Film Name: Sappho
Country: Ukraine
Language: English
Quality: DVDRip
Picture: 16:9
Format: AVI
Run Time: 1:28:17

Sappho part 1
Sappho part 2
Sappho part 3
Sappho part 4
Sappho part 5
Sappho part 6
Sappho part 7
Sappho part 8
Sappho part 9
Sappho part 10
Sappho part 11
Sappho part 12
Sappho part 13
Sappho part 14
Sappho part 15
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Pornografia (Pornography) is a movie adaptation of a book by Witold Gombrowicz. The movie was nominated in for Oscar awards in the category of foreign movies. It deserved this award but unfortunately the producer of the movie Lew Rywin (who produced Schindler's List and The Pianist in the past) became involved in a big corruption scandal in Poland, and became the main enemy of highly influential Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, controlled by the financial group of New York Times.

Pornography part 1
Pornography part 2
Pornography part 3
Pornography part 4
Pornography part 5
Pornography part 6
Pornography part 7
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Élève libre

Élève libre

Director: Joachim Lafosse
Starring: Jonas Bloquet, Jonathan Zaccaï, Claire Bodson, Yannick Renier, Pauline Etienne

Having failed his school exams, Jonas pins his hopes on a career as a professional tennis player. Once again, his hopes are dashed but a friend of the people he is living with, a 30-something man named Pierre, takes pity on him and offers to give him private tuition. Jonas wants to learn more than the usual academic subjects. He wants to learn about life, about sex, and Pierre is more than willing to satisfy his curiosity...

Élève libre part 1
Élève libre part 2
Élève libre part 3
Élève libre part 4
Élève libre part 5
Élève libre part 6
Élève libre part 7
Élève libre part 8

pass : vasakula
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Full In Love At Night

Full In Love At Night

Full In Love At Night part 1
Full In Love At Night part 2
Full In Love At Night part 3
Full In Love At Night part 4
Full In Love At Night part 5
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The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty

The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty

Country: Hong Kong
Released Date: 2009
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese (intermittent)
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 938M
Plot: After The Ghost Story: Print Skin, director Stephan Yip (Friday Gigolo) makes another Liaozhai-inspired story with an erotic bend. Sexy actress Sophie Ngan returns to the cast alongside Lui Man Nuo and famous TV actor Jim Bing Hei (Rainbow Round My Shoulder). In The Ghost Story: Lotus the Beauty, a scholar is enamored with a mysterious woman. He indulges himself in carnal pleasures after bringing her home. His family uses a blessed scroll on the woman, who then exposes her true nature: a demon in human disguise. But the scholar can't bear to kill her and he lets her go. Later, the demon returns his favor by referring the terminally ill scholar to an alluring lady called "Lotus the Beauty", who not only cures him but will also do anything with him...

The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 1
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 2
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 3
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 4
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 5
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 6
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 7
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 8
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 9
The Ghost Story II : Lotus The Beauty part 10
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The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II

The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II

When we last left Simon Qing, he had just murdered Wu Da Lang (Ng Chi Hung) in order to add Lotus (AV star Hayakawa Serina) to his growing harem. But he starts to stray again after he meets Pinky (AV star Uehara Kaera), who’s the spitting image of his first love Violetta.

Adding Pinky to his collection of wives means doing away with his own friend, but Simon is willing to commit more murders to serve his unchecked desires. However, there are consequences for his continuing corruption – Wu Da Lang’s brother Wu Song (Wu Qing Zhe) seeks revenge, and may even have an ally in his brother’s former wife Lotus.

To stop Wu Song, Simon sends family maid Plum (Winnie Leung), but constant philandering has started to anger his wives, especially first wife Moon (AV star Wakana Hikaru). With his enemies growing in number, Simon’s desires shift once more, to loyal and comely Plum…

The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 1
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 2
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 3
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 4
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 5
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 6
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 7
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks II part 8

pass: neokenzo
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The Peeping

The Peeping

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin (Dual Sound)
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 785M
Plot: Daniel Wu stars in this noirish suspense thriller as Calvin, a private investigator hired to record a prominent politician's sex life. But he gets more than he bargained for when the politician, Kwai Fung Ming, turns out to be an incredibly beautiful young woman to whom he's immediately attracted. Soon, he's engaged in a passionate affair with Kwai and agrees to become a double agent to help Kwai shake down the man who wanted the goods on her.

The Peeping part 1
The Peeping part 2
The Peeping part 3
The Peeping part 4
The Peeping part 5
The Peeping part 6
The Peeping part 7
The Peeping part 8
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Civilization CHINA TOWN

Civilization CHINA TOWN

AS target TOURIST, The city of Beijing always gives thousand of glamor. Its culture that elegan growing draw, unite modern technology. It is not strange if make a trip to this city never tire of.

The city of Beijing is ancient city, government quarter and culture former China and now. As [the] ancient capital city, so far Beijing remain to maintain a large amount of ancient building in gross and many object of history culture that show civilization height in China. Beijing since yore recognized with the title Peking.

Besides Beijing, target of foreign countries tourist to China is Kota Shanghai as [the] business center. By join with others plane Cathay Pacific, I go to Beijing pass by two-time transit, in Singapore and Hong Kong. Precise at 08.30 at night, I arrive at Capital International Airport in Beijing. Weather that felt in city this, din g i n with boisterous wind bellows.

Along with continued growing of reform and openness, face Beijing experiences of change day after day. Development prasarana in city very intensively executed at any given city angle;corner. , I by using public bus wants to berekreasi goes around Kota Beijing. Bus Form in city this its carriage work and machine brand China, look like some buses in Jakarta that bought ex from China.

City Bus over there air-conditioned entirely and only stop if we menyetopnya in halte. When I go up, bus is referred [as] enough full [of] nevertheless still diffuse to stand up. The conductor takes penny from my hand as high as 5 RMBs. Its fare solemn. After fifteen minute walk, I espy field wide Tian An Men and multitude is visited citizen and tourist. Cash my directly went down when city bus stop in proximate halte,after pass it. This Field it's seems become hotspot and recreation also for society China.

In the middle of that field built Cenotaph PEOPLE. Meanwhile in front its (southside) there is Gedung Peringatan Mao Zedong--proklamator RRC--that conserved in glass box. Field ultra-clean Tian An Men. Government Beijing prohibits ossify every kind of promotion attribute, entered vehicle that pass may not stop around this field. At the site this very recognized from former up to now, that is when Revolusi Xianhai in 1911 till 4 Junes 1989, on the happening of mass demonstration opposes autoritary understanding. On the east field is existed high pilarpilar big that show field pride Tian An Men. Much visitors that intentionally perceive or approach are at the same time photographed.

After satisfy go around at the site historic referred [as], I across to Imperial Palace. Its position ferries with field Tian An Men, accessible by tunnel underground. Wind Eve blow chilled make spirit [of] more and more ossify to enter Forbidden City, or Kota Terlarang that [shall] no longger prohibited that. After we reach gateway front Kota Terlarang, seen so level of building referred [as] because its door just very high, big, and luxury.

We must pay [for] 15,00 RMBs to enter Forbidden City. Felt there will be that less without visit this city if come to Beijing. Situs UNESCO notes Forbidden City as one of world history heritage that stand up luxury in areal for the width of 720.000 m2s ,consisted of 980 buildings, with 8.707 rooms--that purportedly before now is place [of] concubines emperor.

City this Terlarang is encircled ber-warna obstinate high wall white red combination. After enter Kota Terlarang, we can imagine atmosphere when power emperor. I take a ride main gate building that looked to be much tourists gather. It's seems from the top (of), at frontage, we can see direct carpet wide field Tian An Men and fulfilled one who are paying a visit. Whereas view into, we can see strong building at in layers forbiddn town that spread out from south to north, really amazing view!




IF wish content of length holiday with family and have enough money, there is nothing wrong to try go around Europe. Enjoy year-end with cool and snowy weather will serve different vacation memory.

It's Champ Elysees a street in city Paris that purportedly is most most beautiful street in the world. have time to encircle this city even also have time to terpana with city beauty that [it is true] differ from cities in some countries other Europe.

Daytime this street shows beautiful because left side and street right physical plant that early 19th-century and building that have the architecture of modern. That Building is office place, super market, apartment and hotel, and cafe and restaurant.

A boutique that provide need sekunder the works of actor Prancis distinguish fors Louis Vuitton (LV) stand up sturdy beside street right and add interesting power roof turis. Not a few/little turis that walked along in Champ Elysees stopped momentary to see affluence that exist in in boutique distinguished for this.

Not fail draw it with boutique LV, tens of kiosk in street gailery pedestrian all the way Champ Elysee. Tens of this mini kiosk always [is] on on December till toward the year Christmast. Almost all kioskses that dipadati this buyer sells Christmast reguirements.

If enter December, in gailery pedestrian stands up tens of special mini kiosks sells need Natal.Keberadaan this kiosk it is of course already is annual tradition in Paris, that prepared special by local government.

Beauty all the way this growing show nocturnal. Multifarious Lamp decorates that attached in tree pedestrian street shows uliginous mancur that. It is of course, this decorative lamp becomes object for roof local turis and also foreign countries. At [street] beautiful this, Paris shows bold benderang with decorative lamp glamor its.

Monument Arc de Triomphe Etoile that reside in edge of street Champs Elysees with background belakan game arena Bianglala giant becomes focus of traveller tourist in Paris. This Rainbow even also not misses from its shimmer decorative lamp, until more beautiful if seen nocturnal.

Visit in city this mode is have not yet felt complete if not see and touch Eiffel Tower. Tower that built in 1889 this taken away from final name its designer, Alexandre Gustafe Eiffel. Tower as high as 324 this metres have three levels that can be visited by tourist.

First degree and second filled by a quite luxuriant restaurant. To eat in Eiffel Tower with view this Kota Paris, tourist is imposed expense as high as 4,80 euro to eat in floor 1 and 7,80 euro if wish in floor 2. Whereas to come to to floor 3 that is spire, tourist is imposed expense 12 euro

From top Eiffel, city wide from various of angle of wind eyes will be seen two and two make four and beautiful. Tourist even also maybe will not ready to prolonging reside in this top, because cold as a stone air. Particularly again December, winter moment arrives air above tower Eiffel can reach minus 10 degrees.

Can be imagined so air this can make frost everyone that is enjoying height in city Paris, though already dress in layers and covered with complete overcoat and gauntlet and head [cover/conclusion].

For some of weak turises to to chill, they more exploit the time of the for below/under tower with background of tower foot/feet sturdy and artistic Eiffel. In other hand, small gerai around tower foot/feet Eiffel also becomes one of focus turis that wish go shopping pernak-pernik city ikon Paris is referred [as].

If dissatisfy photograph with tower background Eiffel that only half, tourist can directly go to Ecole Militaire or Plaza De La Concorde. This quite wide Plaza every its day dipadati hundreds of visitor that wish with Eiffel Tower background that seen intact and luxury.

Nocturnal, tower view that 120 year this growing beautiful because decorated by lampulampu in all building body Eiffel. Even, a hour once emerge light chromatic kelap kelip blue like thousands of star that is shining in ikon this Paris.

Lighthouse Lamp that reside in highest top tower, make tower that have time to become highest building in the world of this growing beautiful and amaze. Whoever that pay a visit to Kota Cahaya (la ville lumiere) this it is of course cannot forget remarkable city beauty.

Seen from various of any sides, Paris haves separate note for all world tourists to intend return come to city solid ini.Kota nevertheless very taken care of this, also seen from its urban planning natty and terstruktur.

Though traffic density also happens in city big this, that thing not make saturated tourist. It is of course this because to the number of expenditure location at any given city angle;corner is interspersed with restaurant and cafe that provide multifarious specific food with its pasta.


National park Taroko


National park Taroko in Taiwan serve other view. Consecution of marble wall experiences of in its hill makes area in this Hualien make propers visited. Creavasse and waterfall also beautify this area.

Around 70 region percents Taiwan are encircled forested mountain. The row of that mountain splits area Taiwan and lengthwise from south-east to northwest. Level of area this mountain exactly becomes Taiwan interesting power. And one of them is National park Taroko (Taroko National Park), that located in city Hualien around 200 kms from Taipei, capital city Taiwan.

National park Taroko is recognized with ngarai that carved with marble stone. Hill that boost with paduan quite steep creavasse, decorate national park that become pledge Taiwan.

Beauty Taroko not only beauty ngarai or steep creavasse, marble wall from elementary creavasse till on the hill of become view that enough cool eye. Not to mention river that flow in between hill. Rapid water Voice that flowed always break silence Taroko.

To go to National park Taroko is needed around 30–40 minute from city Hualien. Street that and menanjak will colour journey. Dense forest with fog that still remained at morning will to welcome home tourist. Not to mention, overcast cloud that often menggelayuti sky above Taroko.

For tourist entourage, teared sent to National park Taroko. Nevertheless, guide will bring to a health resort area to get a few/little the science of National park Taroko. In an auditorium, tourist will getting the guidance around 30 minute about what owned National park Taroko.

After finishing of get a few/little the science of garden that have wide 92.000 this hektares, tourist will be invited [go] to National park area Taroko. To be able to enjoy National park beauty Taroko, tourist must walks fringe street paves with bank view and steep creavasse.

Hereinafter, tourist will return sent to other place. In other area, tourist is obliged impose helmet. When wish enter hilly area with into creavasse till tens of metre, all tourists will be interdicted officer and obliged impose helmet. Road-metal that patch bank or from the top (of) hill in National park Taroko sometimes still fall, that can endanger tourist.

“Must wear helmet yes, rich in projects [only],” canda Sebastian Matengkar, tourist comes [from] Yogyakarta, Lucky Indonesia can enjoy Taiwan during fortnight.

In this second area, tourist is forced walk around 1,5 kms. During stepp foot/feet, beside street, tourist will be always accompanied bank. Street Right side as wide as three metres are referred [as] directly patch bank wall, whereas on the left directly patch creavasse. Some of streets will be closed over bank was that menjorok half likely shade tourist when walk.

In this quarter, river becomes view that cool. Its water clear walk get through elementary creavasse. River that carve this Liwu Taroko Gorge exits from mount high marble. This River in form of letter V with dale and banks steep. In some areas, walls of dale stone so close to thin line decoration sunshine. Cascade from bank and tree patch at vertical surface, like picture at China traditional painting.

In other hand, in area this Taroko, we can find jade that can be obtained/got in ngarai. This Giok are only found in Taiwan and Hualien becomes main supplier jade in country or out country.

“During in Taiwan, maybe this area most beautiful. This extraordinary,” express Karl Allan DelaCruz Barlaan, tourist comes [from] philippine.

Karl [it is true] not only come [from] say. National park Beauty Taroko [it is true] become interesting power tourist that pay a visit to Taiwan. Because not merely exhibit hill beauty, ngarai, or marble wall, this garden also presents some animal specieses and among others specific Taiwan. Butterfly and 144 types bird dwell in National park Taroko. In other hand existed 34 animal specieses that found in garden, entered black bear, stone monkey, serow (goat deer), wild boar, and deer pounces.

Darling, this animals not easy witnessed. Tourist must enters forest area in hills. That even also not all animals that can be met. With struggle of hill tread ascertained will meet some animal types that become this area dweller.

National park Taroko also presents hot water Wenshan. Over there provided big pool that encircled marble walls. By bathe, tourist can enjoy heat wellspring (125 fahrenheit degrees) and cool river water.

Afterwards, tourist also can climb get through an overpass to Candi Xiangde. This Temple haves 36 idol foot/feets Bodhisattva Avalokitsevara. Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail gives different view. Tunnel of Nine Turns this Trail have length around 1,2 miles. Here tourist can enjoy marble creavasse, river, bank, tunnel;cutting, and vegetation ecosystem that grow medial.

Other Area is Baiyang Trail, and or Shakadang Walkway. For that pay a visit to National park Taroko, ascertain Anda digital camera have gigabit that enough.

“Very regreted if those in to Taiwan not pass its day visits Taroko. A beautiful place with natural view,” express Markus Tan, tourist comes [from] Malaysia.

taiwan tourism
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Here ,Weakness Twitter

Here ,Weakness Twitter

In the reality Twitter stays in configuraton that simple so it's can give amenity for infiltrator to take control account user, according to security analyst from Foreground Security, Friday (22/01). Error that happened in Twitter available in object Adobe Flash in situs is referred [as], express Mike Bailey, senior analyst from that security company. Very contrast by recommendation Adobe, that object Adobe Flash can me-load virtual file in free in any situs on the Internet, entered that have code JavaSCript and Action Script.

“Nevertheless, this is not mistake Adobe. This is the fact that to the number of ugly programmer that make coding object Flash.” add Bailey. By using file XML in one of server its, Bailey can exploit weakness in object Flash to present tweet to account user, like "@mckt_ just pwned my Twitter account. Neat."
Action that can be conducted with weakness referred [as] entered with addition or abolition account follower and read direct message from account that assumed already private. According to Baily, with merekonfigurasi an object needs at least a hour or more, and has not yet been for time write it, weakness is referred [as] has been active more than 24 hour even after he/she advises this problem.

Meanwhile from Twitter, [his] side state already men-disable mistake of object configuraton Flash, when this problem already happened.
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Microsoft has knew previous problem of google attack?

Microsoft has knew previous problem of google attack?

Attack Problem Trojan horse Hydraq to Google infrastructure, in the reality Microsoft already know it since 4 month ago. Microsoft first time hit bug is referred [as] in Operation Aurora IE on August last, 4 month before browser weakness IE is referred [as] used for ekploitasi Google weakness and technology company were other in on December 2009 last.

Bug are referred [as] has been induced for version Internet Explorer browser 6, 7 and 8, nevertheless attack hacker was to Google referred [as] happened pass by IE6, first browser that dirilis in 2001.
Exploitation is entered deceive user to the browser weakness IE6 is referred [as] to visit website that contain trojan. Situs are referred [as] will men-download Trojan backdoor Hydraq and dangerous component other to situs that infected. A news service Kaspersky Labs, ThreatPost, report that patch weakness is referred [as] dirilis starts February.
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Make Seks One of Prioritas

Make Seks One of Prioritas

WORKDLOAD and finally exhaustible give blur colour for story seks you and couple. you disregard intimasi that semestinya become one of life priority.

“Couple that maintain story seksnya is those in get price to the its effort,” Esther Perel, writer “Mating in Captivity”.

Problems seks according to Perel layed in what is called “spontaneity myth”. you losed moment spontaneity intimasi not next often passed both. Remembered a period of pacaran when you go eat to restaurant, watch cinema film, atapun witnesses music concert? That now remain memory.

Key to place seks as [the] life priority is don't create room for seks at your daily calendar or in house activity. But, give room for seks at “head” you. When its story off the cuff seks mewarna life seks you with couple.

Once you alter habit, good moment will not be difficult found. Correct reading how to, like cited Womansday.

Comitment at seks

“One behavior that really memaknai life seks you is commit to seks each. Why you do not want to create it?,” accuse Lou Paget, consultant seks also writer [of] various of books in around sexuality, entered “The Great Lover Playbook”.

Life seks you discussion materials with couple. Express desire seks each, shamelessly and fear. Seks is cooperation process for menggapai a target.

Don't use word “plan” or “schedule”

Don't use word “plan” or “schedule”, unless you not have idea seks at all. you may have “plan” to paint kitchen or make “schedule” go to dentist, but not so the things of with off the cuff seks.

Seks ought to an invitation for enjoyment, not an unflattering journey. Story Frame seks in your imagination as the mode of mengkreasikan much lucks.

Each other attention berry

“Perselingkuhan biggest Reason is because couple stops give attention one another until open possibility [of] the coming of easiness from outside house,” say Paget.

What's can you conduct that will show you really attention with couple? Whaddya take a fancy to for him/hers conduct? Of course, for example kill telephone seluler, stop berselancar in the world of illusory kinds of Facebook or Twitter, and small attention form other, that maybe for you is trivial matter. Seks is not an obligation or duty that must gived or obtain cash for. Thus, reciprocate attention fully candidness.

Find new matter

Main Reason story seks becomes eternal story is your membership and couple in dissipating boredom. Instruct energy and enthusiasm to find new matters.

“Seks appetite supposing eats, become you must create taste and sensation new. Conduct in room differs, let room lamp remain to blaze, exploit losion or sex toys,” add Paget.

Perel menukaskan, “When you full [of] risk conducts unforeseen matter, you have generated mood, energy, and it-self sensuality in life seks.”

Create anticipation

When go to office, tell at couple, “Hmmmm, maybe some other time we can …..” or “Maybe I will stop by to took sex toys and searching a matter of please for us use tonight.”

Too shame comes to sex store toys? Peace, there is various of situses internet that offer various of variants sex toys and ready to deliver it to your address, with natty packaging till others.
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6 atmosphere supporter agenda makeloves

6 atmosphere supporter agenda makeloves

COUPLE often refuses you request by reason of ”mood” or ”not want to make love”? Though after will deeper next, much man couples that griped deduction the wife when invited make love.

Try recollect, when you anxious for make love with couple and in what atmosphere. Purportedly, atmosphere also can become creation [of] supplementary factor a "encounter" heat.

Riri & Yoez in its book that entitle ”69 Tips & Trik Mengapai Kenikmatan Seks” comment sederet competent atmosphere is made agenda supporter makes love, like:


Concept “make up sex” is not a myth. Debate venomous with couple sometime make you cheap as dirt until heart ticks quicker. And when two of you have released all burdens that sprag your chest, nothing better matter besides assuage anger by huddle up it, kiss couple ecstatically, and let all of you emotion plays. As much the session makes love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in film ”Mr & Mrs Smith”.


Abundant Bliss also makes woman feels wish make love. For example, couple moment gets new job and can promotion in its office. Any bliss form is referred [as], woman haves enthusiasm and spirit [of] abundant positive.


Woman always feels burned if hear its couple plays with fire with other woman. Thus there is no need to surprise if enthusiasm for ”duel” with you on-site sleep more and more culminated jealous couple moment at you.


Woman tends to easy awaken in romantic situation. Don't surprise after treads a measure with soft music, drink a few/little wines and a few/little caresses have made you float and wish distribute to phase hereinafter.


Longer woman couple not conducts intimate relation/link, then growing heap its sexual enthusiasm. Thus it is not strange after ”fasting long-range seks” when meet couple, he/she will feel find oasis seks at you.

Romantic Film

Not all womans take a fancy to heat films. Nevertheless, film with scene that race ambition is such as those which stared by looker actor Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas can make you enthusiastic. Turn around film that stared star of two of you favorite at the same time passes night impress with couple.
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Mel Gibson: All mens That dog

Mel Gibson: All mens That dog

Experience becomes a man, actor Mel Gibson come up withs a conclusion that any man basically is same. All of them not difference was with dog and in consequence, also he/she always behaves protective at its princess.

When asked its remark of role problem in newest film its, EDGE OF DARKNESS, Mop calmly say, "Of course all of us fear. All of us know if that man not difference with dog. Man All of us and we know that."

In film EDGE OF DARKNESS that will start circularized date 28 the coming Januaries, Mop personate a police that try trace murderer that has been ended princess soul its. This Film by it self is adaptation from a serial television that ditayangkan in BBC.

Return man and woman problem, Mop tell he/she worries nevertheless do not make it paranoia. He/she [it is true] behave protective at its princess nevertheless he/she realizes if there is one point that will protect princess its this from 'threat' males. "We needn't hopeless. There is one the fact that that woman always wilier from man," say Mel like borrowed ideas from Splash News.
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Twitter popularity decrease

Twitter popularity decrease

Some last weeks, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and President [the] United States Barack Obama, kepincut makes akun in Twitter. Darling, both important figure referred [as] unable to jack of user amount Twitter, even speed was becoming downhill in autumn ago.

According to data that released HubSpot, 'chirp' Downhill Twitter at October as high as 3,5 percents, though seven month ago services this mikroblogging have noted growth as high as 13 percents. Even during everyone have the average of increase followers (follower).

For example, in the middle of in 2009, the average of akun Twitter have follower 60 people. Nevertheless now, according to HubSpot that amount growing leaps in January 2010, where the average of akun have followers as high as 300 people. During that cited PC World, Monday (25/1/2010).

"This maybe reflection from fast change that growing melambat from Twitter. Because melambat, at this time maybe make old player growing often uses Twitter," write report HubSpot.

Report is referred [as] also show, can be 82 resident percents Twitter also followed one of at most akun Twitter at this time, that is Asthon Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey. In other hand, most this pengicau active in situs Twitter, about/around at 10 and 11 at night.

Hubspot also finds that Twitter becomes phenomenon that growing mendunia. Study indicated that on July last, 15 user percents Twitter beyond North America. On this, 40 user percents Twitter beyond THE UNITED STATES. Which country like Brazil, Germany, Singapore and Indonesia melesat into list 20 most topmost countries.
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The Book Of Eli 2010 download

The Book Of Eli 2010 download
TELESYNC H264 AAC-SecretMyth (Kingdom-Release)

The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 1
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 2
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 3
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 4
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part5
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 6
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 7
The Book Of Eli 2010 download part 8
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Damage download

Damage (2010)DVDRip

Damage download part 1
Damage download part 2
Damage download part 3
Damage download part 4
Damage download part 5
Damage download part 6
Damage download part 7
Damage download part 8
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Shut Up And Sing – DVDRip

Shut Up And Sing – DVDRip

Shut Up And Sing part 1
Shut Up And Sing part 2
Shut Up And Sing part 3
Shut Up And Sing part 4
Shut Up And Sing part 5
Shut Up And Sing part 6
Shut Up And Sing part 7
Shut Up And Sing part 8

Password: jls101
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Endless Bummer

Endless Bummer (2009) DVDRip

Endless Bummer part 1
Endless Bummer part 2
Endless Bummer part 3
Endless Bummer part 4

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Kings Of South Beach – DVDRip

Kings Of South Beach

Kings Of South Beach part 1
Kings Of South Beach part 2
Kings Of South Beach part 3
Kings Of South Beach part 4
Kings Of South Beach part 5
Kings Of South Beach part 6
Kings Of South Beach part 7
Kings Of South Beach part 8

Password: Lukesh
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Legion (2010) download

Legion (2010) download

Legion (2010) download part 1
Legion (2010) download part 2
Legion (2010) download part 3
Legion (2010) download part 4
Legion (2010) download part 5

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The Tooth Fairy 2010

The Tooth Fairy 2010 download

The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 1
The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 2
The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 3
The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 4
The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 5
The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 6
The Tooth Fairy 2010 part 7
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Thr3e (2010)

Thr3e (2010)

Thr3e (2010) part 1
Thr3e (2010) part 2
Thr3e (2010) part 3
Thr3e (2010) part 4
Thr3e (2010) part 5
Thr3e (2010) part 6
Thr3e (2010) part 7
Thr3e (2010) part 8
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Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective

Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective
2009 DVDRip

Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective part 1
Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective part 2
Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective part 3
Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective part 4
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Baja Beach Bums

Baja Beach Bums

Baja Beach Bums part 1
Baja Beach Bums part 2
Baja Beach Bums part 3
Baja Beach Bums part 4
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Basement Jack

Basement Jack

Basement Jack part 1
Basement Jack part 2
Basement Jack part 3
Basement Jack part 4

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Beast Within

Beast Within
2009 DVDRip

Beast Within part 1
Beast Within part 2
Beast Within part 3
Beast Within part 4
Beast Within part 5
Beast Within part 6
Beast Within part 7
Beast Within part 8
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(2009) DVDRip

Genre : Horror
Release : 16 Oktober 2009
Tagline : Sometimes Humans Can Be Monsters...
Plot : This suspenseful horror tells the tragic story of Kat, a victim of repeated sexual assault. Having been failed by a corrupt system, she takes the law into her own hands. Kat and her gang of Tomboys kidnap the serial rapist to seek their revenge. As events unfold, the situation quickly spirals out of control. The question is... how far will they go?

Tomboys part 1
Tomboys part 2
Tomboys part 3
Tomboys part 4

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Give Em Hell Malone

Give Em Hell Malone

Give Em Hell Malone part 1
Give Em Hell Malone part 2
Give Em Hell Malone part 3
Give Em Hell Malone part 4
Give Em Hell Malone part 5
Give Em Hell Malone part 6
Give Em Hell Malone part 7
Give Em Hell Malone part 8
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(2009) DVDRip

Crush part 1
Crush part 2
Crush part 3
Crush part 4

Red Velvet [18+]

Red Velvet
[2009] DVDRip [18+]

Red Velvet [2009] DVDRip

Red Velvet part 1
Red Velvet part 2
Red Velvet part 3
Red Velvet part 4
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