Bolihutuo Coast sulawesi tourism indonesia

Bolihutuo Coast
sulawesi tourism indonesia

If at any time you come in Gorontalo province, there is no harm in visiting the beach, located in Bolihutuo Boalemo District, about 120 km to the west of Gorontalo. Of course the city itself is available Gorontalo tourist beach, which is Ria Beach. However, Bolihutuo suitable as a place to cool off from all sorts of pandemonium urban bustle. Boalemo city located approximately 100 km from Gorontalo, taken using a private vehicle or public transport cost Rp15.000 per person. The city is located on the edge of the lane Trans Sulawesi .-

During the trip, we will be treated to the cool landscapes, green valleys and hills are marked by a wave of coconut trees, just like a seduction song is Coconut Island. Along the same road we can stop at several places to buy souvenirs like a big banana-large fruit, such as special food ilabulo Gorontalo (meat, fat and skin, cooked chicken using sago starch), binte biluhuta (a delicious corn soup ) as well as local specialty dodol there .-

Or enjoy corn on Paguyaman pulut, near the location of transmigration. Cob corn has a smaller than normal corn, but it's very distinctive, tender and tasty original .-

Boalemo City is the capital district, which later separated into a district after standing apart from Gorontalo North Sulawesi province became a separate province. This small town was decorated with verdant trees with the serenity and friendliness typical population .-

Here we have three simple hotel that is clean and adequate, the hotel Pratama, which charge per person rp 25,000, and has some air-conditioned rooms . The hotel is located outside the city, about three miles before Boalemo. Then there are hotels in the two-story Indraloka rate Rp 25,000 and is available approximately 20 rooms. A cottage which again is owned by the district and can be rented by the public with prior notice, located on the beach Bolihutuo .-

There are six restaurants large enough that we can meet the AZ Restaurant which provides unique menu such as curry goat, curry, satay and others. Anything else that RM Cairo - was great - it offers Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as three special seafood restaurant located on the beach Boalemo. Grilled fish that we can enjoy life Dabu-Dabu, the red onion slices, peppers and tomatoes, marinated in hot coconut oil, make your appetite passionate .-

Nothing special here. Napoleon fish worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in Jakarta, in here when the season comes and there are fishermen who caught him. Just worth rp 25,000 /kg. In addition Boalemo located on the banks of Tomini Bay is also famous for its flying fish (bolihutuo) .-

According to local fishermen, the fish of the sea in various parts of the country, would come to a quiet Tomini Bay to spawn. A fisherman from Marissa says, he never caught a tuna that has been given a mention peneng fish ever caught in the Thousand Islands, in the Bay of Jakarta. He let the fish come back, because he believes his catch was an object of scientific research .-

Tilamuto Valley is located approximately five kilometers north of the mother country. There was built a resort complex, which consists of meeting rooms, room and hut-hut. It lies in the valley and at the end of a U-shaped curve quite interesting. He offers a quiet retreat in the wild mountains. Not far from the campsite complex with complete public facilities, including bathrooms, toilets, and places of worship .-

We can see in the neighborhood there are some people making sugar from palm tree sap (palm). Visitors can see how the sugar-making process that, starting from the boiling sap until the printing and packaging of palm leaves used very typical Gorontalo area. In the park we could play with some tail deer are deliberately nurtured and allowed to roam free off .-

Five miles away is Ayuhulalo waterfall, which is being developed by Regency Boalemo as one of the leading tourist destinations. This cool region is located at an altitude of approximately 200 m above sea level. Locals believe this waterfall is more beautiful than the existing Bantimurung in South Sulawesi. True or not we should certainly see for yourself

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