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Temple Mendut is temple that located easternmost from straight line of temple triad (Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut). This Temple is founded by dynasty Syailendra and berlakang Budhism, where this condition are shown with existence of stupa [of] form 48 units at part atasnya.Tidak is known surely when this temple is founded. Nevertheless a archaeology the Netherlands mentions that didalam inscription that found didesa karangtengah bertarikh 824M is said that king Indra has developed holy building called venunava with the meaning is bamboo forest. If correctness this condition then may simply Candi Mendut are founded at century 8th Masehi.

At this temple interior existed room that comprising of place altar three arcas Budha stands up. Third arca are referred [as] begin at the most left is Bodhisattva Vajravani, Buddha Sakyamuni and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Third arca Budha are referred [as] still up to scratch nice, some flowers and frankincenses look tergeletak dibagian bawahnya. An iron fence will dibagian front arca is referred [as] to avoid abundant visitor interaction/unconcerned in to the the three of this Budha idol.

Found on Relief-relief this temple wall has been clearly seen form/its engraving. Relief are referred [as] contain story [of] have the shape of moral teaching by using animal figures (fab) as [the] its characterization. There is story "Brahmin and Kepiting", "Goose and Kura-kura", "Two different Parakeets" and "Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi", that shortly its story content shall be as follows:

"Brahmin and Kepeting": Tell story [of] a brahmin that save a crab for later, this crab make it up toes by saves brahmin from crow trouble and snake.

"Goose and Kura-kura": Tell a story about a tortoise that controled the flight of two heads goose new kedanau. Because emotion in menangapi word to the what they conduct, tortoise releases its bite until fall ketanah and finally die.

"Two different Parakeets": Mengisahkan kelakukan two sharply differentiated parakeets because the other one will by brahmin and the other one again by a robber.

"Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi": Two different friend people its deportment where Dustabuddhi that measure up to inveighed allege Dharmabuddhi conducts deed is inveighed, nevertheless finally its badness is unloaded and Dustabudhi-pun is pronounced for.

Chronologically, Temple Mendut is found in 1836. Then renovate in 1897 and 1904 at temple organ nevertheless the result less gratify. In 1908 restored return by arkeolog belanda till its top part can be reorganized. In 1925 a number of stupas that have been primped, attached and reorganized. Wide building as a whole is high 13,7x13,7 meterdengan 26,4 metres.

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