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Slow nevertheless sure sun starts make an appearance. Its light/ray accompanies fisherman step that rush about [go] to boat to go out to sea. Blast of wind and wave splashing equips nature polite Pantai Teleng. All of that, is award that if tilled properly will deliver tourist.

Coast Teleng Ria is ocean that menjorok to land or usual called bay. Its coast is flanked by two plateaus that form a part of mountain lengthwise South chalk from Gunung Kidul to Trenggalek, face indonesian ocean. Even this coast is illuminated sun that terik, nevertheless its air has been felt cold within reason blast of wind mountain.

Though is south coast, nevertheless wave on shore Teleng Ria relative small, this quite nice to all pecinta surfing sport, specially those in still in beginner category. During the month of June of coast August pin-cushion Teleng Ria becomes place of group migration jellyfish. "Usually on June August [of] pin-cushion many jellyfishs that emerge on shore this,.

since 15 Septembers 2008, coast management Teleng Ria opening is delivered to PT.EL JOHN Tirta Emas Pariwisata. Expected forwards after managed by the party of private sector, Coast Teleng Ria can be better and can give contribution
positive for earnings Pacitan from tourism sector.

PT. EL JOHN Tirta Mas Wisata is investor that has been experienced object management wisata and have international network like industry wisata in Bangka-Belitung, Jakarta, Bali and some cities other wisata in Indonesia.

To the fore dibawah management EL JOHN, Coast Teleng Ria will be made become a balmy and safe garden of family vacation. "This Teleng Ria its concept will we make Amusement centre Keluarga," express Ardyono Vice President PT. EL JOHN Indonesia the usual are addressed Ardy.

To beautify it-self, some facilities that already exist will be restored. In other hand also there will be facility addition around Pantai Teleng Ria like art public square, child public square to play, and public square kuliner. "We will make arena of child game that in character educative and make creative child," clear Ardy.

Development and coastal area development Teleng Ria also will hold mutually society Pacitan, specially that stay disekitar Pantai Teleng Ria "We also wish them society also feel positive benefit from place that we management, and also improve society prosperity," add Ardy.

One of reality form from huddle up society about/around are El JOHN will hold mutually fisherman to get advantage by its boat rent to visitor Teleng Ria. "At kan certain season season fisherman not goes out to sea us their berry its opportunity of boat rent with result division 70 percents for fisherman and 30 percents step into the party of organizer," will say next Ardy.

Its heaven Surfer Asing

Though its wave character that is not big, nevertheless Pantai Teleng Ria enough representatif to conduct surfing. Wave Character that is not big make this coast suited for roof surfer beginner. "Many people that wish learn surfing comes to this coast, like from Semarang and other city near Pacitan," clear Choirul official member Pacitan Surfing Club.

Coast Teleng Ria also becomes one of favorite place to all turis foreign countries that wish enjoy wisata coast. "Although even also have not yet too much, but foreign tourist also there is incoming to this place, they liked because here not too multitude," Will Express next Choirul.

Have not yet noise of surfing activity on shore Teleng Ria makes this coast becomes roof reason foreign surfer berselancar here. "If foreign surfer likes to this place because they needn't wave capture with other surfer," clear next Choirul.

Interesting Power other why much roof foreign surfer select Teleng Ria is because its coast atmosphere that relative still silent. "Foreign Turis that surfing here usually from Australia and Swiss. They like to this place because suasanya still silent, not [in] one multitude of coast coast in Bali".

See nature equipment and facility that will be built, presumably Pantai Teleng Ria ready to becomes coast destination new primadona.


Coast Teleng Ria resides in Kabupaten Pacitan, around 3 Kms from downtown. Only butuh time 10 minute reach Pantai Teleng Ria from Alun-alun city. Sub-province Pacitan located in South Pantai Pulau Java and abut on Provinsi Central Java, until to reach Pantai Teleng Ria will be quicker if pass by Yogyakarta. Only butuh time 3 hour journeys. Access street was from Yogyakarta [went] to Pacitan was even also jolly good even its joint streets was not too wide.

If leave from Yogyakarta only butuh time 3 hour journeys to reach this coast by using travel majors Jogjakarta-Pacitan. Its tariff ranges from Rp 40.000 pin-cushions Rp 50.000. Other Choice by bus alighted from Terminal Pacitan was with fare Rp 12.000 per last people are continued go up majors city transport Prengkuku with tariff Rp 2.000 per people.

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