Sandra Bullocks makes histories

Sandra Bullock, pass its film "The Blind Side" succeed become first woman film star in history that skip over $208juta at local Box Office. That Film ends in earnings $208.5 million, in 7 month penayangannyas. President of Domestic Distribution from Warner Bros, And Fellman says, "This has have not yet ended, according to I The Blind Side still can get $next 30juta."

Previous not one-even also from film that ever stared Sandra Bullock which he/she that become main characterization, succeed reach number $200juta. No like film that stared solo like Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, or Reese Withersponn.

The only one film with main characterization a success woman passes $200juta in local box office is romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a film indie that stared star that less recognized Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, which succeed reach $241.1juta at local box office.

Totalize film earnings that ever stared Sandra Bullock at local box office is $1.72milyar. Meanwhile Julia Roberts $2.31milyar, Streep $1.54milyar, and Angelina Jolie $1.44milyar.

The Blind Side is film that in adaptation from a book with title The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game the works of Michael Lewis. The Blind Side is a film that lifted from reality story. Tell hit a adolescent a dusky skin that mothered by a Caucasian family. Of course colour line come into questions for that a dusky skin young man to associate with with vinicity environment.

Besides Bullock, actor that also singer country, Tim McGraw, also enliven this film by personate husband Bullock. Despitefully, actress that peraih Oscar, Kathy Bates passes film Misery (1990), also will also enliven the row of big names in film that dikomandoi by this John Lee Hancock.
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Google Denies Protecting Islam

JAKARTA, — Service provider biggest search engine world, Google, argue has held a brief for islam above other religion. Statement is referred [as] answer accusation that Google have been censored kunci words that anti-Islam in its seeking result.

Try if Google user types word "Christianity is" (Christian is) then in seeking box will directly emerge list of phrase recommendation that impressing negative. Also if user types "Buddhism is" (Buddha is), scanty appropriate and positive.

Nevertheless, when typed "Islam is" tendency in common not happened oppositely/also not emerge recommendation at all. That harvest suspicion that Google maybe give proteksi to Mohammedanist confidence but not apply it to follower of other confidence.

Recommendation that given Google feature Suggest is referred [as] basically made as [the] benefactor to speed up seeking result matching with desire. Result that presented is analysis from phrases the most often weared by each other Google user.

Feature is referred [as] also bent on to filter pornography term, dirty words, and term that contain dislike and violence. Google have the power ofs to sensor certain words if there is suggestion or denunciating special.

Nevertheless, Argumentative Google if told currently conduct censor to words that attack islam. On the contrary, Google predicts that seeking result about islam that not emerge anything recommendation in default of software. "This a bug and middle we work for repair it at quickly," say Google mouthpiece like forwarded Telegraph.

Its proof, if type keyword "Islam must", then also exit phrase impressing negative. Also for "Christianity must" and during the things of at "Buddhism must". So, if "Jewish is", "Jewish must", "Jew is", and "Jew must" of course next difference the result.
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Haiti Earthquake Most hard in 200 years

Earthquake with power of 7,0 Skala Richters shook haitian yesterday. Predicted thousands of soul defeats because to the number of citizen who live in archipelagic country in area Sea of Caribbean that still tertimbun physical plant ruins.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) state that disaster is biggest earthquake in haitian in 200 year more. Besides cause thousands of victim, earthquake is reported topple presidency palace, physical plant, and housing in various of locations, entered in hilly bevel area. Building five property floors Perserikatan Bangsa- Bangsa (PBB) also level with the ground after earthquake happens.

Earthquake Dot is known in 18,45 degrees North Lintang and 72,44 longitude West or distances 16 southwest kms haitian capital city, Port-au-Prince, above its inhabited around 1 million people. Based on note USGS,earthquake happens at 21.53 (GMT), 12 Januaries 2010; or at 16.53 local times, 12 Januaries 2010; or 04.53 WIBs, Wednesday 13 Januaries 2010. Earthquake Deepness that only around 10 kms result impact very hirrifies.

Not merely in epicenter region, but also center city Port-au-Prince that populate four million people. Condition becoming hard because supplement earthquake that happened have big enough strength,reach 5,9 SRs.

“27 supplement earthquakes with big strength happened in several hours tempo after earthquake first,” during explanation USGS. Eyewitness reports, earthquake generates panicity and chaos extraordinary.

Citizen screams “God,God!” at the same time berlarian to public road, when physical plant, hotels, houses, and super market crumples. Tayangan television Reuters from Port-au-Prince show chaos on the street that fulfilled physic and human that cry muddle. Much linglung emergent citizens, confuse, mixed sad, because their consanquinity kin pass aways, or still tertimbun building ruins and have not yet can be saved.

Safe Victim and victim defeats besapttered dust puingpuing building that crumple in sekelilingnya. Safe Citizen immediately [go] to terrain to avoid worse disaster. Electrics Network and communication break, until citizen is forced sleep in a state of pitch dark and chilled. They very expect aid. Report on number of victim defeats, injured, and building damage still have not yet can be ascertained because damage of telecommunications system in haitian.

Definitive,impecunious country that reside in Latin America region that butuh aid at quickly,good that weight equipments to remove debrises, personel rescuer, also fundamental needs aid and medical.

“I hope whole world, specially [the] United States (THE UNITED STATES), conducted what they conducted in us in 2008, when four storms dash against haitian. At that time THE UNITED STATES delivers a ship hospital on shore haitian. I hope it would be conducted next and help us overcome this situation,” papar haitian Ambassador for THE UNITED STATES Raymond Alcide Joseph. Joseph asks haitian citizen beyond the sea cooperate conscript all effort to help citizen in their birth land/ground.

He also ascertains President haitian success Rene Preval safes although building of presidency palace turns into puingpuing. Its roof crumples smooth down building walls. Even like that, where now exists president, Alcide will never ascertains. Former President haitian Jean Bertrand Aristide, that now live in deportation South Africa, deliver mourn statement for haitian citizen.

Minister of Compromy Prancis Alain Joyandet reports Hotel Montana has crumpled and he/she feel concerned abouts its citizen chance that coincidence live in there. “There is around 100 from 300 guests have been evacuated,” he/she said. That that means there is around 200 people of hotel guest that still lose and anticipated tertimbun in hotel ruins.“Embassy Prancis in Port-au- Pangeran also destroy consequence gempa,16 citizen Prancis has gathered over there. Other Citizen is going to there,” papar Joyandet. (AFP/Rtr/CNN/syarifudin)(Newspaper THE/Newspaper THE/rhs)
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After quake , Atmosphere in grievous haiti earthquake

Bishop Agung Rome The Roman Catholic in haitian defeats and leads mission of PBB team still loses

Lugubrious Atmosphere happens in various of cities angle;corners that knocked over awful earthquake in haitian. Those in safe cry with all possibilities so will see consanquinity that will from building debrises has been again animate.

Tim rescuer was as long as Wednesday yesterday start find victims defeats earthquake consequence with power of 7 at Skala Richter at afternoon Tuesday local time. Observer from geology institute and geophysics THE UNITED STATES (USGS) express this is most awful earthquake for haiti in more than 200 the last years.

Meanwhile, local government worries that that earthquake defeats tens of thousand soul. One of the victim is Uskup Agung Rome The Roman Catholic in capital of haitian, Port-au-Prince. He defeated befalled ruins of moment church building earthquake knock overs.

Tim rescuer still searching of mission head existence team of United nation organization peacekeeper (PBB) in haitian. Station of PBB team even also go to pieceses. Also with hospital building, school, and prison also crumples.

Teams of emergency rescuer from manca country already coming to haiti and directly [go] to building ruins and emergency tents.
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news dari Spiderman 4

Entertainment Weekly reports that Sony Pictures, recently, has had 3 name of stage manager candidates that will do project reboot from franchise superhero Marvel Comics, Spider-Man. 3 that names are Marc Webb, Michael Bay and Gary Ross.

Such as those which known, Sony Pictures, Tuesday (12/1), announce that Spider-Man newest project of sequel making, Spider-Man 4, officially has been canceled. News surprises this come after stage manager Spider-Man, Sam Raimi, and its characterization, Tobey Maguire, officially retire from project referred [as] because feel expectation Sony Pictures for merilis this film in 2011 very not realistic.

Name Marc Webb, that initialy popular as [the] stage manager music video, mencuat last year after wide-screen film maiden its, (500) Days of Summer, success extraordinarily, either through kritikal or commercially. Michael Bay, such as those which known, is stage manager from franchise Transformers, while Gary Ross is success one who menyutradarai Seabiscuit.

The new stage manager in the future selected will instruct project reboot Spider-Man bases artifact that written by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac). Marginally, story Spider-Man later will “more focus at personality Peter Parker as [in] one one who is facing ossify its life as adolescent.”
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Ghostbusters 3

Ivan Reitman to direct Ghostbusters 3

Ivan Reitman, father from film stage manager Up in the Air, Jason Reitman, and also stage manager two film serieses early Ghostbusters, already opening states will be direct newest series film is referred [as]. Reitman, that also menyutradarai films like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Kindergarten Cop, express that beside tell that artifact writer Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky will act as artifact writer Ghostbusters 3.

Nevertheless, Reitman by it self have not yet will say frequently hit how process of film is referred [as] will walk. “I will not tell much matters hit Ghostbusters 3, good that hit growth of artifact writing, and also hit anything that has been said Sigourney (Weaver – , one of the characterization in series Ghostbusters) in some medias some times ago,” he said, when held an interview with by MTV.

Reitman enhances that he will hope process of picture intake at the threshold in the beginning of next year, and remain to set eye on 2011 as [the] year perilisan Ghostbusters 3.

From some newses that circulate previously, informed that all the row of main rilis last film in 1989 that, like Bill Murray, And Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis, predicted will return also star Ghostbusters 3.

“Any news that circulate, one point that can I expressing am I very take a fancy to and satisfy with artifact that has been passed to me,” bold Reitman.ent.
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Eastern Promises

Plot by the start of [in] one young women without identity which is being pregnancy and made off with ill kerumah. In persalinan, success midwife saves its child nevertheless is not with its mother. Then baby is referred [as] under upbringing Anna Khitrova (Naomi Watts) suster in London hospital.

Anna finds a diary from mother the child and a visiting card. Though russia clan, Anna will never russia until he/she visit address in visiting card referred [as] to know mother genesis from unlucky baby.

Nevertheless whom suspect, that its goodwill Anna bring it fall toes in problems of russia mafia. Then Anna expresses whom actually mother from unlucky baby referred [as]?

Film this garapan David Cronenberg presents murder drama that enough sadis. In other hand, there are some adult scene that improper watched by child underage.

From story facet, 'Eastern Promises' give quite interesting story even medial the way film, sometimes drag on because to the number of circumstantial dialogues. Nevertheless, teka teki are returned this film quite draws because its story street difficult guessed.

Whereas from its characterization facet, has been questionable next for Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen in sharing remember already much appreciations that the of. Both of them are seen totalize in sharing in 'Eastern Promises'. This condition can be proved from nomination and appreciation that this film get in so many agenda of film appreciation.
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Shooter Paulus II Of talking

Shooter Paulus II Of talking
Not many that what soybean cake reason Mehmet Ali Agca, pope shoot Yohanes Paulus II.

Perpetrator of pope shoting Yohanes Paulus II will answer all questions relate attack in 1981 will after he/she will next week prison.

Currently not many that what soybean cake reason Mehmet Ali Agca, pope shoot Yohanes Paulus II moment of birth pope that Poland greets roman people in page Basilika Santo Petrus, Vat..

Rumor that expand mention, there is foreign strength that berkonspirasi to kill pope.

"I will answer all that questions next week," Agca in a English-speaking letter that expressed by its lawyer.

Historian, law enforcer government officer, and pope follower Yohanes Paulus II so much old searching answers to that attack, entered does that attack planned to do kill supportive pope worker movement Solidaritas Poland to destroy communism of soviet block.

Moment Agca is arrested few minutes after attack, he/she states it-self that he act alone. Later, he/she mentions Bulgarian involvement and KGB soviet. Nevertheless his/her statement fickle complicate investigator. Even soul health Agca starts hesitated.

Pope Yohanes Paulus II and Agca meets in 1983 and pope forgive it. Agca are punished 19 year prisons in a prison in italian. Last Monday, Agca terminates imprisonment 10 year because kill a journalist Turki at 1979

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haiti cries again

Earthquake, with power of 7,0 at scale Richter, shook Tuesday haiti yesterday. Epicenter located in sea, around 16 kilometres from capital of Port-au-Prince, at deepness 10 kilometres.

So far difficult to get last picture situation in haiti. Electrical current and all telephone connections die. According to much eyewitness [of]s a large part of regions capital of Port-au-Prince fall to pieces, and resident in a state of panic. Heavy damage for example cover presidency palace, and building of peace team headquarter PBB. A large part of employee of PBB offices are expressed lose.

This temporary [the] United States has sent regu rescuer and aid to haiti. Also neighbour countries around haitian arrange aid gift/giving. This Earthquake also causes panicity in Republic Dominika, haiti neighbouring state. In broken electrical current many places. Level of damage has been unclear. Also there is no news hits soul victim.

Previous has been released warning tsunami for haiti, Republic Dominika, Cuba and Bahama. But that warning has been withdrawed.

haiti is most poorest country in West hemisphere. A two year last that country is also befalled excitement hurricane disaster. That Disaster defeats more than 800 people.

President [the] United States (THE UNITED STATES), Barack Obama, pray for haiti people is being shaken earthquake with power of 7 at Skala Richter, Early morning Wednesday , 13 Januaries 2010. THE UNITED STATES even also starts send aid to country impecunious in that Caribbean.

"My Prayer for those in fall victim to this earthquake. We continue situation monitor and we ready to help haiti citizen," Obama like borrowed ideas from Press Association. Functionary THE UNITED STATES in capital of haitian, Port-au-Prince, report existence of significant damage after earthquake that predicted eat many
soul victim.

White House Functionary tells, Obama has asked in order to its staff ascertains employee condition in embassy THE UNITED STATES in Port-au-Prince. Less than 20 people personel military THE UNITED STATES resides in haiti. Most of them works in embassy THE UNITED STATES.

In Hawaii, Minister for Foreign Affairs Hillary Clinton tells, state owned bodys is collecting information hits this earthquake disaster. "THE UNITED STATES offers aid [of] full [of] to haitian and to other region in Caribbean area. We will provide civil aid, military, and human," Clinton.

Whereas former President Bill Clinton that now take hold of as [the] special courier united nations for haiti tell that its head division in PBB and division other in PBB are monitoring situation. "We commit to conduct anything required just for help haiti citizen in face of this disaster, and to reconstruct," Bill Clinton.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
movie 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is animation film for family, that lifted of the book story from title in common the works of Judi Barret in 1978. This animation Film is instructed by stage manager duet by Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

Small city of called Swallow Falls, actually not far difference with other cities. Unless, weather in city this interesting. Weather in Chewandswallow changes three times in one day. Rain and storm usual happened in city small this. At that moment Swallow Falls is being knocked over food crisis. City is referred as only stay with their marine product, sardine.

Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) goal-seeking genius moppet becomes a that can create tool that good for human. Since childhood he obsesi to create a technology that good for everybody. but all efforts its that always fail and get snubbing and jeer from friend and also townee.

In a moment success he/she finds a machine that can change water becomes food, till finally machine is referred as succeed generate food rain. Sam Sparks (Anna Farris) a reporter prakiraan weather from New York assigned to city Swallow Falls place of all this occurences will happen, first he/she only on call covers weather there, but finally he/she comes in contact with the scientist that can be have characteristic equality of in so many matter.

At the beginning resident Swallow Falls death on with the invention of Flint, because currently townees only consumes sardine as the menu eat them, with existence of the invention of this Flint, citizen swallow falls can enjoy which during the time food never they feel. Begin at Burger, Doughnut, Pizza, Jelly even till Es cream downwardses in city they. Nevertheless there is weakness at tool that found Flint, city causative Swallow Falls and cities in world is menaced with this finding machine when Flint is feeling popularity that long draw out not realize.
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Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia

Stage manager Nora Ephron is one of master-its of love drama story in Hollywood. Besides stage manager, he/she also is a reliable Screenplay Writer. Films that ever disutradarainya for example “Bewitched” and “You’ve goth Mail”.

Whereas its experience as [the] writer for example for film “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless In Seattle” second its produce fruit nomination Oscar untuknya.

So, this his return as the stage manager for film that entitle “Julie and Julia”, that played the part of by Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, and Stanley Tucci. People say, this film inspiration to the 2 figures that real, that is Julia Child, a chef are recognized in America, and Julie Powell, a book author with book of the works of its “Julie and Julia: 365 Dayses, 524 recipeses, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen”.

Its story, Julie Powell challenges people to conduct what Julia Child conduct by cook 524 cookery recipes its pass its blog. This comedy Film direct melesat to position runner up box office the United States.
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Push 2009

Push part 1
Push part 2


Law Abiding Citizen download

Law Abiding Citizen download

Law Abiding Citizen download part 1
Law Abiding Citizen download part 2
Law Abiding Citizen download part 3
Law Abiding Citizen download part 4
Law Abiding Citizen download part 5

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Saw VI 2009

Saw VI 2009

Directed by
Kevin Greutert


Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has
emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy...


Tobin Bell ... Jigsaw / John
Costas Mandylor ... Mark Hoffman
Mark Rolston ... Dan Erickson
Betsy Russell ... Jill Tuck
Shawnee Smith ... Amanda Young
Peter Outerbridge ... William Easton
Athena Karkanis ... Agent Lindsey Perez
Samantha Lemole ... Pamela Jenkins
Tanedra Howard ... Simone
Marty Moreau ... Eddie
Shawn Ahmed ... Allen
Janelle Hutchison ... Addy
Gerry Mendicino ... Janitor
Caroline Cave ... Debbie
George Newbern ... Harold Abbott

Saw VI 2009 part 1
Saw VI 2009 part 2
Saw VI 2009 part 3
Saw VI 2009 part 4
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Fish Story

Fish Story (2009)

Fish Story" centres around a rock band from 1975 who decide to break up having had no success, they record one last song before the band splits up. Decades later that song will have a profound effect on peoples lives, eventually becoming the saviour of the world

Fish Story download part 1
Fish Story download part 2
Fish Story download part 3
Fish Story download part 4

subtitle here
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The Smiling Proud Wanderer 2010

The Smiling Proud Wanderer 2010

Genre kungfu film or kungfu it's seems have been enthused by filmmakers Hong Kong, one of them is stage manager and choreographer notable Yuen Woo Ping. He/she now fund searching 40 million dollar to make adaptation film from kunfu story The Smiling Proud Wanderer 2010 the works of author Louis Cha that in Indonesia more knowledgeable by the name of pen Jin Young.

Devotees kunfu story China in Indonesia of course recognize the works of Louis Cha is referred [as] with kunfu story entitle Balada Kaum Kelana that electroplated late lamented Gan KL, one of notable penyadur cersil in Indonesia. So, to realize that dream of adaptation film, Yuen intends mengkasting sederet star is recognized Asia that is actor Takeshi Kaneshiro as Linghu Chong, actress Zhou Xun as Ren Yingying and singer also actor Jay Chou as Dongfang Bubai.

Planned adaptation film that for so much this start syuting in the beginning of in 2010 after New year celebration China. To concentrate on film is referred [as], Yuen not hankers accept other bargain. Yuen has ascertained Takeshi (36) is actor the most suited for Linghu Chong figure. In consequence,, he/she with Takeshi for role referred [as].

If Takeshi agrees, he/she will be sent to kungfu academy in Beijing for kungfu practice. Because menitikberatkan this film at appearance of kungfu action, good looking actor is expected can be trained in advance before filming is started in order to action that presented more life and draw. Well, if success Takeshi didapuk, of course its collaboration with Yuen and also Zhou Xun and Jay Chou will draw witnessed
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Jianyu Jianghu

Jianyu Jianghu

Plot Summary: Michelle Yeoh will star in the romantic kung fu thriller tentatively titled "Jianyu Jianghu" that is described as "'Face/Off' meets 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'" set in the Ming Dynasty.

In the film, whose tentative title loosely translates as "Rain of Swords in the Martial Arts World," Malaysian Chinese star Yeoh plays an assassin who falls in love with the son of a man whose father was killed by her gang. Unaware that he also is a trained martial artist, their love blossoms and then tensions rise as the past comes back to haunt them.

Rain of Swords in the Pugilistic World (tentative), co-produced by Lion Rock, Beijing Galloping Horse, Media Asia Films, began production on Nov 3 on Songjiang Soundstage, Shanghai. Attending the lensing ceremony were the producers John Woo, Terence Chang, Peter Lam, Zhong Li Fang, the director Su Chao Bin, and the cast Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo Sung, "Big S" Barbie Hsu, Paw Hee Ching, Wang Xue Qi, Shawn Yue.

Rain of Swords in the Pugilistic World, said to be fashioned after Gu Long, is a suspense wuxia film that combines physical and mental rivalry. It's a cross between China's Bian Lian and Hollywood's Mr and Mrs Smith.

John Woo says he has always been waiting for an opportunity to work with Michelle Yeoh, whom he admires greatly and that this is his favourite wuxia script in the recent years, "Su Chao Bin is not writing just wuxia, but also an exalted state of being, it has a very strong sense of personal characteristics."

This is Su Chao Bin's first wuxia film and he finds the action scenes much more difficult to handle than he had imagined. But he adds that they have a capable martial arts director Stephen Tung Wai, so he's not too worried.

Rain of Swords in the Pugilistic World traces the love story between a retiring assassin Michelle Yeoh and a messenger Jung Woo Sung, whose father was killed by her former organisation. Michelle Yeoh doesn't know that Jung Woo Sung is well versed in martial arts. As their relationship develops, their pasts come to light gradually...

Meanwhile, Wang Xue Qi discovers Michelle Yeoh's whereabouts and sends assassins Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, etc after her, to retrieve a certain artifact that holds the secrets to some peerless martial arts.

Michelle Yeoh says that she looks forward playing a swordswoman again after 10 years and has always wanted to collaborate with John Woo. "This is my first period wuxia film since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, so I have a bit of pressure. But I look forward to the action scenes."

She is more cryptic on her role, "Very complex, hard to say. Is she good or bad? Watch the movie to find out."

Jung Woo Sung describes his character as lovable but a little foolish. He has been training under the wushu coaches and finds the action here to be different from Korean films.

Paw Hee Ching describes her character as an old lady who sells beancurd, "I have a very important mission here, to help bring Michelle Yeoh and Jung Woo Sung together."

Barbie Hsu introduces her character as the one of the two female assassins - the other being her senior Michelle Yeoh - under Wang Xue Qi, with whom she shares a fuzzy relation. She isn't all that mean, is someone who traverses between orthodox and unorthodox path. The only flaw she has is her weakness for men, "And as a result, my ending is very tragic. This is something I'd want to ask producer John Woo, why give me such a tragic character."

John Woo smiles, "When I was in Taiwan promoting Red Cliff, your sister 'Little S' gave me a very miserable time."

Barbie Hsu protests, "But producer, that has nothing to do with me, it wasn't my fault."

Wang Xue Qi plays a mysterious martial arts exponent who is Barbie Hsu's mentor and leader, "This character is very special. When he's in good mood, he'll play the good guy. But when he's in foul mood, he'll do nasty things."

Shawn Yue is the main villain here as an assassin, and a master noodle chef, "During the daytime, he's a very nice person, and cooks very well. At night, he knows how to make money."

In addition, Kelly Lin, Chang Chen, Guo Xiao Dong, Pace Wu would also be joining this production.

Rain of Swords in the Pugilistic World would move location to Hengdian and Taiwan later, before wrapping up in February 2010. It is due for release in around summer 2010 or later.
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Let The Bullets Fly

Actor-turned-director Jiang Wen is heating up the international film market again by his upcoming new film 'Let the Bullets Fly'.

A concept poster for the movie, the fourth offering from the director of 'The Sun Also Rises', has been released at the Cannes Film Festival.

The poster features a bullet on a white flying feather, and indicates that the movie will be 'a comic Western legend coming out in fall 2010.'

According to earlier reports, the movie centers around a western Chinese bandit gang during the period of regional division in the early 20th century.

A production manager told that the movie contains elements of a thriller, with suspense and black humor.
The cast is expected to include some "international stars", he said, while not willing to reveal any further details.

Producer Ma Ke confirmed that Chow Yun-Fat has joined the cast of director Jiang Wen's upcoming gangster film "Let Bullets Fly", the reported.

The Hong-Kong-born Hollywood star will play a cruel and ruthless gangster boss with a kind face. Although a high-handed tyrant, he will also bring some funny comedy scenes, the report said.

Director Jiang Wen was very demanding with the screenplay, Ma Ke was quoted as saying.

"It took nine writers half a year to revise the script, which was only just finally settled recently," he said. "We can say Chow's role was tailor-made for him."

"For example, there were no less than ten options for the ending of the movie. The director and Chow came up with the final version when they were drinking and chatting.

Chow will star alongside the director-actor Jiang Wen and China's leading comedian Ge You. Also in the cast are actors Hu Jun, Chen Kun, Shao Bing, Liao Fan and Zhang Mo.

The 11 major male roles will go towards assembling a Chinese "Ocean's Eleven", according to earlier reports.
Investment in the movie has hit 150 million Hong Kong dollars, or about 20 million US dollars.

"Let Bullets Fly" started filming in suburban Beijing in early October with a release date set for the fall of 2010.
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Ong Bak 3 2010

Ong Bak 3 2010
Tony Jaa's martial arts saga continues

Produced by Tony Jaa & Panna Rittikrai
Written by Tony Jaa & Panna Rittikrai & Kongdej Jaturanrasamee
Directed by Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa
Saranyu Wonggrajang
Supakorn ' Tok' Kijusuwan
Dan Chupong
Primrata Dechudom
Petchai Wongkamlao
Nirutti Sirijanya

Ong Bak third Legend is started follow ending second film, after Tien (Tony Jaa) lose ability tarungnya at the same time by die it its stepfather in Jurang Sayap Garuda. Tien will experience of persecution all hollow to death slow. Pass aid Pim (Primrata Dechudom), Mhen (Petchai Wongkamlao) and residents countryside Kana Khone, Tien experiences of reincarnation. Last He/she deepens meditation that guided Prha Bua (Nirutti Sirijuanya) until reach 'Nathayut'.

Ability contended Tie returned tested when face its opponent, for example Penjaga Raja Seragam Emas (Supakorn Kijusuwan), murderers have the clothes of black and Bhuti Shangka (And Chupong), the 'crow spectre' in second film.

Behind The Scene

-Although making 'Ong Bak 2' experience of delay constraint, over budget and have time to kolapsnya Tony Jaa in the middle of production, process of third film walks for rilis in 2010.

-One of highlight film this is the figure moment Tien is tortured extremly and fall to pieces its hand and foot. In sinilah ability Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai to make scene choreography 'contention without bone joints' to test.

-Footage the rest of the second film will sign in this film, to link story.

- In film market American Film Market 2009, confirmed that Tony Jaa will get stage manager title by it self.

- Poster that dirilis give interesting hint : Tony Jaa vs Tony Jaa

- Prachya Pinkaew that menyutradarai 'Ong Bak' & 'Tom Yam Goong' not invited menyutradarai returns because he/she by it self prepare
'Ta Bang Marn' that will present all out female martial arts film.

-Still become question : how mesh of film story with first Ong-Bak ?
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Shaolin Temple 2010

Shaolin Temple 2010

Jackie Chan

Plays a Shaolin chef, one who is enlightened, is a master of martial arts yet doesn't easily reveal his skills.

Andy Lau
Plays a warlord's son, a young marshal, and later trains, along with Nicholas Tse, under the Shaolin chef.

Nicholas Tse
who was said to be handpicked for the role by Shaolin abbot Shi Yong Xin from a selection of photos, plays a young, arrogant brat who is forced to seek refuge at Shaolin following the demise of his family. He'd be specialising in Chin Na (Joint-lock).

Wu Jing
plays a warlord who might be Andy Lau's brother or comrade. He might possibly be a former Shaolin disciple or a Shaolin traitor. Would Wu Jing ever get to confront Jackie Chan (and Xing Yu again) in an extended bout?

Fan Bing Bing
Plays a rich girl and won't have any fight scenes. Though she doesn't get a pay cut, Fan Bing Bing doesn't have too much screen time in this male-dominated film

Still remember with Shaolin Temple that stared Jet Li young time? Yup, Shaolin Temple is Jet Li first film in 1982 productions Shaw Brothers that present self-defence art Shaolin that very recognized in China. So now, king Kungfu Jackie Chan will immediately meremake and follow star success film is referred [as] with title New Shaolin Temple. . In this film, Jackie Chan only come ups as cameo not as main player that is as [the] Shaolin ripe cooky.

stories In Shaolin Temple 2010 a child (Jet propulsion Li) adopted and trained kungfu by monk Shaolin to reciprocate its father death. New Version that stared Jackie Chan will not be far cry by plot in origin. Have not yet known, what/wheter Jet Li also will finger in the pie this film or not. Big Possibility if even also involved, Jet propulsion Li will become cameo.

movie with budget 29 million dollar this also will be stared Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse ,Fan Bing Bing, Wu Jing, Xing Yu, Bai Bing, Yu Shao Qun and Liang Jing. Even from gossip that circulate, Andy Lau must time is one year appealed to play in this film.

movies Shaolin Temple 2010 is defrayed 4 film studios China, that is Film Group state owned Corp China, Emperor Motion Pictures, Huayi Brothers Media Corp. and Silver Moon Productions Ltd from Beijing.

Shaolin Temple 2010 still will manager Benny Chan, one who also follows menyutradarai two success films Jackie Chan, that is New Police Story and Rob-B-Hood. Cory Yuen (Lethal Weapon 4, X-Men) didapuk becomes coordinator of kungfu choreography. Alan Yuen will write its scenario. Its plan on December 2009 this have started picture intake and will dirilis in 2010. From leak that circulate, this film presented a free fight 1.000 biksu benerans when temple is burned.

Maybe after Shaolin Temple 2010, Jackie Chan also will follow enliven film Drunken Master. Who Knows
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The Grand Master 2010

The Grand Master 2010
Another version of Yip Man from Wong Kar Wai

Version Here you are differ from film biopik master Wing Chun, Ip Man that made stage manager Wong Kar Wai. Version Film Wong Kar Wai dikasi title The Grand Master and actor Tony Leung didapuk become Ip Man. Last year, film Ip Man version Wilson Yip make a false starts and outstanding success in the market. Donnie Yen that personate success Ip Man captivates audience liver as Ip Man, its teacher Bruce Lee. Film best martial arts at this time.

Have time to happened moment controversy masing2 party grabs make this film,Wong Kar Wai alleges produser Raymond Wong has stole its idea since 1998, till finally agreed on made 2 different versions and produser Raymond Chow release film Ip Man in 2008 ago.

In version The Grand Master (Yi Dai Zong Shi), wife Ip Man will not be peeped out. Previously, actress Gong Li is have time to informed will play the part of wife Ip Man, nevertheless canceled because happened scenario change. Actress kawakan Brigitte Lin also will take a hand in this film. Wong Kar Wai assures version garapan sharply differentiated he/she with version Wilson Yip.

How with film news Ip Man 2 that also will dirilis in 2010? Reported stage manager Wilson Yip in quest of 2 characterizations small Bruce Lee (age 10 year) and adolescent Bruce Lee (age 18 year). Have time to informed Taiwan popular singer, Jay Chow that will play the part of latter Bruce Lee Namun that news not true. In Ip Man 2, teacher Ip Man will move to Hong Kong and there he/she trains Bruce Lee for 5 year, fixed life Ip Man becomes story principal focus.

Recently happened ugly incident (14/7) at actor Tony Leung that personate Yip man experiences of broken bone in left arm part its not intentionally kick by one of the instructor when exercise. Incident makes kru film will never continues practice because Tony Leung must rests during some weeks till [his] arms recover and possibility syuting this film is backed hung from condition Tony Leung. Syuting its plan at the threshold next on September this.

FYI, Film The Grand Master is seventh film collaboration Tony Leung and Wong Kar Wai since Days of Being Wild, Chungking Express, Ashes of Time, Happy Together, In the Mood for Love and 2046
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Bodyguards and Assassins《十月围城》

Bodyguards and Assassins《十月围城》
Donnie Yen

* Movie: Bodyguards and Assassins
* Chinese: 十月围城 (Shi Yue Wei Cheng)
* Director: Teddy Chen
* Writer:
* Producer: Peter Chan
* Cinematographer:
* Release Date: 2010
* Runtime:
* Language: Mandarin
* Country: China


* Donnie Yen
* Leon Lai
* Nicholas Tse
* Xueqi Wang
* Jun Hu
* Tony Leung Ka Fai
* Eric Tsang
* Simon Yam
* Bingbing Fan
* Yun Zhou

Bodyguard and Assassins, Film Tentang Usaha Pembunuhan Dr. Sun Yat Sen
Peter Chan will menyutradarai film that lifted from history figure recognized Chinese, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. In film referred [as], focused murder effort to Dr. Sun Yat Sen that will take fund in Hongkong. Interesting, first film is entitled this Dark October is stared much stars are recognized like Leon Lai, Nicholas Tse, Tony Leung Kar Wai, Donnie Yen, Eric Tsang, and Fan Bing Bing. Altogether have role each. Leon Lai becomes beggar, Nicholas Tse becomes party member, Eric Tsang becomes police commissioner and Fan Bing Bing becomes steward.

Exactly a week ago at the Hong Kong Filmart, a press conference was held for Teddy Chan’s period piece Bodyguards and Assassins (formerly Dark October), a film that deals with a group of people protecting revolutionary leader Sun Yat Sen against an assassination attempt in October of 1905. When Todd attended the event, he broke the news on a full scale replica of old Hong Kong being recreated in mainland China. A promo video on Youtube takes us inside the city with footage of the set in the early building stages and a walk through of a virtual streets in 3D. The all-star cast will include Donnie Yen (Gambler), Wang Xue Qi (Tycoon), Eric Tsang, (Police Man) Tony Leung Kar Fai (Revolutionary), Fan Bing Bing (Concubine), Wang Po-Chieh (Heir), Simon Yam (Fugitive), Hu Jun (Assassin), Zhou Yun (Fiancee), Nicholas Tse (Rickshaw Man) and Leon Lai (Beggar).

trailer Bodyguards and Assassins

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Big Soldier 2010

Big Soldier 2010
(Cast: Jackie Chan, Lee-Hom Wang, Steve Yoo Seung-Jun, etc)

Jackie Chan has announced his next project, the $25 million epic "Big Soldier" [大兵小将], a big-budget return to the type of action cinema that made him famous . Chan plays the title character, an aging soldier transporting an enemy general on a perilous journey to collect a reward. The movie is set during the Warring States Period, the same era as Jet Li’s Hero, and will be filmed in mainland China, where Chan’s latest film The Shinjuku Incident was recently banned. Big Soldier is being described as full action with a touch of romance and comedy, which fits the description of most of Chan’s classics.

Chan produces, stars and wrote the screenplay. Chan himself plays the titular soldier, with Lee Hom as another soldier. Lin Peng and Yoo Seung-Jun also star. This movie has been shooting in Yunnan province using a 100% mainland Chinese crew from Jackie chan's stuntmen team lead and has just moved to Beijing.

At a press conference this week, Chan describes it as this movie has predicted to be the biggest asian epic movies in the this year. Does this return to his roots lend credence to the possibility of Jackie Chan matching his greatest successes, or should be holding out hope for the return of his brothers, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.
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EXAM 2010

EXAM 2010
80 Minutes, 8 Candidates, 1 Answer...No Question

Synopsis:EXAM 2010
Eight talented candidates have reached the final stage of selection to join the ranks of a mysterious and powerful corporation. Entering a windowless room, an Invigilator gives them eighty minutes to answer one simple question. He outlines three rules they must obey or be disqualified: don't talk to him or the armed guard by the door, don't spoil their papers and don't leave the room. He starts the clock and leaves.

The candidates turn over their question papers, only to find they're completely blank. After the initial confusion has subsided, one frustrated candidate writes 'I believe you should hire me because...,' and is promptly ejected for spoiling. The remaining candidates soon figure out they're permitted to talk to each other, and they agree to cooperate in order to figure out the question: then they can compete to answer it. At first they suspect the question may be hidden in their papers like a security marker in a credit card, and they figure out ways to change their environment to expose the hidden words. But light, liquids and other plans all come to naught. Soon enough, the candidates begin to uncover each other's background, prejudices and hidden agendas. Tensions rise as the clock steadily descends towards zero, and each candidate must decide how far they are willing to go to secure the ultimate job . . .

enioy guys..
trailerEXAM 2010


E'Gad Zombies 2010

E'Gad Zombies 2010
Ian McKellen in a zombie infested Restoration comedy

his is the trailer for a short (sadly only 20 minute) zombie film that will be coming out this coming year. While we do have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to look forward to for period pieces on the undead, it’s not going to have Sir Ian McKellen in it. Honestly from what I was reading he will be mainly doing narration but he is in at least one scene according to the trailer and I cannot wait to see where this one goes.
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Outpost II Black Sun

Outpost II: Black Sun 2010
Nazis, Zombies, it's War in Hell


The year is 1945, the closing stages of WW2, and a German scientist by the name of Klausener is working on a frightening new technology the power to create an immortal Nazi army.

Flash forward to present day, and a NATO task force is hurriedly deployed to Eastern Europe, where a sinister enemy appears to be mercilessly killing everything in its path. But this is no ordinary foe.

Only Helena, a gutsy investigator on the trail of notorious war-criminal Klausener, accepts the reality of what they are facing a battalion of Nazi Storm-Troopers, a veritable zombie army on the march.

With the help of Wallace, a man who's been chasing Nazi secrets for years, the two of them team up with a Special Forces Unit to venture deep behind enemy lines. Their mission to fight their way back to the source of this evil army and prevent the seemingly inevitable rise of the 4th Reich.

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