"Ancient Chinese Whorehouse"

"Ancient Chinese Whorehouse"

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India keeps a million objects TOURISM that amaze. Begin at TOURISM nature [of] have the shape of mountain and rural, TOURISM beautiful cities, and not fail draw it objects religion TOURISM its.

City religion TOURISM that many visited tourist, perhaps is Lumbini, birth place the Budha Gautama. For Budha people, Lumbini became one of place that may not passed when pay a visit to India. Its section, according to its history the Budha Gautama are borne in families empire in 556 SMs in Lumbini, border India with country Wina.

Purportedly, birth the Budha Gautama are followed with marking appearance like growing of Pohon Bodhi. By KING Ashoka, Budhis big power a period of that, founded a stupa and pillar to recall the Budha Gautama. Stupa Development is conducted after KING Ashoka visit birth place the Budha two century later. Even this time stupa situation in a state of fall to pieces, nevertheless not tourist ebb to recall it.

Other place that not fail draw it is Bodhgaya. Purportedly, disinilah the Budha Gautama reaches its perfection asceticism having taken steps under a tree Bodhi by age 29 year. In city this also existed Kuil Mahabodhi that built at third century by Raja Ashoka. Some of next tell temple is referred [as] built between fifth and seventh century.

Hereinafter to Samath, in Ganges river basin India, place the Budha teaches belief in god and aspects budhaanth. Other pilgrimage Place that many visited is Shravasti. In city this the Budha conducts much big miracles. Primary City other Sankashaya. According to trust of Budha people, the Budha Gautama are trusted alighted from heaven Tushita. This City becomes the only one place of buddhist pilgrimage that not have one temple and also convent.

Nalanda also becomes important pilgrimage place. Not because of endowed with existance the Budha, but caused by convent university that recognized, Rajgir also haves separate glamor power, the Budha ever comes and teach.

Important Event arrival the Budha was to Rajgir is moment the Budha endows two pupils its, Sariputra and Maudgalyayana. Purportedly, Sariputra are awarded extraordinary intellegence. Whereas Maudgalyayana power to conduct miracle. Kushinagar also hogs tourist specially Budha people that pay a visit to India. Its section, disinilah the Budha Gautama reaches the most meditation


Resided in nicaragua likely stayed in time machine that returned and stopped in the past. So much uniqueness and keeksotikan in country middle America is referred [as]. Ancient buildings with touch Spain, handicraft variegation, food, its society physical matter specific indian (called Ameridian : Amerika-Indian) and `temple-temple`its that amaze.

Pay a visit to Managua, capital of nicaragua, remind us at the city of sub-province in Indonesia that is developing. After redanya political conflict with regime that goes on Sandinista for years, this country starts expand and at all points show development prasarana physical that is being keyed up.

In city this we can lodge in Intercontinental hotel, the only one big hotel in Managua, didepannya are existed shopping mall most modern, Metrocentro Mall that look like Bintaro Plaza in Jakarta.

La Colonia and La Union are two big supermarkets in city referred [as]. We use opportunity intentionally to stop by in traditional market, Mercado Central (Sentral Market) called Mercado Roberto Huembes, here sold many everyday need goods, vegetable, fruit, flower and [crafting/ diligence] goods that specific is ornament from black cobble-.

Satisfy explore in traditional market, we [go] to Plaza de la Revolucion, historic place where all former political activities are conducted on site this. In complex this existed Catedral de Santiago, that fall to pieces because earthquake in 1972 and Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (museum Nasional) and Ruben Dario National Library. Across museum stand up Enrique president palace Bolanos is being built.

Moment most precise if we paid a visit to nicaragua is during the month of December of summertime April pin-cushion. There are 2 big festivals celebrated, the `Festival de Musica y Juventud` (The Music and Youth Festival) in on February and `Fiestas Agostinas` in on August. Whereas moment Holly Week at the end of March till early April is food party and handicraft for people Managua.

Satisfy walk along and fringe city Managua, have not yet snugly likely if has not yet tasted specific food its. Nicaragua Food rich in feel and suited for Indonesians tongue. They frequently consume mango, cassava, cheese and bean red. Mango is fried like mango flaky in Indonesia, crispy and renyah. Cassava is even also fried chap, super-duper. `Gallo pinto`, is red bean mixture, rice and cheese that presented above small stove clay-based.

Distance only +/- 16 miles from Managua, Noted for Masaya its handicraft. In Mercado de Artesanias (art market) that called San Juan de Oriente sold berbegai kinds of specific [crafting/ diligence] nicaragua like, woodcraft, gerabah, skin, painting and embroidery. I are tickled to buy oscillation from variegation yarn, but imagine bring it later in plane surely will disturbs, finally my choice falls at an appron (I pay attention almost all merchants in market wears this appron) that embroidered with variegation yarn with specific motif indian.

From Masaya we can continue journey to Granada that is eldest colonial city in nicaragua that built in 1524. Located dipinggir nicaragua lake and near volcano Mombacho. Three biggest cities in this country, Managua, Masaya and Granada are built above `shadow` mount (there is 9 volcanos) that till now still active.

Granada very romantik, with classic buildings its that full [of] colour. Its activity center resides in Parque Central/Parque Colon, around this place existed Parroqui Inmaculada Concepcion de luxury Marcia Catedral de Granada and Casa de kiosk Tres Mundos- Pusat culture in Granada-.

Accompanied overcast sky, by go up similar pin-cushion dogcart buggy in Yogya- we can go around city fringes main road La Calzada and Xalteva at the same time admires dressy beauty of houses architecture new-classic and chromatic baroq terakota. If perceived almost all houses here have rocking chair, unique its they not only have one even four rocking chairs that put down in terrace;core or sittingroom!

They seems very like `wind searching` and chat diteras house at the same time sits in rocking chair. Darling, I forget to enquire farther about their life style this to Omar, our guide. While ber besotted we`cheerful buggy` suddenly rain fall very rapid, force us to shelter at the same time stop by to get dinner in La Gran Francia Restaurant, restaurant of french cookery with nicaragua touch, one of building of colonial ommission Spain (built in 1524) that has been reconstructed.


IT is an old plain in life Asia Tengah with many legend and art. If whose name is called, our marrow immediately brought at infinite desert with consecution of camel caravan, gracefullness towers, madrasah-madrasah and mausoleum have the architecture of oriental, sheets beautiful sutra, world class gold embroidery, and view of islam culture in Middle Ages nan eksotik. That's Uzbekistan.

A country that recognized with connective silk band European continent and Asia pass by [the] Chinese since long time. Uzbekistan abuts on Kazakhstan beside North, Kyrgystan beside East, Tajikistan beside North-East, and Turkmenistan and Afghanistan beside south. Its nature Situation consist of two-third desert and flourish desert and rest consist of mountain, dale and plain

Country 447.400 square kilometres this have two weather seasons with difference specific ekstrem continental climate. Its summer longer and seldom rain. Average temperature on July reach 32 degrees Celcius, even in daytime can reach 40 degrees Celcius. Uzbekistan haves short winter with snow flurries that a few/little also.

Uzbekistan [is] also nation multikultur, for example consist of nation Uzbek, Russia, Tajik, Kazakhs, and Tatar. Official language that used [by] is language Uzbek that [in] one clump with language Turki. Nevertheless, some of society its converse also in russia language, as [the] evidence of era ommission Uni soviet. Resident Uzbekistan majority embraces islam Sunny (Hanafi), in other hand there are also pemeluk Christian Orthodoks, Jew, even atheism.

Islam Influence starts step into Uzbekistan at 8th century and leave islam culture, like science branch, religion, and architecture. Some cities are known as cities of islam civilization. Like Samarkand that is center East KINGDOM Leng (Dynasty Ikhan) and Ulugbek.

Mausoleum Imam Bukhari, pentafsir hadist Mohammed SAW, even also reside in Samarkand although he/she borns in Bukhara. Samarkand [is] also capital of first Uzbekistan. Whereas, Bukhara is ex capital of keamiran Bukhara. In other hand city Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva also is centers known as islam civilization band connective sutra Europe and Chinese.

East Leng, one of the big statesman comes [from] Uzbekistan, at the top its power range Mongolia, Mediterranean sea, south russia and India, even finally conquer kemaharajaan Ottoman at the end of 14-th centuries. He/she also becomes spiritual leader and war strategist Uzbekistan that born in 1336 in a period of mongol feather in one's cap. East Leng to make Samarkand, second city biggest in Uzbekistan, become world center.

Previously, Uzbekistan is aliance from three unit of islam empires -- Bukhara, Khiva, and Kokand -- which is on 1860-1870 occupied by Kekaisaran russia. Republic Uzbekistan stands up at 1924. Nevertheless, in May 1925, Uzbekistan dimasukkan becomes one part of the 15 republices dibawah power Uni soviet. Since 31 Augusts 1991 countries with resident [of] 2 million that souls state its independence and sovereignty are separated from Uni soviet till cover a Kara Kaplak otonomous area.

Although 60 moslem percents and islam, so far carrying out of to Islam in Uzbekistan has not yet been circumstantial caused by demarcation to latitudinarian at era Uni soviet. Effort to develop Islam now starts is being seen, for example improvement of mosque development amount that before 1989 only amount to 160 units now become thousands of. In other hand, has been reactified institutions of islam education, like madrasah till founding of islam college in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan that rich in its natural resources this becomes one of eyewitness go ups descent of world civilization. He/she also becomes science center and culture in Asia Tengah. Much evidence of islam civilization feather in one's caps since 14-th centuries and liver deepness at God straggled in country have the gold-mine of biggest in the world of that located in Kyzyl field Kum.

Now, without loss of romantic aura its, Uzbekistan have come toes an areal industry with agricultural development its. Dale Fergana that is a wide oasis that getting the irrigating from canals from watercourse Amudarya and this Syrdarya becomes agriculture center and cotton producer. Combination from kekunoan and modernity that grow together referred [as] try draw arrival turis and bisnisman from all over the world. Not less than four hour air journeys from Moskow [go] to Tashkent, state's capital Uzbekistan, we can reach biggest city in this Asia Tengah.


Ameland - Netherlands tourism

Ameland is isle in friesian, network archipelago that some of islands–pulaunya are owned the Netherlands, Germany, and Dane, located in offshore north the Netherlands land. Mostly Island consist of this sand dune have land for the width of more or less 60 square kilometres. According to history, before now Ameland is seaman place and fisherman shelter from storm attack. They then stay over there. At century to–18, catch whale is main earnings source resident over there.

Now, its resident that only amount to around 3.500 souls terkonsentrasi in four regions that is Ballum, Buren, Hollum, and Nes. Hollum is eldest region with most at most resident amount, caught up Nes where exists ferry port. Nes is region the most multitude because become business center and often visited turis to get variated suvenir. Ballum, region where airport Ameland are existed, and Buren fourth region that located easternmost and first is farmer region.

In Ameland, old building is fixed defended and taken care of properly. In Hollum for example, there is church that founded in the beginning of century to–12, house–house of ship captain that built at century to–15, and lighthouse that built at century to–18. Ameland is island that has been become accustomed live by and by sea. Government the Netherlands destines this island as one of sample of environment management that relied on password returns to nature, in accordance with natural process that goes on. At coastal area part Pulau Ameland is encircled some natural processes that affected peripatetic sea activity its.

When high tide, Ameland will be locked out of the Netherlands land, but when ebb terendah will laid bare sea floor Wadden that unite Pulau Ameland with the Netherlands land. Only met some just paths that still there is its water so it's enabled passed by by walk. Walked acrossed Sea of Wadden when ebb is a matter of dangerous, but exactly become challenge for the man who wants to conduct it. Distance from ferry port Holwerd in the Netherlands land to Ameland only around nine kilometres.

Old Lighthouse in Hollum that has been taken care of properly and become wisata interesting power. In morphology, south and east Pulau Ameland were relative low until to overcome saltwater when high tide high made dam (dike). This Morphology is compiled by significant that tuanged ebb activity, specially when highest tide. This Part also is area of fauna conservation with existence of kinds of bird and flora at ecosystem of ebb area.

Centre part that is old significant sediment that very stabilize and fairish harsh result of coast sand sediment is exploited as [the] agriculture area and partly for existing perkampungan. In west and north coastal area at this time existed sediment of coast sand that make up dune–sand dune that had height enough so it's can arrest/detain saltwater when high tide.

Whereas northwards, in the middle of sea show in the distance oil exploration well earth owned by one of oil company the Netherlands. Besides oil exploration well, also many met doggish and special fauna sea. Dog–this seal when ebb saltwater in the summer of accompaniment go to coastal area of sand sediment in the middle of north sea.

To speed up growth and sand growth, specially alongside existing coast, conducted tree cultivation–tree that can be functioned catch aeolian sand. That is, sand sediment alongside existing coast will be growing wide and getting higher. This Matter one of effort in management of coastal area environment with password return to nature applied.

Island Ameland is one of target wisata in country the Netherlands, specially related to wisata environment management. Region Ecosystem isle that become main purpose begin at that goes on process, with which vary sediment begin at fine and fairish till harsh (sand) and flora and fauna life at ecosystem referred [as].

In some parts island is also met place to camp, specially in the summer. Place–place for this wisata met can be in all Ameland. And so do facilities and basic facilities to support wisata is referred [as] also at one's fingertips and disseminated at area existing perkampOngan.

Ameland offers peacefulness and calmness. Vacation here really far from hingar–bingar. Very rare motor vehicle mills about on highway, though there is no prohibition order for turis use it. Car Amount can be counted/calculated with finger, even when–when top. Bicycle becomes readily tool of favorite transportation is used to explore all over island in just a day.

Reside in its coast we will enjoy nature concert. Ten to set breeze voice that blow, dipadu scream bird–seafawl. Afar show flock seal plays in land of North seashore. Lovely Environment and its resident friendly add freshment has the day off.

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Amsterdam - Netherlands tourism

For dirty business, people Amsterdam by it self surely confess if that Amsterdam dirty and cannabis aroma. If YOU is residing in attraction places turis, like Dam square or light RED area district we, Zeedijk, will be seen a lot of incoming turis to Amsterdam just for suck cannabis and vexed like what that light district.

But come on see Amsterdam other side cultured, its culture center the Netherlands, that far from places atypical turis. As [the] start, You can get breakfast in De Bakkerswinkel Warmoesstraat 69, Amsterdam. They provide breakfast menu, brunch, and lunch that consist of all kinds of sandwich and jam. Scone and clotted cream they very I recommend, and so it is with hot chocolate those in have a few/little feel kayumanis.

When enter, You will meet atmosphere that very homey. Like step into friend house for afternoon high tea. They have kitchen is opened, its desk also impresses what existence of, not full of decoration as does restaurants in general. They also install moppet score out-streak in door kulkas and keep diningware china ware in wood racks that remind me at my grandmother house in Jogja.

But if Anda saw length of hour moment queue breakfast or lunch, not difficult to conclude if this place very popular. And one point next, though its place relative close to place turis, most pengunjunganya is local people.

Not far from situ, there is Beurs van Berlage that considered as one of landmark Amsterdam, this art-deco dressy building is often discussed in textbook and architecture journals. This Building is built in 1896 by Hendrik Petrus Berlage and functioned as [the] effect exchange in 1903. At this time as [the] exhibition building that present begin at photograph exposition up to shows cabaret.

Precise in front its can see Damrak and Dam Square that is sure target every turis that stop by to Amsterdam. It's likely, photo in front of Summer palace and Madame Tussaud that encircle Dam Square is a compulsion for every turisT

You also can [go] to Negenstraatjes. Negenstraatjes can be translated in literal as the nine streets. This [it is true] area that consist of nine pathways that encircle canals is recognized in Amsterdam. In area this Negenstraatjes Anda can see een echte Amsterdamse beeld or view truthfully Amsterdam.

You can imagine if this is the this city face when still glorious with canals and much bridges its as [the] main trade band European continent. High and narrow;tight houses at the edge of canal that become house features Amsterdam can be seen form in origin in area this negenstraatjes.

Besides view that very Amsterdam, in Negenstraatjes also a lot of found unique small stores. There is special sell clotheses ex vintage, there is that sell film posters from in 30 and 40s, there is special recordshop sells LP-LP retro from in 60s. Ada also gallery from local actors that invite decak marvels.

Negenstraatjes also haves much ideal places for simply sit and enjoy a glass of wine. For Anda that like jazz, maybe Anda will like with cafe Brix [Wolvenstraat 16 1016 EPs]. Located in Wolvenstraat, one of the much streets about/around negenstraatejs with interior that minimalis, Brix haves choice house wine and liquor that variated, they also provide small dishes that snugly once with its music.

After satisfy see the old Amsterdam in area centrum and specially Negenstraatjes, we can leave for northwards go to area of cart station back Amsterdam Centraal. Differ from area Amsterdam Centrum, Amsterdam Noord this is the new area with buildings that more futuristik. Government Amsterdam [it is true] major area Amsterdam Noord and its surroundings to become garden plays architects with new settlement projects those in unique.

Landmark that seen in this area one of them is Muziekgebouw aan het IJ . Building that designed in 2005 by bureau of Dane architect, this 3xNielsen has won much prestigious appreciations in area of architecture. Building that as concerthall for chamber music and this orchestra is provided with roof and floor that can dinaik-turunkan and adapted for music type that brought until voice quality in room can be taken care maybe.

Because this building located right accross dock periphery, enter into Anda this building will feel like stay in a glasshouse floated giant was with view panoramik dock atmosphere and last ship grass, sans les bruit.

A few/little walk toward east, we can stop over to get lunch in Fifteen. Fifteen, like also the things of Fifteen in London, is restaurant that associated with the naked chef, Jamie Oliver. Concept of restaurant this is the laboratory for candidates chef in ripe school. Draw it, this restaurant located in area that far from downtown Amsterdam, on the contrary, they select location in dock area and warehousing that a few/little hided.

One point draw next about concept of restaurant this is the menu inexistence fixed. Available Menu is day after day hung from roof experiment chef for day by day. Very attractive and challenge for Anda roof foodie.
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Is not wrong if Nara to suppose ”one breath attraction” with Kyoto. From history side, both this city interdependent sliver. Nara is Japan first capital city before then carried over Kyoto during can be 1.000 year. Both of them even also only cling distance 42 kilometres.

Coincidence, Most month end Friday March at that time is ”Shunbun-no hi” (vernal equinox day), day where sun get through equator until length noon equal to night length. For citizen Japan this is the moment for bersilaturahim and visit family mausoleum. Not surprise if since morning railway station antarkota in Tokyo already dipadati citizen that will pass length holiday outside city. All rush about drag its case.

Journey [go] toes Kyoto with Shinkansen dirambah quick cart for three hour. City Shinagawa, Mishama, Hamamatsu, Yokohama, Nagoya, breezed by. Sesampai in Kyoto, journey to Nara continued with usual train. Atmosphere in Stasiun Kyoto much more peace. Seat in cart even also not altogether filled.

From return window, view types berkelebat silih changes. From grassland, change become dinky house consecution, change next to agriculture farms that arranged. Flower Variegation starts menyeruak in lawn corners. Springtime immediately arrive….

Nara is entrance of religion spreading Buddha to Japan at sixth century. A number of temples that reside in this city take the stands how that teaching reaches its feather in one's cap and stay till milennia following. But, at era Kekaisaran Meiji, politics enters religion region. Emperor decision in 1868 that limit teaching Buddha. Shinto then become the only one trust that confessed officially that era.

That history Path is reflected in Kuil Todai-ji. This is city magnet Nara. Here existed giant idol Sang Buddha that built during government Kaisar Shomu (724-749). Temple Todai-ji is also believed as [the] biggest wood building in the world, that several times must built repeat because destroy hard consequence of earthquake consequence, [fire/burning], and war.

A recently Building is only one-third from wide in origin. Bronze Idol Sang Buddha that have high 16 metre and weights around 437 that tons, sturdy boost in room wood. That simple Room has passed variated era, more than ten century.

Nara is garden city. And, gardens in city this hundreds of free deer gallivantes. They are believed as titisan gods. To Kuil Kasuga and use opportunity intentionally behold valuable room of object repository from Periode Heian (9-10 century). All on display objects have bearing with legend Dewa Kasuga that arrive at Nara by ride white deer. That Legend is poured in work of art adiluhung in form of painting sutra, wood basrelief, china, ceramic, till armament. Altogether deer.

Temple Kasuga is also known as lantern temple. There is around 3.000 stone lanterns flank way in [go] toes main building. Meanwhile building in temple is even also fulfilled consecution of bronze lantern and brass. Special Ceremony for menyulut lantern is only performed two-time in one year, that is early February and August mid. Can be imagined, when dark night blanket Kasuga that encircled hilly, and thousands of that lantern are flamed … what a beautiful its.

If have enough time, Nara can be encircled by walk or use bicycle. Cab also easy found. But, route that taken cab usually take the air main. Though, among narrow;tight gangways that much unforeseen beauties. Houses have the architecture of ancient, beautiful temples have the scale of small, and also cafe to release fatigue.

Language Problem [it is true] frequent become constraint for foreign turis. But, variated brochure in English provided free in station Nara. Here, all goodses also have been sticked on price until unnecessary dicker, enough pinpoint its goods. Eat in restaurant even also foolproof because all food types have been made imitat its that in display window, complete with its price. Japan also not haves culture tips.

Toilet Hygiene? For the things one this Indonesia must learn. Toilet in any pelosok is taken care of its hygiene. Antre in railway station or in bus station not makes strained (because imagine LOO condition after weared much visitors). Everyone feels [is] obliged to to think next user importance. Toilet that left always up to scratch clean and natty. Culture that really make heartburning.

Besides has became attitude to life, that freshment even also form a part ofs Pemerintah Japan aggresive campaign to make Japan as ”tourism country”. Since 2003, Prime minister Japan that scorpion, Koizumi, mencanangkan goals to duplicate that tourist arrival to country become 10 million every year. That Goals is must reached by in 2010.

”Virtual our optimistis this goals can be reached because in 2008 foreign tourist amount incoming has reached 8,35 million people, or increase 4 million time insiders four year. But, now happened global crisis. We must continue hard work,” Toyohito Shinada, Chief Official, Division Promosi Pariwisata, Ministry Pertanahan, Infrastructure, Transportation and Turisme Japan.

Aramaki Rose Garden - TOURISM

When HEAR name Aramaki Rose Garden, maybe existing dibenak we is only usual garden like most garden that ever you visit. But you will feel very surpriseded and amazed when your you and family exists garden in the middle of-middle with beautiful and beam flower miscellaneous. Truly wonderful menyejukan and captivating

If you intend VISITED this place don't ever you not invite your friend or family are loved, because you were surely will penitent when passed unforeseen pengalaman-penagalaman when reside in Aramaki Rose Garden, apalgi if you and family is roof pencinta flower beauty. Is not delicate likely if not reciprocated comment when enjoy beauties variated flower.

No difficult reach place is referred [as], but kitaharus flits vehicle. Go up cart Monorail kenudian exchanges to cart Hankyu. Air in on May felt cold meagrely overcast and rain rintik. Along the way up to this Rose Garden are in the reality marked with rose plants that are blooming with fanciful colour colour. But man Jp our traveling companion this tells later just over there much more beautiful, when the of we have want to made a picture. And [it is true] correctness in front of we carpeted ocean rose!
From some literatures about Aramaki rose garden, flowerbed that located in area Aramaki, Itami-shi, This Hyogo-ken-Osaka are opened in 1992. Rose blooms in the middle of/month end May – till early June in spring and or in the middle of October till early november (autumn).
Step into this garden needn't pays ticket unless park as high as 500¥, and don't come on Tuesday because garden is exactly closed. In this garden is existed monument of giant [of] peace have the shape of 3 rose colored pillar units that symbolise independence, equivalence and love human in one unity.
In the middle of garden existed Europe dressy pillar south provided with square pool that its water transparent. In garden for the width of 1,7 this hectares are existed 250 rose types amount to 10.000 trees, sugooooooooi, unbelievable. I are directly remembered animation film “The Beauty and the Beast”, perhaps this is the residence garden ugly the Beast form in fable referred [as], correctness correctness will make us lost in, so beautiful its.

I pilihkan some picts colour and rose type that seldom we find for kokiers and as possible provided with name whose name is. Variegeta de Bologna, purple rose with tint, circular rather thick, grow have the shape of short clump. Sentimental this is the rose type obar abir, there is rose colored with white tint, orange with white tint, pink like this, paduan tint in fair primary colour.
Because step into this garden is not collected expense then knockabout its much child childs who live in about/around garden play here, its profit this child child beauty soybean cake and not deflower. Also roof manula like walk street here enjoy beauty of rose garden.
In my this Jp very glad saw couple manula always walks street together, where maximum, in garden more than anything else, correctness correctness like mimi lan mintuno (a couple of tortoise tortoises that each other carry on the back). Hmm what a beautiful its become old with him/her.
That in pairs don't be asked next, many here, duuuuh makes heartburning [only]. Whew in case of I first applied for in rose garden like this sure has forgot ocean and will directly spell out members ”yes”, needn't tell, ”my berry time one month to think”. Try see pict above and hereunder, shame shame but amicable. Ah ah added also with rain that rintik rintik, make liver adds tremble [only], halah.
Hereunder I present French Lace white rose that pendant from pregola, try imagine if a couple of pengantins are made a picture in bawahnya, aduhaaaai, each time see pictnya might not will word divorces thrown. More than anything else at the same time hold rose Queen Elizabeth that spattered rain.
Rose Ungu? [is] there any? Rose that called this Blue bajou its aroma fragrance and fine as beledu, bed the dinky nymph. Rose with pink colour with red diujung to the called Nicole, [is] there any this depict artist soft Nicole Kidman? Might possibly.
Precise very according to guidance, we come and take pict in the morning, fresh, fair even rain rintik. We bertiga each other exchange file, totalize pict that we take ±600, fortunately now camera using no next film become come [from] ceprat cepret. Not that I know of next maximum that result cepretanku, Alice my friend from Timor Leste or Athitta from Thailand.
A lot of rose type here may even exist that 20 cms, tan rose and rose called ”black tea” but is not black its colour. Rose Brass orange chromatic and hilarious band and the simple yellow, Yellow Simplicity. What a beautiful its, I enquire ”[is] there any in heaven is existed rose garden this?”, friend of mine answers ”It's and definitely more beautiful from this”
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Istanbul Grand Bazaa - TOURISM ISTAMBUL

''Hey mister, comes here. Are you from Malaysia?,'' called loudly a merchant of textile product, try draw attention. ''No, I Indonesia am,'' answer [of] a turis.

''O ... Indonesia. I Aziz Kofteoglu. Come on, come on, cheap price here,'' shout mentioned merchant, with patois that heard rather bizzare. Of course, rallying call mentioned Aziz draw attentions the turis. But when they mendekat. In the reality he/she have never. Aziz confesses merely can say some words [only]. That even also, merely to draw attention buyer candidate malay like this turis. And for one this case, he/she [it is true] succeed.

That's a small part of event, between a turis and a merchant in Istanbul Grand Baazar. Then unnecessary you confused when visit this place, that must you paying attention is don't be easy fished to visit one kiosk if you not really sure that you really interest with goods that sold the merchant.

Occupy areal for the width of more than 30.500 m2s, Grand Bazaar are oppressed by around 4.000 kiosks that sell many commodity. Begin at kaos till jacket and leather suitcase. Decoration of gold glaze antique and gem studded, till graven flowerpot beautiful, and multifarious karpet.Setiap day, purportedly Grand Bazaar are visited more than 400 thousand people. Interesting, is not like traditional market in general, kiosks is over there arranged in such a manner so it's merchantmen that sell similar goods is grouped in block in common.

In other hand, areal Grand Bazaar will will by langit-lagit that some of intentionally made transparent. That's why Grand Bazaar also frequent called Covered Bazaar. Meanwhile, its wall is decorated classic ornamen. ''You can go shopping sepuasnya here. But careful, don't ever perverted. Alleys that make up a kind of that labyrinth each of them haves wide around four metres, and enlightened by electrics lamps and air conditioned air.

Grand Bazzar is building that have unique history. He/she not merely biggest covered market in Istanbul, but also the eldest one. The first time built not permanent by sultan Mehmed II at 1461, to muster merchantmen -- entered from outside Turki -- to facilitate transaction with local citizen. At 1701, Dynasty Suleyman I develop it in permanent and extend arealnya.

Grand Bazaar also not silent from accident. He/she is ever burned five times during period 1546 till 1651. Even, half damage arealnya was heavy when hit earthquake accident at 1894. Grand Bazaar Istanbul that's this ancient market name. Turk call it Kapali Carsi, Tertutup Market. Market that founded at 1455-1461 This is the market is closed biggest and eldest in Turki, even in world.

Grand Bazaar covers ground zero for the width of 30,7 hektares. In it there is 61 ways, 10 wellsprings, 4 fountains, 2 mosques, and around 4.000 kiosks. This Market is maintaining this current form for 250 year.

Ada so much store over there that offer carpet beautiful Turki, ceramic, copper [crafting/ diligence], leathercraft, clothes, pashmina, accessory from stoney and metal. And, saking to the number of interesting goods over there, guaranteed purse will be easy 'leak'. More than anything else our easy money changer finds in various of angle;corners.

Market that reside in this Istanbul old area is visited around 250.000 till 400.000 visitor people every its day. Tens of restaurant [in] depth makes visitor not will hunger. If have a time to this unique place, a number of guides give some tipses, Take heed pickpocket. On-site that so much goods that draw attention, we often moo. Thus, money Anda at safe place and don't wear duffle bag in back.

Merchantmen knows almost all languages in the world. Of course, conversation that can they conduct is only concerning merchant. Beranilah bargains goods. Don't buy goods if Anda has not yet agreed on its price. Nothing term sungkan, leave just even Anda has bargained. Safe So ventures on….and don't ever perverted.


Gyung Bo Museum Fossil - TOURISM SOUTH KOREA

Immediately before the end of this winter vacation, after all activities semester short finish, I are invited take the air by family Korea I to coast area in Korea. Begin at Yeongdeok, Yeongyang, Pohang, Bother, Buggy and area about/around that. One of place wisata the most draw to visit is Gyung Bo Museum Fossil in area Ganggu, Gyeongsang-Buk-Do region, range from to Yeongdeok and Pohang. 5 Menits from Pantai Jangsa.

In this museum, we can see a lot of fossil from various of eras. According to information, its fossil amount reaches 2500 units, from 30 countries, entered Korea of course.. Its collection consist of mineral fossil, glory amethyst, plants, wood, sea animal, till ivory mammoth and dinosaur egg. In goodly museum wide and clean, its room in for become 2 pavilions and one outdoor area.

Pavilion one its contents [of] have the shape of fossils from a period of Paleozoik, Mesozoik and Cenozoik. Consist of many mineral fossil, sea animal, entered for example giant cockle, and various of rocks. You also can see there is animal fossil that like mimi lan mintuna ( deep sea animal Java story is entered very devoted animal at its couple, until if there is that marry, always accompany prayer hopefully always foundation like mimi and mintuna, which intended to hopefully always foundation and devoted at couple to the death ).

Collection are referred [as] displayed natty in balance box, with spot light and very complete explanation. Giant Cockle and some stone fossils put down outside balance box, nevertheless given protector string, so it's will never to touch. Cold Room, bold and balmy make us forbear staying perceive every collection carefully and make photos and note various of explanations. There is no officer that dog us, until we freely can go around.

Meanwhile classic song accompanies step. And for no prohibition order to make a picture, become us can spatially portrait. Ada also one part that show difference of genuiness fossil with at full brand fossil. For civilian with fossil, of course will never differentiate, if without explanation.

In our this pavilion also can see some sort of currency type, entered for example paper currency from New Guinea Papua, Bermuda, Zaire and its other country. There is 16 type of paper currencies from 8 countries Europe, 4 Asian countries and 4 countries America.

Pavilion two its contents [of]s have the shape of plants fossil. That consist of 150 items. Consist of various of size and types. There is big ones, there is also that small rasher, put down in balance box. Also kinds of amber, there is also leaf fossil, flower and fruit. Like for example pine fruit. Out door Pavilion contains every kind of wood fossil type in size goodly big, 100 types.

Interesting is because wood fossil is referred [as] have the shape of comparison of wood fossil from area Pohang ( South korea ) with wood fossil from various of other countries. And arrange in display of a similar nature with the works of idol exhibition. Magnificent.

Ticket price entered this museum was not too expensive, that is 3000 wons for individual adult ( if group only 2500 wons), 1500 for student smp and smu ( if entourage only 1000 wons ), and children under the age of 5 year or child sd its ticket at the price of 1000 wons ( if entourage only 700 wons). Cheap very, remember its collection remarkable, settlement and maintenance careful and seriously and benefit that can be gotten from museum referred [as]. Employees its still young and friendly, cheap smile and ready to explain everything if we ask something.

Outside pavilion there is small restauran, where we can enjoy many food, and also sell light food, beverage, ice cream and souvenir. Food is may not brought come into pavilion. And price cost dear souvenir.

According to its history, this museum first is private collection from Mr. Kang-Hae Jung, that become collector of amateur fossil for 30 year. In the begining, fossil collection is simply hobby [only], nevertheless then expand become more serious.

From museum person, turn into museum for general public, that opened in 26 June 1996. Even pavilion 2 just are opened on 6 Junes 1998. This Museum included in category museum first class fossil ( Registration No. 84) and entered as private museum, though opened generically.

Slogan museum this is the : "Globe The history which is [in] one ice with the fossil" This Museum has no holiday, that means open during the time. Hour bukanya is at 8 in the morning till at 7 at night, in usual days. Whereas at the end of week open from at 8 in the morning till at 8 at night. For vacation season ( around 20 Julies till 15 Augusts ) oppositely/also longer next hour bukanya, that is begin at at 7 in the morning till at 8 at night. Enjoy this museum will become separate easiness for us, and surely for you that take a fancy to this sort of museum.


In south country UK, east diwilayah Dorset, located city Bournemouth, city that not fail famous with ball city like:London, Manchester and Liverpool. Base existing data 5.5 million local and foreign tourists every year its pays a visit to this city.

There is one reason why they in large numbers kesini, beside known as city wisata, this city gets appreciation as [the] most green and cleanest city in Great Britain, even in 1998 magazine Harper prediction as [the] terkeren cosmopolitan city.

Berawal at century 19, only is small countryside with uninhabited coast, ideal place for smuggler. Then here a from on duty tax, called Louis Tregonwell, be next fascinated of dale nature Bourne, after the time/date of that with the wife start buy a pice of land and develop house here. With the wife also planted pine trees that disseminated fresh aroma when wind blow. By degrees in Victoria era, dale Bourne with the of resident settlement, public utility, grand park and boulevard.
City that its planning dipadu with nice this consist of 3 aspects, coast, garden and shopping center. As [the] coast city that get epithet the queen of the south coast. Have golden and chromatic sand, become roof goals surfer that the number 250.000 pertahuns. Its coast Length 19.6 kms, always dipatroli with helicopter from young life guard and baywatch.
Precisely middle dibagian coast stands up dock that built in 1855, that intentionally destroyed at World War IIth, to avoid team Germany anchors here. Rebuilt in the beginning of 1980, now become entertainment amusement arena. Still disekitar coast is existed IMAX modern legitimate stage building 3 dimensions and aquarium that many mengekplorasis natural resources in sea, lake and river. All fish types are referred [as] got from Caribbean archipelago, Hawaii and river Amazon.

Walk 5 minute from coast spreaded out wide dressy city garden Victoria, that make visitor wags tongue marvel, that it is of course also become local towny pride. Here grow with its fertility palm tree that boost high and big trees other, to calm city. Garden that look compile this, at up section existed aviary that exhibit beautiful birds.

Garden Centre part is central point, full of anaka colourous blossoms that very asri, with split clear rill complete with as [the] its dweller. Disepanjang riverbank is existed benches of place length relaxes, arena plays mini golf and some ice kiosks krem, Bournemouth eye, is air ballon by go up this attraction visitor can see entire city from the air.
Shopping center [in] across of garden, Victorian arcade housing that built in 1866, recognized also as Dingles dept store, those in have the sack;bag of thick can be pampered here, because this 'outlet' provides the works of desainer world by its collection that mutahir like: Gucci, Karen Miller etc.

Whereas Beales is independent and most widest dept store, added with other stores known as High street.
For that like pay a visit to museum there is much choices for example: The Casa Margi museum, is Mary house Shelley book writer Frankestein. The Rothesay Museum, special about oceaninc. The Teddy bear museum or laid at The Bournemouth aviation museum near airport.

This city Successfullness not misses from local society cooperation and local government, honor bound also care of environment together, also local government hard work that in discipline degrade team on duty hygiene and urban planning everyday during the year.



Libya [it is true] specific and unique. This Country presents two civilizations at the same time. Nuance Arab and Europe jells colour city Tripoli, specially. One more that make you will terheran-heran, five star hotel in Tripoli whose name is Bab Al-Bahar located in sea front Mediterranean in the reality not far difference with star hotel three in Indonesia. That make you forbear staying prolonging in country this is the Arab specific dish and very unique Libya, nevertheless delicious. Mutton Dish, chicken and fish from Sea of Mediterranean felt enjoy in tongue.

To reach downtown Tripoli, there is two public transportation choices that can be selected. There is city transport and cab. Public transportation is over there called ipeko. Its form similar mikrolet. To reach its fare city only a quarter various kinds of gold coins Libya. One value various kinds of gold coins its reaches Rp 7.500. Whereas, if join with others its fare cab reaches two various kinds of gold coinses.

At [street] Medan Algier stands up regally Masjid Gamal Abdul Naser. Before now that building is ex cathedral that jiggered become mosque. "People that Libya so admire Gamal Abdul Naser and Soekarno," Atriadi. Resident Tripoli so friendly to Indonesians. There are two city names in Indonesia that immortalized in Tripoli, namely Street Bandung and Jakarta.

On the left mosque is existed luxury building taken as easy going place at the same time menyeruput Arab specific copy. After try taste copy and bread that quite bizzare in tongue, you can visit city garden Tripoli. Green grass and date tree that bear fruit close become very beautiful view. As if, you are not residing in desert country

After release fatigue, you can return trace take the air in city deep Arabian are called this Tarabulus. Through the street this, you will witness super market buildings and housing center city generally dressy italian. [only], this country is have time to colonized italian by midcentury twentith M.

Historic Place other that may not passed is Benteng Peninggalan Turki Usmani. Its position at [street] Medan Syuhada. Have a color of cacao, that fortress still hefty stand up. In sebelahnya are existed Pasar Turki that always multitude visited buyer. This Market most multitude is visited at noon toward the year evening.

One more, historic building that may not passed namely Istana Malik Idris king Libya that overthrown heroic young ARMY in 1 September 1969. Its position at [street] Dohro. All places it might reached by by walk complete Tak likely pay a visit to Libya, if not have time to halting-place to Leptis Magna. This is eyewitness of feather in one's cap history roman Imperium at the begining of century masehi.

Yes, nuance Europe so jells here. Ex Spandrel that roman ommission city still boosts sturdily. Ex that roman ommission city resides in eastside Tripoli head fors city Benghazi. Its distance reaches 120 kilometres and with time go through 1,5 hour.

To be able to reach Leptis Magna, You can join with others cab or car rent from Tripoli.FOR can see roman ommission that make surprise that everyone must pay [for]s ticket enters around six various kinds of gold coinses. Ex City roman feather in one's cap in that Libya so wide. Its position resides in sea front Mediterranean. hri Yang made you will growing make surprise is when you reside in in legitimate stage building that built in 1-2 M, in area Leptis Magna. Accompanies set breeze Mediterranean and view that amaze, reside in this legitimate stage building really get an impressions.

Visitors even also immortalizes every place angle;corner in this legitimate stage. After visit legitimate stage, ex market in roman era that so luxury and unique it is a pitty for other dilewatkan.Bangunan that not fail beautiful its is ex roman king's palace. So sturdy and luxury. Unhappily, already much parts that remain debrises. In king's palace, there is roman tribune of king place orates.

In Leptis Magna there are also field events and ex bath pool. If Anda will visit this place better wears hat, its temperature enough panas.Meski has satisfied encircle roman feather in one's cap in Leptis Magna, nevertheless likely very weight to leave it. Admiration will Leptis Magna has been felt although you have left Libya.



Geographical on the sea, mount, and territorial water in from make Peru as [the] target tourism adventure that adrenalin trigger. Mountaineers, bicycle rider mount, pengarung-jeram, SURFING, and others, can gratify it-self in country ini.Di mountain Peru, roof tourist can conduct climb or trace forest. Some tops its snow-capped become separate challenge. Mountain that can become target tourism climbers, for example Andes (Ancash), area mount Vulkanik (Arequipa) as long as 50 kilometres, Misti (5.825 metres), Chancani (6.075 metres), Pichu-Pichu (5.664 metres), and mountain Vilcanota in Cusco.

the river that have never be passed by roof pecinta arung rapids. Whereas coasts Paracas in south and north Lima very suited for water sport, like surfer, fishing rod, and dive. To all lover the wild in hinterland Amazon, much matters that can be enjoyed along the way over there. Alongside river and its forest, can conduct penelusuran river, fishing rod, and witness keragaman type bird that terdata reach 1.820 specieses. n goddess mardiani

If come to Peru, unnecessary it-self by search for store or money changer foreign. Enough by bring currency dollar THE UNITED STATES, visitors can shop at many places, from small kiosk till to big malls.''We accept money dollar shuttlecock. One dollar, You can get three soleses,'' Fanny, seller suvenir in inca Market.

Sellers over there even equip it-self with calculator to convert soles to dollar for various of specific suvenirs, like poncho (warmness clothes), kaos, indian hat, liquor bottles, and [crafting/ diligence] kulit.Nilai exchanges in market is referred [as] spelled out members high compared to on-site foreign money changing, even in hotel. Not only in kiosks suvenir, you can commute for money dollar THE UNITED STATES in public places, like station of public bunkering (SPBU). Oppositely/also, there, its exchange rate high enough, that is one dollar THE UNITED STATES for 3,15 soles.n weds

Peru keeps bergudang-gudang indian heritage and history 4.000 year developments Peru before columbia era. Much culture ommission and histories that make this country make propers become civilization center South America, beside Meksiko.Wujud history and culture Peru can be perceived from collection in Museo Larco. This Museum are founded in 1929 by a arkeolog Peru Rafael Larco Hoyle. Collection this museum shows history chronology Peru columbia-pre.

To reach this museum, needed 15 minute from Miraflores, San Isidro, or Bandara Internasional Lima. Located in complex building mansion 18th-century in the form of pyramid pre-Kolumbia in Masehi.Para seventh century visitor museum also can perceive various of collection [of]s 45 thousand objects in areal Larco. Even, among that artefak, there is that made of pure gold and silver that is collection Peru kuna. That Artefak-artefak is collects best archaeology in Museum is referred [as].

Besides museum, much archaeological sites that present result [of] the invention of roof local arkeolog from indian civilization Kuna, for example in Manchu Pichu, Sachayhuaman in Cusco, and Pachacamac, and many more the other. Indian Culture Kuna that showed in situs-situs referred [as] is structure of trust building or religi and perkampungan society of inca indian.

Pachacamac is complex situs peribadatan indian Kuna Inca. In this situs, roof arkeolog find a variety of forms piramid from time chronology that different each other. Government Peru even also copes promote it to world by make it as [the] place Deklarasi Pachacamac in meeting of minister level APEC in Peru in 2008.

To reach situs are referred [as], needed about/around a hour from city Lima with berkendara car. This Situs are opened for visitor from at 09.00 pin-cushions 17.00 with ticket price [in] less than 10 soleses. In frontage, there is information place, museum, eatery, and shop suvenir. Its organizer also places cage Ilama, similar animal sheep and camel specific Peru. [several] pecintas adventure book Tintin, of course ever recognize animal that can give off water into the face that Si Pemberang Kapten Haddock.

According to Alexadra, a guide over there, Pachacamac loads some building and areas like area of aborigin settlement Lima that start at time framework 600 masehis. Also found Piramida Con Rampa (1.100-1.500 M) from Budaya Ichimay-Inka, settlement of inca society (1.440-1.530 M), temple of genuiness society Lima (600 M), temple Ichimay-Inka (1.100-1.533 M), and public square of inca culture (1.440-1.533 M). Also inca temple Del Sol (1.400-1.500 M), and Mamacuna (1.440-1.530 M).Building that aim to coast is referred [as] is place of devoting ceremony to all inca god. Ceremony that led by a commander ritual by dedicate blood [of] a young maiden that to create permanence dunia.n wed

From top Del Sol, visitor can see surrounding panorama. That Area is existed sandy areal fine like desert, green areal full [of] grass and grove, and growing melandai onshore. ''We can see the three of that area type from here,'' Alexandra, guide setempat.Pada generally, temples and aborigin building that found in situs are referred [as] made of sediment rock. That stones is cut parallelogram memanjang and compiled building form. As [the] glue between stone, is mud dough or clay hard.


Netherlands tourism

Day still morning. Cold air jabs bone, even sun already in the sky blue Windmill, The Netherlands. That morning I walk trace dock, sailboat searching that ever I rent one year ago. Few days before I go to Amsterdam, I have gave news of ship rent. Even is not entered one who likes plan activity, nevertheless for in the Netherlands better we advise our arrival few days previously. This has became European tradition.

Afar SEE old seaman and its relatives menyambutku with gesture. I immediately run draw near them. We even also went out to sea after sea traffic light gives green light. In the Netherlands, [it is true] not only owner land fringe. Nevertheless on the sea even also. Seamans here didata by sea security. They are also obliged memarkirkan its ship and boat elegantly.

Flag Colour the Netherlands is seen very contrast with sky colour, sea, ship wood and boat. White Cloud is seen not too much. Cool Wind blows fresh. Beautiful very. Differ from sea in fatherland that likely salty, sea here likely tend to sweet. That sebabnya they call it 'manis water'. I try touch saltwater from ship and brrrr... unbelievable coldness. It's likely winter pickings still remains.

Inboard this existed bed, kitchen, LOO and chair-desk to write. Outside, available a the usual desk is used to eat, drink and jest. Day by day we go around encircle Holland. , not all area in the Netherlands can be spelled out members Holland. Only certain regions [only], before finally extended.

Sepulang sails, afternoon its day I walk along encircle Kota Amsterdam that coincidence is carrying out carnival. Link stomach already peckish, I even also immediately buy waffle smear brown and bean that sold in carnival referred [as]. Form big waffle-nya, can be as wide as my face, satiation membuatku batten it.

MAKE cool Air buys [in] one beer can to warm up. , here price [in] one beer bottle Cheaper than mineral water because the need for warm up with Higher grog. Later, I use opportunity intentionally it-self to try some game meanses that is avaliable at that carnival. If in our fatherland recognizes annual fair, like this is annual fair in the Netherlands, similar Dufan with all means serunya.

Not far from carnival area, there is a monument idol was that menyimbolkan shackle of homosexual clan in the past. Fortunately, now clan gay in the Netherlands has enjoyed independence. That sebabnya some couples gay come [from] frequent Indonesia pass off its nuptials here because has been legal.

In other hand, there are some other things that not possible happened in fatherland that can be enjoyed in free here. Nevertheless it is of course with regulation, age definition and deportment taken care. Store The example that sell variated type marijuana from various of countries. Last prostitution center that recognized by the name of "Light District", where women that most of that East Europe dipajang in glass windows as long as that area.

District inipun is equiped cinema, museum and store that sell supporting need sexual. All this freedoms are trusted can take care of prostitution happens at certain places just and drunkard not gallivantes in public area that can bother orderliness. But hati-hatilah if Anda want to make a pictures dibaca Light District, because they very 'realize camera', even Anda make a picture it in candid although. Thus their big possibility will ask goodly payment makes go broke.

Besides cycle, we also can use public facility that very recognized and merakyat in the Netherlands, namely tram. To go up tram, we can pay [for] EUR 1,6 per trip (in city), or buy ticket at the price of EUR 6,5 for a few multiply journey. Our this Ticket delivers to driver tram for stamped, after previous our mention our cessation place. Unique its, this ticket also can be used to go up bus.

To go to museum, gallery and places wisata, ticket price ranges from EUR 4 and EUR 15. Price for children and adult of course differ. Some museums, gallery and place wisata operate in certain days [only]. Usually in summer, they open longer. Nevertheless this can be checked pass website they.

Don't forget also leave over money about/around EUR 35 to go up cab to airport if present Anda quite a lot. Nevertheless for roof backpacker, airport also can be reached by by bus and also tram. So, for Anda that wish venture on here, is please strarting is saving from now for next springtime!

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Leyden - Netherlands tourism

LeIden, region populates 118 thousand souls that located in between the city of Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Rotterdam, getting the predikat as [the] city in 1266. According to whose name is, Leyden from the word ''leithon'' that mean it is at water band. This City is split by Sungai Rijn (Rhine) that its pate;upstream in Swis passes Germany and in Windmill.

In internode Leiden tabletop, that river forks that recognized with Oud Rijn and be next Neeuwe Rijn in union center city. Main River and two branchs its related to small that have the shape of canal. In the summer, that canals is utilized as TOUARISM water, whereas in winter, when snow go down, become arena very attractive skating.

River shows clean, besides as [the] object TOUARISM also becomes balmy habitat for duck, goose, and seagull. No show impression that that river resides in estuary internode that if in developing country like Indonesia become dustbin for headwaters.

City that Leiden gracious because provide special band for bicycle in each its joint streets. At any given office, campus, public room, station, terminal, or mall are provided place parks acceptable for bicycle. Commuter (penglaju) from outside Leiden needn't use car to reach city is referred [as]. They everyday bicycle pedal then parked in station, and change trains fire into the city target. Balmy not stres and more efficient.

Commuter from outside Leiden usually have two bicycles. One for pedalled from home to station conversely. One more utilized for mobility in Leiden and accompany from and to station. That Matter that conducted by lecturers in Leiden University who live in Ams¬terdam, Rotterdam, Den Hagg, Naar¬den, and Haarlem.

Pattern like this penglaju very enables because train very balmy, reached, and timely and much choices with frequency every 10 minute. Station Sentral also in union with bus terminal until give amenity and choice for user society.

Behavior environmentally friendly that seems not merely discovered in city small like Leiden, but also in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, two metropolises that populate more than one million soul. Leyden is also spelled out members as [the] safe city.

Winter was with temperature between 2 till 6 degrees celcius that always accompanied light rain not makes people shy at walk and also cycle as [the] main media mobility. That View takes place from morning blind till midnight. Last People grass in angle;corners of city street without worry bothered keamananya, once even also he/sheTOURIST.

Leiden interesting Power, not merely at its condition clean, natty, friendly, and safe but also rich with ancient buildings that has been made everlasting. In book Newcomers in an Old City article Joke Kardux and Eduard van de Bilt (2007) mentioned that that city map is predominated by spirit [of] church, among others is Pieterskerk (St Peter's) and be next St Pancraskerk are recognized by the name of Hooglanse Kerk. Tetenger ancient building other that still luxury standing is City hall. There is fortress that look like kastil called Visburg or de Burcht that built at around 1050.

In note, fortress in knoll is referred [as] slated for barricade overflowing Sungai Rijn. But told also if that fortress is built as [the] defence to the ARMY attack Spain during the period. Citizen Leiden very pride with fortress referred [as]. In book Panorama Leiden is mentioned that if Anda visits that city but not halting-place in de Burcht, that same that means Anda has not yet paid a visit to Leiden.

Really unique. If big cities world races develop skyscraper as tetenger to see all over city for example Kuala Lumpur with Menara Kembar, Toronto with CN Tower, Boston with Hancock Tower, then not during the things of with Leiden that pride with kastil that height only ten metres on the hill of.

By stand up above kastil Burcht that is the only one building that stand up before Leiden becomes city, 40 building and objects important TOUARISM ko¬that ta stand-out begin at City hall building, Church Pieterkerk, St Pancras¬kerk, Museum Windmill, Morrspoort, Academy Building till Hortus Botanicus.

Leyden is also known as city of refugees. In the beginning of 17-th centuries, that city becomes place of migrant sojourn from UK before they continue journey to Benua America, Australia and also new zealand. Indication from history note referred [as] can be seen from ethnical composition resident that very variated.

Very attractive Saturday Market attention turis vendour [of] various of specific foods from Indonesia, Suriname, Vietnam, Turki, Marocco, China, and of course UK. For migrant so-called last, there is information that tell that they run away from country its in UK because difference of stream view about religion. Migrant Documentation UK that explore American continent by water Mayflower is noted properly.
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