The story is about the collapse of the Roman Empire. Beginning with Romulus Augustus, who lifted the 12-year-old was appointed as Caesar. Romulus and lost his family, residence and empire.

He was imprisoned on the island of Capri and tried to escape. One day, Romulus find a legendary sword of Julius Caesar has called the 'excaliburnus', and he finally realized he had to save Rome. Faithful follower named Aurelius Romulus craft a strategy to rid themselves of Capri with the help of his friend Nestor senate.

Accompanied by her friends and a mysterious messenger from Constantinople, Romulus was to create found English Roman army. After that, Romulus fought together his friends to defend Rome to become a legendary king.

The film is really sort of historical because it is inspired by real events in the 5th century AD, and at the same time showing the King Arthur legend is really the same famous sword-Escaliburnus him. / / Genre: drama / prod: Dino De Laurentius, Rafaella De Laurentius

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