phi phi island of Phi island is one of the most beautiful of the islands of the Andaman Sea to Thailand. In fact there are several islands in the archipelago, but only one had a development. Most visitors come for a day trip, visiting some, while others choose to live temporarily in Phi Phi Don .-

The words little justice to the stunning coastal scenery around the island and while the photos can capture the essence, the people who experienced it himself would say that things are really worth a thousand words or pictures. Classic butterfly shape of Phi Phi Don, with two typical back-to-back bay is one of the world's most spectacular seascapes, Phi Phi Don is a vacation destination center built; prior to the development of tourism infrastructure is not much happening on the island and without tourism indeed there will be no industry at all. Visitors come here to the fact that there are no busy roads, no giant supermarkets, no malls or large scale entertainment centers .-

If a quiet, lazy beach holiday in the quiet, the view settings to get your thumbs, then obviously Phi Phi is the place for you. It offers a mixture of expensive hotel placed very good and cheaper guesthouses, with a small village tourism services. However, popular and at peak season it heaves under the weight of daytrippers. Fortunately, there are two sweeping beaches / bays, Ton Sai and Lo In a separate 100m and offers plenty of room for everyone. The rest of the island is mostly steep karst hills-

This is not all about absorbing the sun, or paddling in the sea, however, visitors who want to see something of the surrounding area can take day trips to neighboring islands and the mainland goals as Phi Phi Ley, Krabi, and Phuket. Or, local companies that offer a fantastic opportunity to dive in clear waters of the Andaman both beginners and accomplished divers met. Phi Phi Ley is a particular treat with the paradise like beaches protected by national park status, and appear in Hollywood Blockbuster .-

The Beach Phi Phi Don is achieved mainly by a regular ferry or private boat trip from Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta, air transportation but also now available from Phuket and provides a quick and convenient, though more expensive BUT worth the beauty AND THAT YOU GET SATISFACTION .-

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