National Park National Park Wasur world tourism papua indonesia

National Park National Park Wasur
world tourism papua indonesia

wide Wasur area is 413,810 hectares of wetlands representative of the most widespread in Papua / Irian Jaya and a little disturbed by human activity. Approximately 70 percent of the national park area of savanna vegetation, the other was a swamp forest vegetation, forests season, coastal forests, bamboo forests, grasslands and swamp forests are large enough sago. Plant species that dominate the forest in this national park include fires (Avicennia sp.) Tancang (Bruguiera sp.), Ketapan (Terminalia sp.), And eucalyptus (Melaleuca sp.) .-

A common animal species found among others: -
- tree kangaroos (Dendrolagus spadix),
- musk king (Psittrichus fulgidus),
- gelambir cassowary (Casuarius casuarius sclateri),
- virgin crown / Crowned Pigeon (Goura cristata),
- a large yellow paradise (Paradisea apoda novaeguineae), -
- paradise kings (Cicinnurus regius rex),
- red paradise (Paradisea rubra),
- freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus novaeguineae), and
- the saltwater crocodile (C. porosus).

Biodiversity valuable and admirable in Wasur National Park, causing this area better known as "Serengiti Papua". Wetlands in this national park is the most productive ecosystems in providing food and protection materials for the life of many kinds of fish, shrimp and crabs that have high economic value .-

Various types of wildlife such as migratory birds, wallabies and cassowaries often come and inhabit the Blue Marsh Lake . Therefore, the Blue Marsh Lake is called "Motherland" because the height of the lives of animals. This location is perfect for observing wildlife and stunning attractive National Park .-

This can be achieved through the following routes:
- Margate
- Merauke (aircraft with a time 1.5 hours)
- a national park (four-wheeled vehicle about 1-2 hours through road trans Irian). Time is advised to visit this national park is the month of July sd November.

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