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Only distance more or less 200 metres from Java seashore that reside in area wisata coast Tanujung Kodok (now has changed name becomes area Wisata Bahari Lamongan), Cave Istana Maharani is one of object wisata cave that enough recognized in Indonesia.

Location Gua Istana Maharani very strategic as [the] place wisata for easy going rest on the way wisata culture of mausoleum pilgrimage Walisongo alongside Pulaua north coast Java. Beside east Gua Istana Maharani are existed mausoleum Sunana Drajat whereas in south cave more or less 1,5 kms are existed situs mausoleum Sunan Sendang Duwur that it is at mount Amitunon, crematorium the era Majapahit and Singosari.

Broadly that not how big namely +/- 2500 m2s, needed more or less half hour to circuit it by follow doorstep and footpath that built didalam cave and made of cement. At up section cave has been made exhaust pipe [of] have the shape of blower fan that penetrate stone five metres. Various of variegation spotlights strengthen and clarify this cave sides that [it is true] full of a variety of forms and also ornamen from stoney stalagtit/stalagmite. Ornamen stoney stalagtit/stalagmite is referred [as] quite unique, there is that in form of similar king throne there is also similar flora/fauna. Totalize there is tens of name that deputize a group of certain from cave rock.

Cave this Istana Maharani is found not intentionally by a stone coolie called Sugeng tatkala multiply phosphate rock on site its [job/activity]. At Thursday 6 Augusts 1992, tatkala its [job/activity] friends has started noon because exhaustible rest,Sugeng remain to work without a hunch at all. Suddenly just the end of crow bar its penetrates a wall where existed big cavity inside. Sugen with its friend shakily enter cave that still this maiden with flashlight lighting. Decak marveled blanketed liver [of] day-pay workers that when they stay in cavity of chalk land/ground that vast expanse of ternayat and full of stoney beauty stalagtit and stalakmit that amaze. From flashlight bound seen white shimmer of fleck luminosity bold diamond basin berlian bounds into the face. That's nap flickers limestone in roof in floor and cave in-wall, hit light/ray from outside pass cave door that just made by sugeng and its closed friend.

A couple of days they conceal the invention of this cave nevertheless afterwards leak also news existence of guaindah in akwasan Tanjung Kodok. Forthwith gaffer Sunyoto immediately report to Camat Paciran and distribute to Pemerintah Kabupaten Dati II Lamongan about the invention of beautiful cave by its worker. Masyarakatpun starts in large numbers enter cave to see beauty of cave content constructively illuminator petromak. Nevertheless unhappily much damage visitors stalactite for brought [go/come] home. For safety temporary, then made door iron in the beginning of second week after the invention of this cave.

Uniqueness happens this moment of cave name gift/giving. Many people each other proposes name for newly discovered cave either from functionary or from society. Finally by Bupati Lamongan given name Gua Istana Maharani, that is name gift/giving from wife Sunyoto, base dream that the of before that cave is found. People say, one day before date 6 Augusts 1992, Ny Sunyoto dreams that direlung stone did epan new cave its husband workplace this are seen a woman canik wears variegation crown. This beautiful woman Crown have the shining light of auriferous enthrone intan-berlian, bermotifkan rose and dahlia. When Ny Sunyoto terbagun in night stillness, feel there is whisper that he just see beautiful crown property [of] a Ratu so-called Maharani. The Ratu have the crown of beautiful this will show in alcove didepan cave door that akhrinya become fact.

Name Maharani or Istana Maharani very compatible specified,because in this cave there are a lot of in reality. Condition in cave, palace basin where existed seonggok stoney stalgamit in pelataran similar cave crown Raja Puteri (Queen Maharani). Room Gua Istana Maharani is fulfilled prop pillars and roof graven. Really amaze if has entered palace cave Maharani

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