Temple Rimbi - jombang indonesia

Condition this Candi Rimbi cusorily look likes Candi Sumur that reside in Sidoarjo. Temple Body that likely torn that has been upstood range from to stone ruins exists andesit around it. With condition like that, difficult known like what actually physique and temple roof.
Still at part of temple foot/feet still can be found various of reliefes that depict human and animal. One of unique relief is existence of relief that depict a couple of humans (pengantin) which was in a tun. Unhappily until now can not have yet filled story that tried depicted pass by relief-relief is referred [as].

Base building architectural art, Temple Rimbi Hindu. This condition, marked the invention of arca Dewi Parwati (wife Dewa Siwa) that now kept in Museum Nasional Jakarta. Arca Parwati are found in main room temple. But, this room has been there is next, because separoh from temple body has collapsed.

Dewi Parwati are known as woman symbol that really have all best requirements as [the] a woman, mother and wife. Parwati are also considered as goddess of fertility device, together with Siwa, both of them are often described as yoni (woman symbol) and colossus (symbol of man man). Arca Parwati that found in Candi Rimbi portrays Tribuana Wiajaya Tunggadewi, queen Majapahit that govern in 1328 pin-cushion 1350 M.

Arca-arca Hindu is quite a lot found in temple page. Unhappily, that arca-arca has stayed in intact condition, even some of which only leave overs its cutting of body member [only]. In temple page is existed stone ruins. For example there is an ex lining to place arca.

At that lining only remained foot/feet palm arca. A scorpion decoration of the size rather big, tergeletak disalah one angle;corner of temple page. Predicted, this stone is before now used to decorate entrance to room (room) temple. An inveterate matter exist ons other Hindu temples in province East Java. Name Candi Rimbi also often called also Cungkup Pulo. Name Rimbi is related to figure name pewayangan called Arimbi, wife Werkudoro (Bima).

Body Candi Rimbi is formed from rock andesit whereas for its foundation built from batubata. From this location where temple exists our can see panorama Gunung Anjasmoro that located in south Kota Mojokerto. Temple Rimbi by it self in the countryside Pulosari, District Bareng, Sub-province Jombang and occupy areal for the width of 896.56 square meters. Building that is there [is] still now having footage 13,24 metres, wide 9,10 metres and high 12 metres.

Not many tourists that pay a visit to this archaeology location. Amount of average visitor only reaches 100 people per month. Generally come or bring some family members.

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Temple Cetho - karang anyer indonesia

Range from to calm its carpet of mountainside tea garden Lawu, there is an ancient ommission the usual are called Candi Cetho/Cetha. This Candi Cetho complex Existence, first time reported by Van de Vlis in 1842. This Invention draw attentions a number of ancient experts world because value elementary body kepurbakalaannya.
In 1928, On duty Purbakala had performed research pass by ekskavasi to look for materialses reconstructs that more complete.

Base research Van Der Vlis and also A.J. Bernet Kempers, complex Candi Cetho consist of fourteen terrace;cores. Nevertheless existing in reality today only consist of thirteen structured terrace;core from west easterly with formation pattern more and more rearward more and more high and assumed holiest. Each terrace;core page is connected by a door and footpath that as if divide terrace;core page becomes two parts.

Techtonics Form Candi Cetho have equality with Candi Sukuh that is built until remind us at punden berundak a period of prehistory. This sort of Form of building formation very specific and not met at complex other temple in Central Java unless Candi Sukuh.

At complex Candi Cetho many are met arca-arca that have features [of] a period of prehistory, for example arca are depicted in the form of simple, both hand put down in front of stomach or chest. Attitude this sort of arca according to experts remind at didaerah Bada simple idols, Sulawesi Tengah. In other hand there are also relief-relief that depict story scene Cuddhamala such as those which [in] Candi Sukuh and relief-relief animal like salamander, elephant, tortoise, eel and crab.

Hit a period of founding Candi Cetho, can be attributed to inscription existence that frame in 1373 Sakas, or equal to 1451 Masehis. Base inscription is referred [as], and depiction of animal figure and also relief and existing arca-arca, complex Candi Cetho are predicted indigenous to about/around century 15 from a period of final Majapahit.

Main Building at complex Candi Cetho lay ins topmost page/back. Constructure are made like Candi Sukuh and this is restoration result at the end of in 1970s together with buildings pendapa from wood. Very regreted that "restoration" or more precisely called with development by "someone" to this Candi Cetho take no account of concept of archaeology until the result not can dipertanggung jawabkan scientifically. Source: article prints dilokasi

Its location that relative close to object wisata Candi Sukuh pin-cushion Tawangmangu and Danau Sarangan causes access transportation and accomodation available quite acceptable. Make proper paid attention, vehicle condition must really prima for 'batten' quite heavy field, good that have the shape of successor, zoom and also curve that sometimes sharp and narrow;tight. Visitor that use public transportation, can start journey from bus terminal Tirtonadi, center Kota Solo.

From there, visitor can use transportation of majors bus Karanganyar-Tawangmangu for then stop in Terminal Karangpandan. In that terminal much public vehicles that will accompany till Terminal Kemuning. Hereinafter tourist can select walk penetrate tea plantation (tea walk) hilly as far as more or less 2 kms or go up ojek till pelataran temple.

Along the way that, tourist will be pampered with natural beauty that asri. In other hand, can enjoy also aborigin sociability with specific grooming have the shape of kupluk (head [cover/conclusion]) and sarong pengusir cool-air, that tersampir in neck.

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Temple Mendut - magelang indonesia

Temple Mendut is temple that located easternmost from straight line of temple triad (Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut). This Temple is founded by dynasty Syailendra and berlakang Budhism, where this condition are shown with existence of stupa [of] form 48 units at part atasnya.Tidak is known surely when this temple is founded. Nevertheless a archaeology the Netherlands mentions that didalam inscription that found didesa karangtengah bertarikh 824M is said that king Indra has developed holy building called venunava with the meaning is bamboo forest. If correctness this condition then may simply Candi Mendut are founded at century 8th Masehi.

At this temple interior existed room that comprising of place altar three arcas Budha stands up. Third arca are referred [as] begin at the most left is Bodhisattva Vajravani, Buddha Sakyamuni and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Third arca Budha are referred [as] still up to scratch nice, some flowers and frankincenses look tergeletak dibagian bawahnya. An iron fence will dibagian front arca is referred [as] to avoid abundant visitor interaction/unconcerned in to the the three of this Budha idol.

Found on Relief-relief this temple wall has been clearly seen form/its engraving. Relief are referred [as] contain story [of] have the shape of moral teaching by using animal figures (fab) as [the] its characterization. There is story "Brahmin and Kepiting", "Goose and Kura-kura", "Two different Parakeets" and "Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi", that shortly its story content shall be as follows:

"Brahmin and Kepeting": Tell story [of] a brahmin that save a crab for later, this crab make it up toes by saves brahmin from crow trouble and snake.

"Goose and Kura-kura": Tell a story about a tortoise that controled the flight of two heads goose new kedanau. Because emotion in menangapi word to the what they conduct, tortoise releases its bite until fall ketanah and finally die.

"Two different Parakeets": Mengisahkan kelakukan two sharply differentiated parakeets because the other one will by brahmin and the other one again by a robber.

"Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi": Two different friend people its deportment where Dustabuddhi that measure up to inveighed allege Dharmabuddhi conducts deed is inveighed, nevertheless finally its badness is unloaded and Dustabudhi-pun is pronounced for.

Chronologically, Temple Mendut is found in 1836. Then renovate in 1897 and 1904 at temple organ nevertheless the result less gratify. In 1908 restored return by arkeolog belanda till its top part can be reorganized. In 1925 a number of stupas that have been primped, attached and reorganized. Wide building as a whole is high 13,7x13,7 meterdengan 26,4 metres.

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Temple Penataran - blitar indonesia

Wise man tells, "History is [the] past, present day is time that is being must experienced and [the] future is mystery". Nevertheless real its if we will more next wisdom, third a period of referred [as] is a one connective unity and influence one another. Ancient ommissions that disseminated in various of regions Nusantara give picture that reality so rich its heritage Bangsa Indonesia that must dug and taken care.
Temple Panataran that located in northside Blitar is the only one most widest komplek percandian in area East Java. Base report Dinas Purbakala soybean cake 1914-1915 numbers 2045 and note Verbeek number 563, is building kekunaan that consisted of some bunchs until called Komplek Percandian. This temple Building site located in Gunung Kelud south-west bevel at height 450 metres dpl (above sea surface), in the countryside that also called Panataran, District Nglegok, Blitar. Only distance around 12 kilometres from Kota Blitar or more or less half hour journey with motor vehicle. By means of that relative smoothly and wide enough till in front of komplek temple.

Temple Panataran is found in 1815, but till in 1850 have not yet many recognized. Its inventor is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826), Iieutenant of colonial government Governor general top kick UK in Negara Indonesia. Raffles together with Dr.Horsfield Natural philosophy expert perform visit to Candi Panataran, and result kunjunganya is booked in book that entitle "History of Java" rising in two volumes. Footstep this Raffles later on followed by researchers other that is : J.Crawfurd a assistant residen in Yogyakarta, hereinafter Van Meeteren Brouwer (1828), Junghun (1884), Jonathan Rigg (1848) and N.W.Hoepermans which is on in 1886 perform stocktaking in komplek percandian Panataran.

Enter areal Candi, in our main gate will be greeted two units arca doorman or called with Dwaraphala that dikalangan society Blitar are recognized with the title "Mba Bodo". That withdraw from arca this custodian not because of big arcanya, nevertheless because its face that fear (Daemonis). Number Basrelief that gauged at lining arca are written in Java letter Kuno : in 1242 Sakas or if made Masehi (added 78 year) become in 1320 Masehis. Base found on number basrelief both lining arca, that palah holy building (other name for Candi Panataran) opened become state temple (state-temple) new at era Raja Jayanegara from commander Majapahit in 1309-1328 Masehis.

Beside east Arca are existed gateway pickings that made of red brick materials. Important Building other that existed disekitar spandrel is building that in form of square length so-called with Bale Agung. Later, ex building priest place that only remain platform umpak-umpak [only]. A square building in size that smaller than Bale Agung is Pendopo Teras or batur verandah of ancient palace that have the shape of small temple year frame so-called Candi Angka Tahun, where buildings is referred [as] made of stone materials andesit.

Beside south temple building has been upstood an inscription stone or written stone. This Inscription uses Java letter Kuno 1119 Sakas or 1197 Masehis that released by Raja Srengga from Kerajaan Kediri. Its contents for example mention about opening [of] a perdikan for the sake of Sira Paduka Batara Palah (Temple Panataran). Thus development process komplek Candi Panataran eats time at least 250 year, where start built in 1197 at era Kerajaan Kediri till in 1454 at era Kerajaan Majapahit.

Next Temple is Candi Naga that made entirely from stone of the size wide 4,83 metres, length 6,57 metres and high 4,70 metres. Called Candi Naga because around temple body is twined fragon and features or kingly figures nine units. Range from to biggest temple building is mains temple, that located hindmost dibagian that is part that assumed holy. Building of mains temple consist of three terrace;cores compile with high entirely 7,19 metres. At each side both doorstep climb first terrace;core is existed arca Dwaraphala, at pallet arca is made a point in 1269 Sakas or 1347 Masehis.

At hindmost part temple is existed holy pool, that purportedly its story is pool that utilized as [the] religious service place ritual. Pickings of old world affluence [it is true] has been seen from this mini pool building. Fairish Pool around 2 x 5 this metres are seen clean and arranged nice. Need about/around more or less 1 hour to trace entire areal Candi Panataran. Because its location that not too far from Kota Blitar also still one band with pilgrimage tourism place Makam Bung Karno, then if your coincidence pays a visit to Blitar nothing wrong its to use opportunity intentionally visit time to Candi Panataran as one of appreciation form to history.

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gua gong- pacitan indonesia

When come near Gua Gong, that seen at the right side of left street is hills arid karst. Exactly because its barrenness is referred [as], give different nuance, because at haphazard in one of mountain karst are referred [as] kept a beauty pearl that created pass by stalactite and stalakmit during hundreds of year. Although arid, go through journey to Gua Gong pass Wonosari really mengasikkan. The way that, fluctuate make mind becomes fresh. Nevertheless come near cave location, public road was that we pass by narrow, sometimes go up very sharp and go down incisively until as if its public road like lose. For that us must very take a care especially if rub up against vehicle from direction of adversative.

Only eat time more or less fourty five minute from Wonosari to [go] to Gua Gong. The way wide and smoothly, just a few kilometre toward the year just cave that the way narrow. Our Time arrive ats there hour needle still shows at 06.30 in the morning, atmosphere still silent and in the reality cave spandrel has been closed. We use opportunity intentionally will stop by in food stall that located in cave front just beside await the of cave spandrel. Food stall Owner tells, “ if officer will open cave at 07.00 in the morning”.

Cave that located in Dusun Pule, Countryside Bomo, District Punung, This Sub-province Pacitan is most most beautiful and inmost cave range from to caves bunch that located in around it. Because there [is] still some other caves were laid at not too far from Gua Gong, like Gua Tabuhan and Gua Putri. Because its beauty are referred [as], the party of organizer even also in serious till this wisata properly. Although located disalah one hilltop precipitous karst, organizer provides location parks goodly car wide, more or less can accomodate twenty vehicles. This condition are conducted to anticipate membludaknya visitor in bad days.

Guides uniformed also has been prepared to accompanies guests. When we [go] to doorstep step into cave, Mr. Rubadi (40) ready to accompanies us during journey in cave. Before enter cave, Mr. Rubadi tell a story a few/little about origami Gua Gong.

“Once upon a time at that time, Orchard Pule experiences of drought that length, until difficult to drinking water searching and water for various of everyday needs. Then Mbah Noyo Semito and Mbah Joyo tried water searching was into cave that the of too far from resident house more or less 400 metres. By using traditional light facilities have the shape of torch (dry coconut leaf bound) till finish seven fasten, both grandfather referred [as] succeed trace cave alleys till find some sendangs and bath in it. Event is referred [as] counted/calculated 65 year(s) ago that counted down from in 1995.

To the invention referred [as], next seeking is even also conducted, precisely on Sunday Pon date 5 Marchs 1995, a number of entourages that amount to eight people for mengeksplore farther about cave existence referred [as]. Shorten story finally entourage is being referred [as] is succeeding is fringing cave that its beauty can be felt till now”.

Cave Naming Gong by it self hand in glove bertalian wrongly one peripheral name gamelan Java. Purportedly at certain moments, in existing mount its cave is referred [as] often heard musical instrument like gamelan jawa, show reog, terbang-an even often heard people cry heartbreaking. In consequence, society about/around name cave is referred [as] become Gua Gong.

In consequence, before step into cave is must paid attention discipline enters cave, for example: converse polite, each other respect, walked pass by band that has been determined, every entourage must consorted by guide. Begitupun for commercial syuting also not admissible unless syuting dokumenter, itupun must conducts licensing process beforehand.

After read discipline is referred [as], then we enter cave together packages Rubadi. First enter cave, direct we amazed with colour of cave walls that seen yellow golden. A few moment later we hear thundering sound, in the reality big fan that intentionally put down in some cave sides to lessen feel heat in cave, if visitor membludak. Later, we enter first room, that is room Sendang Bidadari. In this room existed small sendang with cool and clean water. In sebelahnya is room Bidadari, where according to story diruangan sometime pass by quicklies beautiful a woman shadow.

Room three and four is crystal room and marble, where in room referred [as] kept crystal stone and marble in sides to the and from other side cave with quality that can be perfect. Enter room five, is room that a few/little spacious. On-site this ever made music concert four countries, that is; Indonesia, Swiss, UK and french in framework promote existence Gua Gong to mancanegara.Ruang six is hermitage room and last room seven is gong stone. Is stones that if we tabuh will release voice like gong.

More or less a hour the duration we reside in in cave, although has been attached fan, remain to be just has been felt heat if prolonging d in cave. Extraordinary [it is true] nature phenomenon that create this cave, can be all cave contents contain meaning and legend and in physical is even also seen minor. In other hand, if you pay a visit to Gua Gong, you can pay a visit to place nearby other wisata. That is : Cave Tabuhan Gua Putri, Coast Klayar, Coast Teleng Ria, Coast Watu Karang and Pemandaian Air Hangat Arjosari.

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whte mushroom Mahameru - malang indonesia

white Smoke, inviting mushroom form. That's activity features Puncak Mahameru, Mount Semeru every morning. That white mushroom Existance lures soul alcove the mountaineer from any. Mount Semeru resides in in area of National park conservation Bromo Tengger Semeru-(TNBTS). Administrativelly government resides in 4 regions Kabupaten that is Kabupaten Malang, Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo Provinsi East Java. Mount Semeru by its top Mahameru 3.676 metres dpl, is highest volcano in Pulau Java.

Natural beauty this mount so amazes mountaineers. Particularly every international 15 minute once top cratered Mahameru Jonggring Seloka releases significant vulkanik have the shape of ash eruption. That periodic Eruption is very attractive nature event and rareness.

When morning Mahameru always releases white smoke was like cotton carpet that can we witnessed when we reside in Top of the mountain Pananjakan, area Bromo. If we see from Gunung Pananjakan, form Gunung Semeru like trapeze. But when we reside in its top, its form have the shape of wide dome with great wave route at any given its top bank.

Beside its natural beauty and smoke mushroom, Mount Semeru even also haves interesting story that expand in society about/around area TNBTS, entered area Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang.

Purportedly he/she said Gunung Semeru that reside in this Propinsi East Java, its provenance indigenous to land/ground India because situation Pulau Java at that time had land/ground that so labile and its land/ground always oscillates until Batara Guru as [the] highest leader godses commands immediately gods to move Gunung Semeru from land/ground asalnya that is (India) to Pulau eastside Java. Until with the of Gunung Semeru from land/ground Wina to Pulau Java can be made strong patok in order to Pulau its land/ground Java not oscillates next. This dikisahkan in buku Tantu Pagelaran.

Top Mahameru are believed as [the] sanctum, because dwelt by gods as [the] palace. In holiest teaching of place Hindu is where if that mount its position highest. Mount Semeru is highest mount in Pulau seklaigus Java is Istana roof Dewa in Syair song Dewa.

In Buku Arcopodo Mahameru a legend that remained, Top Abadi roof Dewa. According to practical Hindu teaching already this mount is made as [the] palace [of] gods because its position higher than other mount. Mount Semeru of equal height with Gunung Kailasa in India or Gunung Agung in Bali.

Purportedly Puncak Mahameru are believed as Istana Dewa Siwa. At the top mount this is Dewa Siwa does penance. Besides in Gunung Semeru, in Gunung Agung even also Dewa Siwa does penance and together the of. God angry Siwa when Pulau Bali that also is pulaunya gods and also holy place has been bombed. [several] angry Dewas because its nature has been destroyed by its human and enragement proved with activity Gunung Semeru recently.

To climb [go] to top of the mountain Semeru is existed some climb bands like, band Tumpang-malang, band Sendoro-Lumajang. We are suggested not to climb Gunung Semeru on December up to February, because at months referred [as] its wind very boisterous and often happened storm.

In area Gunung Semeru is a commonplace if along the way up to its top often happens quite thick fog especially at noon, afternoon, and night. To reach its top, beforehand we must pass some climb routes for example Ranu Pane [go] to Watu Rejeng that take time around 2 hour climb journeys.

From Watu Rejeng we continue climb [go] toes Ranu Kumbolo is needed around 2 hour climb journeys with nature view that kitas pass so beautiful and amaze. Ranu Kumbolo is a far-flung and beautiful Danau with its water that flow friendly come from dales, and green its grove adds interesting power separate.

From Ranu Kumbolo journey is continued [go] to Kalimati is taken time about/around more or less 4 hour pass "Zoom Cinta" with route that menanjak and enough cleanse energy. Purportedly if pass this zoom that enough menanjak, we are suggested not to turn around rearward. Kalimati is an ex place ex larva stream eruption Gunung Semeru that has ran dry. From Kalimati we continue climb [go] toes Arcopodo that is last route before reach top Mahameru.

Arcopodo is area that reside in mountainside Semeru and here we can pitch a tent before continue [go] to Puncak Mahameru. Usually journey [go] toes top are conducted at early morning from Arcopodo in order to we can reach top morning and in order to we can see Sunrise event at the top Mahameru.

From Arcopodo [go] to public road top starts barren and sandy with inclination can be reach 70 degrees. Needed carefulness if pass this band because stone that we tread on erosive. Around 3 hour climb journeys our will reach Puncak Mahameru or Kawah Jonggring Saloko.

At morning at the top Mahameru we will disuguhi very attractive nature attraction and rareness that is sunrise event. From Kawah Jonggring Saloka can be witnessed clearly published its sun from east horizon that inch by inch of fog broom that blanket around Mahameru. And sun that woke up from its sleep serve beautiful nature painting and amaze.

In other hand other nature attraction that served by Gunung Semeru is nature event that is blast grey and rock vulkanik that preceded chromatic smoke blast black that soar as if blanket Puncak Mahameru from Kawah Jonggring Saloka.

TNBTS have type of rain forest vegetation mountain, fir-tree mount, and grassland vegetation. Life Flora in area Gunung Semeru between other Cemara Gunung (Casuarina Junghaniana), Sengon (Paraserienthes falcata) Cheerful Suren(Toona Sureni), and Pohon Eidelweiss.

Kinds of life animal in area this mount for example monkey Hitam (Presbtys Cristaka), Grouse (Dendrocigna Javanica), Deer (Cervus Timorensis), partridge, and pig. In our easy Danau Ranu Kumbolo meets Grouse.

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Coast Parangtritis - bantul indonesia

Paris or our the usual recognizes with Parangtritis, a coast that beautiful Sangat that existed sand dune and stone bank meet. Our this Dipantai can enjoy its beauty relaxes with your family or couple, because romantic and cold coast atmosphere.
Much entertainment amusements that you can enjoy, you can conduct aktifitas swim stepped aside coast, there is prohibition order swam too far shoreside, because felt concerned about you can be dragged current till middle because of many existed dibawah precipitous rocks sea.

Nevertheless you needn't worry, because there many existed place of public bath that reserved for visitors. In other hand, you also can go around coast by using Andong (riding cart) readily accompany you go around stepped aside coast.

Toward the year afternoon your can enjoy sunset atmosphere (sunset), impression ghostlike and horrible Pantai Parangtritis is in the reality closed by beautiful its beautiful coast view. At night toward the year, bamboo [of] shops hawkers food disekitar coast starts berjualan.

You can enjoy its warmness wedang ginger or eat maize burns scrumptious night dikeheningan, for you that wish lodge in Pantai region this Parangtritis are a lot of existed lodging that in form of losmen and also hotel, its price even also bervariatif begin at Rp 30.000 sds 100.000.

To reach location wisata Pantai Parangtritis you can conduct journey with motor vehicle, because your this street can pass directly [go] to coast. If you want to conduct journey by using public bus, can be conducted by go up bus from terminal Umbulharjo. There are two route alternatives that can be taken to reach parangtritis.

Alternative 1 : Yogyakarta – Imogiri – Siluk – Parangtritis, its distance around 30 kms that is route turis and pass funeral of empire family. Piquancy from route this is the we disuguhi very beautiful view because left dikanan street is existed chalk hill that have form that – kinds of and unique.

Alternative 2 : Yogyakarta – Kretek – Parangtritis, every kind of vehicle type can pass this route, for by easy can by the way of this direct kepantai

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Glamor Laguna and coast Glagah - kulonprogo indonesia

If visit to Desa Glagah, District Temon, Sub-province Kulonprogo, Central Java, You will find two glamors experience of at the same time, namely Laguna and Pantai Glagah. Light/ray dances can be exists precise heads-up before noon that. But silent atmosphere still blankets area Laguna and Pantai Glagah.

There's only some boats wisata in tepian its lagoon. Emergent Visitor merely segelincir besotted angler throws fish to lagoon at the same time hope its bait is pounced fish for consumed and sold. Day by day [it is true] not holiday or weekend. Simple Shop in tepian its lagoon is even also seen silent.

When entourage Fam Tour Yogyakarta & Central Java that carried out Direktorat Usaha Pariwisata Direktorat Pengembangan Destinasi Departement Kebudayaan & Tourism with Java Promo arrive at tepian Laguna Glagah, roof "driver" boat that wisata immediately offer each its boat to send entourage fringes Laguna Glagah that memanjang look like river. It's seems staff Dinas Kebudayaan and Pariwisata Kabupaten Kulonprogo have ordered three boats over there. Entourage is even also broken become three boats.

This Lagoon divides coastal area becomes two. First, location that grown some coast flora and grasses. And second sand bar location that directly abut on ocean. Water Laguna Glagah have a color of aquamarine peace. Boat even also accelerate without resistance mean. Once in a while seen fish berkejaran in that lagoon. Nothing 30 minute boats later, edges in green grass plain. In land of that carpet basin stands up some simple saungs dry fibre of palmtree of coconut leaf. Calm Atmosphere is even also felt over there. Nothing any one emergent visitor.

Not far from boat place leans and then return to its basis, there is bamboo bridge that spread out from tepian lagoon to Pantai Glagah. That Bridge likely memanggil-manggilku for immediately walk it. And surprisingly call invites that not my power refuses.

That Some parts of bamboo bridge has destroyed, nevertheless its foundation still strong. Must a few/little carenesses to succeed menintinya till coast. Finally success I reached that bridgehead last [go] to Pantai Glagah.

Bentangan wide and calm coast is first impression that recorded in my marrow when arrive at there. Leisure plain memberikanku this coast facility to fling out view to all angles. In front of spreaded out line horizon the most length that bring into contact sky and ocean. Meanwhile beauty of coastline crook pampered my eye when transfer view to West and also East.

Coast sandy Glagah soft tan kehitaman. Like its lagoon, noon that this coast is also seen calm. Again, just a few angler that is hoping bait kailnya is dined sea fish. Rest only voice of set breeze hiss and wave splashing that not desist berkejaran break that stillness. If Anda mendamba eternal stillness atmosphere on shore that bentangan its sand very long and wide that, likely not wrong select this coast.

When got there then fringed its coast at the same time look into it from the view of different, then Anda will get glamor beauty Pantai Glagah with different nuance also. Freedom padangan and image will Anda meets scorpion enjoys this coast beauty. Because its coast is freed from stoney of giant rock.

Other Beautiful view also Anda can enjoy pass by approach watchman station that located not so far from retribution post. On-site that will be built port in a few this the coming year Anda can witness river stream meeting by wave ocean.

Not merely its view that make tourist admires this lagoon and coast, but other facility also makes wisata maritime on shore Glagah growing complete. Facility is referred [as] make free pengunjungya selects on shore at will. It is not strange if activity like fishing rod, swim till rent gethek, kano, and duck oar that can be used for tur fringe lagoon can Anda conducts here or merely across pass bamboo bridge [go] toes sand bar location ashore.

Other Facility that recognized on shore Glagah is motor area cross that located right accross coast periphery. Meanwhile, street paves connective Pantai Glagah with other coasts can be exploited as [the] arena of coast bicycle sport. There [are] still more camping ground, place of fish auction, and tower monitors to enjoy view.

On shore this also sometime there is podium is opened that present stage of culture art and entertainment amusement and some festivals. When that's its visitor multitude. Nevertheless when nothing event, coast that opened and this length is felt spacious and calm teramat. Nevertheless that stillness remain to be just not lessen its glamor.


Lagoon & Coast Glagah distance around 40 Kms from Kota Yogyakarta. You can pass by two street alternatives. First, walk to South pass Highway Bantul and turn to right [go] to band Bantul pin-cushion Purworejo after reach Palbapang. Second, walk to West pass Street path Yogyakarta pin-cushion Wates pin-cushion Purworejo and turn to left after meet nameboard [go] toes Pantai Glagah.

You can use private vehicle or mencarter tourism bus to lagoon & this coast like Travel Club conduct with entourage Fam Tour Yogyakarta & Central Java, Last May. Coast this Glagah intermittently with other coasts in Kabupaten Kulonprogo. While berwisata maritime over there, You can visit other coasts. Thus once oar pedal, two three islands are skipped over.

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Coast Drini - tanjung sari indonesia

By using motor vehicle, journey from Yogyakarta to Pantai Drini eat time around three hour by pass through over more or less about/around 40km.. Really a boring journey if during journey, we not disuguhi view [of] have the shape of hilly very beautiful rock.
Journey that fringe hilly referred [as] give opportunity at us to see very big coral reef cave form experiences of that cusorily look like stalactite cave. If acceptable involving time, maybe we will stop by just into cave referred [as] to see rock beauty that purportedly have interesting pattern. Not felt, after get through two very big hills finally us in lip Pantai Drini

A view that will amaze carpeted didepan eye. This Coast very attractive for enjoyed with beauty that asri and its coast that may be spelled out members still maiden. Beautiful white sand Carpet, looked once in a while sparkled when attacked sunshine. Sea Aroma that pampered indera penciuman diseratia was with splashing lirih wave when caress coast, gave calmness by it self exists moment there.

No like much dipulau existing coasts other Java that tend to has been dirty and impure by aktifitas human, condition Pantai Drini very clean with white sand carpet that spreaded out wide. Its coast sloping added with saltwater clearness facilitate us see clearly various of rock and sea grasses its.

Various of biotas sea like small fishes, snail, small crab and tripang not difficult found at the same time fringe coast boundary. It is not strange, sometimes seen small fry fringe coast with plastic sack;bag ditangan, bussy beautiful sea fish searching gorgeous. Blithe Celoteh are once in a while heard when success they catch small sea fish with its colour pattern beautiful and contrast.

Flanked by big enough hills, seakan terisolasi this coast location with external world. Interesting Solidarity between hill that boost by sea that spread out wide give sajian very beautiful nature architecture. No as common to other coasts that tend to attacked sunshine that terik and heat, Coast Drini haves more cold air and cooler saltwater temperature. This Atmosphere makes me forbear staying for prolonging sit relax stepped aside coast enjoys existing atmosphere.

Fisherman Life this dipantai not far difference as much the fisherman in general. Look for fish in the middle of goes out to sea is routine agenda that decorate their life everyday in. Gracious and polite They to turis/incoming visitor pays a visit to Pantai Drini. I use opportunity intentionally it-self to chat wrongly one from them.

Mr. Wardiman whose name is, he/she told a story moment of fish net season has passed, they usually of fishing rod composed, baby-abdominal belt searching or catch worm sea of rock interrupted-interrupt by using similar fishing tool weapon clurit (scythe) to fish worm sea is referred [as].

Lost to haripun has bolted dusk. Wish likely enjoy sunset on shore this exquisite Drini, nevertheless an improbability can we enjoyed remembered danced afternoon always embeded range from to hills that encircle Pantai Drini. And because we go through journey take a rides motor vehicle, an other reason that arrest/detain us for remain to enjoy dusk there. Senjapun starts slow pass into night, when we return fringe hill that without lighting and street fringe acceptable.

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Coast Teleng Ria - pacitan indonesia

Slow nevertheless sure sun starts make an appearance. Its light/ray accompanies fisherman step that rush about [go] to boat to go out to sea. Blast of wind and wave splashing equips nature polite Pantai Teleng. All of that, is award that if tilled properly will deliver tourist.

Coast Teleng Ria is ocean that menjorok to land or usual called bay. Its coast is flanked by two plateaus that form a part of mountain lengthwise South chalk from Gunung Kidul to Trenggalek, face indonesian ocean. Even this coast is illuminated sun that terik, nevertheless its air has been felt cold within reason blast of wind mountain.

Though is south coast, nevertheless wave on shore Teleng Ria relative small, this quite nice to all pecinta surfing sport, specially those in still in beginner category. During the month of June of coast August pin-cushion Teleng Ria becomes place of group migration jellyfish. "Usually on June August [of] pin-cushion many jellyfishs that emerge on shore this,.

since 15 Septembers 2008, coast management Teleng Ria opening is delivered to PT.EL JOHN Tirta Emas Pariwisata. Expected forwards after managed by the party of private sector, Coast Teleng Ria can be better and can give contribution
positive for earnings Pacitan from tourism sector.

PT. EL JOHN Tirta Mas Wisata is investor that has been experienced object management wisata and have international network like industry wisata in Bangka-Belitung, Jakarta, Bali and some cities other wisata in Indonesia.

To the fore dibawah management EL JOHN, Coast Teleng Ria will be made become a balmy and safe garden of family vacation. "This Teleng Ria its concept will we make Amusement centre Keluarga," express Ardyono Vice President PT. EL JOHN Indonesia the usual are addressed Ardy.

To beautify it-self, some facilities that already exist will be restored. In other hand also there will be facility addition around Pantai Teleng Ria like art public square, child public square to play, and public square kuliner. "We will make arena of child game that in character educative and make creative child," clear Ardy.

Development and coastal area development Teleng Ria also will hold mutually society Pacitan, specially that stay disekitar Pantai Teleng Ria "We also wish them society also feel positive benefit from place that we management, and also improve society prosperity," add Ardy.

One of reality form from huddle up society about/around are El JOHN will hold mutually fisherman to get advantage by its boat rent to visitor Teleng Ria. "At kan certain season season fisherman not goes out to sea us their berry its opportunity of boat rent with result division 70 percents for fisherman and 30 percents step into the party of organizer," will say next Ardy.

Its heaven Surfer Asing

Though its wave character that is not big, nevertheless Pantai Teleng Ria enough representatif to conduct surfing. Wave Character that is not big make this coast suited for roof surfer beginner. "Many people that wish learn surfing comes to this coast, like from Semarang and other city near Pacitan," clear Choirul official member Pacitan Surfing Club.

Coast Teleng Ria also becomes one of favorite place to all turis foreign countries that wish enjoy wisata coast. "Although even also have not yet too much, but foreign tourist also there is incoming to this place, they liked because here not too multitude," Will Express next Choirul.

Have not yet noise of surfing activity on shore Teleng Ria makes this coast becomes roof reason foreign surfer berselancar here. "If foreign surfer likes to this place because they needn't wave capture with other surfer," clear next Choirul.

Interesting Power other why much roof foreign surfer select Teleng Ria is because its coast atmosphere that relative still silent. "Foreign Turis that surfing here usually from Australia and Swiss. They like to this place because suasanya still silent, not [in] one multitude of coast coast in Bali".

See nature equipment and facility that will be built, presumably Pantai Teleng Ria ready to becomes coast destination new primadona.


Coast Teleng Ria resides in Kabupaten Pacitan, around 3 Kms from downtown. Only butuh time 10 minute reach Pantai Teleng Ria from Alun-alun city. Sub-province Pacitan located in South Pantai Pulau Java and abut on Provinsi Central Java, until to reach Pantai Teleng Ria will be quicker if pass by Yogyakarta. Only butuh time 3 hour journeys. Access street was from Yogyakarta [went] to Pacitan was even also jolly good even its joint streets was not too wide.

If leave from Yogyakarta only butuh time 3 hour journeys to reach this coast by using travel majors Jogjakarta-Pacitan. Its tariff ranges from Rp 40.000 pin-cushions Rp 50.000. Other Choice by bus alighted from Terminal Pacitan was with fare Rp 12.000 per last people are continued go up majors city transport Prengkuku with tariff Rp 2.000 per people.

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Mount Anak Krakatau - banten/lampung indonesia

Previous Krakatau are have time to fought over two provinces namely Banten and Lampung, not only offer wisata mount. Nevertheless also wisata maritime, that [it is true] make heartburning for tourist if not visit.

Imagine, moment in lip monitors child Krakatau can feel chromatic splashing of Sunda Strait wave blue clean. More than anything else approach eye Gunung Krakatau Purba that have a color of greenness, make that colour become contrast.

"If will diving near Pulau Rakata, really preoccupy," express Ketua ETSDC (Environment Tourism Social Development Center), Nicolas Lumanauw to Travel Club (TC), at the same time accused Pulau Rakata that stood up obstinate even all the times battered stringent sea waues.

Experience Nico chummy call pin-cushion its pin-cushion ever diving in area Pulau Rakata is existed rock that in form of big fan, also there is emerge secretory water bubbles from stomach Gunung Krakatau Purba. "Up this moment until now still become mystery where from keluarnya that bubbles? Also wether that bubble gas or lava mount, this that still become question mark, because will not (yet) get explanation logically," express tourism observer from Bandung.

Matter [in] one tone are also expressed Steven, tourist comes [from] Netherland that confess wisata maritime in bunch Krakatau really extraordinary. "[it is true] if berwisata only climbs to Anak Krakatau less satisfy. Thus yes must dive because in millions of life sea fish free and terumbu rock that maintained properly, is not damage," say Steven at the same time confesses has been two-time conduct diving in that area.

If is being benefited, joint Steven, will be able to see habitat Dolphine, Turtle Hijau, Biru Merlin (fish Langka in the world), there is other rareness fish equine sea, fish Napoleon, Turtle Sisik. "I expect to government in order to observe biota sea and terumbu rock in order not to destroy," its message.

Zein Ginting, President Director Arie Tour to TC confess special enthusiasm tourist incoming just for diving has been very limited. Still Lampung remain to sell wisata diving because object that seen sharply differentiated with diving in other area. "There is value more that offered here because we not only see through beauty of sea garden, but rather from that see through Krakatau historical value specially hits evolution process mount are referred [as] from under sea," add Zein Ginting.

Besides dive, tourist also can fish. "[it is true] foreign tourist amount, especially that can be to Krakatau has been very limited. Because of promotion out country that very less, also not all the times can come to Krakatau. Because when westerly come around November till January, then fisherman daren't to sends tourist. They nope will take risk," tandasnya.

Silent Another question its that berwisata maritime to Krakatau, because its transportation expense cost dear. For package wisata Krakatau usually dipatok price Rp 2.600.000 till Rp 3.000.000 for maximal group 10 people. Even if foreign tourist its price can more.

"Coincidence there is Festival Krakatau that performed one year once, then package price wisata is undersold about/around Rp 200.000 per people, until much local tourists that follow," express Zein Ginting at the same time smiles.

Also, joint his/her, if (there are) any tourist that will come must enlist first in Balai Konservasi Natural resources (BKSDA) Float. Because according to Decree (SK) Minister of Kehutanan RI No.85/Kpts.II/1990 dated 26 Februaries 1990 contend that area Anak Gunung Krakatau and its surroundings as [the] area of sea preserve. That mean that area has been protected.

Tips Perjalanan

From Bandar Lampung pass by terminal Bus Rajabasa or terminal Panjang by bus majors Kalianda, Float South that go through journey around 50 minute. Continued with public transportation [go] to Desa Canti around 10-15 minute.

If from Pelabuhan Bakauheni by bus majors Kota Kalianda (45 minute) continued with public transportation [go] to Desa Canti. From Dermaga Desa Canti use ship of people motor that can be rented to Kepulauan Krakatau more or less 160 minute or quick ship around 90 minute.

Krakatau that has became Daerah Konservasi Alam then to step into Krakatau must asks permission in advance to Balai Konservasi Lampung by administration payee as high as Rp 150.000. And for package wisata Krakatau usually dipatok price Rp 2.600.000 till Rp 3.000.000 for maximal group 10 people. Even if foreign tourist its price can more.

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mount merapi - yogyakarta indonesia

Mount Merapi, is one pin-cushion the other one mount in Special region Yogyakarta. Its position more or less 30 kilometres, beside North city Yogyakarta and its top have the shape of plain sand that scraggly, for the width of more or less 4 hectares, with some crater holes that one-two for example always mengepulkan thick smoke, mark mount Merapi in active service.

When this mount shows iuridness erupsinya, society Yogyakarta can witness its smoke iump that have the white colour of grey or kehitam pin-cushion hitaman mengepul keatas, that in the distance look like fleece hoard. However when that mount in a state of “peace”, its glamor during make surprise, until stimulate adolescent roof that wish venture on climb mount and roof pecinta sport climbs mount to conquer its top.

To reach its top, can be gone through two directions street. [the] first Street, pass by Desa Kinahrejo that located more or less 2 kilometres beside East recreation place Kaliurang. Distance between countryside Kinahrejo atop Gunung Merapi only around 9 kilometres, nevertheless this distance usually gone through during 10 hour, remember its climb field quite difficult. Nevertheless exactly this difficult field interesting to all adolescent, because flatten pin-cushion flattens spirit [of] juang they during high, till all that difficulty factor the of as [the] challenge for the of.

Easier Street, pass by area Selo Kabupaten Boyolali that lain between mount Merapi and mount Merbabu, in province Central Java. Area this Selo can be reached by from Yogyakarta with bus vehicle till Kartosuro, hereinafter [go] to Boyolali. In time evening, vehicle this kejurusan rather difficult, till suggested that if we like to go to area Selo so that laboured before at 13.00.

Suggested also to conduct climb atop this Merapi by using guide service or street pointer. When cannot help lodge, guides this provides its house is for referred [as].

For that less hanker conduct climb to culminates, admit of admire beauty this mount Merapi, from area Bebeng that located more or less 2 kilometres beside South East city Kaliurang, or can also see from area Turi, more or less 5 kilometres beside West city Kaliurang, if we like to witness top Merapi in the distance in clear, can be used observer telescope from Pos Pengamat Gunung Merapi in Plawangan, Kaliurang.

At mountainside Merapi, at elbow Plawangan are carpeted Kaliurang dinky city that have the atmosphere of cold, that the length more or less 25 kilometres from city Yogyakarta. Since colonization era the Netherlands, city that have beautiful view, and have various of acceptable recreation facilitieses.

Now, Kaliurang have come toes more draw next, as built and the of various of recreation mediums and various of other facilities, like : swimming pool, recreation forest, amusement centre and sport arena.

For adolescent community and boy scout, Kaliurang is popular place, because in this area available also earth encampment, band band explores crosscountry and beautiful nature view that inspire feel romantic our.

Villa, bungalow, resthome and various of lodging mediums, that some of which have facility for convention (conference, seminar, meeting/density of meeting/density pin-cushion, loka-karya, upgrading) and house of restaurant pin-cushion, growing multitude is laboured people in this tourists area.

Kaliurang can be reached by from sub terminal Terban with micro bus or can also from this place go up bus to Kaliurang, that leave from terminal Umbulharjo

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Heaven in Karimun Java - karimun indonesia

Hear coast word and sea, sure that passed by quickly in your mind is Bali, but without we realize still much coast and seas in Indonesia that have not yet touched by meddlesome hands human, and still maintained its continuity.

Karimun Java, with remarkable panoramic beauty, and its sea and coast that invite decak marvel, serve wisata-wisata nature exclaims that not fail from island deity.

Karimun Java is coastal area that consist of 27 isles in south Pulau Java. Beauty Karimun Java makes this area is made preserve or national park that under the aegis of government.

Many people that wish eliminate kepenatan city life by visit beautiful coasts, Karimun Java of course can become one of choice that very snugly. Wisata-wisata that offered have special difference from wisata other coast.

Karimun Java [it is true] compatible as [the] place to release stres, and surely for Anda real adventurer, because on-site this a lot of wisata very attractive sea for tried.

Wreck Dive

For Anda devotee diving and have soul avonturir, suggested to try wisata dives that one this. Various of stresses will Anda find in a crack. When Anda start dive Anda even will be greeted by ship carcass that has been old sink under the sea. Its atmosphere is felt very quiet and mysterious, pillars of ship iron is seen rust along, last quite a few terumbu rock (soft coral) gorgeous that very beautiful struggle for living and grow continued.

This ship Carcass is seen cut into halves, within reason ship carcass in film Titanic that its pride recognized in all world angle. That Ship's-length can be come up toes ships fery that exist in Indonesia. When conduct diving and see ship carcass under the sea, You will feel like Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in film Fool’s Gold when they pay dirt searching. Wow!

That more draw next, besides cheerful ber-diving and conquer various of challenges, You also can get history knowledge about Indonesia. Purportedly a freighter of fleet property coal sink the Netherlands in territorial water is referred [as] around 60 year ago. Story that circulate mention ship is referred [as] sink because the nahkoda suspect Kepulauan Karimun Java is coast coastal area Semarang, Central Java. Elementary coasts in Karimun Java that relative low make ship is referred [as] aground and finally sink.

This Wreck dive are existed in Pulau Kemojan, one of the 27 islands that existed in Karimun Java. Don't pass challenge that one this, cause it’s full of challenge!

Penangkaran Hiu

After pass stress wreck dive in Pulau Kemojan, continue wisata adventure by sail to Pulau Menjangan that serve other stress will become experience that not fail serunya. Like to know likely look out on direct with shark? Sea Animal that one this [it is true] dreadful but this rareness opportunity prohibition is passed.
Island Menjangan have a penangkaran shark. Likely very attractive will see shark that will very will raise hell referred [as] ahead time our eye. Even not only see, for owner Anda bravery, race adrenalin by swim with serrated fish referred [as]. But don't worry, there is guide that will accompanies Anda. For a few moment Anda can be friends with shark. Very attractive not bercengkrama with predatory fishes referred [as].

Don’t Miss It!

Much other activities that can Anda conduct to fill vacation in Karimun Java. Try it yourself!

* Sail, water, and water ski, Island that existed in Karimun plenty [of] Java, You can select one of island to conduct various of wisatas water. Activity like sail, water, and water ski snugly to try. Satisfaction that Anda get not fail please from place wisata other sea.
* Sunbathe in white sand, Don't in a hurry to Miami to sunbathe! Enough to Karimun Java and Anda can enjoy sunshine presentation above white sand at the same time perceives view make surprise this island.
* Snorkling, For Anda penikmat undersea nature, then agenda [is] obliged to hereinafter is snorkling in area noted for Pulau Menjangan terumbu gorgeous rock and beautiful fishes that dwell it
* Festival Durian on January/March in Jepara
* Vacation to Karimun Java, don't forget to stop by to Jepara, specially for you devotee Durian. Manis Taste this and delicious fruit!

How to get there?

* From Semarang, You can by bus that will eat time for 1,5 hour.
* From Jepara (Port Kartini) [go] to Karimun Java, You can go up fery/motor ship with old journey more or less six hour. This Transportation there has been only one multiply within a week

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Island Bidadari - pulau seribu indonesia

That morning sun heat have not yet so terik, nevertheless workdload in Dermaga 17 Pantai Marina Ancols have been seen. Antrean one who will go aboard quick to various of islands in bunch Pulau Seribu has started stand by climb boat each. Mr. Nur ( 41 ), Quick ship Captain that will [go] to P.Bidadari is also seen stand up on board to see readiness of ship that will the of.
If we like to go to various of easy Thousands Islands bunchs [only], come just to Pantai Marina Ancol. There you remain buy ship ticket, then select target, await just and leave. One of service that provided is bear up for Pulau Bidadari, one of proximate Thousands Islands bunch with Jakarta. Route Marina – Available P.Bidadari every day, where embarkation at nine in the morning and its the going home at three in the afternoon.

If holiday or Saturday & Ship Sunday remain to leave at nine in the morning, nevertheless the going home hour becomes two-time, at two and at four in the afternoon. Ticket price also differs, usual day is Rp 160,000 ,- per people whereas holiday is Rp 200,000 / people. Besides ticket [go/come] home and go, ticket price is referred [as] entered welcome drink and lunch in restaurant P.Bidadari.

After awaited a few moments in Dermaga 17 Pantai Marina Ancols, ship officer pass ins passenger to enter. After a while ship that we board rotate, go forward slowly and start split ocean. More and more old ship speed more and more betambah, till passengers that reside in depth is felt rocked and joggled-joggle. Nevertheless roof penumang remain to feel safe in it, because its ship fair to middling big and closed, until cipratan water not come into. Shipspace also relative clean and balmy. Its seat Formation also besotteds, spume chair with position three chairs from other side right and three chairs from other side left that dissociated by street adjoining. Is not so old, more or less only twenty minute on board, in sight rimbunan dedaunan Pulau Bidadari, and merapalah ship that we board in wood dock island is referred [as].

Idol Sang Tanduk Seventeen that are lifting its foot/feet to welcome home visitors. Even greeting is referred [as] accompanied with poem sound that written below/under idol that sound as follows,”Lion Beraung dihutan-hutan, Shark screams, I king dilautan, And eagle, Free flew high in cloud – Here Sang Tanduk Seventeen, Chummy whisper, To tourists, Custodian I am but archipelago – Friendship Love, Peace Love, Calmness Love, And beauty love”. Contemplation for a moment after read pusisi are referred [as], welcome drink even also stand-by above desk that located in beside desk resepsionis. In entrance is existed some officers that have in good fig served all need [of] visitors. Guide also available to all visitor that want to detail explanation about P.Bidadari.

Because wish more free enjoy asrinya island, we even also set mind on encircle Pulau Bidadari without use guide. Anyway at one's fingertips also goodly brochure complete containing about this island. Circuit contrary island direction by hour needle, we get through bungalows that is not so big, nevertheless seen calm and asri. Because can be at any given land angle;corner this island grows tree Keben and some other trees that seen very fertility. Continued walk into we will find Benteng yng have destroyed, nevertheless has been seen the mighty pickings. Building that as [the] control tower and fortress in this Pulau Bidadari in form of domed with diameter 23 metres thick da wall 2,50 metres. On the wall this existed big and small windows consecution. At this building interior existed seven elementary floor rooms that separated with skat brick wall.

One of room yag are closed as [the] ammunition repository. At its centre part will a next circle wall that as [the] clean water repository for drink and cook to all ARMY that is waking up. Before conducted archaeology dig, control tower building in this Pulau Bidadari is not seen its form because all building surfaces tertimbun by debrises and grown by big trees and ilalang. Namu after conducted research and dig by Dinas Museum and Sejarah DKI Jakarta, finally can be showed form from pickings of tower building referred [as]. This Control tower level two, this condition are proved with existence of holes of floor log prop. Rooms at floor two there is seven units. Room Possibility dilantai two this as [the] sleep room also reconnaissance place.

This control tower Constructure in Europe more knowledgeable with the title Menara Martello. [the] first multiply introduced by french, or precisely d island Corsica at century 18. On the happening of rebellion in island is referred [as] in 1794, they have recourse UK to help attack. Nevertheless for menaklukan Corsica, UK kewalahan grabs tower fortress in Martello Point that care of entrance bay Fiorenzo. That Fortress enough ampuh in defence, until at the return from war, UK founds building in common in country its. Later, this building is not even imitated by UK but also the Netherlands. It is not strange if the Netherlands founds also tower Martello in shadowland like Indonesia as part of its defence system. And one of them are being founded in ex Pulau Bidadari its still can be is seeing till now. Despite that there is fortress that [in] one type with Martello that located beside north Pulau Bidadari. Can be gone through by using boat more or less ten minute.

Beside north fortress is north coast side as [the] boundary north Pulau Bidadari. Its coast is seen cleaner and more transparent against which south side coast. This condition because of north coast not look out on direct bay Jakarta that already many impure. Some small seats that face disisi available coast coast. Dikursi are referred [as] at the same time see blue sea view, attacked breezy set breeze is very pleasant matter. After satisfy encircle this island, like, fresh, reach and feel peckish mixed grow into one. Then from that to enjoy food dish that provided by restaurant by commuted for voucher was that we got when buy ship ticket. Menu that is not luxuriant, nevertheless also unutterable simple, rice and complete lauk pauk and [cover/conclusion] dish really becomes pengobat feels existing peckish.

Because restaurant that directly deal with coast, engross very eat at the same time stare at sea, hear wave that mendayu-dayu. Not felt time elapsed so quick when reside in this island, ship penjemput already ready to in dock, one per one passenger go ups and we return to dock 17

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Temple Tegowangi - kediri indonesia

According to Code of Pararaton this temple is place Pendharmaan Bhre Matahun. Whereas in buku Negarakertagama is explained that Bhre Matahun dies in 1388 M. Then predicted this temple is made in 1400 M dimasa Majapahit because pendharmaan a king are conducted 12 year after king shack up withs ceremony srada. In general this temple bujursangkar faces to west by have size 11,2 x 11,2 metres and high 4,35 m. Its foundation is made of brick whereas foot/feet stone and [in] one organ that still remained made of stone andesit. Part of temple foot/feet and dress smartly. Every side of temple foot/feet are found three straightening panels that decorated giant (gana) sit cringe; both hand lifted ketas like support temple building. In atasnya are existed graven gibbosity of gibbosity pin-cushion encircles temple above gibbosity existed side genta that dress smartly.

At organ of in the middle of-middle temple in each its side existed connective artless pillar body and temple foot/feet. That pillars shows unfinished conducted. Around temple body decorated relief story sudamala that amount to 14 panils that is 3 north panil disisis, 8 west panil disisis and 3 panils south side. This Story contains about pengruatan (pensucian) Dewi Durga in the form of bad and criminal becomes Dewi Uma in the form of both for conducted by Sadewa, youngest figure in story Pandawa. Whereas at room of temple body existed Yoni with nozzle (douche) in form of fragon.

Dihalaman temple is existed some arcas that is Parwati Ardhenari, Corporeal Eagle human and temple remains in south-east angle;corner. Base arca-arca that found and existence of Yoni dibilik this temple then temple Hinduism ? (Source: article in location wisata)

Temple Tegowangi coincides a quite wide areal and opened. Areal wisata this archaeology is also taken care of properly, not seen garbage unless dry leaves grove in number that also not too much. At elbow spandrel enters you will meet a local ranch of resident property bee that can be made separate added value when pay a visit. Laymen As one who once with procedure beternak bee, see wood box contains bee hive [of] full [of] honey my very interests once to taste it. Feel pure honey and its den gives sensation by it self didalam mouth, till now eat "crisply" honey. [in] one honey bottle murnipun finally we buy, as [the] media of energy adder during hunt of archaeology object in Kabupaten Kediri.

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hot Wellspring Cilimus - kuningan indonesia

City Cirebon dipesisir pantura West Java is recognized heat burns like features of coast region here. In the reality. south disisi city, toward Kabupaten Kuningan, carpeted countryside asri with eye source airpanas overflows. Whose name is, countryside Cilimus. If Jabotabek haves Puncak region, then Cilimus can be can be told look like this. In consequence,, it is a pitty if has arrived at Cirebon does not use opportunity intentionally stop by to Cilimus that only eat time 45 minute journeys wear private vehicle. Besides can try swim dimata airpanas experiences of, here also located historic house agreement place Linggar Jati is signed. Supposing one claps can two flies, then if to Cilimus to swim, all just stop by to Linggar house Jati.

Exists Cilimus green and cool diperut Gunung Cermai. Its Dale and hill are blanketed fog diketinggian between 400 till 700 m from sea level. This Countryside also is gateway for mountaineer that wish climb kepuncak G.Cermai. Journey here by the way of smoothly with route crook passes wide rice field greenness is alternated specific resident house rural west jawa. Its resident friendly and opened to pendatang that greet invitation fiddle faddles with patois sundanya that jell.

Countryside Cilimus and its neighbour countryside Linggar Jati is area that peace. Its population not overcrowding, still much rice field carpets there here. As [the] frequent region visited visitor from outside make its resident behaves openly and friendly. This Region [it is true] is target area wisata for Cirebon region and Kuningan. Because is target wisata, no wonder very easy met middle-weight hotel or small, and losmen lodging for visitor. Even its resident a lot open its house for place lodge. Like show small dijalan [go] toes climb band to G.Cermai, house of resident house there opens its house for made posko climber rest that will go up or just alight from top of the mountain.

Besides resident house that can be weared lodge, here there are some goodly hotel big to lodge a family. For example located main dijalan Cilimus-Linggar Jati (after market) namely Tirtasani, Grage Spa Hotel, and Hotel Ayong. We have time to stop by into Grage Spa try bathe in heat basin experiences of that provided didalam hotel. This Spa Hotel ultra-clean and taken care of with nice, complete with security and park wide.

Bath dikolam it is one of interesting power why much visitors like this kedaerah. Much hotel facilities provide eye airpanas experiences of referred [as]. Nevertheless otherwise wish lodge, visitor can look for some place of wellspring public baths heat that also disseminated this didesa. Night this countryside not fully dies totalize like small laiknya countryside. Here disseminated some cafesé and small discotique that berkelap kelip with lamp temeramamnya. Unique its, look there is discotique that located besebelahan with rice field. Maybe, merely here there is adjacent disco with rice field like that diseluruh world. Unique and differ.

Like galibnya world “dugem”, where there is disco disitu many “cewe bar”. It is better if bring our moppet selects select of sleep in maximum hotel. Hotel that weared for check in also quite a lot. And this can give view not delicate for moppet if exists close to location is referred [as].

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Glamor coast Krakal - java indonesia

This Coast has amazed experts tourism planning from outside country. They suggest that this coast must prepare as resort coast, especially to all foreign turis (like turis resort Nusa Dua in Bali). Their Interest in coast management Krakal are supported by interesting potency, like: a sandy coast sloping white that spreaded out sejuh 5 kms. Always there is sun that shine from morning till night during summer and rain. Coast Wind always blows with breezy.

Journey [go] toes coast this Krakal also get throughs chalk hills, interspersed with reef terrace;cores. This condition is feature from area Krakal that managed resident. Base geological research, at era that ago, this area is elementary from ocean that by lifting process that happened at crust, this sea floor longer growing meninggi and finally emerge as [the] plateau. Rock Amethyst that looked at that time is ex life house of rock animal in saltwater at that time.

Coast Krakal is most beautiful coast, among all coast carpets alongside island Java. This Coast will be built become coastal area and perkampungan tourist, specially foreign tourist, a kind of tourist resort Nusa Dua in island Bali. Coast Krakal, its coast form sloping, sand white, carpeted as long as more than 5 kms. This Coast accepts sun heat from morning till evening time during the year. Set breeze that blown very cold, its wave big enough.

Though still one link from visit to Pantai Baron and Pantai Kukup, journey nuance [go] toes location Pantai Krakal a few/little differs. Even we can say, Coast Krakal gives picture seutuhnya about coast panorama. Disepanjang journey [go] toes this coast location, seen panoramic beauty of chalk hills is interspersed with reef terrace;cores.

Paduan stoney like this recognized by the name of area karst, namely ex sea floor that experience of process of crust lifting until boost upwards form [of] a plateau. This rock stones before now is ex den/life house of rock animal at that moment. Coast Krakal relative sloping. Conducive This condition light/ray dances animate firmament perpantaian, and set breeze blows with cold. White Sand is carpeted long enough in tepian coast, namely around 5 kms, likely always lilywhite washed by big enough wave splashing.

To reach coast Krakal Anda must passed by Wonosari, capital of regency Gunungkidul, around 38 kms from Yogyakarta. Twist and turns Street and menanjak has been paved properly. Coast Krakal is located estimated 21 kilometres from Wonosari, its location located around 7 easterly kms from main road that branch to coast Baron. Geologists tells that former, this place exists undersea.

In its rock, still much fossils that admit of found. Range from to all coasts that spread out on shore Java, Krakal is most beautiful with its sand white and encircled with banks. Meanwhile its wave big and also its effervescence white give nuance more on this coast.

As a whole, is place the most suited for sunbathe. This Coast also offers multifarious sea plants kinds of its type and variated its colour. Coast within call Krakal with coast Kukup and Teluk Baron. This Bay in reality is is secretory underground aqueduct precise ashore.

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