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Wise man tells, "History is [the] past, present day is time that is being must experienced and [the] future is mystery". Nevertheless real its if we will more next wisdom, third a period of referred [as] is a one connective unity and influence one another. Ancient ommissions that disseminated in various of regions Nusantara give picture that reality so rich its heritage Bangsa Indonesia that must dug and taken care.
Temple Panataran that located in northside Blitar is the only one most widest komplek percandian in area East Java. Base report Dinas Purbakala soybean cake 1914-1915 numbers 2045 and note Verbeek number 563, is building kekunaan that consisted of some bunchs until called Komplek Percandian. This temple Building site located in Gunung Kelud south-west bevel at height 450 metres dpl (above sea surface), in the countryside that also called Panataran, District Nglegok, Blitar. Only distance around 12 kilometres from Kota Blitar or more or less half hour journey with motor vehicle. By means of that relative smoothly and wide enough till in front of komplek temple.

Temple Panataran is found in 1815, but till in 1850 have not yet many recognized. Its inventor is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826), Iieutenant of colonial government Governor general top kick UK in Negara Indonesia. Raffles together with Dr.Horsfield Natural philosophy expert perform visit to Candi Panataran, and result kunjunganya is booked in book that entitle "History of Java" rising in two volumes. Footstep this Raffles later on followed by researchers other that is : J.Crawfurd a assistant residen in Yogyakarta, hereinafter Van Meeteren Brouwer (1828), Junghun (1884), Jonathan Rigg (1848) and N.W.Hoepermans which is on in 1886 perform stocktaking in komplek percandian Panataran.

Enter areal Candi, in our main gate will be greeted two units arca doorman or called with Dwaraphala that dikalangan society Blitar are recognized with the title "Mba Bodo". That withdraw from arca this custodian not because of big arcanya, nevertheless because its face that fear (Daemonis). Number Basrelief that gauged at lining arca are written in Java letter Kuno : in 1242 Sakas or if made Masehi (added 78 year) become in 1320 Masehis. Base found on number basrelief both lining arca, that palah holy building (other name for Candi Panataran) opened become state temple (state-temple) new at era Raja Jayanegara from commander Majapahit in 1309-1328 Masehis.

Beside east Arca are existed gateway pickings that made of red brick materials. Important Building other that existed disekitar spandrel is building that in form of square length so-called with Bale Agung. Later, ex building priest place that only remain platform umpak-umpak [only]. A square building in size that smaller than Bale Agung is Pendopo Teras or batur verandah of ancient palace that have the shape of small temple year frame so-called Candi Angka Tahun, where buildings is referred [as] made of stone materials andesit.

Beside south temple building has been upstood an inscription stone or written stone. This Inscription uses Java letter Kuno 1119 Sakas or 1197 Masehis that released by Raja Srengga from Kerajaan Kediri. Its contents for example mention about opening [of] a perdikan for the sake of Sira Paduka Batara Palah (Temple Panataran). Thus development process komplek Candi Panataran eats time at least 250 year, where start built in 1197 at era Kerajaan Kediri till in 1454 at era Kerajaan Majapahit.

Next Temple is Candi Naga that made entirely from stone of the size wide 4,83 metres, length 6,57 metres and high 4,70 metres. Called Candi Naga because around temple body is twined fragon and features or kingly figures nine units. Range from to biggest temple building is mains temple, that located hindmost dibagian that is part that assumed holy. Building of mains temple consist of three terrace;cores compile with high entirely 7,19 metres. At each side both doorstep climb first terrace;core is existed arca Dwaraphala, at pallet arca is made a point in 1269 Sakas or 1347 Masehis.

At hindmost part temple is existed holy pool, that purportedly its story is pool that utilized as [the] religious service place ritual. Pickings of old world affluence [it is true] has been seen from this mini pool building. Fairish Pool around 2 x 5 this metres are seen clean and arranged nice. Need about/around more or less 1 hour to trace entire areal Candi Panataran. Because its location that not too far from Kota Blitar also still one band with pilgrimage tourism place Makam Bung Karno, then if your coincidence pays a visit to Blitar nothing wrong its to use opportunity intentionally visit time to Candi Panataran as one of appreciation form to history.

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