Try to Treat Every Love As The Last Love

From the beginning, from the girl's family did not approve her relationship with the young man. They make excuses about family background, that if the girl by force and hold together the young man, she will suffer all her life. Because of pressure from her family, so she fights with her boyfriend. The girl really loved him, and she kept asking, "How much do you love me?" The young man not very good at talking, he always made her angry. And the comments from her parents made her more upset. The young man are always the target of his anger vent. And the young man always let her vent her anger.

After a while, the young man graduated from college. He intended to continue studies abroad, but before he left, he proposed his girl, "I do not know how to say sweet words, but I know that I love you. If you agree, I want to take care of your life. About your family, I will try hard to convince them to accept our relationship. Will you marry me? "The girl agreed, and his family after seeing the efforts of the young man, eventually approve of their relationship. Before the young man left, they were engaged first. The girl stayed at home and work, while the young man continued his studies abroad. They continued their relationship through letters and phone calls. sometimes difficulties arise, but they do not give up on it.

One day, on her way to the bus stop coming home from work, the girl was hit by a car unconscious. When she awoke, she saw her parents and realized how lucky she was able to survive. Seeing her parents' tears, she tried to comfort them. But she found that she could not speak at all. She was dumb. According to doctors the crash has injured her brain, and that caused her dumb for the rest of his life. The girl heard his parents persuaded her, but she can not answer a word, because of it the girl fainted. Then throughout the day, she could only cry and silent.

When he was finally allowed home from hospital, she found her house was still as before. Only if the phone rings, she became melancholy. The phone has become her worst nightmare. She can not preach the bad news to her boyfriend and become a burden. So se wrote a letter to him, told him that she do not care anymore waiting. The relationship between them was broken, she even returned their engagement ring. Received letters and calls from the young man, she could only shed tears.

His father could not bear to see his daughter suffering, and decided to move. Hoping that she can forget everything and be happier. Moving to a new place, she started learning sign language. She tried to forget the young man. One day her friend told her that the young man had returned and looking for her everywhere. She asked her friend not to tell him where she was and told the young man to forget about her.

More than a year, not heard the news about the young man till the girl's friends said that the young man will marry and gives a letter of invitation. She opened the letter of invitation with heart pain, and found her name listed dlm invitation.

Before she could ask her friend, suddenly the young man appeared in front of her. With a rigid sign language, he said 'I had spent more than a year to learn sign language, in order to inform you that I have not forgotten our promise, give me a chance, let me be your voice. "ILOVEYOU" Seeing the sign language, and her engagement ring. The girl finally smiled.

Treat every love like your last and only love, you will learn how to give. Treat every day as your last day and only, you will learn how to appreciate. Do not ever give up.

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