Ayuthaya AFTER Defined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, Ayuthaya was one of the most valuable thailand historic town, displaying some nice ancient architecture within easy reach of Bangkok. Although now mainly in ruins after the fall of 1767, was once described as one of the world's largest ancient city in its heyday, and controlled an empire covering all now Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, and Burma as part of Ayuthaya established .-

by Prince U Thong in 1350 and is basically an island city surrounded by cattle-box in the Chao Praya River, and intercepted by three rivers. After its founding, the city quickly grew in prosperity, and soon became the capital of Siam, controlling most of the region for centuries until the Burmese sacked, destroyed and looted the place in the late 1700s, though many of the original architecture of the temple remains, a large proportion still located in the ruins, which still does not diminish the beauty of the naked. Swathes of the large garden, a beautiful river, wide roads and modern city atmosphere in a hurry all combined with a heady sense of history. Because it's so close to Bangkok, it is an obligatory stop on any trip and of course an important lesson .-

Khmer Siamese history and early Sukhothai style can be seen in fixed, where prangs (cactus-shaped obelisks) and fill the sky pointed stupas. Most of the temple ruins scattered in central and northern parts of the island with Wat Si Sanphet become the most recognized with a trio of Chedi. Within walking distance, around the pool is beautiful Wat Ratchaburana - Ayuthaya other good examples of architecture, while the nearby Wat Mahatat also held important and today is noted for unusual Buddha heads are cut where the tree roots have grown Bhodi, making photographers' favorites .-

The old town can be seen on foot, although it must be said that Ayuthaya not become very hot and biking on the bike is less complete. Why not do things the traditional style and saw it all from the back of an elephant? If you plan to see more, the ideal bike for exploring out of the confines of the ditch, where several other less-visited no less impressive temples were .- There are several important temples and other sites outside the river, the most impressive is Wat Chaiwatthanaram jaw just dropped when he was approached by a traditional boat, with several high chedis reaching for the sky. Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, with a lay Buddhist and a very good example of a Khmer prang also not to be missed. Other sites include the more modern gilded Chedi monument to Queen Suriyothai heroic, St. Joseph's Church and Fort Phom Phet .-

It is true that the main sights can be seen in a few hours, which means that the place can be closed at daytrip from the capital. But far better to spend the night here at least a place to do justice, so you have time to visit the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace where King Rama V built an eclectic mix of European-style palace buildings. Ayuthaya tourist infrastructure is good, catering for many day-bus tourists from Bangkok, and also for those who live in, with lots of guest house, hotel and restaurant -

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