What is known from Manado, North Sulawesi? A colleague says with a laugh: "Of course 3-B". The translation is "Porridge Menado, Bunaken, Manado .... and lips". The first two, I admit, Manado porridge is unique and no other in Indonesia, just as Bunakennya waters. But for "lip Menado", well I just knew she was beautiful Menado white. More "than that", I'm just a plain man, the oath does not know what's okay :-)

But apart from becandaan about "3-B", if there really care if it does not want to go way out of the city of Manado. Hire a car, and one-time items go out of town to the city Airmadidi, one of the small town of Minahasa typical pakanan producer. From Airmadidi, Sawangan Turn toward the village, there is where the old graves hundreds of years old, known as typical: WARUGA. The village is very famous, no one who does not know Menado this area. Even tour mapped local output or external (Periplus, and lonely-planet), the location of the Sawangan Waruga very clearly stated. The journey there will be a hilly ride through the area with cool air with a beautiful mountain view .-

According to historical data, old Minahasa people bury their dead rather than into the soil. Nor like the Toraja in South Sulawesi, which is input in the rocky slope. They bury their dead in a stone box made of hard Rock and placed behind the house where they lived. Black mountain rock hard yg handpicked by the "candidate of the dead" when he was still alive the way down the mountain and forest areas.

Once they find a giant stone in the perceived size fit for him when he'll be dead, and the stone carved in the form of elongated rectangular box and hollow inside. When finished, the stone is then pulled down the mountain to be placed near his home page. The weight of each stone that can reach a range between 100kg to 400kg. Really really a heavy coffin :-)

Initially dispersed locations Waruga scatter. Almost in every village in a small group are at home Waruga grandfather inherited from his ancestors. The government then collect some old Waruga sprawling disebaran Airmadidi region, then gathered in this village. My last there five months ago, reportedly found another small collection of new Waruga Tomohon dilereng mountainous area after 2-day walk from the village last. That is, there are many others who have not Waruga found and scattered in remote forests .-

One unique thing that every Waruga have a "passport photo" the-dead. Dipeti lid on the Waruga carved-death profession when making Waruga stone. If he was a hunter, the animal reliefs diukirlah closed it. Five years ago, there was a Japanese tourist who was so impressed with the natural conditions Waruga and quiet villages reply here. One time, he said to the caretaker Waruga there, he said if he wanted to die later made Waruga and buried in this place with other Waruga.

Unfortunately, when he returned to Japan, he died, and his last will not happen to be buried in waruga (somehow, he would be carved in the form of what he remembered lid-a Japanese). Use of graves around Waruga terminated early in this century because it was circulating wrote terrible outbreak of cholera. The Dutch government was due to suspected outbreaks within Waruga bodies spread disease and spread keudara civic death .-


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