Taipa Beach, Middle Beach Elegant in world tourism sulawesi indonesia

Taipa Beach, Middle Beach Elegant in world tourism sulawesi indonesia
town tourism Various activities can be enjoyed on the beach that offer beauty to the bottom of the water. Central Sulawesi is the largest province in Sulawesi, although not as famous as other regions, the province has a stunning natural beauty and not less interesting. Palu city as its capital city is the gateway for tourists who want an excursion to various places in Central Sulawesi, Palu .-

also has many attractions very interesting and worthy of reference for the traveler. Located overlooking the bay, making the marine and coastal tourism be a worthy tourist attraction reliable. One of them is the beach tourist area of Taipa Beach .-

Palu Mutiara airport to reach the area of Taipa Beach tour only takes about 30 minutes. Taipa Beach is an alternative option for people who want to travel hammer in addition to come to the beach Talise beach. To enjoy the white sand and clear sea water nan Palu in Taipa Bay Beach, visitors are only charged admission for USD 5000 .-

The morning sun that warms the body seemed to be a great friend of visitors who enjoy swimming bluish sea. Meanwhile, on shore two women looked at each other picture .-

busy morning, which has a beach about 500 meters long was not too crowded. Only seen a group of young people who come to use motorcycles. "We came with friends one office, there are even some who had come since yesterday," said Ayu said, one of them. "In addition to its natural beauty, this beach was not too crowded, so we chose to come here," said Edie, another friend added .-

Some water tourism activities can be selected in this area. For those who like to enjoy the natural beauty of the water, Taipa Beach area offers underwater scenery is attractive. You just choose to snorkeling or diving. For those who want to snorkel, the beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish can lower the water was visible only 50 meters from the beach. For lovers of diving, this area also memeiliki interesting spots to enjoy .-

Or for those who just want to relax, the beach is also where appropriate, the warm sun with the blue sea and white sand beaches will be a friend to relax. In addition, your eyes will be spoiled with exquisite mountain scenery Gawalise can be seen from a distance. Natural exuberance with verdant trees seemed to form a gradation of color with blue sky and sea water in Taipa Beach .-

Currently, tourism is the existence of Taipa Beach has not been known. Slowly Taipa Beach is also a favorite choice for vacationing residents Palu on the weekend. Within a week of local tourists who come range from 1500 up to 2000 guests with the highest traffic on Saturday and Sunday .-

Some supporting facilities are already built and operated a cottage and a pool. With all the beauty that is owned, Taipa Beach in front soon became the leading tourist resort town of Palu .-

Travelers Tips f

rom outside the city by plane, if you want to immediately enjoy the natural beauty of the beach Taipa Beach, could use a taxi or angkotan. With affordable rates. For taxi (Argo) is usually of RP 30,000. If you hire enough money angkot 15,000. Meanwhile, if using a motorcycle taxi tariffs set for Rp 25,000 .-

For the tourists who want to spend the night there is a very comfortable cottage with views over the sea, on vacation you can guarantee getting cool. Price for cottage Rp 500,000 per night .-

If you want to save money, the manager also provides saung or pavilion that can rent a relatively cheap price, enough to pay Rp 100,000 you can stay in the pavilion which also has a view of the beach This clear .-

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