covering 4299 hectares, including Mount Duasudara and surroundings, and TWA 635 hectares Batuangus area. All four are under the management of the Forestry Department, through the Center of Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) Flammable .- I

n conservation areas the target of animal researchers in this world there are 26 species of mammals (10 species endemic), 180 species of birds (59 of them endemic species endemic to Sulawesi and North Sulawesi 5), and 15 species of reptiles and amphibians. -

Conservation Area is the most frequently visited by tourists is Batuputih TWA can be reached by private car about two hours from Manado. Through Batuputih TWA is usually much closer to the nature reserve area Tangkoko. -

You can use the help guide as well as pay a donation for this conservation of at least approximately USD 70 thousand. There are several guides from the local residents who had been trained to explain in English, especially for foreign tourists who come .-

Most of the tourists who come to admire the diversity of wildlife in this conservation area, because this supposedly famous Sulawesi unique as mixing or transition zone zoogeography of two regions Asia and Australia. You could say this sanctuary houses animals Tangkoko significant Sulawesi .-

Animal to be found among other birds Tangkoko Manguni (Otus manadensis) which became the symbol of the Minahasa region, along with seven other Manguni bird species. According to the guide Tangkoko, Alfons Wodi, these birds come out at night and share the habitat with other animals such as the tarsier night, bats and civet Sulawesi .-

Apart from Celebes black ape and tangkasi or tarsier, Sulawesi other animals that typically easy to find in the region is a possum bears (Ailurops ursinus), pygmy possum (Strigocuscus celebensis), or a bird rising sulawesi hornbill (Rhyticeros cassidix), and kangkareng (Penelopides exarrhatus) . -

In the area of this endangered species conservation, you may be in the mail I at the entrance where you can enjoy the beaches and to reach the Post II can be reached by car. Pos II before it reaches you will find secondary tropical forests where there are trees and some crops such as betel pioneer forest, flowers and wood .-

The Postal binunga II, you can park the car and began walking the woods and will meet with a group of Celebes black ape (Macaca nigra). Various sounds of birds will also be heard when getting closer to the forest from Rangon, Kingfisher, pigeons, and many more .-

The White Stone TWA is no limit to enter Tangkoko Nature Reserve, but this limit was not too clear because only a two-pole of trees planted on the right and left. -

Various flora and fauna admired British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, this should be a concern of all parties to preserve it. Better to prevent the extinction of animals earlier than the next generation no longer can see the biological wealth of this place. Hopefully ...

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Taipa Beach, Middle Beach Elegant in world tourism sulawesi indonesia

Taipa Beach, Middle Beach Elegant in world tourism sulawesi indonesia
town tourism Various activities can be enjoyed on the beach that offer beauty to the bottom of the water. Central Sulawesi is the largest province in Sulawesi, although not as famous as other regions, the province has a stunning natural beauty and not less interesting. Palu city as its capital city is the gateway for tourists who want an excursion to various places in Central Sulawesi, Palu .-

also has many attractions very interesting and worthy of reference for the traveler. Located overlooking the bay, making the marine and coastal tourism be a worthy tourist attraction reliable. One of them is the beach tourist area of Taipa Beach .-

Palu Mutiara airport to reach the area of Taipa Beach tour only takes about 30 minutes. Taipa Beach is an alternative option for people who want to travel hammer in addition to come to the beach Talise beach. To enjoy the white sand and clear sea water nan Palu in Taipa Bay Beach, visitors are only charged admission for USD 5000 .-

The morning sun that warms the body seemed to be a great friend of visitors who enjoy swimming bluish sea. Meanwhile, on shore two women looked at each other picture .-

busy morning, which has a beach about 500 meters long was not too crowded. Only seen a group of young people who come to use motorcycles. "We came with friends one office, there are even some who had come since yesterday," said Ayu said, one of them. "In addition to its natural beauty, this beach was not too crowded, so we chose to come here," said Edie, another friend added .-

Some water tourism activities can be selected in this area. For those who like to enjoy the natural beauty of the water, Taipa Beach area offers underwater scenery is attractive. You just choose to snorkeling or diving. For those who want to snorkel, the beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish can lower the water was visible only 50 meters from the beach. For lovers of diving, this area also memeiliki interesting spots to enjoy .-

Or for those who just want to relax, the beach is also where appropriate, the warm sun with the blue sea and white sand beaches will be a friend to relax. In addition, your eyes will be spoiled with exquisite mountain scenery Gawalise can be seen from a distance. Natural exuberance with verdant trees seemed to form a gradation of color with blue sky and sea water in Taipa Beach .-

Currently, tourism is the existence of Taipa Beach has not been known. Slowly Taipa Beach is also a favorite choice for vacationing residents Palu on the weekend. Within a week of local tourists who come range from 1500 up to 2000 guests with the highest traffic on Saturday and Sunday .-

Some supporting facilities are already built and operated a cottage and a pool. With all the beauty that is owned, Taipa Beach in front soon became the leading tourist resort town of Palu .-

Travelers Tips f

rom outside the city by plane, if you want to immediately enjoy the natural beauty of the beach Taipa Beach, could use a taxi or angkotan. With affordable rates. For taxi (Argo) is usually of RP 30,000. If you hire enough money angkot 15,000. Meanwhile, if using a motorcycle taxi tariffs set for Rp 25,000 .-

For the tourists who want to spend the night there is a very comfortable cottage with views over the sea, on vacation you can guarantee getting cool. Price for cottage Rp 500,000 per night .-

If you want to save money, the manager also provides saung or pavilion that can rent a relatively cheap price, enough to pay Rp 100,000 you can stay in the pavilion which also has a view of the beach This clear .-

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The story is about the collapse of the Roman Empire. Beginning with Romulus Augustus, who lifted the 12-year-old was appointed as Caesar. Romulus and lost his family, residence and empire.

He was imprisoned on the island of Capri and tried to escape. One day, Romulus find a legendary sword of Julius Caesar has called the 'excaliburnus', and he finally realized he had to save Rome. Faithful follower named Aurelius Romulus craft a strategy to rid themselves of Capri with the help of his friend Nestor senate.

Accompanied by her friends and a mysterious messenger from Constantinople, Romulus was to create found English Roman army. After that, Romulus fought together his friends to defend Rome to become a legendary king.

The film is really sort of historical because it is inspired by real events in the 5th century AD, and at the same time showing the King Arthur legend is really the same famous sword-Escaliburnus him. / / Genre: drama / prod: Dino De Laurentius, Rafaella De Laurentius



Exam for John Crowley (Brendan Fraser) is like to have no end. Recently he could enjoy his hard work during this and he was forced to abandon his career just because there was another call that much more important than career. John had to try hard to find a healing medicine for her two children. Two children John was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Pompe. These diseases cause the body can not describe this disease even sugar can also be at risk of paralysis or death due to failure of heart function.

So far there is no cure for this disease and the doctor dropped the verdict is death. Her love for her children make John do not despair. Together with Aileen (Keri Russell), his wife, John and determined to leave her career and working with a doctor named Dr. Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford). Dr. Robert was not an ordinary doctor, he was a genius but that does not have a general method and therefore often considered insane by other doctors. Together, they then founded a company focusing on the areas of drug research.

Dr. Robert hoped this cooperation will work to prove his theory while John, on the other hand, hopes this cooperation managed to find a cure for his two children. Slowly but surely this collaboration coming to fruition but again the test came. The agreement which was originally going well just have to face examinations at the expected healing medicine John had found.

movie Untitled Bob Marley Documentary

movie Untitled Bob Marley Documentary

Plot Summary: A documentary about legendary reggae star Bob Marley, which has been authorized by Marley's family. The film is set for release on February 6, 2010, on what would have been Marley's 65th birthday.

Release Date: February 6, 2010
Studio: Shangri-La Entertainment
Director: Jonathan Demme
Screenwriter: Not Available
Starring: Not Available
Genre: Documentary, Musical
MPAA Rating: Not Available
Official Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD: Not Available
Movie Poster: Not Available
Production Stills: Not Available
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Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani area of 9630 hectares has a very beautiful panorama with 19 small islands that are scattered in the area of the lake and residential areas people living in houses on the water column. Tourists can rent a motor boat to the area along the lake; visited several islands and villages. Visitors also can do treking around the lake .-

Tourists can also visit the summit of Mount Ifar (2160m) where there is a monument on top MacArthur in the background is very impressive sight. Public transport available, especially on Sunday, which led visitors to the top as far as 6 km. This peak was never mentioned ever be one warlord's headquarters is a very famous American General MacArthur



Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani area of 9630 hectares has a very beautiful panorama with 19 small islands that are scattered in the area of the lake and residential areas people living in houses on the water column. Tourists can rent a motor boat to the area along the lake; visited several islands and villages. Visitors also can do treking around the lake .-

Tourists can also visit the summit of Mount Ifar (2160m) where there is a monument on top MacArthur in the background is very impressive sight. Public transport available, especially on Sunday, which led visitors to the top as far as 6 km. This peak was never mentioned ever be one warlord's headquarters is a very famous American General MacArthur



Lake and Lake Gita Giji ABOVE MOUNTAIN

Giji Lake and Lake Gita-From RANSIKI treking tourists can do for two or three days in the company of guides to the Lake and Lake Gita Giji located in the mountainous area at an altitude Arfak 2030m above sea level which provides a beautiful panorama. Lake which has a depth of 100 meters is a good location for swimming. Residents who live in this region is called by the name of the Hatam and Manikom. They live with their traditional culture .-

Travel to reach the lake begins by walking along the river until you reach Sivi Momi and continued with the walk up the muddy road to the lake. At night, the climbers can stay in shacks that are available along the route .-

"Servings scene two lakes so fantastic views from the hilltop Kobrey. On the left side of the lake looks Giji Anggi and on the right side of the lake Anggi stunning elegant Gita. View like this only here, not found in other places, enjoying the two lakes at the same time. Incredible! "- - Various kinds of trees and plants can be seen from the car. The average tree covered with moss there. "We also see a variety of plant species ant (Mymecodie) hanging in the trees that became a place to live for thousands of ants such as tubers that contained wasps home sweet liquid," -

though the road is still in the stage of hardening and in some a bit hollow, but fears erased along the mountains with beautiful panoramic expanse of dead eyes looked like blinking. In the eyes looked down, looked valleys beautiful. On the edge of the road can also be found a variety of butterflies colorful and unique. Sayapun time photographing butterflies betebangan on the outskirts of the road. In my heart anxiously hoping this trip I hope we can find the butterfly wings of birds flying on the edge of the road. --

Arrived at the height of the mountain Lantijmout, a sense of excitement hung in the liver due to would soon be arriving at the location of the first lake, the lake had Anggi Gita clearly visible. Despite overcast menyelimut thick enough on the lake Anggi Gita, but such a beautiful natural panorama. So it is not calculated two-three shots, my camera never stopped perpetuating beauty very difficult to find a match elsewhere. Indentations so beautiful hills. Dazzle! - -

Servings sight of two such fantastic lake views from the hilltop Kobrey. On the left side of the lake looks Giji Anggi and on the right side of the lake Anggi stunning elegant Gita. View like this only here, not found in other places, enjoying the two lakes at the same time. Incredible! You can also see and feel the beauty of the lakes in the hills Kobrey Anggi it. Additionally, lined colorful plants that lay soft-neatly arranged in the beautiful mountain scenery Kobrey added. From a distance, there are the white sand at the edge of a lake. Capture the lake from the top Kobrey is VERY AMAZING-

unfinished beauty. Another spectacular view is also seen on the outskirts of the lake Anggi Giji, namely Sururey settlements in the district. Kampong Sineremer flanked by mountains and lakes so it looks very stunning .- -

think, a trip that takes only a day is not enough to enjoy the panorama of mountains Arfak. Especially along the two lakes Anggi. Conceived promises that someday will come back to you, and stayed there a few days.




Film directed by Jon Amiel will raise dilemma experienced by Charles Darwin as a scientist .-

Finroll - Movies that have the potential to cause this controversy is about the life of Charles Darwin who wrestled with his work made in 1859, 'On the Origin of Species. " On the opening night film at the Toronto International Film Festival described the film's smart, a brilliant depiction of a man who really believed in its scientific capability but racked with grief of losing a child and the fact that he lost his faith .-

The film was taken with the beautiful appearance and features Paul Bettany as Darwin and his wife, who also serves as the wife of Darwin. Jennifer Connelly has ever won an Oscar this will play Emma, who also diharakan will bring more attraction to this film. Inviting thoughts and memories, this film will be very interesting for adult audiences around the world .-

Based on the book written by Darwin's great-grandson, Randal Keynes, 'Annie's Box,' screenplay was written by John Colle who portrays the scientist as a responsible husband and a father who is depressed by the death of her daughter and Amiel .- Colle this movie forward herded and Munder smoothly from the time that Darwin spent happy times with Annie, her daughter until she was trapped in his fears that by writing his book he will lose the love of his wife's religious. -

Thanks to a good script and acting skills Bettany in the film becomes an intellectual and emotional depiction of the best ever made in the last few years. Tenderness acting the hero with his wife and son as interesting dilemma that viewers thought won. - Amiel's best achievement is that the 'Creation' successfully displays the deepest human emotions with the spirit to think more deeply .-

Louise Stjernsward Costume and production design by Laurence Dorman products plus the view from the interior of England makes this film fun to watch and cinematographer Jess Hall and editor Melanie Oliver deserves thumbs up. Score by Christopher Young is very appropriate and beautiful .-

movie 2010

movie the lovely bones 2010

movie the lovely bones 2010

Peter Jackson, the brain behind the success of the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings seemed endless spawn best work. This time, a genre thriller movie titled The Lovely Bones, starring presented with a number of major Hollywood players. The film is adapted from a novel as this, tells the ups and downs of serial murder victims' families.

The main figures in this film is played by Susie Salmon actress Saoirse Ronan, a cheerful girl who really loved his parents. Once, on his way home from school, Susie find the shortest path to his house. Susie simple idea turned into a disaster when he met George Harvey, his neighbor who was a psychopath. Susie was raped and murdered by a sadist.

His body was cut into pieces and dumped in a remote place. Pascakematian tragic, Susie's family originally harmonious beginning to change. Jack, Susie's father is played by Mark Wahlberg, tormented with guilt and often confined himself. While his wife, Abigail is played by Rachel Weisz could not accept the fact her daughter had been killed.

He approached Len Fenerman detective investigating the death of Abigail Did Susie find her killer and reunite divided families? The answer can be found in the film will be released first in England in the upcoming January 29, 2010
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National Park cendrawasih WORLD TOURISM INDONESI

National Park cendrawasih

National Park Paradise Paradise Bay area has 1,453,500 hectares of coral reef ecosystems, beaches, mangroves and tropical forests of the island continent. Paradise Bay National Park is a national park marine waters of the largest in Indonesia, consisting of land and coastal area (0.9%), mainland islands (3.8%), coral reefs (5.5%), and coastal seas ( 89.8%) .-

The potential coral Paradise Bay National Park recorded 150 species from 15 families, and spread on the banks of large and 18 small islands. The percentage of live coral closure varied between 30.40% to 65.64%. Generally, the coral reef ecosystem is divided into two zones namely averaging zone coral (reef flat) and reef slope zones (reef slope). The types of rocks can be seen is the blue coral colony (Heliopora coerulea), black corals (Antiphates sp.) Faviidae and Pectiniidae family, as well as various types of soft corals. -

Paradise Bay National Park famous for its fish-rich species. Approximately 209 recorded species of fish in the inhabitants of this area include: -
- butterflyfish,
- angelfish,
- damselfish,
- parrotfish,
- rabbitfish, and
- anemonefish.

Types of mollusks include: -
- snails cowries (Cypraea spp.),
- Snails strombidae (Lambis spp.),
- Cone snails (Conus spp.),
- Triton trumpet (Charonia tritonis), and
- giant clam (Tridacna gigas).

There are four types of turtles that often landed in this national park are: - hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata),
- the green turtle (Chelonia mydas),
- turtle (Lepidochelys olivaceae), and
- star fruit turtle (Dermochelys coriacea).

Also found are mermaids (Dugong dugon), blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), coconut crab (Birgus latro), dolphins, and sharks .

There is a natural cave that is believed to have existed since ancient times, hot springs that contain sulfur without salinity in Misowaar Island, cave in the water with a depth of 100 feet in Tanjung Mangguar. A number of relics from the 18th century can still be found in several places like in Wendesi, Wasior, and Yomber. Many Christians who visited the church in the village Yende (Roon Island), just to see the holy book published in 1898 .-

In order to visit this national park, visitors must-Manokwari - Rumberpon Island (using a longboat with a time 5.5 hours)
- Manokwari
- RANSIKI (4-wheel vehicle about three hours) and continued with a motor boat about 2.5 hours.

world tourism indonesia
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Rumberpon island

islands are inhabited in this area include Rumberpon, Mioswaar, Roon and Angrameos. Tourists can visit the islands through a Public or Ransaki. On the island visitors can explore the beautiful beaches area .-

In Rumberpon Island tourists can snorkel in the coral reef areas with various flora and fauna of the beautiful sea. Rumberspon also offers the opportunity to explore the forest on the island. Rumberpon Island can be reached from RANSIKI a speedboat ride for two hours. Rumberpon Island tourists can rent a motor boat to other island like that Wairondi Island area tortoise populations untouched by human hands and also to the Air Force Island .-


National Park National Park Wasur world tourism papua indonesia

National Park National Park Wasur
world tourism papua indonesia

wide Wasur area is 413,810 hectares of wetlands representative of the most widespread in Papua / Irian Jaya and a little disturbed by human activity. Approximately 70 percent of the national park area of savanna vegetation, the other was a swamp forest vegetation, forests season, coastal forests, bamboo forests, grasslands and swamp forests are large enough sago. Plant species that dominate the forest in this national park include fires (Avicennia sp.) Tancang (Bruguiera sp.), Ketapan (Terminalia sp.), And eucalyptus (Melaleuca sp.) .-

A common animal species found among others: -
- tree kangaroos (Dendrolagus spadix),
- musk king (Psittrichus fulgidus),
- gelambir cassowary (Casuarius casuarius sclateri),
- virgin crown / Crowned Pigeon (Goura cristata),
- a large yellow paradise (Paradisea apoda novaeguineae), -
- paradise kings (Cicinnurus regius rex),
- red paradise (Paradisea rubra),
- freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus novaeguineae), and
- the saltwater crocodile (C. porosus).

Biodiversity valuable and admirable in Wasur National Park, causing this area better known as "Serengiti Papua". Wetlands in this national park is the most productive ecosystems in providing food and protection materials for the life of many kinds of fish, shrimp and crabs that have high economic value .-

Various types of wildlife such as migratory birds, wallabies and cassowaries often come and inhabit the Blue Marsh Lake . Therefore, the Blue Marsh Lake is called "Motherland" because the height of the lives of animals. This location is perfect for observing wildlife and stunning attractive National Park .-

This can be achieved through the following routes:
- Margate
- Merauke (aircraft with a time 1.5 hours)
- a national park (four-wheeled vehicle about 1-2 hours through road trans Irian). Time is advised to visit this national park is the month of July sd November.

world tourism
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National security Lorentz world tourism papua indonesia

National security Lorentz
world tourism papua indonesia

Lorentz National Park area of 2,450,000 hectares is one of the parks are designated as World Heritage by the UNESCO World Heritage Center and the Natural Heritage of ASEAN by the ASEAN countries. Largest national park in Indonesia is a biodiverse ecosystems most comprehensive in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Extends from the top of the snow-covered mountain (5030 meters above sea level), to the coastal waters with mangrove forests and borders the Arafura Sea waters are ecologically fascinating spectrum of alpine vegetation region, sub-alpine, montane, sub-montane, lowland, and wetlands. -

This region also has other unique that is one of the three regions in the world that has a glacier in the tropics and there are rivers that disappeared a few kilometers into the ground in the Valley-Balliem. A total of 34 vegetation types including swamp forests, riverside forests, sago forest, peat swamp forests, coral sand beaches, rain forest land flat / slope, the rain forest on the hill, Heath forest, mountain forest, grasslands, and moss crust. -

The types of plants in national parks, among others: -

- Nipa palm (Nypa fruticans),
- mangrove (Rhizophora apiculata),
- Pandanus julianettii,
- Colocasia esculenta,
- Avicennia marina - pilgeri Podocarpus, and
- Nauclea coadunata.

The types of animals that have been identified in the Lorentz National Park as many as 630 species of birds (± 70% of the birds in Papua) and 123 species of mammals. Bird species characteristic of this national park there are two types of cassowary, four megapoda, 31 species of doves / pigeons, parrots 30 species, 13 bird species of shrimp, 29 species of birds of honey, and 20 species of endemic long-tailed paradise (Paradigalla caruneulata) and quail snow (Anurophasis monorthonyx). -

Creatures of mammals were recorded, among others: -
- pigs duri echidna (Zaglossus bruijnii),
- pigs duri Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus), - 4 types of possum, - wallabies, - a jungle cat, and
- tree kangaroos.

Lorentz National Park supported the remarkable cultural diversity. It is estimated that these cultures 30,000 years old and is the residence of tribal Nduga, Western Dani, Amungme, Sempan and Asmat. The possibility there's more remote communities who live in this jungle that has not been in contact with other humans. -

Famous Asmat statue carving skills. According to the trust, the tribe is identical to the forest or the trees. The trunk is represented as a human body, the branches as arms, and its fruit as a human head. Trees are considered as a place to live the spirits of their ancestors. Asmat community system that respects the tree, it applies to rivers, mountains and others .-

Visitors can reach this national park from the town of Timika; to the north of the region using the pioneering flights to the southern part of the sea using a ship through the Port of Sawa Erma, two routes is followed by the path to several locations. The recommended time to visit this national park is the month of August sd December.

world tourism
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Finally, the best-selling comedy film 'Shrek' new film out. The film, entitled 'Shrek Forever After' This will be the final film of the series earlier.

Uniquely again, freakers movie not only entertained with silly behavior Shrek and his best friend. However, shown in 3D form!.

A little leak, the plot is not far from the life of the country 'Far Far Away'. However, Sherk found a very imperfect life.

Where he once saved the princess he became famous. And of course a lot of action and hilarious comedy of Shrek-style super-fresh. Debuts Shrek 3D After Forever will appear after playing Avatar.

And would circulate gossipnya end of this year to accompany the celebration of Christmas.



Trailer of the film one of the most eagerly awaited in 2010, Iron Man 2 has come and hit the internet. Apple, the official trailer on the website, iTunes Movie Trailers presents Iron Man 2 trailer in HD technology.

The movie lovers can enjoy a few scenes played by Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson is, before running in theaters on May 7, 2010. Before making an announcement about the release of this trailer on Wednesday local time, Apple has been making warm-up with broadcast it on the users twitter.

Addressed through the account in @ iTunesTrailers, the Twiterrer invited to count down the time it launches an exclusive trailer.

"Calculating back has begun. Our debut trailer Iron Man 2. A number of tweet and retweet the fiery show readiness sequel fans will most anticipated this, so some written tweet ApplE from Wired



Armed with swords and rifles, black-robed Solomon Kane, his pale face and cold eyes covered by his hat. Solomon Kane is a real villain, doing robberies and robbery in the North African war 1500an end of the year.

When evil creature / demon wants his life, Kane escaped with a single reason: to find a way to save themselves by converting himself into a good person and devotedly.

This new life is a new test for him when he was forced to return to his old life to save England from the hands of the evil creature / demon is

Genre: Drama / adventure Producer: Joel Silver, Susan Downey, Lionel Wigram
Production: Warner Bros..
Pictures Homepage:
Duration: 139



Recent performances of famous works of Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is about the latest adventures of Holmes (Robert Downey Jr..) And faithful partner Watson (Jude Law)

demonstrated his ability as an intellectual, Holmes fought better than ever to drop his new enemy and reveal a dangerous plan that could destroy the State

avatar movie

avatar movie

James Cameron writes solid—not surprising—scripts. Spoiler alert! In Titanic, the ship sinks; the real drama happens in the small moments that happen before, during and after. Avatar is both incredibly predictable and incredibly perverse. Not only does Cameron blur the line between reality and CGI, he's at once jingoistic and anti-hawk. Right-wingers will feel welcomed in the first half, the left-brained will be vindicated by the climax. But both groups will pony up buckets of cash to see what pledged to be—and is—the spectacle of the year, and even just shy of three hours it's a hell of a lot more whiz-bang fun than bread and circuses.

Though Cameron's reputation is for decadence, his stories are always grippingly elemental. Here, we have a crippled ex-Marine named Jake (Sam Worthington, dull but serviceable) asked to take his dead twin brother's role in an expensive and dangerous genetic experiment. His brother spent three years earning a PhD in the language and culture of the Na'vi, a slender, strong, long-tailed blue alien culture that’s learned to survive on the violently beautiful planet of Pandora. From space, Pandora looks a lot like earth. Up close it does too, but the resemblance clearest in the mining regions that the U.S. Military (now merged with the economy) has trampled with 10-story bulldozers. Through a biological link, Jake can step into his brother's shoes (or really, bare feet) as an operator of a Na'vi spawned in a lab from his brother's DNA.

Jake isn't an anthropologist; he's a moron. And if you think I'm being cruel, that's literally his sole defining trait (and nickname) in the movie's first third. He's a headstrong, self-described jarhead dying to regain the use of his legs, even if those legs are 7 feet long, alien and blue. So what Cameron gives us is a boy who simply wants to run, thrown onto a planet where three groups battle for his heart and mind: Sigourney Weaver's bio-cultural researcher (his ostensible boss), Stephen Lang and Giovanni Ribisi as the initially charming military-industrialists (and Jake’s real bosses) who want Jake to infiltrate the Na'vi and kick them off their land and Zoe Saldana as the Na'vi princess Neytiri who slowly falls in love with this idiot that both her parents and her land have asked her to protect. This heedless jock just might be crucial to her culture's survival. Okay, fine, he is. But as always with Cameron, the film's destination isn't his goal.

Both Lang and Ribisi are trying to mine a mineral Cameron bluntly calls 'unobtanium' from underneath the Na'vi capital. Priced at $20 million a kilo, it's the sole motive behind earth's invasion of Pandora. Even before they grunt buzzwords like "shock and awe" and "preemptive attack," this is clearly a three-year, $300 million rebuke of Dick Cheney. (And if that price tag sounds outrageous, it's the cost of one day of the ongoing War on Terror.)

Though it's set in 2154, Cameron's flick is so set in the present, it's actually set in the past. Characters even reference jujubees and Ranger Rick—things that were practically extinct two decades ago. When Ribisi exclaims, "Look at that cheddar!" he sounds like Jay-Z circa 2001. The Na'vi are untouched by the rappers of the 21st century, but their lines are lifted from centuries of Buddhist texts about respecting the cyclical energy of life and death—stuff Ribisi dismisses as "tree hugger crap." Eventually, we learn that all the trees on the Internet are connected through their roots like a shared brain—or really, tree Internet—and Cameron pans across them (and watches their destruction) with reverence, a palpable love he also extends to the bioluminescent ground, the thickets of motion-sensing ferns, the humid air, the clouds of insects, down even to the dirt which the newly mobile Jake curls his toes into and sighs.

Cameron wants us to appreciate the world he's toiled to make. And it's beautiful. His Pandora is a revelation—truly a must see. (Suspect anyone who claims to be underwhelmed—they're jaded beyond hope.) But Cameron knows to give us long tracking shots that show off his creation instead of chopping it into a frenzy. Instead, he holds steady and piles it on, cramming casual moments like Jake and Neytiri hiking through the forest with details that fill every inch of the frame: the glowing moon, the swaying breeze, the humming flies, the dense leaves. You could say Cameron suffocates us with his enthusiasm, except he does so in a way that makes us want to come back for more.

Maybe it's because we're so agog at Avatar's beauty that it takes us a few beats to realize Cameron's slowly switched the game on us. Sure, the Na'vi kill for food and freedom, but they take lives with respect. (Well, at least the lives of their food.) We, like Jake, are seduced by the group’s humility in the face of every organism's right to live. But we're also on a planet heading towards war, where the metal death machines of the U.S. goliaths prepare to trample an indigenous people even though they've been warned the Na'vi alone are masters of the mountains, jungles and climate. (And you know that's never an easy route.)

Lang considers Worthington a traitor to his race. In a gleeful if incidental pun he accuses his soldier of abandoning his principles for "some local tail." His ladylove is brandishing a hell of a non-hensile posterior. I found Saldana's Neytiri a little too hippie and sinuous to equal the best of Cameron's ass-kicking femmes—by contrast, Sigourney looks killer even wearing a cardigan and pearls.

Through Neytiri's love for her planet, Avatar treats the death of a space coyote with the respect given Hamlet's mother. It also wastes the lives of thousands of Na'vi and Earthlings as easily as crumpled tissues. You can call that hypocrisy. Or you can look at the uncanny insight of Cameron's other works and ask yourself what he's up to? I think it's underestimating Cameron to claim he's unaware of the central contradiction of his ecological blockbuster. He's set up a conflict where he asks us to identify with the aliens killing people with arrows. Are we not men? We are. And we've been primed to feel the moral weight of death on both sides. (There's even a burning, six-legged, space horse straight out of Guernica.) If we've managed to keep our brains screwed on through all the stunning visuals, we're not going to check them when the first bombs go off. And that this applause-worthy battle keeps its feet on the ground (even when its fighters are on starships and dragons) is a feat bested only by its damn gorgeousness.

Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Cast: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Wes Studi, Giovanni Ribisi and Michelle Rodriguez
Director/Screenwriter: James Cameron
Producers: James Cameron and Jon Landau
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Rating: PG-13 for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking.
Running time: 161 min.
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