Vang Vieng is located beside the Nam Song (Song River) in the middle of beautiful limestone karst terrain, Vang Vieng evoke mixed responses. In the last edition we wrote that people either love or hate it, but it might be a little unfair. This is more than love and hate relationship -

part of which you prefer depends on who you are. The main attraction of the area has always been the dramatic scenery around Vang Vieng. Honeycombed with tunnels and caves that have not been explored, the limestone cliffs are spelunker's paradise. Some caves are named and played a small role in the local mythology - all say is inhabited by spirits. Caves and cliffs also has earned a reputation for some of the best rock climbing in this area .-

Laos capital of Vientiane sits on the northern edge of the Mekong River facing across to Thailand and even sleepy town of Sri Chiang Mai. For many visitors, Vientiane Lao provide the first taste of food, culture and hospitality, and did not disappoint on any count. -

Actually pronounced Wiang Jan and translated as City of Sandalwood, Vientiane modern name comes courtesy of the bastardised French transliteration. Wiang actually means "fortress" (City of Sandalwood sounded better than Fort ...) but by all accounts it was certainly not far from the castle, as the original town was attacked on several occasions by the Burmese and Chinese, and completely flattened by the Siamese ( Thai) in 1828, after the city was abandoned and handed over to the forest. -

This is one reason why many battles in the city comes from a relatively young age, and if the road layout strike inspired you as a business, to thank France for that - they put all over the place out when they watched the reconstruction of the city from the turn the 19th to the 20th century. - Like many colonial cities of France, Vientiane is characterized by large, often leafy streets and shabby, colonial houses cracked. Wats the countryside dotted with coconut trees surrounded by the general speed and settling down well and place the lure well understood. -

It is only since the early 1990s that the city really started to grow. Although embarrassing that the first wave (especially Thailand) investors are hitting the mainland of Laos brought with them the concrete egg-carton style of architecture that so many litters thailand, at least the edge of the river, with the war and broken sidewalks sleepy, didn 't bear the burden.

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