movie 2010 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

movie 2010 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This autumn, Big Idea movie studios will be launching a new adventure movie from Veggie Tales, entitled: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's, the story of the prodigal son. Written by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, the Big Idea with figures of vegetables in the family classic movies that much favorite, The Wizard of Oz, who warned that there is no place like home.

Through a creative story from one of the famous Bible story of all time - the story of the prodigal son - Ha's giving instruction for forgiveness. This DVD also includes a new song titled funny enough "Monkey" and a set of bonuses, including the character of Mr. Lunt singing "Over the Rainbow." This adventure story will be sold starting 6 and 9 October in Christian spiritual stores in the United States and general market. "biblical story of the prodigal son has a message that must be heard every child," said Phil Vischer.

"The Wizard of Oz turned out to be the perfect frame for communicating the message in a very entertaining way." Terry Pefanis, Chief Operations Big Idea continues, "Phil wrote a funny story, clever and touching. This story will unite families and encourage more people to the suggestion that the love and unconditional forgiveness.

" The film tells the story of Darby, the son of a farmer silk producers in Kansas, who just want to live to have fun. When he learned about the Beautiful Land Ha (Wonderful Land of Ha's) and the mysterious Wizard who makes dreams come true, she decided to leave - in contrast to his father's expectations. In all the way to Ha, she meets a scarecrow who is tired, man cans who want to ride a roller coaster, and a lion who was craving cotton candy. Each with their dreams, they come together and find ways to meet the Wizard. Enchanting family adventure reminds kids everywhere about forgiveness and there's no place like home.
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The Three Stooges 2010

Old comedy ever popular in the 1900s era of "The Three Stooges", will again be appointed in the widescreen version. "The Three Stooges" jokes told about three people who have a silly and humorous behavior, namely Larry, Moe and Curly.

Then who are the actors who will portray the trio? In this film we will be back to see the actor acting funny comedy specialist, Jim Carrey is going to be one of the players.

In addition, Oscar winner Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro confirmed to appear in the film. According to sources quoted by Cinematical, Ace Ventura star will play Curly.

Jim expected to increase their weight as much as 18 pounds to appear as Curly. The Milk stars Sean Peann Larry will serve as the third slowest of the movie. And the character played by Moe will Benicio del Toro.

The film will be directed by Peter and Bobby Farrely, which makes Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary. The plan will release the film in 2010.
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Bolihutuo Coast sulawesi tourism indonesia

Bolihutuo Coast
sulawesi tourism indonesia

If at any time you come in Gorontalo province, there is no harm in visiting the beach, located in Bolihutuo Boalemo District, about 120 km to the west of Gorontalo. Of course the city itself is available Gorontalo tourist beach, which is Ria Beach. However, Bolihutuo suitable as a place to cool off from all sorts of pandemonium urban bustle. Boalemo city located approximately 100 km from Gorontalo, taken using a private vehicle or public transport cost Rp15.000 per person. The city is located on the edge of the lane Trans Sulawesi .-

During the trip, we will be treated to the cool landscapes, green valleys and hills are marked by a wave of coconut trees, just like a seduction song is Coconut Island. Along the same road we can stop at several places to buy souvenirs like a big banana-large fruit, such as special food ilabulo Gorontalo (meat, fat and skin, cooked chicken using sago starch), binte biluhuta (a delicious corn soup ) as well as local specialty dodol there .-

Or enjoy corn on Paguyaman pulut, near the location of transmigration. Cob corn has a smaller than normal corn, but it's very distinctive, tender and tasty original .-

Boalemo City is the capital district, which later separated into a district after standing apart from Gorontalo North Sulawesi province became a separate province. This small town was decorated with verdant trees with the serenity and friendliness typical population .-

Here we have three simple hotel that is clean and adequate, the hotel Pratama, which charge per person rp 25,000, and has some air-conditioned rooms . The hotel is located outside the city, about three miles before Boalemo. Then there are hotels in the two-story Indraloka rate Rp 25,000 and is available approximately 20 rooms. A cottage which again is owned by the district and can be rented by the public with prior notice, located on the beach Bolihutuo .-

There are six restaurants large enough that we can meet the AZ Restaurant which provides unique menu such as curry goat, curry, satay and others. Anything else that RM Cairo - was great - it offers Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as three special seafood restaurant located on the beach Boalemo. Grilled fish that we can enjoy life Dabu-Dabu, the red onion slices, peppers and tomatoes, marinated in hot coconut oil, make your appetite passionate .-

Nothing special here. Napoleon fish worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in Jakarta, in here when the season comes and there are fishermen who caught him. Just worth rp 25,000 /kg. In addition Boalemo located on the banks of Tomini Bay is also famous for its flying fish (bolihutuo) .-

According to local fishermen, the fish of the sea in various parts of the country, would come to a quiet Tomini Bay to spawn. A fisherman from Marissa says, he never caught a tuna that has been given a mention peneng fish ever caught in the Thousand Islands, in the Bay of Jakarta. He let the fish come back, because he believes his catch was an object of scientific research .-

Tilamuto Valley is located approximately five kilometers north of the mother country. There was built a resort complex, which consists of meeting rooms, room and hut-hut. It lies in the valley and at the end of a U-shaped curve quite interesting. He offers a quiet retreat in the wild mountains. Not far from the campsite complex with complete public facilities, including bathrooms, toilets, and places of worship .-

We can see in the neighborhood there are some people making sugar from palm tree sap (palm). Visitors can see how the sugar-making process that, starting from the boiling sap until the printing and packaging of palm leaves used very typical Gorontalo area. In the park we could play with some tail deer are deliberately nurtured and allowed to roam free off .-

Five miles away is Ayuhulalo waterfall, which is being developed by Regency Boalemo as one of the leading tourist destinations. This cool region is located at an altitude of approximately 200 m above sea level. Locals believe this waterfall is more beautiful than the existing Bantimurung in South Sulawesi. True or not we should certainly see for yourself

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bunaken tourism tourism sulawesi indonesia

bunaken tourism tourism sulawesi indonesia

Like snorkeling and diving? Try to Bunaken. If you just hear the beauty of the story just friends, it was not yet complete. Because marine conservation areas that have this famous diselami deserves. Bunaken sea level in late afternoon filled with dozens of people were floating-legged frog with orange buoy. They have a group, not a little too solitary. They are the same goals, enjoying the beauty of the underwater world through a mask bersnorkel .-

The afternoon, visitors came more and more. There was a rented speedboat, yacht, and a wooden motor boat owned by local fishermen. Even some people deliberately to Jetski .-

They came accompanied by a guide who knows most of the best spots for diving and bersnorkeling. Even the guides also guide the participants who want to bersnorkeling beautiful place and secure .-

With bersnorkeling, is visitors can clearly see the various coral reefs and fish that Hiss was in Bunaken. Although only on the surface. But that was enough to make anyone 'hypnotized' and home to a long forgotten time. "I just come here, snorkeling aja, udah thrilled. Later when I was able to return to diving must be here again for underwater dive," said Vita, tourists from Jakarta who was off work on holiday to Bunaken den for the first time along with 3 colleagues .-

The sea far below there, look bertabung men moved slowly, taking out air bubbles. They enjoy the underwater world of Bunaken extraordinary. Viewing them from the surface, it comes with envy and pride. Jealous because they can explore the full beauty of Bunaken, closer to the coral reefs and a variety of him. Proud that they can enjoy any one of the natural beauty of the sea is famous in Indonesia without damaging the coral reef let alone carrying garbage. A scuba diving attracts many visitors to the island .-

With scuba diving, the rescuers can enjoy a variety of 'resident' under the sea near Bunaken more, such as Ivory Fish with dorsal fins that can be enforced and locked so that he could live safely in the hole on the rocks . Do not approach a nest egg of this fish, because these fish will attack .-

Gobi fish, which is the largest family of fish, coral, one of the gobies unique here is the Gobi shrimps living together in a sand pit. Both got a different task, the shrimp are keeping the nest clean-Gobi protect shrimp from the opponent's attack. Barracudas are flocking there in large numbers with sharp teeth like a saw to make it an effective predator on the coral reef fish .-

other Sword Fish and Fish Bertandung both have a kind of sword at the bottom of its tail. The sword was a defense of pemangsanya attacks. Sometimes used to fight with each other to determine who becomes leader of the group .-

There is another angel fish that have their own nests in the area. This type of fish to form a group consisting of 1 male and several females. This unique fish is born as females when adult males changed. Another uniqueness, these fish are able to make a tap in the water. Perhaps because of its uniqueness that is, made known angel .-

There are other fish such as fish, bats are like watching the divers, especially air bubbles. Sweetlips fish also because it has a sexy lips and muscular. Besides fish, there is also a variety of marine reptiles such as snakes and turtles .-

The beauty of Bunaken marine decades actually been identified by divers homeland. But the new government realized that and then Bunaken National Park (TNB) was officially established as one marine national parks in Indonesia in October 1991, after approximately 20 years of beauty was discovered by the pioneer of 3 local dive businesses, namely, Dr. Hanny Batuna, Loky Herlambang, and Ricky Lasut. Only when this region was famous by international divers, the government realized then gradually establish an area of approximately 89,000 ha into TNB .-

conservation area consists of several islands, namely Pulau Bunaken Island Siladen, Mantehage Island, Manado Tua Island, following some children island, and the island of Nain. Penyelamannya limited locations in each of the five beaches that surround the island. Recorded more or less 20 point dive (dive spot) with a depth varies up to 1344 meters. Of the 20 point dive, dive 12 points of which are located around the Bering Bunaken Island visited by the divers and lovers of the beauty of the underwater scenery .-

Most of the 12 point dive at Bunaken Island lined up from the southeast to the northwest of the island. On the island there is great underwater walls, which is also called hanging walls or the walls of the giant rock that stood vertically and curved upward. This reef bindings also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island .-

rock cliffs that we can see from the ship before it reached the coast of Bunaken. The water is blue with thousands of big fish in the edge of the cliff, creating beautiful scenery incredible. -

Community TNB scattered around the 30 settlements both on the island of Nain, Siladen, Bunaken, Manado Tua, North Plains, and Southern Plains. Tribes who lived also vary among other Sangir Talaud, Bajo, Minahasa, Bantik, Bugis, Gorontalo, and Java with a variety of professions such as fishermen, farmers, traders and even some that could be both the fishermen and farmers. Intermarriage was inevitable there. Nevertheless, they are living in harmony and peace .-

Travel Tips-

Bunaken 8.08 km2 area in the Bay of Manado is part of the city of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province. Around these islands there Bunaken Marine Park which is part of the Bunaken Marine National Park .-

It is difficult to reach out. From Port Marina, Manado you can tour the ship Carter Rp750.000, tempuhnya time for about 1 hour. 15 person capacity ship is equipped buoys, seats, and two tank-shaped glass to see the coral reefs and ornamental fish from the boat .-

f you want to snorkel, it costs Rp 100,000 is included masks and shoes wood frogs, and motor boats go-back from Bunaken beach to location -

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Try to Treat Every Love As The Last Love

From the beginning, from the girl's family did not approve her relationship with the young man. They make excuses about family background, that if the girl by force and hold together the young man, she will suffer all her life. Because of pressure from her family, so she fights with her boyfriend. The girl really loved him, and she kept asking, "How much do you love me?" The young man not very good at talking, he always made her angry. And the comments from her parents made her more upset. The young man are always the target of his anger vent. And the young man always let her vent her anger.

After a while, the young man graduated from college. He intended to continue studies abroad, but before he left, he proposed his girl, "I do not know how to say sweet words, but I know that I love you. If you agree, I want to take care of your life. About your family, I will try hard to convince them to accept our relationship. Will you marry me? "The girl agreed, and his family after seeing the efforts of the young man, eventually approve of their relationship. Before the young man left, they were engaged first. The girl stayed at home and work, while the young man continued his studies abroad. They continued their relationship through letters and phone calls. sometimes difficulties arise, but they do not give up on it.

One day, on her way to the bus stop coming home from work, the girl was hit by a car unconscious. When she awoke, she saw her parents and realized how lucky she was able to survive. Seeing her parents' tears, she tried to comfort them. But she found that she could not speak at all. She was dumb. According to doctors the crash has injured her brain, and that caused her dumb for the rest of his life. The girl heard his parents persuaded her, but she can not answer a word, because of it the girl fainted. Then throughout the day, she could only cry and silent.

When he was finally allowed home from hospital, she found her house was still as before. Only if the phone rings, she became melancholy. The phone has become her worst nightmare. She can not preach the bad news to her boyfriend and become a burden. So se wrote a letter to him, told him that she do not care anymore waiting. The relationship between them was broken, she even returned their engagement ring. Received letters and calls from the young man, she could only shed tears.

His father could not bear to see his daughter suffering, and decided to move. Hoping that she can forget everything and be happier. Moving to a new place, she started learning sign language. She tried to forget the young man. One day her friend told her that the young man had returned and looking for her everywhere. She asked her friend not to tell him where she was and told the young man to forget about her.

More than a year, not heard the news about the young man till the girl's friends said that the young man will marry and gives a letter of invitation. She opened the letter of invitation with heart pain, and found her name listed dlm invitation.

Before she could ask her friend, suddenly the young man appeared in front of her. With a rigid sign language, he said 'I had spent more than a year to learn sign language, in order to inform you that I have not forgotten our promise, give me a chance, let me be your voice. "ILOVEYOU" Seeing the sign language, and her engagement ring. The girl finally smiled.

Treat every love like your last and only love, you will learn how to give. Treat every day as your last day and only, you will learn how to appreciate. Do not ever give up.
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