Exam for John Crowley (Brendan Fraser) is like to have no end. Recently he could enjoy his hard work during this and he was forced to abandon his career just because there was another call that much more important than career. John had to try hard to find a healing medicine for her two children. Two children John was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Pompe. These diseases cause the body can not describe this disease even sugar can also be at risk of paralysis or death due to failure of heart function.

So far there is no cure for this disease and the doctor dropped the verdict is death. Her love for her children make John do not despair. Together with Aileen (Keri Russell), his wife, John and determined to leave her career and working with a doctor named Dr. Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford). Dr. Robert was not an ordinary doctor, he was a genius but that does not have a general method and therefore often considered insane by other doctors. Together, they then founded a company focusing on the areas of drug research.

Dr. Robert hoped this cooperation will work to prove his theory while John, on the other hand, hopes this cooperation managed to find a cure for his two children. Slowly but surely this collaboration coming to fruition but again the test came. The agreement which was originally going well just have to face examinations at the expected healing medicine John had found.

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