FemAlien 2

FemAlien 2

FemAlien 2 part 1
FemAlien 2 part 2
FemAlien 2 part 3
FemAlien 2 part 4
FemAlien 2 part 5
FemAlien 2 part 6
FemAlien 2 part 7
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FemAlien 1

FemAlien 1

FemAlien 1 part 1
FemAlien 1 part 2
FemAlien 1 part 3
FemAlien 1 part 4
FemAlien 1 part 5
FemAlien 1 part 6
FemAlien 1 part 7
FemAlien 1 part 8
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Beyond Remedy

Beyond Remedy
2009 DVDRip

Beyond Remedy here
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Dogging A Love Story

Dogging A Love Story

Dogging A Love Story here
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Ghost Machine

Ghost Machine
DVDRip (2009)

Ghost Machine part 1
Ghost Machine part 2
Ghost Machine part 3
Ghost Machine part 4

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Bare Naked Survivor Again

Bare Naked Survivor Again
2009 DVDRip

Sun, suds, a magical island, Bigfoot, Elvis and beautiful women perfect!
In this hilarious parody the hot, sexy action continues in funny form as three former
Playboy Playmates and three former Penthouse Pets romp in the sun and surf!
(oh, and they do competitions and stuff too).
Everyone will enjoy this parody of Survivor with inside jokes for fans of the show
plus plenty of hilarious teenage humor for everyone else.

Bare Naked Survivor Again part 1
Bare Naked Survivor Again part 2
Bare Naked Survivor Again part 3
Bare Naked Survivor Again part 4

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Taking Chances

Taking Chances

Release Date: 2009-11-13
Video Codec: XviD | 984 Kbps
Language: English
Subtitle: N/A
Genre: Comedy
Director: Talmage Cooley
Cast: Rob Corddry, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Justin Long...

Plot Summary:
When he discovers that an Indian casino is about to be built over the town's historic battlefield, Chase Revere, the self-appointed protector of a small town's rather meager place in American history, joins forces with sexy but dangerous town siren Lucy Shanks to launch an all-out offensive against the project - earning the wrath of the entire town, who believe that the casino will save their decaying local community.

Taking Chances part 1
Taking Chances part 2
Taking Chances part 3
Taking Chances part 4
Taking Chances part 5
Taking Chances part 6
Taking Chances part 7
Taking Chances part 8
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Deleted Messages PROPER R5 XViD

Deleted Messages PROPER R5 XViD

Deleted Messages PROPER R5 XViD part 1
Deleted Messages PROPER R5 XViD part 2
Deleted Messages PROPER R5 XViD part 3
Deleted Messages PROPER R5 XViD part 4
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The Informant BDRip XviD

The Informant
2009 BDRip XviD

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller
IMDB rating: 7.1/10 (6,635 votes)
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
Starring: Matt Damon, Richard Steven Horvitz, Scott Bakula, Joel McHale, Melanie Lynskey

Audio Quality: AC3 448kbps
Video Quality: XviD 23.976fps 640×352 1352kbps
Subtitles: English

PLOT: Mark Whitacre has worked for lysine developing company ADM for many years and has even found his way into upper management. But nothing has prepared him for the job he is about to undertake – being a spy for the FBI. Unwillingly pressured into working as an informant against the illegal price-fixing activities of his company, Whitacre gradually adopts the idea that he’s a true secret agent. But as his incessant lies keep piling up, his world begins crashing down around him

The Informant part 1
The Informant part 2
The Informant part 3
The Informant part 4
The Informant part 5
The Informant part 6
The Informant part 7
The Informant part 8
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Justin Timberlake for Haiti

Justin Timberlake for Haiti

When Grammy-winning artist Justin Timberlake took the stage for MTV's "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief" to perform a cover of Leonard Cohen's 1984 song "Hallelujah," he was not alone. The 28-year-old singer was accompanied on guitar and vocals by Matt Morris, whose When Everything Breaks Open album was produced by Timberlake's label, Tennman Records.

Morris, the son of country artist Gary Morris, has a long history with Timberlake. The two were child stars on the Disney Channel's "The Mickey Mouse Club," along with Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling and JC Chasez. Morris was on the series for four seasons, from 1991 to 1995.

Following the show's cancellation, Morris decided to live a normal teen life, writing on his Web site, "At 15, all I really wanted to do was hang out, get my learner's permit and not work. I didn't want to be a celebrity; I wanted to be a kid."

Morris later reunited with several of his "MMC" co-stars to collaborate on their musical projects. Morris co-wrote five tracks from Aguilera's Stripped album and helped pen Kelly Clarkson's hit "Miss Independent." Morris also collaborated with Timberlake on "(Another Song) All Over Again" and JT's Reba McEntire duet "The Only Promise That Remains."

After one self-released album and a five-song EP called Backstage at Bonnaroo and Other Acoustic Performances, Timberlake approached Morris with the offer to become Tennman's first signed artist.

"He said he was going to help me share my music with the world, and I believed him," Morris wrote.

Morris released When Everything Breaks Open on January 12. A week later, he performed the song "Money" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," as well as "Bloodlines" with Charlie Sexton and Timberlake.

Timberlake and Morris' "Hallelujah" duet, along with the other "Help for Haiti Now" performances, can be pre-ordered from iTunes.

Learn more about what you can do to help with earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti, and for more information, see Think MTV. Visit HopeForHaitiNow.org or call (877) 99-HAITI to make a donation now.

iTunes customers can exclusively pre-order the "Hope for Haiti Now" full-performance album ($7.99) and the full two-hour video telecast ($1.99). Pre-orders will be delivered in the days following the telethon. Individual audio performances will also be available for purchase and download for 99 cents each in the days following the telethon. Apple, the record labels and the artists will donate their share of the proceeds to Haiti relief funds managed by "Hope for Haiti Now" charities, including the Red Cross and Wyclef's Yele Haiti foundation. Performances will also be available for purchase in the days following the event through Amazon's MP3 service and Rhapsody, through distribution provided by INgrooves.

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The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind

I watch The Fourth Kind in closing INAFFF, virtual my did not too interest with film bertemakan Alien, UFOs, and other same thing. But after read and hear some baik reviews from friend and roof my overseas reviewers become 'itch' also if not watch.

This Film (he/she said sih) lifted from reality story in an area called Nome, Alaska. Nome is goodly area difficult reached because to [go] to kesana we can not use land transport and also sea, the only way to [go] to kesana is only pass by air. And he/she said in this Nome a lot of people case loses in a flash and in number big, until FBI even also often delivers its people to Nome to decrease this case.

This mysterious Case lah that finally become story street The Fourth Kind. Early film is opened in a way that enough keren, Milla Jovovich beautiful actress opens film with preface "I'm actress Milla Jovovich and I will be portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler. What you are about to see is extremely disturbing.

" Setle ! Haha.. Last from early to the last our film always served footage-footage video in adjoins (which according to him next) is genuiness record that taken by Dr. Abigail Tyler by it self that as [the] psychologist. Told that citizen Nome experienced of symptom that much the same to one another everyday that is always wake up midnight and feel bothered 'something'. Last some of them take counsel with Dr. Abigail, that just remain its husband because pass away.

Its husband Death this also still become mystery, because Dr. Abigail sure if its husband has been killed when is sleeping. He/she by it self realizes at oppositely/also that murder, nevertheless surprisingly he/she not at all can remember face the murderer. Last after research to research conducted, Dr.

Abigail even also takes its conclusion that husband death there is its relation/link with 'liver effusing' patients its. Of course all relates to aliens! Haha.. In fact I rather difficulty for me-review The Fourth Kind, because [it is true] somewhat complex for explained. Definitive with the of record of video and audio genuiness in this film, make audience growing strained. Got out of genuiness or tidaknya record evidence is referred [as]. If according to I sih not at all genuiness.

All is only act of the stage manager, Olantunde Osunsanmi (what a name!). Because of after I try google-ing evidence searching about existence Dr. Abigail Tyler etc, result that emerge altogether relate to film The Fourth Kind. Precise such as those which already I anticipate! But let however according to I success The Fourth Kind present unique and interesting tontonan.
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The Damned United

The Damned United

My first Film in JiFFest is The Damned United. And in the reality my choice not wrong. The Damned United not only tell a story about football [only], however also mengenati successfullness, failure, effort, obstinacy, mistake, friendship, and love.

FYI, late I enter theater around 20 minute, become early its film I under developed. Its profit, still comprehensibility to the last. Thus like this its story, Brian Clough (Michael Sheen) that as [the] manager of football club and assistant also its well wisher, Peter Taylor (Timothy Spall) succeeded brought club Derby County that at first reside in lowermost level division II atop division I. A pretasi that very very pride upon. Name Brian Clough even also sweep the worlds all over UK because that success.

Nevertheless at one time, owners that hold share Derby County asks Brian to give in at opponent [of] contest one of club distinguish fors because reason of matter factor. No denied in the world of persepakbolaan [it is true] much this sort of or usual insincerities are called 'play soap'.

Forgiveness nih if wrong, maybe roof cowok pecinta football can help with more precise explanation. Hehe.. Then, Brian even also not listens go their request, because he/she very respect sportivity in a football game.

As a consequence he/she and Peter Taylor is even also dismissed from Derby. Because of this problem their friendship is even also tested, Peter very balmy work in Derby even also not accepts he/she is dismissed because of act of Brian. Finally Brian accepts bargain to become manager in club kenamaan Leeds United, that always become 5 big division I. In the reality handle club that whose name is has been big not that the of.

Much challenge and afflictions that must passed by. And that all of course not easy. Well, I like once with this film. Way he say very unique and picture settlement is also seen beautiful with touch beautiful vintage. Acting Michael Sheen needn't questionable next, he/she returns repeat brilliant acting its in Frost/Nixon was some times last. This personate Brian Clough, not merely similar however charisma that presented also extreemly. T

alwaysno remember if not Sheen that play here. Two tumbs up! Friendship String between Brian Clough and Peter Taylor is also visualizinged properly by Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall, so that final scene this film makes me laugh ossify. Haha.. This Film is lifted from novel entitle same, The Damned Utd the works of David Peace, written base reality [of] story a Brian Clough that mentioned over and over as [the] best manager of football club in UK till now. May be watched nih guys, more than anything else for roof pecinta football. Guaranteed you thus soybean cake in the reality become a that manager of football club not that everybody predict. :)
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Ironman 2 news

Ironman 2 news

Film Successfulness Iron Man in 2008 yesterday make second sequel existance is very awaited roof fans wt.. Added next in Iron Man 2 this presented a lot of previous interesting character there is no in first film. Trailer that released even also growing make roof enthusiastic fans. More than anything else this there is our new Mickey Rourke saw very bright appearance its year yesterday in film The Wrestler.

Here Mickey Rourke will personate enemy from Iron Man that is Ivan Vanko or will more knowledgeable with Whiplash. If seen from trailernya, character this Whiplash likely very attractive. Myself become vexed. Last there is also the sexy Scarlett Johansson that will personate Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow.

With existence of both of them, beyond question add impatient greget for immediately watch this film. Its story by it self still in around life Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) latter secret about its identity as Iron Man has been known by government, mass media, and public. In the middle of pressure from many parties, Stark remain to try to close over its identity is referred [as] for fear of if misused by others. By helping from its lover and friend, Victoria 'Pepper' Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (Don Cheadle), will Tony Stark succeed pass various of existing challenges? And also more taft enemy to be certain.

At first character James Rhodes is played the part of by Terrence Howard, but caused by dispute between he/she and the stage manager, Jon Favreau, Howard finally set mind on exit from project of Iron Man. Very regreted virtual yaa, because I feel character James Rhodes has been fair to middling either brought by Terrence Howard.

But hopefully just Don Cheadle also not fails good. Iron Man 2 will dirilis on May 2010 the coming, hopefully just cinema in Indonesia not late as usual.

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Planet Hulk (2010) WEBRIP XviD

Planet Hulk
(2010) WEBRIP XviD

DVD Date: Feb. 2010
Release Date: Jan. 22, 2010
Source: n/a

Genre: Animation | Action
Video: 608 x 324 | 893 kb/s | A.R. 1.778
Audio: ENG | MP3 | VBR 128 kb/s
Runtime: 01:14:00
IMDB Rating: (awaiting 5 votes)
Writer: Greg Pak
Genre : Animation / Adventure / Action
Tagline : Will he save their world or destroy it?
Starring Voices: Rick D. Wasserman, Marc Worden, Mark Hildreth

Plot : Will he save their world or destroy it? When the Hulk becomes too dangerous for the Earth, the Illuminati trick Hulk into a shuttle and launch him into space to a planet where the Hulk can live in peace. Unfortunately, the Hulk's struggle to escape makes a malfunction in the shuttle causing Hulk to land on the planet Sakaar where he is sold into slavery and trained as a gladiator.

Planet Hulk part 1
Planet Hulk part 2
Planet Hulk part 3

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Absolute Evil DVDRip XviD-aAF

Absolute Evil
(2009) DVDRip XviD-aAF

Southern Texas. Savannah and Cooper, a young couple in love, drive through the desert in a black 70s Cadillac convertible. Unaware that they are being followed, they check into a motel at the Mexican border.

When Savannah leaves to buy food, a cop sneaks into the room, pulls his gun on Cooper, accuses him of murder and tries to arrest him. But Savannah, who had become suspicious, manages to turn the tables: She surprises the cop, ties him up and frees Cooper.

But just as the young lovers jump into their car, a stranger steps out of the shadows and kills Cooper at point blank... Three weeks later. Hollywood, California. In a hotel suite overlooking the Sunset Strip, a man is being water boarded by a private detective.

The information he needs is: "Who killed Babyface?" When the man refuses to cooperate and shows nothing but contempt for his captor, the torture continues. Layer by layer, the truth about Cooper alias Babyface is revealed. A complex web of murder, revenge, atonement and forgiveness unfolds, culminating in the ultimate question: What is the definition of absolute evil?

Absolute Evil part 1
Absolute Evil part 2
Absolute Evil part 3
Absolute Evil part 4
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Skyrunners DVDRip

2009 DVDRip

Plot :
Fourteen-year-old Tyler encounters an alien ship which makes him appear older, inexplicably turns him into a "Skyrunner" with incomprehensible powers. This turns his high school life upside down, and may enable him to help his slightly clueless older brother's love life. After he is abducted by beings who intend to takeover of Earth, he must depend on his inept, lovelorn, and goofy brother to rescue him.

Skyrunners part 1
Skyrunners part 2
Skyrunners part 3
Skyrunners part 4
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Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li 2009 UNRATED 720p BluRay

Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li
2009 UNRATED 720p BluRay

iMBD Rating: 3.9/10 8,404 votes
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Format BluRay
Resolution 1080p
Video Codec∙ AVC

Bitrate~4917 kbps
Resolution∙ 720p (1280x544)

Codec∙ DTS 5.1
Bitrate 1509 kpbs
Subtitles English Forced

Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 1
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 2
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 3
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 4
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 5
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 6
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 7
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 8
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 9
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 10
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 11
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 12
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 13
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 14
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part15
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 16
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 17
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 18
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 19
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 20
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 21
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 22
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part 23
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li part
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Facebook release new Dashboard feature

Facebook release new Dashboard feature

A posting that exist in blog developer Facebook, Thursday (21/01) yesterday mention that in a few week, sosial net are referred [as] will launch “Facia” for application on one's part third that built in platform Facebook. Now, developer still admissible to access a ‘sandbox’ where they can with new application format and see its difference.

Feature Launching this Dashboard, [in] one frame interior to arrange new home page Facebook, and will vanish application experience Facebook for user that could have meng-instal lusinan third party application, and game that disjointed, into tab their profile. Application that used [by] user usually grouped in part atasm presents news update like “It's your move in your Scrabble game against Bill Gates".
In other hand also show maximum application that used [by] friend member, and suggestion for other friend that maybe already menggunakanya. A set of “counter” beside left sidebar presents member that already meng-update and notification from application that used [by] individual
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tips heated when make love

tips heated when make love

Not only in around bad action, nevertheless game seks that is not only predominated clan adam can add tussle arena are felt growing rage

SEKS butuh a matter of difference. Not only in around bad action, nevertheless game seks that is not only predominated clan adam can add tussle arena are felt growing rage.

Couple of course not wants to coitus that just till felt drag on. Take the initiative and various variation (of) in order to he/she knows that you really want to colour life seks with him/her.

Introduce new game with variated preparation, and a few/little surprises, of course can bring stomach couple till enjoyment top. For that, before jump on bad, you must launch action appeals the he/she. Then, heat bad action!

Nevertheless, before bring the he/she enjoys The Big O, various of special regulations that forwarded Askmen following [is] obliged to you study:

Beat, nip, and draw hair

A few/little show off naughty can make couple becoming terpana with this coition arena. Nevertheless, unnecessary you explain at couple hit action what will you conduct, be really make the vexed he/she at intention "wild" you.

Best Idea that can you conducting is launch action beats butt, nip, and draw couple hair. Action beats butt can be launched with sensual. Last let him/hers beats your butt [again]. Naughty Smile that tersungging in your lip can make it are becoming stimulated.

In order to this game not makes bored couple, it is better you don't beat at any given session makes love, unless couple that ask it.

Small Bite also poison generates enthusiasm the he/she. Conduct with light and careful in order not to injured. If you wish nipped olehnya, unnecessary shame and doubt to tell it. Even like that, don't ever nip bosom or Miss V too boisterous, unless couple that ask it out of you.

Interesting Action hair can add sensation differs in phase percintaan. If you want to draw its hair, conduct smoothly. Grasp some of couple hairs at the same time release naughty desahan-desahan. Guaranteed couple will be growing nuts about with you.

Fasten couple

Implementable Other way round is fastens couple. Even heard rather torture, nevertheless much womans that take a fancy to this way. you can fasten its wrist with borgol or string. If couple asks you to unstrap it, then you even also [is] obliged to conduct it, unless this is the part of game seks.

Conduct scene fastens second [his] arms at the same time lure it and whisper naughty sentence in its ear, like "May I mengikatmu and menggodamu till you orgasm?". If couple mengiyakannya, then your action can immediately conducted.
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Obama hopes Chinese answer problem Attack Cyber to Google

Obama hopes Chinese answer problem Attack Cyber to Google

President [the] United States feel bothered with cyber attack problem to the giant of Google internet, and he/she wishes answer Pemerintah China this problem, during White House statement, Friday (22/1/10).

"As [the] president, Obama are fixed bothered with cyber security that experienced Google in China," word of White House mouthpiece proxy Bill Burton. Matter [in] one tone are [submitted/sent] Minister for Foreign Affairs THE UNITED STATES Hillary Clinton. "All of us of answer searching from China about this problem," continue Burton to journalist above floatplane Force One.

Hillary Clinton Thursday insist on Beijing conducts investigation totally to cyber attack to the Google and a number of companies other America, and land on China and its other country that conduct censor at website and limit "freedom of information current".

China, in comment terkuatnya since Google problem burst last week, Friday refuse criticism Menlu THE UNITED STATES Hillary Clinton are referred [as]. "We emphatically refuse words and action that disagree with facts, that can destroy relation/link China-Amerika Serikat," explicitly Ministry of Domestic Affairs mouthpiece China, Ma Zhaoxu. "We ask America respect fact and desist what are called as [the] issue of internet freedom and land on China by reason of that is not sensible," reciprocate Ma.

At the same time, Urgent Ma America not lets words line in damage Google relation/link that already intertwined strong, with issues like weapon sale THE UNITED STATES to Taiwan and climate change.

Ma mentions China hopes, "both parties each other respects importance and concern main, careful handle sensitive issues to relationship care healthy Sino-Amerika rerap and expand up at healthier."

Beijing and Washington will in lawsuit since Google announcement that will not obey next censor rule China and berencana lifts foot/feet from that bamboo curtain country.

Google states decision is made after that internet giant cyber distress of attack consequence. Google sure that attack is conducted to vanish akun email of human right activist China from various of world angles.

CEO Google Eric Schmidt tells Thursday that that company want to live ins China. "We want to linger on in China," kaat Eric.

Nevertheless Schmidt affirms Google soon desist censor in searcher machine China in google.cn. "We will follow law and rule China, we continue offer pickings that has been censored. Nevertheless soon this, we will make a number of changes over there," he/she said.

Till Friday, Beijing affirms that censor is fixed needed and remind foreign companies must obey rule and law China, and ask America forbears launch criticism of internet control problem.

China are believed employ thousands of people to support system of internet censor so-called with "Besar Firewall of China", that observe online population biggest in the world. Beijing conducts this in routine by reason of eradicate pornography in internet.

In its speech, Hillary Clinton asks technology companies other America support internet censor.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Cisco is companies of technology giant America accused of by congressman THE UNITED STATES, cooperate with "Besar Firewall" China and fulfill need Beijing.

"Private sector haves responsibility together, help care of freedom," Clinton. "And when their business agreement menace freedom this, they must consider what is right, not merely see from quick side of advantage prospect," explicitly that Menlu THE UNITED STATES.

Hillary states, Ministry of Domestic Affairs THE UNITED STATES of high level meeting title that discuss internet freedom with a number of company of network service providers
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Saint John of Las Vegas

Saint John of Las Vegas

Release Date:
Jan 29, 2010
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Hue Rhodes
Steve Buscemi John
Romany Malco Virgil
Peter Dinklage Mr. Townsend
Sarah Silverman Jill
John Cho Smitty the Flame Lord
Emmanuelle Chriqui Tasty D Lite
Tim Blake Nelson Militant Ned
Jesse Garcia Park Ranger
Matthew McDuffie Lucypher
Danny Trejo Bismarck
Isabel Archuleta Vegas Counter Girl
Aviva Albuquerque Counter Girl
Ben Zeller Truck Stop Owner
Shawn Prince Ticket Taker
Stephen Eiland Mordecai
Josh Berry Manager
Mark Burton , Matt Wall , Lawrence Mattis , Kelly McCormick , Steve Buscemi , Stanley Tucci , Wren Arthur , Spike Lee , David Engel , David Alpert
Hue Rhodes
Official Website:

Saint John  of Las Vegas
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Release Date:
Jan 29, 2010
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Pal Oie
Kristoffer Joner Kai Koss
Arthur Berning Svenna
Knut Morten Brekke Veiarbeider
Gabriel August Gjonnes Indianergutt
Agnes Karin Haaskjold
Andreas Haugsbo
Bjarte Hjelmeland Frode
Marko Iversen Kanic Roy
Anders Danielsen Lie Peter
Cecilie A. Mosli Sara
Karin Park Miriam
Julie Rusti Anne
Eivind Sander Anders
Jan Aksel Angeltvedt , Lars L. Maroy
Pal Oie

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The Weathered Underground

The Weathered Underground

Release Date:
Jan 26, 2010
Running Time:
Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
David N. Donihue
Brea Grant Liz
Ellyse Deanna Jill
Phillip James Griffith The Bad Friend
Mike Kirkland Jay
Hollis McLachlan Rene
Tia Streaty Gossip Employee
Jennifer Salvucci Terri
Skip Pipo Uncle
Garrett Forbes Waiter
Salazar Officer Lewis
Nicholas Leiting Club Bartender
Michael Ciriaco Eric Simmons
Joy Nash Psychic
Howard Leader Dad
David N. Donihue Stella
Douglas Magallon , Gregory Strom
David N. Donihue

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Terribly Happy

Terribly Happy

Following a nervous breakdown, a police officer from Copenhagen pulls duty in a small town, where his big-city attitude clashes with the residents' bizarre behavior.
Release Date:
Feb 5, 2010
Running Time:
Henrik Ruben Genz
Jakob Cedergren Robert
Kim Bodnia Jorgen
Lene Maria Christensen Ingerlise
Lars Brygmann Dr. Zerleng
Henrik Ruben Genz, Dunja Gry Jensen

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Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

Release Date:
Feb 5, 2010
Running Time:
Haim Tabakman
Zohar Strauss Aaron
Ran Danker Ezri
Tzahi Grad Rabbi Vaisben
Isaac Sharry Mordechai
Avi Grainik
Rafael Katz
Merav Doster
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Google (GOOG) reports big profits

Google (GOOG) reports big profits in the fourth-quarter

Google Inc. is expected to report big profits in the fourth semester, after the market closes. These reports consolidate the position of leader in the internet advertising market.
Wall Street analysts predict that Google (GOOG) will post earnings for the period until December of $6.43/share summing a total of $4.88 billion net revenue. If you compare this numbers with the ones last year (same period): $5.10/share and $4.22 billion net revenue, the difference is quite visible.

Google Stock Analysis

Google Stock Analysis

The majority of Google profits consist of internet advertising, fact that saved this competitor from the ugly turn of economy worldwide. This turn of events for Google was possible trough the investment of many marketers who found an affordable and reliable alternative for advertising.

Success of Google has left a whole in the path that other rivals want to cross in hope of reaching Google’s profits. Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) and Microsoft Corp.(MSFT) have seen their online advertising sales decline rapidly.

Google services & tools include Google adsense, Google analytics, Google adwords, tools that brought Google so much profit. One key metric for measuring this profits are the number of clicks on Google Ads and analysts think that the increase of this number will bring lower prices for advertising and so some balance in the market.

Shares of Google have risen roughly 10% in the past three months, hitting $589.85 on Thursday and outpacing the roughly 7% gain seen by the NASDAQ Composite Index over the same period. Google’s now target is to hit $700.

In addition, analysts and investors will be interested to hear what Google executives have to say about The “Nexus One” mobile phone that the company recently began selling directly to customers through its own Web site.

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Google Earnings ( GOOG ) Q4 2009 Unveiled

Google Earnings ( GOOG ) Q4 2009 Unveiled

Google has managed to contradict even the most optimistic analysts when posted the fourth quarter earnings from 2009. In an impressive manner, the search giant managed to increase its revenue by 17% from last year getting $6.7 billion in revenue. Analysts said that Google will reach $6.50 per share, but the company’s non GAAP earnings stand at $6.79 per share, up 35% from last year taking it to a total $2.2 billion.

The year was closed in fashion by Google with $23.65 billion, while in 2008 they closed at $21.8 billion. Google’s net income stands at an amazing amount of $6.5 billion thanks to $4.4 billion from its websites and $2 billion from AdSense revenues, while other income came from licensing. The ad revenue from Google websites grew 16% from last year, while the AdSense revenues stand at a staggering 21% raise.

According to the Google earnings report, paid clicks increased 13% in 2009 from 2008, and 9% in Q4 2009 from Q3 2008. Google’s CPC grew from 5% (2009 from 2008) and 2% (Q409 from Q408). And to warp things up, Google ended 2009 with $24.5 billion and almost 20,000 employees. Google seems to be doing well during the recession and we can only imagine how much the company will grow in 2o10.

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Tornado Warning: Phoenix, Arizona

Tornado Warning: Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona faced a tornado warning yesterday, which was in effect until 10PM MST. The US National Weather Service had expected winds to reach speeds of more than 70mph in Phoenix, but the tornado that hit was short lived, as it did not last very long.

According to a report on eworldnewz.com, the tornado that hit caused little damage only toppling power-lines and damaging some cars. According to Fox News, transmission lines on Arizona State Route 78 had become electrified.

Reports state that although the warning has now expired, there is a possibility that more tornados could hit southwestern Arizona and Southern California, so people should just be very carefully and keep a close eye on weather reports.

As you can imagine, residents in Arizona are exited about seeing a tornado, but they are still filled with some fear, as we all know how destructive tornados can be. If you have seen a tornado then please let us know.

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Netflix in Maintenance

Netflix in Maintenance

At this very moment Netflix is down because of site maintenance. According to the error message that all users receive, this was a scheduled maintenance, but I couldn’t find any information of a “scheduled maintenance.” Users who are tying to access Netflix instant stream will have to wait for a few more hours until the Netflix maintenance is completed. So what can you do while Netflix is down? Spend your time on Twitter complaining about the so-called scheduled maintenance!

Well, now that Netflix online is temporarily unavailable for maintenance you can also go to sleep. It’s late in the morning and you can watch the last episodes of The Office in the morning. Good night people!

P.S.If you are still up, then let us know what are you doing during the Netflix maintenance!

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Robin Williams Conan's next-to-last night

Robin Williams Conan's next-to-last night

For those who stayed up Thursday night for Conan O'Brien's next to last "Tonight Show" hoping for something out of the ordinary, guest Robin Williams did not disappoint.

The master of manic performance comedy delivered in full brogue what O'Brien later in the show would describe as an "Irish ditty." The song featured an eight word refrain -- two of which I can't publish here, and one of which NBC bleeped repeatedly as Williams sang it loud and proud, and O'Brien jumped on his desk and then down on the floor to dance along with Robin Williams.

The refrain: "(Expletive) the (expletives) that can't take a joke." The "expletives," whom the song said should be expletived, were clearly the NBC executives who reached a $45 million agreement with O'Brien Thursday to make him leave the network after Friday night's show. The ballad was raw and liberating, and spoke straight to the anger many of O'Brien's fan are voicing online at the way NBC has given "The Tonight Show" back to Jay Leno leaving O'Brien to try to find another TV home.

The penultimate night in what has been a surreal two weeks in the home stretch of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" had quite a few good moments.

There were surprise appearances by Ben Stiller and Pee Wee Herman, and a big musical number by Barry Manilow. Both Stiller and Herman, of course, mocked NBC.

There was also a second night of O'Brien doing a comic bit in which he and his production team stage a spot that he describes as "crazy expensive" in an effort to cost NBC more money. Thursday, a horse described as a Kentucky Derby winner appeared onstage in what O'Brien described as mink SNUGGIE watching restricted NFL Super Bowl footage on a TV screen. Total cost of the spot, according to a snickering O'Brien: $4.8 million.

I have to say this, and I know I am messing with intense pro-Conan emotions on the eve of his last show, but I wish O'Brien's regular show had embraced more of the edge, energy and comic danger on display Wednesday and Thursday.

I think in some ways, in the wake of his severance agreement with NBC, O'Brien started out Thursday being a little more careful about NBC. Instead of the anger and perhaps even bitterness that could be felt Wednesday, the 46-year-old host emphasized that he wanted to "make the best" of the situation and hoped the people on the show and his audience would have "fun" the last two nights.

But if anyone thought it was going to be an evening of artificial nice-nice, Robin Williams took care of that with his "(Expletive) the (Expletives)" ballad. And good for him.

Robin Williams' performance was a wonderful reminder of how liberating great and transgressive comedy can be. Too bad there is not more of it on latenight TV elsewhere these days. Jay Leno is the very opposite of such high-wire creativity, and sad to say, he is the future of "The Tonight Show" on NBC.

I'll be back Friday, I guarantee you that for Will Ferrell, Neil Young and Tom Hanks. Great lineup, but I wonder can they top Robin Williams and the angry refrain of his ballad for Conan O'Brien.

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Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass

This innings Sweet Grass. Film that disutradarai and played the part of by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and this Ilisa Barbash 101 minute.

This Film is film from husband/wife spouse life that as a anthropological and become koboy on the west [the] United States. Where they mengembala sheep [go] toes mount grassland Absaroka-Beartooth, and they finish 3 times summers to make this film.

At this film told hit climate change and nature population there very changed when they till there. Thus Hard Rockers, when later angry mother nature, that must remembered is, ‘We’ve warned you
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Snow & Ashes

Snow & Ashes

Snow & AshesBlaise Dumas(Rhys Coiro), war correspondent for Frontline Reporters, covers an armed confict in Eastern Europe. When he wakes from a temporary coma in his home town in Canada, Blaise discovers that his long time collaborator and photographer has not come back with him. He then sets out to recapture the events that led to his friend’s disappearance and his own narrow escape from the war zone. A compelling human post-modern western tale that forces us to ponder and reflect on the unpredictable choices of life and on the strength of the media and the sacrifices that journalists must make for their craft.

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With John’s social life at a standstill and his ex-wife about to get remarried, a down on his luck divorcee finally meets the woman of his dreams, only to discover she has another man in her life – her son. Written and directed by Jay and Mark Duplass, the iconoclastic filmmaking team behind Sundance Film Festival favorite THE PUFFY CHAIR, CYRUS takes an insightful and funny look at love and family in contemporary Los Angeles.

  • Genre : romance
  • Director:Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass
  • Cast:John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, Catherine Keener, Matt Walsh


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De Storm download
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Tokyo Gore School 2009 DVDRip

Tokyo Gore School
2009 DVDRip

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A decade after blood-thirsty Battle Royale, another gore game has begun...
The Japanese government created an absurb game for the high school students one day. The rule: The strongest survives.

For Fujiwara, everything seems to be going well - he is doing well in high school, he is good looking and also a good fighter. One day, he was suddenly being attacked by a group of students without any provocation. He then found out that there is this mysterious violent game that is being spread through the mobile phone in theschool. Students who played the game became hypnotized and will begin to fught senselessly. Fujiwara fought and finally discover the terrifying secret.

Tokyo Gore School part 1
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The Spy Next Door download

The Spy Next Door download

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