Temple Tegowangi - kediri indonesia

According to Code of Pararaton this temple is place Pendharmaan Bhre Matahun. Whereas in buku Negarakertagama is explained that Bhre Matahun dies in 1388 M. Then predicted this temple is made in 1400 M dimasa Majapahit because pendharmaan a king are conducted 12 year after king shack up withs ceremony srada. In general this temple bujursangkar faces to west by have size 11,2 x 11,2 metres and high 4,35 m. Its foundation is made of brick whereas foot/feet stone and [in] one organ that still remained made of stone andesit. Part of temple foot/feet and dress smartly. Every side of temple foot/feet are found three straightening panels that decorated giant (gana) sit cringe; both hand lifted ketas like support temple building. In atasnya are existed graven gibbosity of gibbosity pin-cushion encircles temple above gibbosity existed side genta that dress smartly.

At organ of in the middle of-middle temple in each its side existed connective artless pillar body and temple foot/feet. That pillars shows unfinished conducted. Around temple body decorated relief story sudamala that amount to 14 panils that is 3 north panil disisis, 8 west panil disisis and 3 panils south side. This Story contains about pengruatan (pensucian) Dewi Durga in the form of bad and criminal becomes Dewi Uma in the form of both for conducted by Sadewa, youngest figure in story Pandawa. Whereas at room of temple body existed Yoni with nozzle (douche) in form of fragon.

Dihalaman temple is existed some arcas that is Parwati Ardhenari, Corporeal Eagle human and temple remains in south-east angle;corner. Base arca-arca that found and existence of Yoni dibilik this temple then temple Hinduism ? (Source: article in location wisata)

Temple Tegowangi coincides a quite wide areal and opened. Areal wisata this archaeology is also taken care of properly, not seen garbage unless dry leaves grove in number that also not too much. At elbow spandrel enters you will meet a local ranch of resident property bee that can be made separate added value when pay a visit. Laymen As one who once with procedure beternak bee, see wood box contains bee hive [of] full [of] honey my very interests once to taste it. Feel pure honey and its den gives sensation by it self didalam mouth, till now eat "crisply" honey. [in] one honey bottle murnipun finally we buy, as [the] media of energy adder during hunt of archaeology object in Kabupaten Kediri.

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