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When come near Gua Gong, that seen at the right side of left street is hills arid karst. Exactly because its barrenness is referred [as], give different nuance, because at haphazard in one of mountain karst are referred [as] kept a beauty pearl that created pass by stalactite and stalakmit during hundreds of year. Although arid, go through journey to Gua Gong pass Wonosari really mengasikkan. The way that, fluctuate make mind becomes fresh. Nevertheless come near cave location, public road was that we pass by narrow, sometimes go up very sharp and go down incisively until as if its public road like lose. For that us must very take a care especially if rub up against vehicle from direction of adversative.

Only eat time more or less fourty five minute from Wonosari to [go] to Gua Gong. The way wide and smoothly, just a few kilometre toward the year just cave that the way narrow. Our Time arrive ats there hour needle still shows at 06.30 in the morning, atmosphere still silent and in the reality cave spandrel has been closed. We use opportunity intentionally will stop by in food stall that located in cave front just beside await the of cave spandrel. Food stall Owner tells, “ if officer will open cave at 07.00 in the morning”.

Cave that located in Dusun Pule, Countryside Bomo, District Punung, This Sub-province Pacitan is most most beautiful and inmost cave range from to caves bunch that located in around it. Because there [is] still some other caves were laid at not too far from Gua Gong, like Gua Tabuhan and Gua Putri. Because its beauty are referred [as], the party of organizer even also in serious till this wisata properly. Although located disalah one hilltop precipitous karst, organizer provides location parks goodly car wide, more or less can accomodate twenty vehicles. This condition are conducted to anticipate membludaknya visitor in bad days.

Guides uniformed also has been prepared to accompanies guests. When we [go] to doorstep step into cave, Mr. Rubadi (40) ready to accompanies us during journey in cave. Before enter cave, Mr. Rubadi tell a story a few/little about origami Gua Gong.

“Once upon a time at that time, Orchard Pule experiences of drought that length, until difficult to drinking water searching and water for various of everyday needs. Then Mbah Noyo Semito and Mbah Joyo tried water searching was into cave that the of too far from resident house more or less 400 metres. By using traditional light facilities have the shape of torch (dry coconut leaf bound) till finish seven fasten, both grandfather referred [as] succeed trace cave alleys till find some sendangs and bath in it. Event is referred [as] counted/calculated 65 year(s) ago that counted down from in 1995.

To the invention referred [as], next seeking is even also conducted, precisely on Sunday Pon date 5 Marchs 1995, a number of entourages that amount to eight people for mengeksplore farther about cave existence referred [as]. Shorten story finally entourage is being referred [as] is succeeding is fringing cave that its beauty can be felt till now”.

Cave Naming Gong by it self hand in glove bertalian wrongly one peripheral name gamelan Java. Purportedly at certain moments, in existing mount its cave is referred [as] often heard musical instrument like gamelan jawa, show reog, terbang-an even often heard people cry heartbreaking. In consequence, society about/around name cave is referred [as] become Gua Gong.

In consequence, before step into cave is must paid attention discipline enters cave, for example: converse polite, each other respect, walked pass by band that has been determined, every entourage must consorted by guide. Begitupun for commercial syuting also not admissible unless syuting dokumenter, itupun must conducts licensing process beforehand.

After read discipline is referred [as], then we enter cave together packages Rubadi. First enter cave, direct we amazed with colour of cave walls that seen yellow golden. A few moment later we hear thundering sound, in the reality big fan that intentionally put down in some cave sides to lessen feel heat in cave, if visitor membludak. Later, we enter first room, that is room Sendang Bidadari. In this room existed small sendang with cool and clean water. In sebelahnya is room Bidadari, where according to story diruangan sometime pass by quicklies beautiful a woman shadow.

Room three and four is crystal room and marble, where in room referred [as] kept crystal stone and marble in sides to the and from other side cave with quality that can be perfect. Enter room five, is room that a few/little spacious. On-site this ever made music concert four countries, that is; Indonesia, Swiss, UK and french in framework promote existence Gua Gong to mancanegara.Ruang six is hermitage room and last room seven is gong stone. Is stones that if we tabuh will release voice like gong.

More or less a hour the duration we reside in in cave, although has been attached fan, remain to be just has been felt heat if prolonging d in cave. Extraordinary [it is true] nature phenomenon that create this cave, can be all cave contents contain meaning and legend and in physical is even also seen minor. In other hand, if you pay a visit to Gua Gong, you can pay a visit to place nearby other wisata. That is : Cave Tabuhan Gua Putri, Coast Klayar, Coast Teleng Ria, Coast Watu Karang and Pemandaian Air Hangat Arjosari.

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