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Waterfall Maribaya
Maribaya indigenous to name [in] one women very beautiful that become din source for menfolk. Saking are fascinated by its beauty, young men in kampungya often bickers until at any times poison happens bloodbath.
That's beauty picture Maribaya formerly. Because that beauty and region freshment, that location of warmness water bath is immortalized by the name of Maribaya. Keelokan view is accompanied waterfall hiss is depicted as a pretty cutie that make every young man surender. Nevertheless, was wether object wisata Maribaya at this time still like first that make everyone wants to menyambanginya ?

Since start developed in 1835 by Eyang Raksa Dinata, father Maribaya, object location that wisata succeeds alter life previous Eyang Raksa Dinata impecunious life becomes in abundance. Many people that pay a visit to place referred [as]. They not only come for berekreasi breath in nature fresh air pengunungan and hilly, but quite a few that cure by bathe in warmness water.

Grandparent Raksa Dinata that actually only wish avoid bloodbath in its kampong, oppositely/also get wealth benediction after management of mineral hot water source that can be utilized for that medication. Family Maribaya getting the production from visitors incoming berduyun-duyun.

Night at two early mornings, car vehicle that I use pass by quickly slow range from to coldness earth parahyangan. Susana that a few/little drizzles and mist, growing forced my eye for always caution examine every existing crook range from to hilly. Maribaya, that's direction kemana this vehicle will be gone to. At that time [it is true] not right time to pay a visit, though custodian security tells that wisata maribaya opens 24 hour, it is of course dark its night will make some of existing glamors there will never enjoyed. Not apalah, at least I still can bathe warmness water for relaxation eliminate iethargy after berkendara during more or less 3 hour from Jakarta. Tomorrow morning, when dance return harvest its duty anyway I still can enjoy it with a cup of bakso heat.

Maribaya [it is true] is one of object wisata pledge for local government Kabupaten Bandung. Object this wisata is first recognized with pemandaian its hot water, nevertheless lately become sink after object wisata pemadian hot water Sari Ater pin-cushion Subang to open. Location wisata Sari Ater much more strategic because reside in highway Bandung-Subang. Unnecessary Visitor intentionally step into band wisata and pass Pasar Lembang that semrawut, like if will visit Maribaya.

Besides as [the] place wisata hot water bath, this dilokasi there are also big enough waterfall. Curug Omas, with height more or less 30 metres likely also become interesting power separate for tourist to pay a visit kesana. Existence of facility two observer bridges from tabletop side and under also give amenity for visitor to be able to more (be) free to enjoy waterfall without must fear get wet.

Visitor can also "slouch" in areal about/around waterfall at the same time lay down above mat that rented by hawker cilik. Hawker that cilik also with sprier help send out for pengunung desired food to food seller that reside in about/around. Cool Air and few leaves only grove is added also with thundering waterfall voice in the distance, make object this wisata multitude is visited dihari-hari holiday or final pekan.Sekelompok youngster at that time shows jest dibawah a waterfall what overflows. Some poses "konyol" showed clearly accompanied when conducted picture intake by one of the its friend. Wet Clothes is hit waterfall refraction, oppositely/also growing harden sara laugh and joke guaru they :D

Other Disudut shows a group of asik middle visitor feeds to wild monkey existing at location this wisata. Monkeys is referred [as] sometimes enough not as yet common to to come near visitor, expect food hurl and each other berebutan with other monkey. Moppet scream that scream exhilaration sees polah monkeys is referred [as] add multitude existing suasan. Nevertheless there is also emergent hid returned old man's legs its when a monkey try come near.

As a whole, from my perception, object wisata Maribaya likely more visited as [the] object wisata waterfall than object wisata hot water bath. [it is true] has been existed visitor that exploit hot water that exist in object this wisata as one of alternative medication to some disease types, nevertheless if seen in in a flash, incoming visitor tends to more enjoy waterfall glamor or relax-easy going few leaves only dibawah its grove.

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