Landscape Lemboken tourism sulawesi indonesia

Landscape Lemboken tourism sulawesi indonesia

Jakarta-Bogor If a regional summit for enjoying the cool mountain air reply, then go to the Lemboken Flammable. Tourism here is not separated from pemadangan beautiful mountains and canyons in the heart menyejukan wrote eloquently and protruding eyes see it. Along the cut-through drive through smooth asphalt, is to look like a landscape painter naturalist dilukisan china.

If you want to here from Manado distance of about 1.5 hours to the district Tomohon direction, turn into the village Paslaten, then continue to rise up through the field of population and area of pine quiet calm reply. In contrast to the atmosphere Puncakpass Jakarta-Bogor reply with Lalin krodit with solid, yg angkot annoying, or solid with various shapes villa "love love". The village here is that there is a natural village has existed since wrote decades ago, in a small group of the population, and not as dense areas bogor peak. Really quiet and comfortable Lemboken .-

Near the top, we still have to spend one last village named Temboan Rurukan. The little village is very quiet, full expanse of drying cloves just harvested from the fields of population and placed lane country road that is very quiet. Expanse of clove that makes a long line of early entrance to the village until the end of the village Valentine again. Tip of the mouth of the village stopped the car for just stretch my legs and took a picture, near a monument is lined with the former name of this village headman following plus a small statue of a village chief with the Ministry of Home Affairs official clothing of his white. I smiled at the row name, spontaneously out remarks: "Why call it a monument Pak Lurah" .-

For me, the best time to visit this place is the late afternoon. The direction of sunlight will fall from the back of our heads and illuminates the surface of the earth's wide stretch of aakan Flammable appear in front of our heads. From Lemboken, we will be able to see the famous landmarks 3 here, the City of Manado, Bitung City (the second largest city in North Sulawesi), and Lake Tondano. Unfortunately, business accommodation here rada susah. For those who want to stay is not available villas for rent. Even to eat and drink stalls were not there. Therefore, when leaving from Manado, do not forget to enter in a thermos of hot water, bring sugar and coffee and tea and biscuits lightly Lemboken .-

Peak is an open area, not covered trees, because it speeds the wind would blow hard enough and make your body temperature will quickly down aka cold. 4-hour afternoon, the sky was clear without a cloud dikisaran recorded temperature 25-26 * C on my thermometer measuring dialat .-

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