The beauty of Wakatobi Reef- TOURISM SULAWESI INDONESIA

The beauty of Wakatobi Reef- TOURISM SULAWESI INDONESIA

destinations this time it will disturb your adventurous spirit. An area that is still fairly pristine offers an unforgettable journey. Is the Tukang Besi Islands, an archipelago that consists of four major islands with an area of about 821 km2. Four major islands are Powder-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko which by ordinary local people as WAKATOBI diakronimkan .-

As the name suggests, Tukang Besi, these islands are famous for making beautiful traditional keris and remained in production until now. These islands have pristine nature, calm sea with fresh water, caves under the sea adjacent to each other specifically presented to the true nature lovers. It could be said that this area is a tourist area's first marine park in Indonesia .-

Although diving can be done anytime, but in April and December are the best months for diving because the weather was very good. In addition to diving and snorkeling are also available at a special coast submarine motor, snorkeling tours and exploration on the islands. A small area located on the side of the island Tomia 8 km2 area, called Island Tolandona (Onernobaa Island) is unique because the island is surrounded by the beautiful sea garden. -

After the 5-6 hour journey by speedboat from Kendari, Bau-Bau become the next transit to Wakatobi. The journey can not be directly due to ferry schedule Bau-Bau-Wanci, Wakatobi gate limited. Besides crossing the wooden ship approximately one day will be very tiring. Worn path of Bau-Bau is a overland trip to Lasalimu, districts in southeastern Bau-Bau, about 3 hours. Next crossing to Wakatobi. That, too, once-daily ferry schedule, 06.00. -

There are two kinds of tribes in the Tukang Besi Islands, Tukang Besi the north and south. The total population of the two tribes are now reaching the range of 250,000 people, spread over four major islands of Wakatobi. Tailor the tribe's livelihood is farming Iron. Their staple food is potatoes, which used to be burned and eaten with fish. Tukang Besi southern tribes also include tribal families of Buton. Dependence lies in their live seafood into daily meals. -

If you want to visit to Wakatobi, in the month of July to September could be as high as the mountain waves. However, for those of you adventurous, big waves are not an obstacle to visit islands in the Banda Sea and Flores Sea this. But if you want more, secure ', October to early December is the best option to enjoy the beauty of Wakatobi. So some messages Wakatobi residents who met in Bau-Bau Wakatobi .-

Actually not just rely on sea transportation of Bau-Bau or Lasalimu. Since 2001, air transport can reach the islands in the eastern island of Buton this. However, the cost of travel is very expensive, but it only serves the air transport route Denpasar-Wakatobi with every 11 day schedule .-

Tukang Besi Islands has 25 clusters of coral reefs are pristine with a wide range of species. Coral reefs are the habitat for many species of fish and other sea life creatures such as mollusks, marine worms, sea plants. Sharks, dolphins and whales also became residents of this area. All of which create a beautiful garden and the sea is still natural. Assessed marine park is the best in the world arena is often used as diving and snorkeling for divers and tourists. Since 1996, Wakatobi area designated as a national park. -

Area tours are also available at Wangi-Wangi Island, Hoga, the island next to Kaledupa and Binongko. In addition to snorkeling and diving, other tourism activities that can be enjoyed by the coastal scenery along the cave, photography, sunbathing, and camping .-

The four major islands in the Wakatobi has special characteristics, ie, each island is a district, except the island of Wangi-Wangi consisting from the two districts. Wangi-Wangi, the first island encountered when entering Wakatobi, into the gate and closest to the island of Buton. Here there is a large port that serves the goods and passenger ships in the Village Wanci. If Wangi-Wangi Island into the sea transportation gateway, then the island Tomia into the air transportation gateway. -

Make sure the visit Wakatobi be your next destination. Give it a slightly different holiday to your family. So, it's different vacation girls ... ee -


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