Player: Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, Ellen Barkin, Wesley Snipes

Eddie Dugan (Richard Gere), Sal Procida (Ethan Hawke), and Clarence Butler (Don Cheadle) it's three police people New York that berdinas in 65th Precinct, Brooklyn. All three copy recognize because they work on-site in common nevertheless that not they realizing is equality among the three of this fellow will bring into contact them in other place.

A period of on duty Eddie Dugan only remain a week next. Afterwards he/she berencana finishes a period of pension by fishing rod in Connecticut. When in common, Sal Procida haves another question. Reach this dot, Sal swears not there will be that can hinder it gives better live makes wife and seventh its child.

Clarence Butler that also recognized by the name of Tango exactly haves another question. Too old work in disguise make him/hers much more on the heels of Caz (Wesley Snipes), its friend during to serve a sentence, rather than at law enforcer humanity.

At one time, New York Police Departement suspects existence of narcotic commerce in a housing business and unconsciously Eddie, Sal, and Clarence are suddenly dragged to crime scene in common. Only themselves choice that make them can become best officer in Brooklyn



Player: Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Nicholas Tse, Li Yuchun, Wang Xueqi, Hu Jun, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eric Tsang, Simon Yam, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Yun

By: Fatchur Rochim

Price that paid for a change [it is true] sometime quite expensive. Not seldom soul at stake just for realizes change envisioned. Risk in common also must accepted by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, modernization father in country China.

To realize change that the of, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen will do not want to must deal with Dinasti Ching that at that time still power. Because do not willing to power Dinasti Ching ends because revolutionizes that proposed by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, murderers professional is even also sent for soul Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

Opportunity came when Dr. Sun Yat-Sen must comes to Hong Kong to look after strength over there. Only distance three blocks from place Dr. Sun exists Yat-Sen, a group of hit man has prepared x'self run their duty and there's nothing can hinder hundreds of this murderer unless five guard people Dr. Sun readily Yat-Sen sacrifices themselves soul to protect the figure.

Question, can Gambler (Donnie Yen), Tycoon (Xueqi Wang), Beggar (Leon Lai), Revolutionary (Tony Leung Ka Fai), and Richshaw Man (Nicholas Tse) face murderers that not few in number this?

Don't misunderstanding. BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS is not film martial arts like at most film Hong Kong. [it is true] there is fight scene with specific choreography self-defence kung fu but that is not main treat in film that take setting in Hong Kong early in 1900s this. Drama exactly gets attention quite important in film [of] the works of stage manager this Teddy Chen.

When see the row of player that attached at this film, emerge this impression if film the right not to rely on big names the star [only]. Its reality, that is not primary. That big names [it is true] selected because their reputation in the world of role art. Teddy Chen remain to strive make a tontonan makes eye also make soul.

Half early this film is filled with character forming and position each this character in history framework and relation/link exploitation between each character until grow into one strong unity between story and characters that exist in depth. This is not easy job because divide screen time in order to all characters get quota ekspos in common clear is not easy. Its risk if character not enough diekspos then audience will not care at what happened to the this character. Its profit Teddy Chen quite brooding and each figure can be felt intact as [the] human rather than just figure two dimensions [only].

Second Part just is filled with fight [of] action protectors was Dr. Sun Yat Sen when protect revolution father this China from attack [of] murderers that suruhan dynasty Ching. Again, Teddy Chen this part till properly until every scene become seen captivate. Added next with CGI that mumpuni then city view Hong Kong last centenary can direplika properly



Player: Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sam Elliott, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Kelly, Wilford Brimley, Jesse Liebman

During marry and live in Manhattan, Paul Morgan (Hugh Grant) and Meryl (Sarah Jessica Parker) [it is true] never hard up. Money never come into questions make family this Morgan. That come into question exactly is love among those in longer growing thin and this couple is menaced divorce.

When condition has been growing critical, grow into one event that oppositely/also make their life become growing in disorder. Without intentionally, couple this Morgan take the stands murder eye and as the effect both of them draw fire next from the murderer that do not willing to its identity express.

Do not willing to happened something at Paul and Meryl, FBI then arranges in order to family this Morgan enters program of eyewitness protection. Paul and Meryl gets new identity and carried over Wyomin that notabene not metropolis like New York. Now Paul and Meryl cannot help familiarize withs new life style in common once foreign for them. It is possible nature silence in mountain makes both of them become closer and can return love fire that start extinguish or oppositely/also in this nature silence their ego voice will become will scream more articulate next.



Player: Jordan Matthews, Hallee Hirsh, Brad Dourif, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Mackenzie Rosman, Elaine Hendrix

Meeting between Jacob (Jordan Matthews) and Sarah (Hallee Hirsh) [it is true] never anticipated previously. Jacob that have a miraculous sword tries protect Sarah from threat Mathias (Brad Dourif) that wish something from hand Sarah.

Mathias wishes an ancient choker uncle property Sarah that purportedly have the power of awful. Mathias tries have this choker one way or another because this choker can give him/her undefeated strength. To reach its goal, Mathias not doubt kills thousands of people by disseminate epidemic in city small place Sarah remain.

Initialy Jacob only tries help Sarah and accompany it till arrive at house safely. This Effort even also in the reality not a matter of easy because dickens team at one's command Mathias continues hunt both of them. Reach one dot, Sarah and Jacob finally realize that before can fight Mathias and its dickens team, they must can defeat existing devil in themselves.

Sarah realizes if its dislike at its mother and sister must he/she defeated while Jacob even also finally knew secret was from its [the] past and the only way to defeat dickens is by return to family place Jacob is killed.

Knight & Day

Knight & Day

Because have come too far unintentionally leak to media, by any chance some parts from film script KNIGHT & DAY are cannot help rewritten. Film of stage manager instruction result this James Mangold is stared by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz and its plan will be circularized 20th Century Fox in the beginning of July 2010 later.

Purportedly, this ready made film script suddenly just reside in dustbin in location syuting this film in Austria. Not butuh time too old make this artifact to circulate in this media and occurence have time to make angry James Mangold big. He do not willing to story [of] all this films are known outsider with the meaning elementary body surprise that already he/she prepares will become hackneyed goods.

According to Splash News, leaky artifact to that media hand contain detail how character that played the part of Tom Cruise awakens from death and in other part is mentioned that Cameron Diaz will conduct plunged by using parachute at the same time imposes bikini.

Unclear what is leak this is the intact artifact or just part of [only]. Perpetrator Whom that throw away this artifact to ash can even also have not yet known while syuting likely must continued in other location. People say before leave [the] Austria, Tom Cruise have time to tells at local resident, "We will never forgot we with all of you
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Toy Story 3 movie 2010

Toy Story 3 movie 2010

Goods news comes for roof Rilekser that like same characters like Woody and Buzz in film Toy Story.

Yup, like what reported on by ShoWest, if filmmaker distinguish fors Walt Disney Studio has announced that they will immediately merilis film Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in version 3D.

Like known, film Toy Story that enough in demand ditahun 1995 and continued with Toy Story 2 ditahuns 1999 that in the reality get remarkable greeting from roof penikmat film specially children because story that mengibur and range from to atraktif existing characters.

"Quite fanciful Result from Pixar Animation Studios remember its success our film the two (Toy Story and Toy Story 2) that become one of film terfavorit during the time." express Mark Zoradi as president Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Groups.

Its plan, continuance film from Toy Story and Story 2 that is Toy Story 3 will immediately circulate in cinema from date 18 Junes 2010 with new characters addition and tell a story from Andy room that growing full of new maianan.

Gimana? vexed same continuance Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 3 later? awaited [only]
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Not there will be One who refuses if invited walk along and have the day off to area Nude Beach. Resort coast that [it is true] destined for the man who like this cheerful berbugil [it is true] offer a million glamors. But where its place?

In fact in-difficult to look for resort Nude Beach, country is REFERRED [AS] LIKE Australia, there are some location that [it is true] destined for the man who take a fancy to naturalism and that place is disseminated in can be that state region. But if of place soybean cake the by far the most popular, luangkan few minutes to read this list.

1. Montalivet french pin-cushion

This Area is opened as [the] area Nude Beach since 1950. This made to fulfill roof desire Nudist and care of their security. Come [from] soybean cake [only], Le Centre Hélio Montalivet this is the movement conceptor international naturist. This Place is designed far from family range and those in exists underage.

2. Hedonism, Negril, Jamaican

Atmosphere that offered in this quarter is adventure and ownself enjoyment and enjoy adventure "special" with dimension differ .. WANT soybean cake? come just direct.

3. Samurai Beach, Australia

The difference area this nudes beach with other nudes beach that is nuance sporty. On November disetiap its year, carried out Olympic Games Nudist. They melombakan for example, run estafette and surfing .. engross its all pesetas, audience and also jury [is] obliged to naked .. wowwww.

4. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Area that span of 3 this miles offer everything that required roof nudist that reside in Canada. Many souvenirs that offered this dikawasan. Hmmmm but next kalo naked, put its purse where?

and Blue Beach, Santa Cruz, California

This Area tends to more major privacy, because most its coastal area are owned individual. If Anda bustle searching perhaps this not its place but if Anda wants to bernude-ria without frenzied others, you have came to correct place.

6. Beach, Crete, Greek

Area nudist in country [of] gods this greek permits visitors for cheerful berbugil unless in messroom. This Coast haves ancient view of building debrises background and ancient caves combination.

7. Praia do Pinho, Camboriú, Brazil

Coast Pinho in Santa Catarina (South Brazil) start opened since 1987 and is first opening coast to all Nudist in Brazil. Although loaded with eksotika, meaningless every coast this dikawasan open to roof nudist, although coast cloth is also imposed in a fashion.

8. Haulover Beach, The strait of florida

One of coastal area in this the strait of florida applies regulation that beach wear may be weared or might be not. Thus to all nudist and those in only fond of "perceive" can together share coastal area that also taken care by coast rescuer that. Ugh unhappily its officer of coast rescuer nope naked ikutan.

9 . Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Eksotika archipelago Hawaii [it is true] beyond out of doubt again. Its coast beautiful of course become interesting power not only turis, pencinta sea, beyond question also roof nudist. In fact local law not permits sunbathe dipantai without cloth. But for area littlet Beach in Maui, this regulation in order to diffuse. Coast Cloth only is choice, may be weared, if not will also never mind.

10. Ocho Rios, Jamaican

This Area more has the character of person. Thus that usually like with this place not roof nudist bachelor, but exactly those in come with its couple. There is this didaerah dressy rule, become if Anda rather away from coast, don't try gallivante without cloth. Anda become attraction center that "new".


Hot water Bath Lombongo tourism sulawesi

Hot water Bath Lombongo
tourism sulawesi

Hot water Bath Lombongo or Lombongo Hot Springs is one of object wisata pledge nature Provinsi Gorontalo that opened by Bupati Gorontalo, Drs. P.P. Keppel on 6 Aprils 1989. As a whole, object area this wisata haves wide around 32 ha. In this quarter existed two kinds of swimming pool, that is heat basin and basin to chill. Containing Swimming pool this hot water haves size around 500 m2s with deepness 1 till 2 metres.

Around this bath existed river stream and kinds of grove that cool and refresh, until this place very suited for eliminates kepenatan after get into stide.

LombongoPemandian Hot water Lombogo haves uniqueness that very amaze. Secretory Water from wellspring in between that stoney applicable to braises egg till mature. Even, water are referred [as] trusted can heal many skin disease. Despitefully, visitor can enjoy warm feeling of swimming pool water at the same time witnesses various of artistry attractions that often show on-site this.

Hot water Bath Lombongo located in Desa Lombongo, District Suwawa, Sub-province Bone Bolango, Province Gorontalo.

This LombongoObyek wisata located around 17 kms from downtown Gorontalo. Journey from Kota Gorontalo [go] to location can be gone through by using rental car and also ojek. Ticket price step into this bath location relatively inexpensive, that is Rp.2.000/people (March 2008).

Visitor that no time bring food stock needn't worries. Around available location food stalls that sell food and multifarious camilan.

tourism sulawesi
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