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Temple Gangsir mount likely is temple that made of red stone with ornamen/most at most relief. Unhappily not all that ornamen now can be enjoyed because a large part of ornamens are being referred [as] have destroyed. Purportedly according to local citizen some of missing ornamens are referred [as] because of taken by ARMY Japan was at colonization era in the past. Ornamen or relief that will remain though is not intact next, still can be enjoyed by visitor. Ornamen canister motif with suckers which is on generally frequent decorate other temples, still can be seen clearly. A buttonhole of woman body with head part that has losed don't know kemana is also seen decorate north wall side temple. A variety of forms other ornamen also decorates temple body, that at least can assure that before now pastilah this temple a very attractive temple for look.

Stand up above farm 62 x 24 metres, this temple haves wide building with length 20 metres and wide 17 metres. There is a door at this temple difficult of access by pengujung because its size that quite small. Particularly to try enter it, visitor must beforehand take a rides a doorstep by form that have not already have the rule of next and quite dangerous because rentan slides.

From literature that exist in location, this temple functioned as [the] cenotaph to the successfullness of food plants by society about/around in the past. Predicted woken up in the beginning of century 10 namely local citizen moment has not yet recognized pattern. Former before recognize pattern, local citizen life wanders by eat of the same nation grasses tuton.

A life legend in society about/around told that at one time a permpuan called Nyi Sri Gati that invite adventurers asked petujuk was at Hyang Widi to overcome food-stuff problem that always decrease. Till at one time of the same nation bird paddybird that bring grain type. That Bird then drop paddy and paddy skin be next planted beside north temple.

Plants itupun grow with paddy item produce usual paddy fruit whereas that skin, produce jewel stone. This condition causes Nyi Sri Gati make money outs and because its philanthropy is recognized also by the name of Mbok Rondo Dermo (Rondo=widow; Dermo=generous). Wealth that the of referred [as] draw attention merchantmen and adventurer that wish sell jewel stone to area other. Midway, they darken its merchandise in boat. Because of strength ghaib Nyi Sri Gati boat is referred [as] sink and terpelanting becomes Gunung Prau that now located in mountainside Penanggungan (westside Pasuruan).

Not only merchantmen, roof penjahatpun interest to have wealth Nyi Sri Gati. A lot of that try hijack/grab wealth property Nyi Sri Gati, nevertheless altogether can be defeated. That criminal names finally made name existing countryside disekitar Candi Gununggangsir, for example: Keboireng, Wonokoyo, Pucang, Sobo, Kesemi, Kedatan and still much more.

Got out of correctness or tidaknya legend is referred [as], until now Candi Gununggangsir still is place that sakral

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