One di is navigational Ha Long Bay - atau Reverse Naga bay - to there are many represent top of their experience at Vietnam. mudah one of aim wisata that popular at this country, UNESCO'S World inheritance that enrolled Ha Long Bay is good mystic and grandiose, one natures tremendous achievement which nearly unfailling for AMAZING

The last time we account, UNESCO has chosen 830 Inheritance Sites Universalizes worldwide, chosen for them the importance for culture and history, and also for them geologi. Ha's uniqueness Long Bay offers few from ketiganya.

Not its bank own that makes unique Ha Long Bay, but since mereka. Sebuah's amount bay outgrows, adorned by nearly 2.000 inhabited a large part limestone banks, landscape yang fascinate very much like beach Andaman Thailand, Vang Vieng at Laos and Guilin at China.

Made up to millions years, tektonik's force pushes limestone slow above the waters line. Selama processes this wave hits to be sculptured large number stone, flashy cave cave, and pulls another geological formation, as cave of massifs's cave and tunnel unique berbeda. 's one

For centuries, Vietnamese fisherman with too much on-hand time beginning sees to form at massifs petrifies upon there are many island, and denominates Turtle Island's appropriate islands, Human Head Island, Chicken Island and sebagainya.
In what does constitute one of utmost feature pulls to culturize region, severally this fisherman still living at bay today at fisherman village floats, houses whereabouts specified above year-around barges, arrest resident and fish conducting at seluruh.

Ha Long Bay is crusher one that a large part runs dari 's issue Hanoi or beach city Halong City (one that had up issue and bay up). Ada hundreds institutes selling wisata at bay, but measly quite a going their own boat but most consolidators or reseller. Arranging tur so scenario buyer cautious converses with other passenger and vicinity shop if You pay $ 15 about heads up to two-day tur goes to Ha Long Bay is certain will cerdik. Cobalah's enoughs to attach remained di Island Paints Ba if You can.


vietnam that aim the most popular beach Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa's province capital, sit in southern Vietnamese around 450km northern Ho Chi Minh City - caring trip as few as sevens the time of day or 45 minutes with plane. Trip takes in tourist tire go to beach vietnamese best city one that is on the market. Sitting city in arrangement that spektakuler, drawned round by sawah is eventual give up on one semicircle locks-up that weaver at center beach which this multitude.

Largely interests here for same reason one beach which out and out for certain days relaxation, whereabouts sand membentang along bay for 6km and for nearly year-around oceanic flamboyant colour turquoise. Ideal for Backpackers, this city also unquestionable has nighted life one that best at Vietnamese outside Saigon, with bar sort for meeting wisata's budget and market, and berserk party waiting up for as nightly as at Sailing pasca's the one only Club aim midnight for late crowd. This not appear to be Pattaya only, but transformasi is Tran Phu St's fast one periphery goes out to sea to point out its star input 5 resort and tall rise hotels won't slow Nha Trang even has personal island, resor, Vin Pearl is Earth.

Quite a few coming for dove - Nha Trang will debate to become location besting to doves at Vietnamese. Visibility can hit 30m, although usually more kindred 15 20m, and oceanic life comprises to author shark and ray fish. More than eight dove shop job thirty or siteses at bay and vicinity the. There are many remained above the waters at Nha Trang's surrounding oceanic, so inessential dive as swimming and snorkeling just squashy enjoys just rise false one of many ship touring trip that bay and islands everyday.

On their behalf that don't most draw for dove or sun bathing, another attraction at city and area of around its included, Ba Ho is waterfall, 'mineral' mud bath, Cham Tower and Long Son is pagoda. Farther, Nha Trang is base one perfecting to explore remote places as Pope island, Jungle Beach and even plateau mean - Buon Ma Thuot just flap 205km goes away it.

Nha Trang services for all, of star 5 high end's family holiday to Backpackers's budget other place, of sandy beach length (one that episodic) oceanic crystal, and doesn't forget gay bar scene at nighttime and it without even leave city bounds. Don't forget to try BBQ Lobster was caught at road, after all, seafood is either one Nha Trang' s a lot of highlights


Vang Vieng is located beside the Nam Song (Song River) in the middle of beautiful limestone karst terrain, Vang Vieng evoke mixed responses. In the last edition we wrote that people either love or hate it, but it might be a little unfair. This is more than love and hate relationship -

part of which you prefer depends on who you are. The main attraction of the area has always been the dramatic scenery around Vang Vieng. Honeycombed with tunnels and caves that have not been explored, the limestone cliffs are spelunker's paradise. Some caves are named and played a small role in the local mythology - all say is inhabited by spirits. Caves and cliffs also has earned a reputation for some of the best rock climbing in this area .-

Laos capital of Vientiane sits on the northern edge of the Mekong River facing across to Thailand and even sleepy town of Sri Chiang Mai. For many visitors, Vientiane Lao provide the first taste of food, culture and hospitality, and did not disappoint on any count. -

Actually pronounced Wiang Jan and translated as City of Sandalwood, Vientiane modern name comes courtesy of the bastardised French transliteration. Wiang actually means "fortress" (City of Sandalwood sounded better than Fort ...) but by all accounts it was certainly not far from the castle, as the original town was attacked on several occasions by the Burmese and Chinese, and completely flattened by the Siamese ( Thai) in 1828, after the city was abandoned and handed over to the forest. -

This is one reason why many battles in the city comes from a relatively young age, and if the road layout strike inspired you as a business, to thank France for that - they put all over the place out when they watched the reconstruction of the city from the turn the 19th to the 20th century. - Like many colonial cities of France, Vientiane is characterized by large, often leafy streets and shabby, colonial houses cracked. Wats the countryside dotted with coconut trees surrounded by the general speed and settling down well and place the lure well understood. -

It is only since the early 1990s that the city really started to grow. Although embarrassing that the first wave (especially Thailand) investors are hitting the mainland of Laos brought with them the concrete egg-carton style of architecture that so many litters thailand, at least the edge of the river, with the war and broken sidewalks sleepy, didn 't bear the burden.

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TOUR PLACE THIS Koh Lanta is located about 70kms off the coast of southern Krabi, on the east side of Phang Nga Bay. This is an ideal hiding place for out of the mass tourism found in Andaman and even affected elswhere in the busy season, you can expect your resort have their own uncrowded beaches for the whole family to enjoy. An important part of it is still covered by tropical forests are still virgin and untouched, and much more developed than Phuket or Krabi's Ao Nang. If you're looking for a place lying on the beach and rarely left the resort, with a bit of trouble then this is it .-

the west side of Koh Lanta, stretching for 25kms, is a magnificent nine white powder beach with clear water. More advanced areas of the island can be found in the north, around the shores of Klong Dao and Phra Ae. Most of the Koh Lanta's resort and tourist services can be found near the beach, although even at the peak of peak season the beach is never too crowded PRESENT .-

Go south you'll find that the more secluded beaches and some may be completely empty. There are some basic facilities are available for tourists, such as ATMs and tourist offices, but Koh Lanta is the less developed the closer you get to the national marine park in the south. Some resorts have exclusive use of private beach on the bay, while the longer near the north coast gives you a little more firm and choice of restaurants and bars .-

The main tourist office in Koh Lanta Saladan found in Baan, the landing point for many visitors to the island . Here you will find banks, health services and diving and other stores. Main post office on the southeast corner of Koh Lanta, Koh Lanta Baan in a beautiful old town .-

Most of the beaches in Koh Lanta has golden sand and is perfect for swimming and diving. The island is diving or snorkeling lovers paradise rich in waters, coral reefs, limestone rock outcrops, rock reefs, seamounts, peaks, caves under the sea, tunnels and the ship sank. Water temperature around Koh Lanta ranging from 27 ° to 31 ° .-

Koh Lanta island is a kind of you to come to relax and enjoy the natural environment. There is no raucous full bar go go girls, no tuk-tuks rushed to the business without stopping, and you will not find souvenir shops or tour guide at every corner. At peak season, the most popular resorts may be full but there is room for everyone here. You also are not faced with a bewildering choice of activities to empty your wallet, and can just relax on the beach, go for a walk this afternoon in a national park or arrange diving morning .-

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Ayuthaya AFTER Defined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, Ayuthaya was one of the most valuable thailand historic town, displaying some nice ancient architecture within easy reach of Bangkok. Although now mainly in ruins after the fall of 1767, was once described as one of the world's largest ancient city in its heyday, and controlled an empire covering all now Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, and Burma as part of Ayuthaya established .-

by Prince U Thong in 1350 and is basically an island city surrounded by cattle-box in the Chao Praya River, and intercepted by three rivers. After its founding, the city quickly grew in prosperity, and soon became the capital of Siam, controlling most of the region for centuries until the Burmese sacked, destroyed and looted the place in the late 1700s, though many of the original architecture of the temple remains, a large proportion still located in the ruins, which still does not diminish the beauty of the naked. Swathes of the large garden, a beautiful river, wide roads and modern city atmosphere in a hurry all combined with a heady sense of history. Because it's so close to Bangkok, it is an obligatory stop on any trip and of course an important lesson .-

Khmer Siamese history and early Sukhothai style can be seen in fixed, where prangs (cactus-shaped obelisks) and fill the sky pointed stupas. Most of the temple ruins scattered in central and northern parts of the island with Wat Si Sanphet become the most recognized with a trio of Chedi. Within walking distance, around the pool is beautiful Wat Ratchaburana - Ayuthaya other good examples of architecture, while the nearby Wat Mahatat also held important and today is noted for unusual Buddha heads are cut where the tree roots have grown Bhodi, making photographers' favorites .-

The old town can be seen on foot, although it must be said that Ayuthaya not become very hot and biking on the bike is less complete. Why not do things the traditional style and saw it all from the back of an elephant? If you plan to see more, the ideal bike for exploring out of the confines of the ditch, where several other less-visited no less impressive temples were .- There are several important temples and other sites outside the river, the most impressive is Wat Chaiwatthanaram jaw just dropped when he was approached by a traditional boat, with several high chedis reaching for the sky. Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, with a lay Buddhist and a very good example of a Khmer prang also not to be missed. Other sites include the more modern gilded Chedi monument to Queen Suriyothai heroic, St. Joseph's Church and Fort Phom Phet .-

It is true that the main sights can be seen in a few hours, which means that the place can be closed at daytrip from the capital. But far better to spend the night here at least a place to do justice, so you have time to visit the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace where King Rama V built an eclectic mix of European-style palace buildings. Ayuthaya tourist infrastructure is good, catering for many day-bus tourists from Bangkok, and also for those who live in, with lots of guest house, hotel and restaurant -

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Koh Tao is just jumping from the mainland, via ferry from Chumphon. You can also reach this small divers' paradise of islands near Koh Samui and Koh Phan Ngan - both very popular in their own right. If you are in the area, it was worth while to see the three islands. If you are a diver, then Koh Tao is a must-visit, but even if you can not busy with extraordinary underseascape equally beautiful beaches and relax .-

In addition to the main dive centers in Thailand, the island must have a bohemian twist , and attract young backpackers and gap year students, especially just after the full moon party on Koh Phan Ngan. That means there are lots of cheap accommodation and food are available. There's upscale resorts or comfortable √ędive 'popular with European visitors .-

Even if you're not a diver you will find this small island is a beautiful tropical escape. This has a beach that is never crowded and a beautiful white sand. Boulders are scattered everywhere also provides a unique character and provide for great snorkeling, so you can sample the underwater life without having to take a course .-

All the same, diving is the number one draw of Koh Tao, and you may find yourself You feel a little lost if you are not a diver. Renting snorkeling equipment and set among the boulders strewn beach areas where you are guaranteed a good visibility and some colorful SeaLife. However, if you're after lying on the uncrowded beaches, you may discover that the island is perfect, just like most people out diving for the day. Cheap scuba diving here, and PADI courses certified or greater value. It sure beats doing your training in urban pool when you can relax in the paradise-like beach after class, get much sun and enjoy the hospitality of Thailand .-

If you have never taken a course to dive then you can do a tutorial √ęintroduction diving 'take one days (but without the certification), or take the Open Water I'm what you need to plan for about five days (including days and then are free to go diving) which allows you to dive anywhere in the world.

However, this dive operation also offers a variety of levels, including instructors, dive masters and many more, and keep busy with experienced divers out to relax and further instructions. Either way, it's one of the cheapest and best places in the world to take a dive course, at night, there are many restaurant options to please the taste of warm divers after they had arrived and had a hot bath.

Seafood here is the top, just plucked from the sea and grilled in restaurants around the island. There is also a good international selection of authentic Italian pizza and burger-style pub grub such as Bangers & Mash or meat pies. Dark bars indicate dive with the windy beach pub - all ready to serve you well into the night. There are also dance and rave parties are appealing to the younger set. The island is actually quite small but adequate road network and basic for most visitors stick to each resort area.

Ri sai Mae shore of the bay area is the longest and most popular beach and is located just north of Baan Mae haat (village), the arrival point and the only village on the island. Two beautiful bays in the south, separated by a peninsula was also good. Other isolated resorts scattered around the island, while the renowned Nang Yuan Island - in which some of the most popular dive is located off the north coast .-

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Koh Samui is 'boutique island' is an up market alternative to Phuket, which lies on the east coast in the Gulf of Thailand. Recent developments have seen rapidly growing infrastructure of the island, with many people buying villas and return year after year .-

For many people, the biggest attraction here is the beautiful beaches and warm seas, but the island has more to offer. There are some interesting temples and 12 meters high statue of Buddha at Wat Phra Yai is the most visited sights on the island. Most of the action on the east coast on the shores of popular Chaweng and Lamai farther to the south. Rather quiet but easy to close (without the nasty hills on the road) is the Big Buddha and Bophut beaches that never crowded .-

There are many options here for more adventure-minded tourist with jet-skiing, water skiing, bungee jumping, and scuba diving are available and popular. But the island also has many options for those looking for serious relaxation; luxurious spas scattered around the island and coast de-stress massage is a must .-

islands'interior he was excellent for exploring either on foot or by jeep, motorcycle, or mountain bike, and you can set this independently or with an experienced guide. There hilly countryside with some beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints, but you're never far from the sea. The west side of the island where all the locals live, while the south is pure fun with a whole coconut plantation .-

Being a holiday island of Samui also offers a good nightlife, with Lamai beach of Kuta and the main place for those looking for serious partying. You can choose from a class restaurant, a quiet beach bar or go go bars obscene limited in some areas. Overall, there are many characters that market up to the island, despite many options there are also budget-

As you would expect from a site as popular as Samui, accommodation options are very large. With five-star luxury resort, ramshackle wooden huts on the beach, and many of them, you'll find something that fit with the style and budget, especially the "boutique places' that has become all the rage in recent years. In almost all forward Samui resort beach, the unique .-

Koh Samui backpacker favorite, too close to Koh Pha Ngan, famous for its monthly full moon parties. Although the atmosphere here is altogether more bohemian, there are some better-class beaches and resorts on the island as a whole is much more natural, undeveloped and rural. Is much smaller, scattered stones of Koh Tao, which is the center of the island dive Thailand. Beautiful Ang Thong islands are also close enough to be a popular day trip .-

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kho pha Located in Thailand with the province Surat Thani, Koh Pha Ngan is an island famous for its great natural beauty and the monthly Full Moon parties. Of all the islands of Thailand, this is probably one of the most interesting and many islands backpackers has a bohemian atmosphere. Proximity to neighboring Koh Samui is gradually making the package more attractive to tourists and people who are more excellent persuasion .-

Is Rin is the island's most famous beaches and where the majority of the most popular accommodation can be found. Also the settings for the Full Moon, Half Moon and Black Moon parties, which makes the central island of hedonistic activities. Do or do not guests choose to stay at the What Rin, it was definitely one place that is not on holiday in Koh Pha Ngan would be complete without a visit to. The beach is beautiful, but the busy line internet cafes, cheap restaurants and bungalows, crowded into this small peninsula, which is not attractive. Forget looking for accommodation here for the Full Moon period unless you arrive a few days before the party .-

Tong Sala is the capital of the island and the first place that the majority of visitors can see the account was in the house to the main ferry port. Although all traffic it receives visitors, the city is no more developed and maintain an atmosphere that is traditionally Thai enhanced by a good selection of restaurants, street food vendors and night market food. This strange mix of needs, services, tourism and souvenir t-shirt market-

Tong Nai Pan, which is located in the northeast of the island, which is often referred to as 'TNP' by backpackers and is home to the beaches of Ao Tong Nai Pan Yai and Ao Tong Nai Pan noi. The beach is popular with the bohemian crowd but there is no overdevelopment, with no high-rise hotels or apartment damaging the sky. This is probably the most beautiful part of the island, with a good balance of facilities and natural settings .-

Then there's the popular area of the northwest coast, including Yao and Had Was Salad, which offers a mix of accommodation options. Chalaoklum Bay on the north side is a sweeping bay that still retain the character of a traditional fishing and has several resorts Koh Pha Ngan .- visitors have a good infrastructure with a variety of accommodation options, though most are in the budget agency for mid-range price category, with top class resort in low amounts. While some construction going on tour packages to satisfy the tourists visiting from Samui, this trend is still dominated satisfactory to the younger generations and less mainstream. There are no tuk-tuks, go-go girls, five star hotels, traffic jams or crowd of tourists packages

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Krabi Province boasts the most dramatic seascapes you're likely to see anywhere. It's more of a down-to-earth goals from nearby Phuket, with the main draw to the striking natural beauty of limestone karst formations rise from the sea, adding atmosphere to the beach at Ao Nang and Railay, and the world famous Phi Phi islands .-

Although you will find a good selection of hotels and tourist services, Krabi is less developed and has more of a family orientation of the other Thai resorts. Features nightlife is less clear, with the area's spas to appeal more popular. It's favored by visitors from Scandinavia and continental Europe .-

Andaman Sea, this area famous for its karst formations protruding from the sea. Sometimes rigid and sometimes covered with forest, was stony form everywhere. From Ao Nang Beach, you will have stunning views of the many small islands and outcroppings, teasing climber and curious tourist day-.-

Tour operators in Ao Nang and Krabi Town offers day boat trip to the overseas destination. The trip to Koh Phi Phi and Phang Nga Bay is usually at the top of the list for most tourists. You'll also find a nice beach to relax and the opportunity to climb and explore along the coast and on islands offshore. Rock climbing on the limestone cliffs popular, as are kayaking around the islands and in caves. Snorkelling and diving is a big draw along the Andaman coast .-

Ao Nang resort area's most attractive tourist, offering a good selection of hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars and tour operators. Koh Lanta, to the south, also has a good variety of services and is a good choice for families and those who seek a more peaceful place. Since the tsunami in 2004 Phi Phi Don has more lodging options are limited, whereas in the center of Krabi town has no beach but has a few lodging options convenient and local Thai characters .-

Two airports service Krabi: Krabi Airport saw a flight from Bangkok and Singapore and Phuket International Airport, an hour away, is served by domestic and international operators. Ferries run between Phuket and Krabi several times a day but the ground you have more options with the same travel time .-

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phi phi island of Phi island is one of the most beautiful of the islands of the Andaman Sea to Thailand. In fact there are several islands in the archipelago, but only one had a development. Most visitors come for a day trip, visiting some, while others choose to live temporarily in Phi Phi Don .-

The words little justice to the stunning coastal scenery around the island and while the photos can capture the essence, the people who experienced it himself would say that things are really worth a thousand words or pictures. Classic butterfly shape of Phi Phi Don, with two typical back-to-back bay is one of the world's most spectacular seascapes, Phi Phi Don is a vacation destination center built; prior to the development of tourism infrastructure is not much happening on the island and without tourism indeed there will be no industry at all. Visitors come here to the fact that there are no busy roads, no giant supermarkets, no malls or large scale entertainment centers .-

If a quiet, lazy beach holiday in the quiet, the view settings to get your thumbs, then obviously Phi Phi is the place for you. It offers a mixture of expensive hotel placed very good and cheaper guesthouses, with a small village tourism services. However, popular and at peak season it heaves under the weight of daytrippers. Fortunately, there are two sweeping beaches / bays, Ton Sai and Lo In a separate 100m and offers plenty of room for everyone. The rest of the island is mostly steep karst hills-

This is not all about absorbing the sun, or paddling in the sea, however, visitors who want to see something of the surrounding area can take day trips to neighboring islands and the mainland goals as Phi Phi Ley, Krabi, and Phuket. Or, local companies that offer a fantastic opportunity to dive in clear waters of the Andaman both beginners and accomplished divers met. Phi Phi Ley is a particular treat with the paradise like beaches protected by national park status, and appear in Hollywood Blockbuster .-

The Beach Phi Phi Don is achieved mainly by a regular ferry or private boat trip from Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta, air transportation but also now available from Phuket and provides a quick and convenient, though more expensive BUT worth the beauty AND THAT YOU GET SATISFACTION .-

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THAILAND tourism

THAILAND tourism
pupoler place in Thailand's most relaxed is the place for this. This place has a near perfect series of bays along the west coast where the tropical waters gently lap the Andaman Sea to the beautiful beaches, while the background of a lush hills providing a point of view very well for many first-

class hotels that make up a very good infrastructure Phuket tourism. - Only one hour's flight south of Bangkok, with other practical connection to the international airport from central Asia and surrounding areas, Phuket is a popular playground that offers a myriad of possibilities nearby for those who have come to experience jaw-dropping scenery in this part of the Daytrips .-

Southeast Asia's famous Phi Phi island, or karst theater of Pha Nga bay both highly recommended, while diving trip, elephant riding, trekking in national parks, visiting the beautiful water, like the caves of the sea, golf and sailing are some interesting options for the adventurous .-

Phuket is all about the pleasures of a 'tropical paradise' understanding, and the island is probably the most sophisticated of all Thai characters. Besides lying on beautiful beaches, you can spend the afternoon being pampered at a local spa, eat fresh seafood at the restaurant very good international, joined the ribald nightlife in Patong, or taking a course in Thai cooking and enjoy some shopping at the silk clothes - made Tailor made within 24 hours

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