Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not (2009)

Director: Tyler Oliver
Writers (WGA) : Tyler Oliver & Jamieson Stern
Release Date : 2009 (USA)
Genre : Horror | Romance | Thriller
Plot : It's graduation weekend, and Sandy Channing, the popular class president of her small-town high school...

Forget me not is an interesting attempt at making film that mixes traditional teenage American horror with a ghost story influenced by recent Asian cinema. You get a cast of teenage characters not unlike what you could find in a Final Destination sequel, mixed with a ghostly threat not unlike what you could find in a Grudge/Ring spin off.

The plot development pertaining to the Ghost is actually well done, and the flashbacks featuring our teenager crew when they were younger are interesting, in fact more so than they are in the present.

Unfortunately, what really kills this movie is crappy direction. There's really no attention to details, the actors (far from A-list) were obviously not guided very well either. Early in the movie, we see a girl throwing a necklace in a lake, moments later, she is seen clearly wearing it in a crappy edit that lasts but 2 seconds but leaves you wondering how stuff like this could be missed. From that point in the movie, you have to accept you're going to kill time watching an uninspired direct-to-video or turn it off.

I went with it and must say the basic premise and general plot could have made for an interesting movie. I don't regret watching this. I only regret seeing lots of high ratings by horror fans. As long as horror fans will be undemanding and accept to be short changed, producers will cut corners and deliver films which, like this one, needed a lot more work before being released.

In the end, do not expect much scares from this. But if you are a horror fan and want to see a mix of Asian and American horror, then maybe director Tyler Oliver's botched film will be enjoyable.

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Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray 2009

Having never read the novel by Oscar Wilde, and having no clear idea what the film was about going into it, I was going into "Dorian Gray" with an open mind. I knew from seeing trailers that the film was about a man trading his soul to the devil for eternal youth, but apart from that, I had done no further reading on it and hadn't read any reviews. This was the first time that I had seen or even heard of, for that matter, Ben Barnes. I haven't seen "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" so this is the first time I've ever seen him in a film. I though that he portrayed Dorian Gray very well and provided an excellent performance. He was backed by a superior performance from Colin Firth ("Mamma Mia!"). After seeing this film, I look forward to seeing the other two popular adaptations made in 1945 and 1970; but most of all, I look forward to reading the novel at some point.

Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes), a naive, handsome young man, arrives in London where he grew up, and looks happy to be home. Lord Harry Watton (Colin Firth) takes him under his wing, as Dorian is now the wealthy owner of his late grandfather's estate. Watton introduces Dorian to the grim underworld of London, in the whorehouses and bars where Watton is well known and respected by everyone. An artist, Basil Hallword (Ben Chaplin), is amazed by Dorian's great looks and offers painting a portrait of him, which Dorian accepts. The portrait is complete, and Dorian and Basil become the talk of London. While admiring the portrait, Dorian absently states to Harry that he would trade his soul in order to remain the way that he looks in the painting. Dorian meets a young woman named Sybil (Rachel Hard-Wood) who he falls in love with. But before they can get married, Dorian pushes her aside and continues with his crazy life style of pleasure. Sybil is heart-broken, and she kills herself. This messes Dorian up a little, and he suddenly begins to see strange markings on his painting so he stores it away from the public eye. After a series of events, he leaves London, and returns 20 years later. Everyone is astonished when they see him – he hasn't aged a bit. What is Dorian's secret?, they all wonder. Forever young may seem very tempting, but Dorian soon begins to hate it and wishes to take it back, because he is, as the tagline goes, forever young and forever cursed.

Oliver Parker's adaptation of "The Picture of Dorian Gray", you could say, owes a great deal to the directing of the great Tim Burton, as the sets and decoration is reminiscent of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". True, they all depict late 19th century London, and both do so very well. But not only is it the set and decoration, but also in terms of story and the actors, and Ben Barnes really does look like Johnny Depp in this! Now, I'm not referring to the story as in from Oscar Wilde's part, I'm referring to the screenplay by Toby Finlay. There is nothing wrong with it, however. It's a very well told story and I really look forward to reading the novel. But it really has a Burton type feel to it and you can't help but wonder if perhaps he had some part in the film. If I hadn't known better, I would have thought that I was watching a Tim Burton movie. Parker directs it very well. He previously directed "St. Trinians", and to fans of "Hellraiser", he was one of the two moving men in the film at the beginning.

Ben Barnes and Colin Firth are excellent in this, and they are supported by brilliant supporting performances from the entire cast which includes Rachel Hard-Wood from "An American Haunting" and Ben Chaplin from "The Thin Red Line".

The film creates a creepy, nihilistic atmosphere that it successfully sustains for the most part. I love the way that it's never really said why Dorian never seems to age, even though we all know. I seem to be alone in this as many complain that the film had very little to no emphasis on the scene where Dorian says that he would trade his soul in order to remain the way that he does in the picture.

"Dorian Gray" is a great film, despite some flaws, that is creepy, and overall one of the best Gothic horror films that we've had in a while. Ben Barnes and Colin Firth are brilliant in the two leading roles and Parker directs it really well.

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Circle Of Eight

Circle Of Eight (2009)

Release Name.: Circle Of Eight 2009 DVDRip XviD-TA
Filesize.....: 718 MiB
Audio Quality: 160 Kbps, MP3
Video Quality: Xvid, 718x396px, 1 027 Kbps
Genre........: Horror
IMDB rating..: 4.4/10
Directed by..: Stephen Cragg
Starring.....: John Bishop, Kirk Bovill, Ryan Doom

Jessica moves into a loft on the eighth floor of a Los Angeles apartment building called The Dante. The other tenants all seem friendly at first, but when she starts witnessing horrible deaths, she must team up with her neighbor Evan (Doom) to solve the mystery -- and uncover her own connection to the place.

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Motor City Motors

Motor City Motors

Release Group: OMiCRON
Release Name: Motor.City.Motors.S01E01.READNFO.HDTV.XviD-OMiCRON
Rating: No votes yet
Size: 349.89 MB
Pretime: 11 minutes and 56 seconds ago
Genre: Automobiles | Educational | Family | How To/Do It Yourself
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 28, 2009

Description: Discovery Channel is amping up one of its biggest hits and moving it to the auto capital of the world Detroit, Michigan. MG: ?MOTOR CITY? will feature a gritty pair of top-notch bike designers and builders, known around the world as innovators and artists. Together they will lead a dream team of fabricators, mechanics and welders on a mission. With only seven days and $3,000, they will redefine ingenuity under pressure, a hallmark of Discovery Channel programming, and turn average vehicles into outrageous contraptions of fantasy and function. The pressure is intense and the stakes are high as both pride and prizes are on the line. MG: ?MOTOR CITY? will premiere on Discovery Channel this fall.

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(2009) DVDRip XviD-CoWRY

The story follows Nie Yiyi (Jiang Luxia), a 20-year-old Guangdong martial arts instructor who has not recovered from the shock of her father?s tragic murder. Yiyi?s childhood best friend Chung Tin (Sam Lee) persuades her to go to Hong Kong and becomes the bodyguard for tycoon Ho Kwun (Eddie Cheung). One day, Ho is kidnapped in mysterious circumstances. With the help of Chung, Yiyi launches herself into a bold rescue mission, but soon finds herself swept in a fighting tournament, Game of Death style. Yiyi refuses to be a pawn of the underground boxing organization behind all this, but in order to save Ho, she has no choice but to gamble her life and finish her deadly mission, one fight at a time??

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Big Bag Of Money

Big Bag Of Money
(2009) DVDRip-ESPiSE

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In the Loop

In the Loop (2009) DVDRiP

Genre: Comedy IMDB rating: 8.2/10 (1088 votes) Directed by: Armando Iannucci Starring: Peter Capaldi, Tom Hollander, Gina McKee, James Gandolfini
Release Name: In.The.Loop.LIMITED.DVDRip.XviD-DMT Size: 1.38 GB Video: XVID, 624×336, 1400kbps Audio: AC3, 448kbps Runtime: 107 minutes Filename: dmt-intheloop1 & dmt-intheloop2
A number of heavy dramas–including LIONS FOR LAMBS and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH–have addressed the wars in the Middle East, but IN THE LOOP takes a different approach: comedy. Though the American president and the British prime minister are itching to attack, a top U.S. general (James Gandolfini) and the British Secretary of State for International Development (Tom Hollander) believe that’s the wrong decision. However, a small miscommunication has the two powers ready to go to war, and it’s up to the British pol to stop things before they get started.

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Mulan 2009

Mulan 2009

The epic story of the Chinese girl-warrior, Mulan, who fights to defend her father.

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Underworld Evolution

Underworld Evolution

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Funny People

Funny People 2009
DvdRip [with ENG sub]

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District 9

District 9 2009
DVDRip with ENG sub

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Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly Place 2009

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High Life 2009 download

High Life 2009 download

High Life 2009 download part 1
High Life 2009 download part 2
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